Scientology apologists

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    Scientology apologists

    This thread intends to collect information about scholars writing about scientology and related entities. A particular attention will be put on those who do not apply scientific standards (e.g. looking at the two sides of the fences) and can been seen as apologists.

    Contributions are welcome. It would help if the information was provided in the following form:
    - One post per author,
    - Information about affiliation, bibligraphy, etc. with links,
    - A short assessment of the overall author's position on scientology.

    Links to the specific posts will be added here.

    Cusack, Carole M. is an associate professor at the University of Sydney
    Introvigne, Massimo is a known apologist with complex motives, limited academic credentials, but very prolific
    Digance, Justine has a PhD on modern pilgrimage from the University of Sydney (2008)
    Gruenschloss, Andreas is a professor of religion sciences at University of Göttingen and a evangelic pastor
    Possamai, Adam is Associate professor in Sociology at the University of Western Sydney
    Possamai-Inesedy, Alphia is a lecturer at the University of Western Sydney
    Rosenfeld, Jean E. has a PhD in history of religions from UCLA
    Wellendorf, Rie is the coordinator of minorities integration in a Danish community and assistant at the Danish Centre for Youth Research, Danish University of Education

    Andersen, Peter B.
    Bainbridge, William Sims
    Bogdan, Henrik
    Bromley, David G.
    Cowan, Douglas E.
    Dericquebourg, Regis
    Flinn, Frank
    Harley, Gail M.
    Kieffer, John
    Lewis, James R.
    Melton, Gordon
    Palmer, Susan J.
    Refslund Christensen, Dorthe
    Richardson, James T.
    Rigal-Cellard, Bernadette
    Rothstein, Mikael
    Shupe, Anson
    Willms, Gerald
  2. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Scientology apologists is a biggie. They have the DSA for Toronto writing all their Scientology info and they haven't taken in anything critical of the cult at least in the past.
  3. whatwhat Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    Jean E. Rosenfeld

    Wrote pro-cult opinion piece in LA Times: Scientology stands a chance - Los Angeles Times
    WWP thread:

    Ph.D. specializing in NRMs. (Formerly?) of UCLA Center for the Study of Religion. Lectured at UC Riverside. Possibly has address (currently listed for sale) in San Jacinto, 4.5m from Gold Base. Possibly related/married to Howard L Rosenfeld, owner of other address she is listed under, and household member of the one near Gold.

    Jean Rosenfeld writes that scientology isn't any different then any other NRM and should be treated with tolerance. She disregards evidence of cult crimes and only addresses the beliefs as publicized only by scientology.

    She seems to have dropped off the face of the earth since her giant BAWWW in the LA times a year ago. She is no longer listed as faculty at UCLA and has STFU on the web.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    Massimo Introvigne
    Massimo Introvigne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (extracts)
  5. moarxenu Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    The CSI site: Theology and Practice of a Contemporary Religion - Scientology has 7 chapters of the usual Scientology bullshit liek this:

    The Scientology religion embodies a rich tradition of ceremonies, rites and services.

    Then there are 10 appendices with papers supporting the bona fides of the Scientology "Religion". Here are the authors of the ten appendices:

    1. Moar scilon bullshit
    2. Bryan R. Wilson
    3. Frank K. Flinn, Ph.D.
    4. Régis Dericquebourg
    5. M. Darrol Bryant
    6. Alejandro Frigerio, Ph.D.
    7. Urbano Alonso Galan [Apparently does not exist]
    8. Fumio Sawada
    9. Moar scilon bullshit
    10. Moar scilon bullshit

    Here is moar detail on authors and their papers:

    2: Bryan R. Wilson, Ph.D.Emeritus Fellow, Oxford University, England

    Scientology: An Analysis and Comparison of its Religious Systems and Doctrines

    3. Frank K. Flinn, Ph.D. - Adjunct Professor in Religious Studies, Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

    Scientology: The Marks of Religion

    4. Régis Dericquebourg, Professor, Sociology of Religion, University of Lille III, Lille, France

    Scientology: Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

    5. M. Darrol Bryant, Ph.D., Professor of Religion and Culture
    Renison College, University of Waterloo
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    Scientology - An Analysis and Reviewof a New Religion

