Scientology being brought down by hackers?

Discussion in 'Media' started by Psychic Cupcake, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. ihasapancake Member

    Things like the Orlando manifestations have such effect.
  2. Unaware Member

    Plus all the news that have been going mainstream lately. Maybe they are finally seeing what Scientology does.
  3. I'm not sure if being known as "pathetic geeks" is better than "evil terrorist hackers". But it is nice to know that the media is moving away from the "they will hack your baby and steal your internet!" to something a bit more reasonable.

    Hacker terrorist< Pathetic geek < Revolutionaries?
    Who knows where the media will go next.
  4. Legion Member

    They downplay us, but in reality they are afraid.
  5. ihasapancake Member

    Besides, it IS still media coverage. Either way, it's good for us.
  6. I'm going to put 'the Orlando manifestations' in my archive of "awesome things I've heard during the war". Thanks. 8)
  7. *edit: Oops wrong thread sorry.
  8. Scientology has called us pathetic geeks, sure. They don't want to lose face, after all, at the fact that they are powerless to thwart a group such as us.
  9. anon2600 Member

    Gonna be fun when we start gaining ground and we trot out the "pathetic geeks" line ;)
  10. I think the medias that be have always had a vendetta for scientology because of their whole gag-order-happy policy. Remember the terrible reviews of Battlefield Earth? Some of them only mentioned the plot and acting of the film itself in a single paragraph.

    I think we've got some powerful allies who are just looking for something newsworthy enough that they can cafely dredge up the hijinks of the mad, bad, egotist scientologists and report on them making asses of themselves against teh internet (which is populated exclusively by children, creeps, and geeks, natch.)
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