Scientology and Autism?

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  1. London man 'training to cure autism' filmed abusing client - BBC News
    3 hours ago - Image caption Stabil Pont Technologia's London trainer Jozsef Kanta ...Zoltan Toth of Stabil Pont Technologia claims to have pioneered the .,,,,,,

    "Horrifying" practices have been exposed that purport to cure people with autism, during which clients are subjected to shouting and intimidation.
    An undercover researcher posing as a man with autism was verbally abused and mimicked by a trainer for hours.
    The BBC investigated after hearing of a Hungarian firm selling training to "cure" and treat autism in London.
    Campaigners are calling on the government to regulate the industry further to protect people with autism.
    He also said the firm had experienced "plenty of results" and the system was based on science.

    autism | Együtt a szcientológia ellen – United Against Scientology
    25 Apr 2016 - WARNING: A quack, who appears to be a Scientologist, advertises “cure” for ... A Hungarian quack called Zoltán “Sági” Tóth, along with his
  2. September 17 at 8:33am ·

    Kedves Ismerőseim!
    Sokan tudjátok, de azért vagytok egy páran akik nem, hogy én Szcientológus vagyok. Egy zűrzavaros életből a Szcientológia módszereivel másztam ki és értem el azt a sikert amit ma már magaménak mondhatok.
    Kimásztam a pénzügyi nehézségeimből. Megnősültem közben és boldog párkapcsolatban élek. Könyvet írtam, ami már meg is jelent. Nap mint nap segítek embereknek, és látom, ahogy ők is egyre sikeresebbek.
    Mint írtam, ezt a Szcientológia módszereivel értem el...

    Dear Friends!
    Many of you know, but you are just a few of us who don't, I'm a scientologist. A chaotic life the scientology methods climbed out and I have achieved the success that now I can call mine.
  3. Communication course anyone ?
  4. this guy is a genuine schmuck scientology is attractive to copn man crooks and villains
  5. 134

    A man claiming to be able to treat autism has been recorded on camera screaming and threatening violence against an undercover reporter who he believed was a vulnerable patient.

    A BBC London investigation secretly recorded the supposed healer treating the journalist, who pretended to be a young man with the condition.

    The footage, to be screened tonight, shows a London-based physiotherapist for a Hungarian firm asking the “patient” to choose between being slapped or punched. Jozsef Kanta, who is linked to company Stabil Pont Technologia, says: “I’ll go and slap you, always slap you, everybody. You want I slap you?

    "Or you want I punch you? Which one do you want? Slap or punch, choose?”

    Richard Mills, director of the charity Research Autism, said such an encounter would send the stress levels of an autistic person “through the roof”.

    He said: “To be confronted with someone who is so threatening is horrifying, it’s terrifying. To someone who is prone particularly to stress and anxiety, the effects are likely to be catastrophic.”

    There is no “cure” for autism, a condition which affects social interaction and communication, but speech and language therapy are among the treatments recommended by the NHS.

    Tonight’s Inside Out documentary shows an email from Zoltan Toth, of Stabil Pont, claiming he can “kill” autism. He directs the reporter to Mr Kanta in East Ham.The exact cause of autism is unknown, although cases have been known to run in families. Most researchers believe that certain inherited genes could make a child more vulnerable to developing autism.

    Mr Kanta says it will cost £3,500 for 10 days of treatment to find a patient’s “trauma”. Asked what happened when he found the “trauma”, he replies: “It’s f***ing pain. And after, the people look like normal.”

    When contacted later, Mr Kanta said the abuse recorded on camera was a “joke” and insisted the company had had “plenty of results”. He said: “It is not a treatment or a cure. It is training.”

    Stabil Pont said it helped “autistic people become fully independent”.

    Inside Out airs on BBC London at 7.30pm tonight
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  7. I am still not 100% certain if I got right Zoltan Toth as I cannot link the above Zoltan Toth to the company mentioned.
  8. Yes, the person in your pic does not look like the same person shown in the link that I posted. (There is a short video with a picture of the Zoltan Toth of SPOT, ie the person referred to in the BBC article, and he has a chubbier face than in your pic).

