Scientology Bible

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    Scientology Bible

    OK, so I'm browsing through a used book store that my family and I frequent (they sell books for cheap), and I stumbled across an unusual book of Dianetics; it is about a foot high, bound in what appears to be in green leather, with gold gilt on the pages and a gold-colored tassle/bookmark. It is identified as a 1986 commemorative edition of Dianetics. I bought it for three bucks, though something tells me it was worth more than that. Anyone have more info?
  2. tazor Member

    Re: Scientology Bible

    Check ebay or Amazon. Pretty sure that book was pricey when new.
  3. enronanonron Member

    Re: Scientology Bible

    Yeah, it was originally sold for a lot more. The commemorative set from the late 80s was leather bound, acid-free paper, designed to be given to Opinion Leaders in communities.

    Scientology public were asked to donate money to buy these (expensive, overpriced) books, which would then be given to selected VIPs within the community. If you have received the book already, you should be able to see the leather cover, high quality paper, stitching in the bindings, etc. This set of basic books was well made, designed to impress professionals.

    This was supposed to "handle" entheta at that time. This was pre "What Is Scientology" book.

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