    6. Alejandro Frigerio, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, Catholic University of Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Scientology: And Contemporary Definitions of Religion
    in the Social Sciences

    7. Urbano Alonso Galan, Doctor in Philosophy and Licenciate in Theology Gregorian University and
    Saint Bonaventure Pontifical Faculty, Rome [Apparently does not exist.]

    Scientology - A True Religion

    8. Fumio Sawada, Eighth Holder of the Secrets
    of Yu-itsu Shinto Scientology lol.

    The Relationship Between Scientology and Other Religions

    9. C$I: Official Recognition of Scientology as a Religion

    10. LRH books
  6. moarxenu Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    Apologetics Index is a great resource.

    There is this excellent article on cult defenders in general including their tactics:

    Cult Apologists What you should know about cult defenders

    Here is an article by Rick Ross on David Bromley:

    One of Scientology’s favorite cult apologists helps Associated Press understand “charismatic leaders”

    Gerry Armstrong and Caroline Letkemen have a huge list of sci collaborators at Suppressive Person Defense League.

    Holy Smoke has another big list Apologists for destructive / criminal religious and pseudo-religious organizations.

    Here's a new name: Eileen Barker - Founder and chairperson, INFORM. Board member, CESNUR. Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics.

    Here are the names from Holy Smoke:

    Dr. Nancy Ammerman Hartford, Ct

    Dr. Dick Anthony Richmond, Ca.
    Is Dick Anthony a full-time professional "cult apologist"?

    Dr. Phil Arnold Houston, Texas
    News about religious cults, sects, and alternative religions - July 16, 2000 (Vol. 4, Issue 230)

    William Brainbridge National science founation
    University of Virginia Library

    Atorney Lee Boothby Washington , D.C.

    Dr. Lee Colman Berkeley, Ca.
    Who Is Who in Scientology

    Dr.Derek H. Davis Waco Texas

    Barry Fisher Los Angeles Ca.
    Cult "Cult" lawyer back in court

    Jeremiah Gutman, Esq, N.Y., N.Y.
    Xenubat's Transcript: Arts and Entertainment Channel, Investigative Reports

    Dr. John Hall U of Ca. Davis, Ca.

    Dr. Lonnie Kliever Dallas, Tx

    Prof. James Lewis U. of Wisconson
    James R. Lewis - religious cults, sects and movements

    Rev. N.J. L'Heureux Richmond HIlls, N.Y.
    sectes, cults, scientologie: sciento faked commission of experts; la sciento et sa commission d'experts bidon

    Dr. Newton Maloney Pasaden, Ca.
    Is Dick Anthony a full-time professional "cult apologist"?

    Dr. J. Gordon Melton Santa Barbara, Ca
    Evangelical Ministries to New Religions - Part 4
    Dr. Gerard O'Sullivan Lodi, New Jersey
    Tithe an Oireachtas - Houses of the Oireachtas.

    Dr. James Richardson Reno Nevada

    Dr. George Robertson Flowering Branch, Ga
    Phoenix - you've got mail! re Anson Shupe

    Dr. John Saliba Detroit, Mi
    Scientology Crime Syndicate's Psychology Fraud/Hoax/Lies

    Don Sils President world council Religious Liberty

    Dr. Catherine Wessinger New Orleans, La
    Online Texts about Cults and New Religions (100+ articles)
    Dr. Stewart Wright Beaumont,Texas

    Here's another fellow-traveler.

    Herbert Richardson, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Toronto. His website: Scientology A New Religion. He is an ordained minister of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

    Doug Cowan suceeded Jeffrey Hadden as editor of The Religious Movements Homepage Project @The University of Virginia when he died in 2003.

