Scientology and the Bible (1967)

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    Imma still searching out new LRH Quotes from mai leak horde on God, Christ, Religions, etc. to add to the ones from this OG sauce already posted:

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    another good one...
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    on a roll...
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    one more
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    Regarding this hardcover book from 1974, published by Church of Scientology Information Service, Dept. of Archives a world religion emerges in the space age.

    It appears from my wwp searching and googlefu that ^^THIS has not been leaked yet? and its been quoted/cited several times in academic articles.

    /r/ leak... or even a promise of a coming-soon leak... before i go snatch up the cheap one on alibris (other used book selling sites list it for $21 - $30)
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    Are we using the original Aramaic for our Bible quotes?

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    dox gathering / project update: research materials master & topical indexes nao available showing the full outline of what i've culled and/or collated so far:

    Scientology Religiosity Materials Index (fileshare)

    The "...Catalog" subsections of ^^This outline shows everything I've rough-cut gathered so far, w/ temporary red status notes in places I'm still digging around on.

    Current progress = the "Topical / Subject Matter Index" subsection shows whats been fully organized & collated so far. And I'm currently trying to get all the items under "Doctrinal Sources Catalog" parsed into excerpts & spliced into the appropriate spot in each volume/packet in the Topical Index.

    HALP/FEEDBACK from lurkers wanted in these areas of the outline...
    • Master Index: overall organization - how does the themes, titles & basic flow of topics look so far?
    • Doctrinal Sources Catalog: spot any blatant ommisions and/or got any suggested additions?
    • Comparative Resources Catalog: this area isnt worked on hard yet & also open for suggestions or collaborative assistance if anyone's interested.
    • Material Reuse Considerations: this will be the closing 2pgs of each volume (after a "Further Reading" list of Comparative Resources) and needs sum grammar-nazi proofreadreading <3
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    another new hubbard quote or two on religions and such...

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    A little birdie told me this juicy leak is coming soon...
    I'm gonna keep harvesting Hubbard quotes (with and without scripture comparisons) until i get my grubby lil paws on ^^Scientology: a world religion emerges in the space age

    And keep an eye out for the ultimate one-liner quote to use on the research packet covers. So far tho, the one RO found still seems like the best candidate
    so ^^This is likely the one I'll use, unless "Scientology: a world religion emerges in the space age" is off-the charts-insane & yields even bigger golden nuggets of exploitable quotes. and it just might from the sounds of it... heh! :)
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  14. ..actually religion doesn't lead anybody anyplace, in the final analysis...
    -- L. Ron Hubbard, 1953

    Some of them lead to the poor house.
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    Altho i whole heartedly agreed with ^^This when OP leak first released, i now feel us Christfags who were disgusted w/ this had no right to bitch...

    What Hubbard did to Buddhism was far FAR worse. And i am now somewhat ashamed of myself for getting all fired up over this relatively tame booklet after seeing this evil manifesto of twisted scripture:
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    holy carp batman, look what moarxenu found...

    muhahahahaha.... so exploitable i could cry!
  18. Words from a book will set us free.. (picture of lolcat bible)
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    heh... buy oh hey no - not that kind of exploitable... i meant exploitable as in a place to put some of the bible passage comparisons being gathered ITT for future reference to good use. (iow - expand that list by crossposting missing bits from my future dox)
  20. bilble has nice stories of a psychopath God, Talk about a narcissist.
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    The mind set of Christianity is based on the Bible that was compiled and set from 300-1500 C.E. by the Church of Rome. This called the canon (rule) of the Bible. A good analysis of this book is Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason" where he uses the Bible to examine the Bible.
    As the Roman Empire demised, the Holy Roman Empire took root and controlled the entire population by fear of death and/or eternal damnation. These events are the bloody history of Christianity from the time of Constantine through the Crusades and Inquistion periods.
    This destructive period mirrors the slaughters of Joshua in what is known as the Old Testament and many other forceful covert or face destruction episodes of the Hebrew leaders. Anyone reading these texts would be appalled. So ancient Judiasm and Christianity
    have a bloody history devoid of the love and salvation from man's inhumanity to man.
    The comtemporary bigotry of Christianity (accept Jesus or burn in Hell) and the onslaught
    of Israeli wars since 1948 (this land is ours) is far more damaging than anything negative
    that has happened in the Church of Scientology. Mind you, the Church of Scientolgy has to
    answer for its crimes, especially its current leader and cronies. Believe me, justice will prevail.
    Concerning the Christ of Christianity. Jesus Christ is an overlay of Zeus and Dionysus (Jesus) and Krishna (Christ). The correct name would be transliterated as Joshua Messiah.
    Compare the Greek text of Joshua in the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Old Testament) and the Greek texts of the Gospels. The Greek spellings are the same but the English transliterations are not. Furthermore, the Joshua of the New Testament states he came "only for the lost sheep of Israel." Saul of Tarsus (murderer of the followers of Joshua) had a coversion reaction (blindness) because of his inner guilt and presented another form of Joshua and his mission. This was a Greek philosophical intrepretation that distorted the original message and purpose. The coming doom of so many current Christian denominations is a
    gross misreading of the Messiah who stated that the end of the corrupt Judaic religion would happen in their generation (40 years). This took place under the Roman Titus in 70 C.E. So the data of the Bible was finished and the book closed - the story ended once and for all.
    The above is based on almost 45 years of accurate research by myself.
    In closing, my best wishes and success to you all and thank you for the enlightening formus.
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    but is Scientology a religion?
  25. zayne Member

