Scientology and Greece (CIA?) + doublechecking information

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    Scientology and Greece (CIA?) + doublechecking information

    Maybe it has already been mentioned here, if so I'm sorry. There is really interesting stuff on the net about scientology in greece. I came across one site which claimed that somehow the CIA (yes, that CIA) had intervened during the 90s with a greece intelligence agency "KYP/EYP" to shut down the department on cults this agency was entertaining and that this subsequently had actually happened.

    (this is to be found in the middle of this page)

    There is a link to a jpg which seems to be a Scientology-document originating from Athens which says somewhere at the top "D/CO FOR DSA'S OSA EU" and at some point later in the document (there's a box around it): "THE GOOD NEWS ARE THAT WITH THE INTERVENTION OF CIA THE GREEK INTELL DEPT REGARDING NRMS IS CLOSED DOWN AND THE EMPLOYEES FIRED!!" (capital-lettes in original).

    Well, I don't know if this is authentic, but it certainly is worth to have a look into (especially if someone reading this should be working at american law enforcement or in the intelligence community). Likewise the claim that at a raid in Scientology Athens there were top secret documents found, showing a plan of a greece airforce base.

    Of course all of this needs to be checked and double-checked before used in any way. Example: In the beginning of my lecture I was under the impression that Scientology had been banned in greece. Now I'm no longer sure because there is also talk about a trial that didnt come to fruition against Scientology, because the lawsuit was filed a few days too late.

    On the topic of double-checking in general: I've read on some pages (not on many) Scientology would have been banned in germany- unfortunately, this is not the case (as is of yourse evident from the fact of the demonstrations there). The bosses of the interior branches of state governments (of each state (state as in bavaria, saxony, hamburg, berlin; similar to texas, wisconsin, indiana etc)) decided to look into the possibility of opening up a procedure for banning. Likewise i have read there was a trial in belgium against Scientology. I don't think this is the case, if I'm wrong pls correct me. I think there has been the advise of a high ranking prosecutor to open up a trial based upon a raid that took place approx 10 years ago. I've read somewhere that the author of the TC-biography had sold his flat and gone into hiding, there were some newspaper articles cited. Upon looking this up I came across the same articles, but in an interview with a german newspaper ( I think quite recently and I think the "Welt") the author claimed to have sold his flat anyway and not having gone in hiding while confirming trouble with TCs and Scientologys' lawyers. Of course this isn't a refutation, but should imho be taken into account. There is a lot of damning information and evidence on the net, so always make sure to have your claims backed up with it and if not sure, rather dont use it or say something like: I've read in multiple independent texts the accusation, that... To have several different sources to back up a claim is always a good thing, even though not always possible, especially when there are orchestrated efforts around the world to surpress information.

    But again, there is enough out there (of course new infos are always welcome) and Scientology keeps providing us with new stuff by being the way it is.

    By the way, another interesting idea might be to save the most damning or endangered evidence to your harddisk, so that there are tens of thousands of copies all over the world (on the other hand have mercy on their bandwith). This in itself is pretty good, even without uploading this new copy of yours and should be helpful if in one way or another critical sites should be shut down.

    Also, if there should be made up charges of terrorism (very unprobable as long as you stay legal, which you should under any circumstances!) and your hard-disk is seized and analyzed police might see this and start asking questions about the very nature and origin of those charges.
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    I've spoken to a Greek friend who definately remembers how the Scientologists got in trouble for trying to spy. I'm not sure if they were banned though, it's hard for a democracy to ban any belief, and Scientology has a lot of front groups.
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    thanks for the link and for asking that person in greece. heartening news to hear that Scientology in Greece is "basically squashed". At there is among other things an article (FOCUS newspaper, "Dossiers from Athens"):

    This is frightening as it begs the question if this is a behaviour specific of the greek CoS at that time or if this is general policy? It is known how bad members are being treated and what can happen to a "SP", but the idea of systematic dossiers on public personalities and around the clock tailing of politicians is another level...
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