    He is considered to be a cult apologist, but his paper Cult Apology: A Modest (Typological) Proposal is a must read. He lays out well the issues on cult apologists.

    Note: I can't read this stuff without wanting to raeg or hurl.
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    MX, thanks for all this material.
  8. J. Swift Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    MX, thank you for this research.

    The homepage of Scientology: Religion and Spirituality in Society now prominently features Dr.Urbano Alonso Galan. There is also a link to CENSUR: Scientology (CESNUR), the Cult-backed "Center for Studies in New Religions."

    I have been using as a resource to show how CoS and LRH source materials document disturbing and recurring patterns in Hubbard's life. I have also been using this website to show how the Cult keeps issuing new versions of Hubbard's bio that are progressively sanitized of his documented biographical lies. That the Cult has now apparently changed from an LRH biographical website to a Scientology apologetics website is, IMO, another sign of the "De-Hubbardization" of Scientology.

    The Cult has never been able to get any traction in Culture by promoting Hubbard. It now seems that Scientology is arguing that it is a valid religion and has retained some religious scholars to press that argument. This plays to a larger movement by Catholics and Christian Evangelicals who, in the face of waning membership, money, and power are attempting to argue that Religion is what is missing in this "soulless/materialistic" world. Neither the Catholics nor the Evangelicals will accept the fact that each has failed to connect with Millennials (people born after 1981) and that each has a shameful record of immoral, even criminal, behavior and failures. Catholics and Christian Evangelicals are instead blaming Atheists, Secular Humanism, and ol' splitfoot, the Devil himself. Even Rome and Colorado Springs have SP's with whom they must contend.

    Scholars will not save Scientology. Its collapse is historically inevitable. Scientology will be the first religion to be destroyed by the internet.

  9. moarxenu Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    tl;dr - A status report from the Catholic and Evangelical front in Project Chanology.

    David Miscavge has awakened the sleeping giant of the Catholic church. Cardinal Ouellet has given a green light for Catholic activism in North America to end the cult's abuses.

    Chanology needs to achieve a critical mass of awareness among Catholic activists, opinion makers, and celebrities. That will cause mega-entheta and enturbulation for Miscavige.

    Do not underestimate the power of the SP Cardinal and activist Catholics to hasten the end of the regime.

    Along with continuing blasts from Marc Headley's BFG9000, unrelenting Anon raiding, and the government of Belgium, it may spell the collapse of the regime within a year.

    Swiftie, this is great. "Sites Related to churches of Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard" is useful- it has all the scilon bullshit in the same place.

    Basic problem with these guys:

    1. They have only read part of the dox. Many have just read all the religious cloaking public PR scibullshit.

    2. The have not read teh sekrit dox.

    3. They have not inteviewed Sea Org abuse survivors. They dismiss their experience as the undertrustworthy horror stories apostate, not to be trusted.

    4. Most look at New Relgious movements as sociologists of religion. The analysis lacks the input of philosophers of religion and theologians.

    5. Many are unbelievers who have had no experience with religious practice or living in religious community. Many are indifferent or hostile to religion.

    Now this: Drop or partition your mind to exclude what you have written below in anything that has to do with Chanology. The longer you keep this as a set of judgments and assumptions, David Miscavige is going to stay in power longer than necessary:


    This is dead wrong. Here is why:

    The abuse of women and coerced abortion issue alone are capable of bringing about the fall of the Miscavige regime. The quickest way to do this is by rallying Catholics and Evangelicals.

    They cannot be faithful to their moral and religious commitments and not act to end the abuse of women and coerced abortions at Gold. Every week they delay another woman gets abused and a baby gets killed.

    There are two, and only two organizations in US society that have spoken against the cult: the Electronic Freedom Foundation and the Catholic Church. EFF is well known. The Catholic Church is not so I will explain

    Cardinal Ouellet in Canada spoke twice against the cult in February.