    The link also has a reference to the trainer in the BBC vid, who is apparently an associate of Toth. This Zoltan Toth (from the link) apparently has another name - Zoltan Toth Sagi. (The name, in Hungarian, has a number of diacritics).

    The trainer offering to punch or slap the reporter is definitely replicating typical scientology TR stuff - ie 'Start', Tone 40 etc.
  9. ^Agree^ Have removed the links to Zoltan Toth and pic. It was "He also said the firm had experienced "plenty of results" and the system was based on science." which made me think it was connected to scientology
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘Horrifying’ autism ‘cure’ exposed by BBC turns out to be Scientology: Now, the inventor speaks

    By Tony Ortega, September 27, 2016


    Yesterday, we heard from a number of people who were alarmed by a disturbing report that aired on the BBC about autistic people in England being subjected to a frightening “treatment” of intimidation and bullying.

    It was an excellent undercover investigation by the BBC’s “Inside Out” program. But what the BBC’s reporters didn’t mention, and perhaps didn’t know, was that the treatment the autistic victims were subjected to looked an awful lot like Scientology.

    The BBC had found that a man in Hungary, Zoltán Tóth, operates a company named Stabil Point Technologia — or “SPOT” — that claims to cure autism, a condition that medical science says can’t be “cured.” When they contacted him, Tóth said “I can kill autism, the first that did.” He then put the BBC in touch with his colleague in England, a man named Joszef Kanta. And it was hidden-camera footage of Kanta treating a supposedly autistic young man which appeared so disturbing. For several hours at a time over several days, Kanta subjected his patient to staring exercises, then shouted and tried to intimidate the subject to make him flinch. It was like an extended session of Scientology “bullbaiting” with especially awful alternative techniques thrown in. (At one point, for example, Kanta has the subject’s mother record herself saying that she didn’t love her son, and then Kanta plays that back while belittling the young man. It was hard to watch.)

    Here’s a recording of the show. You will see why numerous observers were calling this a strange version of Scientology.


    Sure enough, Pete Griffiths soon tracked down examples of Zoltán Tóth calling himself a Scientologist at his Facebook page. And it turns out concerns about SPOT have been around for some time.

    In April, an autistic woman in Cork, Ireland, Fiona Pettit O’Leary, raised questions about Tóth and his treatment at her blog. (She also helped the BBC with its undercover investigation.) And the Underground Bunker’s friend in Hungary, Peter Bonyai, first pointed out at his blog that the Hungarians making these claims were local Scientologists.

    Peter tells us that Tóth’s description of his treatment comes right out of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics. “In the original Hungarian reporting about the method, the way Zoltán Tóth talks about the method sounds very much like the description of Book One Dianetics auditing,” Peter says. “Autism is caused by a traumatic ‘before birth’ incident, suffered in the womb. The incident has to be ‘run out.’ The basic incident has to be erased, as the chain of later incidents to built on that basic one – by running that out, the whole thing disappears and the incidents are converted to experience.”

    We communicated with Fiona O’Leary last night, and she told us that Tóth holds her responsible for the BBC expose and plans to respond to her “defamation,” as he refers to it in private messages, which she shared with us.

    With all of this as background, last night we reached out to Zoltán Tóth, and engaged in a lengthy conversation with him. We decided it might be best simply to recreate that conversation in full here, exactly as it unfolded. We have preserved every character as it occurred.

    Continued here:
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    Here's a side-by-side comparison of the illustration/photo
    Zoltan_Toth_Illo-e1474997657677.jpg Zoltan_Toth.jpg
    Hilarious! A decade later he hasn't aged well

    What is he scared of? He has two cute dogs protecting him.

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  13. Please can you remove the picture from my wedding. The one with my wife in her wedding dress on. We have no links to this story and our photographer sold us our photos for personal use only. It is an infringement of copyright to use them.

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