    The subject dates back to 1871 and speaks of man as a spiritual being somewhat separate from the physical universe. In the sense that we are speaking of spirit or breath of Life and its source and function in self awareness with a means of organizing a pattern of obtaining control or and freedom from the obstacles of physicality, it can fall under the heading of religion in the traditional context. Its roots do run as far back a Aristotle.

    So we have ancient Greek philosophy codified in 1871, again in 1934, and in the Hubbardian
    writings and lecture from 1938-1955. Using this data coupled with Buddhism (Western and Eastern traditions), we find what might be called a Technological Buddhism. So we do have a religion. In a common sense, religion is a way of life with rituals that assist in the journey through current existence.
    Now for the Church of Scientology, it has corrupted and diminished the original subject. Its leadership has become a ruthless and destructive force in controlling and destroying lives and families. Its tight control on individuals that seek real freedom from the problems of common existence has proved to be a nightmare of slavery to a deranged dictator.

    There is a Biblical passage that is well to state here for the unfortunate and unknowing parishioners of the Church of Scientology (there is some good advice to be found in the book of the Bible), it states: "Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues;" - Book of Revelation, chapter 18, verse 4. of course this was meant for the people of Israel under the controlling power of corrupted Judaism. This does apply as common sense in the world today in suppressive organizations, religious, social or political. Freedom now for all.

    I suggest people within the Church of Scientology leave and let the diabolical ruler and his plans fall. The emotions of loss when leaving will be turned into a true joy of freedom. If they wish to pursue the data and rituals of Scientology, there are options, as I have researched, outside. In paraphrase, Hubbard said "The work was free. Keep it so."

    Do good for one another and do not tolerate the tyranny of slavery in whatever form it takes.

    Again, my best wishes.
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  26. AnonLover Member

    thanks for the irrelevant offtopic faggotry that is of absolutely no use, no value and no interest. you've proven yourself as an stoopid noob, your prize is to lurk moar, it will obviously take you at least 45 more years for you have even the slightest clue on anything remotely useful to offer to the discussion - so why bother.

    The primary reason for looking at this stuff is to show that Hubbard spewed vast amounts of religious bigotry throughout his career as a charlatan. Bigotry = hate, therefore Hubbard's view of what a religion is, is one of hate and the radical way in which he twists religious beliefs is indicative of how skewed his own religion is.

    ^^This is exploitable (when used with extreme caution) because there is a long dirty history of actions taken by the organization that puts them squarely in the category of a hate group. And by tracing that vein of ugly hate down to the very roots/basis of the Scientology beliefs system, those who would find his bigotry against their own beliefs disgusting will easily see it as the evil that it is. So the more religions that can be shown to have been ruthlessly slandered with Hubbard's open loathing of the major religions, the more the world at large (beyond the hivemind) will feel justified in embracing the fact that Scientology is pure unadulterated evil and nothing of value will be lost when Anons dismantle the Church in its current form.

    A secondary reason for gathering this sort of stuff is that for 3+ years, Anons have fervently separated themselves from anything to do with the religious practices and adhered to the standard of "we do not protest their beliefs, just their abusive practices". Which is an excellent standard that serves us well, and should still be fully supported on all fronts.

