Scientology church 'will cooperate'

Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by nameless, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    um, yeah. right. sure.

    Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Scientology church 'will cooperate'
    November 18, 2009 - 9:34AM

    The Church of Scientology in Australia says it is willing to co-operate with police over accusations of criminal activity within the organisation.

    The comments came after independent Senator Nick Xenophon used parliamentary privilege on Tuesday to accuse the church of being a criminal organisation hiding behind its religious beliefs, and called for it to be investigated by police and the parliament.

    Senator Xenophon also tabled several letters he had received from former Scientologists which accuse the organisation of various types of crimes, including coerced abortion, assault, imprisonment, covering up of sexual abuse, embezzlement of church funds and blackmail.

    The vice-president of the church in Australia, Cyrus Brooks, said he did not believe the accusations were true, but the organisation took all allegations very seriously.

    "We would co-operate with police in any of these matters," Mr Brooks told Fairfax Radio Network on Wednesday.

    The organisation had repeatedly tried to contact Senator Xenophon about the accusations, Mr Brooks said.

    "I tried to contact the senator and he would not discuss any of these claims with church representatives," he said.

    "He didn't answer a single letter, he didn't talk to us, he didn't meet with us, so he's suddenly brought up these things.

    "It's a bit disingenuous of him to do so without even meeting us."

    Mr Brooks said the accusations were a result of a co-ordinated effort by people on the internet who got together to discredit the church.

    "These people are connected up on the internet and it was a coordinated effort," Mr Brooks said.

    "It wouldn't take much investigation to find out and see that."

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  2. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    i wonder who they are referring to with: "people on the internet who got together to discredit the church".
  3. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    they're askeered

  4. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Jonestown cooperated too before they drank the Kool-Aide. Just sayin'.
  5. themadhair Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Cooperation you say?

  6. subgenius Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    looks like a shitstorm to me
  7. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Uh, yeah. We heard the same baw after part 1 of SP Times came out. This time, I know for sure they're FOS because there was a very tight timeline and CoS had no idea it was coming down.

    The reason it wouldn't take much investigation to find out this was a coordinated effort of people connected on the Internet, Mr. Brooks, is because

  8. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    if they do "cooperate" I wonder how many people they will throw under the bus
  9. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    As many as possible but it gets a lot harder to throw people under the bus when your organisation is under the bus like the exposed, scamming, lying frauds of Scientology finally are thanks to those internet people. :)
  10. Sponge Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Cyrus Brooks: Scientology PR.
    He knows, you know....
  11. anonhuff Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    yo scientology i heard you like busses so i put a bus under your bus so you can drive over a bus while being under another
  12. Belladonna Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    McBride's audit files, preferrably unshredded - NAO!
  13. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Didn't Jonestown happen on Nov. 18????
  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Given their PR track-record of spin control, they'll start by denying and slandering reputations, bawwwing persecution by bigOTs, then toss off the most expendable (ie. poorest) folk unfortunate enough to be near shit-central when the evidence starts looking unshakable.
    The body of evidence against this nest of charlatans has grown in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and the cult's habits and tactics are becoming widely known.
    They have the credability of a pack of dogs covered in blood and chicken feathers~ "Not us! Nay-nay-nay! We is most ethical people evah!"
    King Dwarf (that'd be YOU David Miscavige) will be hunting heads and plotting escapes as usual, and staff and leetbots will continue to bail from ship of misery.

    Co-operation from cult?
    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. :rolleyes:

    Fucking makes me wanna spew laughing. Real laughter, not scilon pseudo TR laughter, but gut-busting, in yer stupid faces scamming-bastads-getting-what's-coming type laughter.

    Buncha whiney 'Queens of De Nile' they are.

    Cult of Scientology> Ducking and decieving since 1950.
  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    And for sure THIS! ^^^^^ (probably disposed of PDQ is my guess, it'll be "Oh, we seems to have losted them!")

  16. Consensus Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Scientology's strategy here is well-understood and laid out in detail for management in documents we have. The whole 'always attack, never defend' bit, as I recalled, said to respond to this scenario with 'We welcome an investigation into (the accuser).' If they do not do this, it's proof they're out-tech. If they do this, well... it will sink them.
  17. tazor Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Sure, because they always cooperate. Like with Lisa McPherson.
  18. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Cooperate? Hahahaha.... yeah right.

    They are probably busy shredding dox and sneaking money out of the country already....
  19. WTF Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    "We will cooperate"="we will find or manufacture damaging data about that senator"
  20. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    "we will load up trucks with anything incriminating and hide them"
  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Agree 100% ~ this is one of their favorite things (tune of 'These are Some of My Favorite Things) lalalalaalalalala.

    Expect it.
  22. psychoutcults Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Any ideas of how anons might be able to help here? Maybe informing newspapers of the likelihood of fair game so it explodes in the scilon's faces?
  23. Consensus Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Scientology will probably respond in an incredibly predictable way. As others have said, they will attempt to make this an investigation of Xenophon.