    1. On a Thursday he says about the cult: "It is not a church."

    2. Friday - Sunday: WWP, Quebec anons, and Catholicfags seize this huge opportunity and write him a letter commending him, reciting abuses, particularly, coerced abortion, and recommending a 12-point program of education and action

    3. Monday - Qanons hand-deliver letter to the Cardinal's office. Then they issue a press release.

    4. Thursday - Cardinal Ouellet at his annual press lunch disses the cult again: " I am aware of what is happening in other countries [Ed. He was speaking in French. Perhaps he had Belgium in mind?]. He also said, "I am aware of how they sue their critics for defamation." Then he defends Anon's right to free speech. He says "the protesters", but, of course, there are no protesters other than Anon.

    5. By his remarks he has become the SP Cardinal. He is the highest ranking SP of any organization in the world. Marc Headley, Anon, and Cardinal Ouellet are the three top-ranking SP's in the world today.

    6. lomesome cowboy writes on the Quebec ning: "Blessed be Cardinal Ouellet. It is rare that an ecclesatic dare make such pronouncements. This man has balls."

    7. Cardinal Ouellet has given permission to franophone Catholics and their bishops in Canada and in Europe to speak and act critically against the cult.

    Catholic and Evangelical anons are at cause. They are seizing opportunities.

    Cardinal Ouellet is the commemoration speaker on Saturday at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA, north of Los Angeles. It is 140 miles from the Gold Base abuse of women and coerced abortion factory.

    Anons are harpooning the pro-life students, the interim president and administration, and the board at St. Thomas .

    It is a conservative Catholic college in outstanding fidelity to a great Catholic intellectual tradition. Abuse of women, destruction of families through disconnection, and, of course, coerced abortion are core issues.

    Anons are suggesting the Catholic students from St. Thomas and Socal drive by the Gold Base concentration camp and coerced abortion factory, get out of their cars, and say a rosary for the broken families, the prisoners in the RPF, the abused women, and the unborn children. This is Catholic raiding and trolling of David Miscavige.

    Anons are building other relationships with Catholics and Evangelicals. A sane balanced Evangelical program called The Things That Matter Most is broadcasting an interview with Damian DeWitt of For Great justice this Sunday, May 17.

    It is being broadcast on two sister conservative radio stations in Houston and Dallas and will be archived. TTMM contacted WWP for an anon to interview, and DDW anwsered the call.

    Previously they interviewed Sea Org escapee Karen Pressley who now has an Baptist cult-critical ministry in Atlanta.

    What is important for us is to build a critical mass of knowledge among Catholics and Evangelicals as quickly as possible.

    College-age Catholics and Catholic opinion makers, and responsible pro-life leaders are key. Not only Catholics are pro-life. There are libertarian, feminists, and Democratic pro-lifers. Chuck Beatty calls himself atheist and anti-abortion.

    Oh, did I mention Cardinal Ouellet is going to Rome? Someday we might have an SP pope.

    Here are the effects of reaching critical mass:

    1. Greta van Susteren, John Coale, and Tom Cruise will no longer be able to deny the abuses of which they are presently ignorant. They are faced with a decision. Are they going to confront Miscavige and put an end to the abuses? Or is it going to be "My church, right or criminal"?

    2. Activists will focus on Gold. Eventually the knowledge will seep upward from the Catholic blogosphere to Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck. They then are in the position and will be forced to ask, "Greta, what are you doing to end the abuse of women and coerced abortions in the Sea Org?" After all, it's her church. (btw she, Tom, and John Travolta are all Catholic apostates)

    3. Nationally and locally, it can be asked of Sarah Palin. It can be asked of Jeff Stone. It can be asked of every single politician dealing with any cult front group. They are all run by Sea Org under tight control of Miscavige and OSA. All Sea Org women are subject to Miscavige's abusive coerced abortion policy.