    However, ^^This standard leaves us totally unprepared when raising public awareness and JohnQ. Public says "ZOMG!!! AND THIS IS A RELIGION???? HOW IS THIS SHIT CONSIDERED A RELIGION?!?!?" Then anon gets caught with their pants down: "uhhhh... herp, derp. we dont touch that, google a few dozen things and find out for yourself."

    ^^This may have sufficed early on, but with the cover of Reitman's book using the "Religion" word and calling a spade a spade thats soon to be followed with a definitive religious studies reference book coming from Professor Urban & Princeton press - the word "Religion" + Scientology will become more and more relevant to the general public who we are trying to inform.

    Thus I'm attempting to gather materials to present as unbiased info packets that can be taken at face value, so that when Anons are pressed to answer questions on the "religion" side of things, our own personal beliefs or bigotry wont get in the way AND we got readily available sauce to refer people to, with a big smile while saying "Yes, thats what they claim. Go here, look at this stuff, and see for yourself how they define your own religion beliefs and make your own informed judgement on whether or not its a religion according your own feelings on the matter" With the herp derp factor eliminated and caek delivered without getting our fingers sticky.

    Another secondary reason for gathering dox in this vein is that it takes no effort whatsoever to convince atheists and agnostics that the cult's use of the R word makes them bad news all ways round, enough said. But other people of a religious faith may likely look the other way out of natural reaction that the polite thing to do is NOT judge somebody else's beliefs, and thus continue to ignore the growing evidence that Scientology is truly evil. Having readily available & easily disseminated proof that Hubbard already judged their beliefs and smeared it to a great extent every chance he got - nullifies that natural tendency to ignore it on the basis of their use of the R word, and it turns the issue on its head and drop kicks it into the "what comes around, goes around" field of play.

    Just because we dont touch the subject of scilon's religious beliefs, shouldnt prevent us from strapping those beliefs to a well greased bank of scud missiles that can be launched with great force on demand whenever the need arises. Hubbard pulled it in, and payback is a lulzy bitch when lubed well. So if you find religion distasteful - good for you, GTFO while I apply some vast amounts of lube to LRH FAIL in this area because i have a lot of uses for it in my own harpoons.

    And yet another reason for packaging up proof of the cult's deeply rooted religious biggotry is that there is no bigger button for Louanne and the other OSAbots engaging in comment wars online than the R word. the R word instantly brings out the batshit crazy, and when the batshit crazy begins to lose - lo and behold Hubbard's implants on religious bigotry come pouring forth in great magnitudes of stupid.

    So having easily distributed materials that serve the sole purpose of making the religious-centric person more informed could inspire more religion-friendly venues to hop on the bus of bashing the cult & will allow us to reap huge amounts of Lulz and WIN from afar & without getting our own hands dirty by touching the subject directly.

    And then there's the obvious reason for packaging this shit for making it easy for anyone of a major faith to judge the religious nature of Scientology for themselves - harpooning the inroads the cult tries to make in interfaith venues in order to scam whatever little bit of respect they can exploit by having other religions recognize them as a legit form of faith.

    ^^Simon Wisenthal Center celebrating the poster child of a hate group without the least bit of shame or concern shows that we anons have a mountain of FAIL on our plate when it comes to countering the cult in interfaith venues. And that is a problem/weakness that is not acceptable and needs addressed with extreme care, caution & utter neutrality towards ALL the major religions. There is valuable allies to be gained in those interfaith & faith-based segments of society as proven by Randy Sly at, the admin who busted Louanne's socks at the God Discussion forums, the baptist bloggers who picked up Randy's articles and ran with it on their own sites despite it coming from the other side of the Christian fence, and other similar faith-based venues from days gone by.

    But we cant enlist the interest and help of those types of allies (who btw, have a tendency to be the most outraged & vocal when properly informed) if we bash all religions for being a religion at face value. That's utterly useless, the atheists got every inch of that ground covered 10 feet thick in every which way that matters long before Chanology was born. So there is nothing to be gained by shitting on the religious beliefs of the major faiths other than inviting more massive fail in the future in interfaith/faith-based venues (not to mention World Religion I & II college students looking for answers for their term papers).

    Yes its a messy job covering that territory, and its only suited to anons who likewise have some form of religious faith. And by refraining from shitting on scilon religous beliefs yet shitting on beliefs of other faiths - only serves to make us look like ignorant hypocrites with nothing of value to offer to those of a faith-based background & their NOT going to look any farther than the cult's own bs propaganda claiming how religious they are & how their supposedly compatible with all other religions.