    And in the past, such efforts might have worked. Why? Because Xenophon would be facing a semi-skilled semi-professional intelligence agency with many tendrils. They could hire PIs, they could have someone infiltrate, they could coordinate their members to make donations to opposing candidates, they could try to set him up for a crime, and so on.

    But now, Scientology's 'intelligence agency' is weak as shit. They're defanged. And further, there is a much more powerful counter-intelligence program - Anon, OG, exes, insiders, etc. We have them infiltrated, and we have more eyes on them than they have on Xenophon.

    Everyone on OCMB, ESMB, and here - especially the 'anzos' - need to be aware that they are (passively at the very least) a part of a counter-intelligence campaign as of this moment. Any e-mails instructing scientologists to act a particular way needs to be documented and leaked. Any inside information on PIs needs to be known. Any shady activity needs to be tracked.

    Scientology's only hope here is to follow LRH's 'always attack' tactic - and it's our job to DOCUMENT that attack, and DISSEMINATE any evidence of said attack. They are facing a dilemma - risk a footbullet by going on the offensive, or face a full-on investigation. We must do our part to make the aforementioned 'risk' as high as possible.
  24. Consensus Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    We've already done that. That's what the last 2 years has been about. Remember a month ago when france convicted, some celeb blew, and SPTimes wrote a few reports? Media around the world covered the story - and not just with copypasta. And in their coverage, they inserted ALL the allegations we'd been harping on for 2 years. Even ones we thought we'd failed to get across. The media work is almost entirely done (though there's upkeep).

    In the past, media and 'normal people' might have been skeptical of an 'operation freakout' style campaign, because it just sounds so bizzare and unlikely. At this point, everyone knows it's perfectly believable.

    All we need to get press is evidence. So everyone keep their eyes peeled.
  25. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Oh, please, Scientology, dead agent Xenophon and destroy evidence against you. Prove him right. Please.
  26. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

  27. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Consensus, I will suck your cock.
  28. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'


  29. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

  30. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Funny you say that. Ran across this archive earlier today:
    Dec 1965-AU Scientologists burn papers during raid
  31. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    That was my instant reaction as well. :)

    I think they are in very real trouble this time, provided we all keep on keeping the pressure on, for all the reasons already given ITT.


    ....but I'm in. ;-)

    That needs to go to Xenophon, like yesterday.

    Wait... did he just admit to making a "BIG error"? An error he didn't catch until years later? If so, doesn't that open the question of whether he may have made other big errors, perhaps even errors which he never did catch before kicking the Vistaril bucket? Doesn't that then overturn the idea that the "tech" must be unquestioningly regarded as perfect?

    Just wondering.

    brb moxon
  32. AnonAus Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    Fuck, i love surprises.

    This one came from left field, for sure.
  33. _You_ Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    This is dynamite. Post it anywhere you can on articles about this.

    Of course they seem to have abandoned it and resorted to posting fluff articles on pitchengine instead. LOL.
  34. TehHerro Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    we should give the senator a heads up about what the Scilons will do, if we can preempt them, then when they try their shit, we can say "See, told you they would do that."
  35. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    So why the hell is the "vice-president" of the "church" in Australia responding to reporters?

    Who is the "president" there?

    Who is the designated PR spokesperson for scilons in Australia? This is supposed to be handled by DSA or OSA.

    And where the hell is Tommy Davis?
  36. WTF Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    DSA is HFA or "held from above" there. (Someone is not wearing the recruiting and posting hats).

    Copy of personnel list is here: ANZO postings
  37. Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    I can understand a local DSA (Department of Special Affairs) post being Held From Above, but surely somewhere in the whole of Australia someone is in charge of OSA. Or is the "vice-president" in Australia also the head of OSA in Australia?

    / pointless tin foil speculation, maybe the entire OSA / DSA blew?
  38. WTF Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'


    Though at one time frothing Heber wore the spokesperson hat for some important matters.

    Could be that OSA ANZO is being bypassed too. (Or worse, the poor sods could be running around a pole somewhere.)
  39. amaX Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'

    poor little cult tried and tried to talk to Sen. Xenophon and he ignored them!

    and even though the poor little cult tried to talk to the senator and he ignored them, the poor little cult is going to rise above it and cooperate with this investigation because they're the most ethical people on the planet.

    should we take bets on how quickly they ship ethics folders to the states?

    the most ethical people on the planet...
  40. anonsoldier Member

    Re: Scientology church 'will cooperate'


    That's their plan in these situations. Read the last couple of lines of the article, it's right friggin there. They're looking to inspire doubt and apprehension about the claims and go "It's easy to investigate...THEM!!!"

    TerryEO's behavior on is a micro version of what they'll do during an inquiry. Start arguing about semantics, go off on tangential discussions, do anything to obfuscate the truth or avoid answering a direct question. It's what they do, and I'd expect nothing less from the brain dead cult. This time, however....there's us.

    You can not escape Anonymous, and we will be watching very very closely...

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