    You have it wrong. The churches are acutely aware they are losing the Millennial Generation. They are acutely aware of secularization and the threat to democratic liberal values by radical Islam.

    They are acutely aware of crimes, which are also grievous sins, committed by their own. They have made amends. They have paid millions. Dioceses have gone bankrupt.

    Cardinal Ouellet in particular has movingly apologized for cruelty on the part of religious orders years ago in Catholic institutions and other abuses.

    The Church has spiritual treasures to offer high-school and college students. It has produced extraordinary human beings like Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avile, John of the Cross, Teresa of Calcutta, and the Indian Jesuit Anthony De Mello,

    Chan culture is the leading culture of millions of people on the internet thanks to moot and 4chan. Project Chanology is even greater than moot. It is the greatest achievement of the millennial generation. Can you think of another?

    Precisely because of this, Chanology is of great religious significance. It is the culture of the future. If the Church wishes to bring its treasures of spirituality to this culture it must understand Chanoloy; serve our goals; and join us to end the regime. It must also not drink the Kool Aid of short-sighted self-advantage with PC and anti-blasphemy laws and support freedom of speech on our internetz. Otherwise we cannot put an end to the abuses of the regime.

    There are three battle fronts in chanology: Belgium, and the EU and UN Human Rights Commission; Gold Base; and the Infinite Complacency lawsuits. The power of the Church and Catholics and Evangelicals is important in all these situations.

    So Swiftie, I ask you to re-examine you assumptions and conclusions. You do not have to agree with me, just don't impede progress being made on this important front. Go to For Great Justice and read the reporting on Cardinal Ouellet and especially the essay "How old is Anonymous and where does it go to church?"

    Through Anonymous, David Miscavige has awakened a sleeping giant through the words of Cardinal Ouellet. Do not underestimate the power of the Church to hasten the end of the Miscavige regime.
  10. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    cool story bro.
  11. moarxenu Member

    Re: Scientology apologists

    Thread necromancy:

    Just came across a great resource, News from Bree. He has a lot on Scientology:

    News From Bree

    Scientology in the UK

    He reviews many cult apologists and summarizes their views. His conclusion is excellent:

    How Experts View Scientology

  12. DeathHamster Member

    Oh my!
    Wow, just .. wow! I am completely unable to pick out just a few paragraphs to summarize. Read the whole thing!
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. DeathHamster Member

    Cult apologist and paid spokesman gets fired from fully tenured professor job. Starts vanity press publishing company and diploma mill "university". SLAPP sues anyone who calls a spade a spade, and has minions spam article comments. Thinks there's a "mob" out to get him when he's just unlikable due to his actions. Streisand effect.

    Herbert Richardson: "I am experiencing a web of attacks that I would call organized cyber mobbing."

    That's not cyber mobbing. Now this...
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    The page is full of academic debating. One of them has the site so I decided to search it for related books. I found one that did more than just namedrop Scientology in some form of grouping list:

    The Believing Brain

    by Michael Shermer
    ISBN: 0805091254
    "Millions of Scientologists believe that eons ago galactic warlord named Xenu brought alien beings from another solar system to Earth, placed them in select volcanoes around the world, and then vaporized them with hydrogen bombs, scattering to the winds their thetans (souls), which attach themselves to people today, leading to drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, depression, and other psychological and social ailments that only Scientology can cure."

    If this is the most insight that academic has on Scientology in his library, he's not going to do well in the debate.
  16. DeathHamster Member

  17. Anonymous Member

  18. DeathHamster Member

    That's not his library, it's the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence. (Which, from their IRS 990s, appears to be a real organization.)
    Neither the discussion in the page comments nor that library are very concerned with Scientology.
  19. Anonymous Member

    True, it'd need to be called the Study of Incoherence to include a library about Scientology ;)
  20. Anonymous Member

    Michael Shermer is quite the celeb writer/editor/founder in skeptic circles. Most widely known as the chief ed of Skeptic Magazine.
  21. Jay B
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