    So if your not in that boat of having some form of faith-based beliefs yourself, then there is nothing to see here ITT or the other threads that will come later as us Christfags cautiously approach gearing up for exploiting this angle with the necessary care, neutrality & kid gloves it requires.

    And FWIW - all i'm personally looking to do with my future research packets is to sink a concrete pylon deep into the turf of each major faith Hubbard has smeared with his hate and bigotry, so that when something comes up on those fronts that can be exploited - we got a firm anchor point already in place to rapidly relay pre-packaged dox & infos wrapped in bow and delivered with caek and 48k gold plaited invite for a given religious camp to join the party on their own turf: "Oh hai! we heard your looking at scilons with a wary eye. Here is some delicious dox you'll likely find quite interesting. God Bless /SALUTE (and exit stage left asap)"
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  27. AnonLover Member

    FWIW i agree with your 2nd post except for ^^This, which assumes the subject had any value to begin with. You cant diminish and corrupt something that is pure crap to begin with, as long as you can back that up & provide dox when asked. This thread inspired me to do that, for those who have an interest in the R word front to use (or not use) however they see fit once i deliver a finished product of dox compilations.

    Thank you & same to you.
  28. He might have been referring to the subject of religion.
  29. AnonLover Member

    (shrugs) my points remain the same.
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  30. Anonymous Member
    Keep digging AL... there's gold in them thar scilon spokeshole hills, why limit your dox to just LRH quotes?

    The footbullets of yesteryear can still be rebranded into footbullets of today. (see villagevoice link)
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  31. AnonLover Member

    good point - its still a work in progress tho.

    so many damning quotes, so little time :)
  32. Anonymous Member

    more jew hate from a Hubbardian.
    pretty tiresome.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Don't you know it was all just an implant??
  34. Anonymous Member

    Have you ever studied the origins of the modern new age movement as we now know it?
    It actually goes back to Theosophy and Madame Helena Blavatsky...Rudolph Steiner later branched off and started Anthroposophy...
    To simplify a really complex topic to a few words, it would be like combining the Gnostic Gospels (esoteric xtianity) combined with the Vedic Upanishads and so on and so forth. A Scientologist quoting book of Revelations as if it is absolute truth is pure irony. I would go on, but i think we are in different leagues, intellectually.
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  35. AnonLover Member

    moar irony of much higher lulz value - Scientology has actually done ^^This quite liberally in their tabloid propaganda rag "Advance Magazine", that'll be covered in my research/info packets when i get that far. but fwiw - original sauce is currently sitting @ the end of the SCIENTOLOGY MAGAZINES thread.
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  36. AnonLover Member

    I nao haz of copy of Scientology: A World Religion Emerges in the Space Age published in USA 1974, 60 some pages. No space age / space opera references, so i am disappoint. Altho the front cover dust jacket artwork is gnarly:


    big hardcover book will be a bear to scan since i dont have a decent feeder, and also I dont want to break the spine cuz i have a home for this on my bookshelf. Looking thru the contents, it appears to be a shortened rehash/mashup up this much bigger UK publication from 1974 (164 pages) that we've passed around in our leak torrents and book collections since early on titled THE SCIENTOLOGY RELIGION (fileshare)

    The only minor differences/nuances in the space age world religion book from what we have in the larger UK reference book is Chapter 1, Chapter 8, and the Appendices. But nothing earth shaking - nothing we havent seen before from different time periods. So I'm not inclined to wrastle scanning the whole dang thing until i dont have anything better to work on.

    However, here is a peak (the cover, plus front matter thru Table of Contents) at whats in Scientology: A World Religion Emerges in the Space Age:

    For my current project of pulling fair usage ecerpts, I'm only interested in chapter one. If anybody else sees any other chapter/section in the Table of Contents your interested in seeing sooner rather later (when my project is finished) let me know and I'll add it to my list of stuff i need to scan,
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Any idea what or where the &quot;church&quot; building underneath the LRH portait is?
  38. Anonymous Member

    That Book Cover is so b-a-a-a-a-d, that it's fascinating!
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  39. AnonLover Member

    not me - but good question... I was perplexed at that along with the two thingys underneath it and over to the bottom of the cross.
  40. Anonymous Member

    First name that comes to mind is Le Corbusier, but I could be very mistaken.

    Other names should come to mind but I can't quite think of them clearly ATM - too long a day. I'll sleep on it and then look in the bookcases over coffee tomorrow morning.

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