Scientology and Antipsychiatry

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by zenu, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

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    Don't you have some objectionably strong eggnog to attend to?
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    Grinch TT?

    IRC nao.
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    Maybe later today.
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    I only read the first 15 pages of tis. Did the OP post any links yet?
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    Who cares? CBB posted some good stuff...
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    Posted two links in fact. One to which talked about psychiatrists failing to reveal income from drug companies which does nothing to back up the OP's claim of mental health being a myth. The second one was to Illuminati news (yes, they seriously linked to this) which I ripped up.

    So...yeah. I guess the answer is yes to the links but no to the dox.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    What about *psychology* and *psychologists*? Do they relate to this topic at all?
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    Dome Tiem?
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I see alot of words from Zenu (no, seriously. lots of words), but no solid proofs or links to empirical scientific experiments that prove that mental illness is a 'myth'. Instead, whenever faced with the request for evidence based on empirical scientific experiment, Zenu responds by rolling the burdain of proof to the person asking the question.

    Well then, Zenu - i'm just gonna roll the ball back to you and cover it with fucking superglue.

    You want us to listen to your claims that mental illness is a myth? Back it up. Give us evidence based on empirical scientific experimentation that shows mental illness is a myth.

    I am sorry: Claiming that "There is no proof to the contrary either" is not a valid response. I demand proof for your claims, not lack of proof for mine.

    And dont you dare rolling this ball back at me without replying with the requested content or try to evade this question. It'll only make you look stupid(er).

    Clock's ticking.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Objectively I'd call this the fallacy of shifting the burden of proof in that it is psychiatrists that have to demonstrate that mental illness exists. After linking a few studies to that effect then the burden proof shifts to zenu to either present countering dox or refute the papers cited.

    Either way he/she/it was blatantly full of shit from the moment they posted the OP.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I am so tired of hearing this idiocy from people with no experience in either healthcare or mental healthcare. There are MANY tests in the world of psychology. Diagnosis in psychiatry is similar to healthcare. Fever, right lower quadrant pain, confirmed ultrasound= probably appendicitis. Suspects others are exploiting/decieving him/her, preoccupied with unjustified doubts about loyalty ot trustworthiness of friends or associates, reluctant to confide, etc etc= PARANIOD PERSONALITY DISORDER.
    Each mental illness must meet diagnostic criterion in order for diagnosis.
    In medicine there is no test for many different conditions, that are nonetheless real.
    It's shitty logic you are relying on added to your own confirming bias. And based on this ridiculousness, if mental illness is really a biological disease, why are there no tests there wither?
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    ^^^ The best commentary so far!
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    This is not my usual pattern but I have more respect for you knowing you are an ex.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry


    One more time for the slow kids...

    I started my namefags thread(get the links yourself I just got back from Christmas and I'm catching up on my drinking) to get others to help me put together a legal anti-scientology non-profit org that was built to "Attack psuedo-scientific misinformation" abot psychs
    and two days later zenu (AKA nobody cares) starts this
    Steaming pantload of a thread.

    i honestly can't believe its not locked or at leasted domed by now.

    Reason for Edit: Vodka.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Yes, but they were deleted per protocol 010010.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Mental illness is real. Trust me, I'm bipolar.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    This guy got it right!

    Here's a fluff PR piece that CCHR decided to put out on Christmas eve. Of course, no one but CCHR and Anons will probably read it, but it shows clearly how they feel about the industry. After reading these for a long time now, they're starting to sound quite silly and paranoid.

    CCHR Says New Mental Health Study on College Age Students Misleading

    I'd like to thank CCHR for giving me the motivation to take psych classes last semester and this coming semester. I'm learning actual facts, and the CCHR is looking more and more like Chicken Little. And I may end up with a new career direction in mid-life.
  20. Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    mental health and mental illness both exist

    the pharamaceutical industry, like scientology, is a business that wants to make money

    Right now, my money is going for Ambien CR and Welbutrin XL. I also spend money on soup cans, but they are full of soup when I buy them. I use my ohm-meter to troubleshoot electrical circuits. Each product for its appropriate purpose. Scientology is a product without a legitimate honest purpose.

    My PA and I discussed my sleep and thought patterns at length before pprescribing this course of medications, and we review my sleep and thought patterns several times a month to be sure the dosages are correct. Perhaps we could spend 10s of thousands of dollars doing brain biopsies to measure seratonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine to determine exactly how much of each of these and other biochemicals needs re-uptake inhibited in my brains. Meanwhile I am doing other things to change the *way* I think. dianetics/scientology is not one of these things.

    Neither of these medications is a *cure* for the conditions I am treating. Perhaps lasting cure will be a result of my ongoing efforts to redesign my thought patterns. Many patients will not be so fortunate, but will probably be better off with the science of medicine than the cult of scientology.

    I will probably go off ambien in 3 to 5 months, and welbutrin in 10 to 15 months, when my PA, my MD, and I agree.

    I am a member of an advisory panel to the state department of health, and I happen to know a lot about my PA and MD's budgets as a result of my membership. Neither of them is getting greedy kickbacks from the manufacturer of these medications. I also have a very good friend who sees the same PA and MD, and his medications are from different manufacturers - further suggesting that neither of these medical professionals are in the pocket of a drug factory as claimed by CCHR and the troll in the OP
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I just wonder why we don't have a lot of psychiatrist/psychologist anons. It would be a win-win.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    You really don't want an honest answer to that ^ question. In the answer of a colleague, "small potatoes." Seriously, we've got more fish to fry and far too many people screaming for much needed services who want to play ball. $cientology is largely viewed by the mental health profession as every bit as much a self-solving problem as is addiction to Russian roulette.
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    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I have had quite a long time to contiplate whay I was going to say on this. Psychiatry helps 10x more than auditings do. :) I have also seen medications help a lot of people through depression, bipolar disorder, and anger problems. I have depression myself, and if it wasn't for the medications, I would've probably commited suicide. :( And so what if we are a cult? Scientology is too! At least we have reasonable values, such as FREEDOM of choice! :D There's no sign-up fee to be a mamber of anonymous. Any cult that has you pay to join is crazy. I'd commit suicide if I were a scion! :eek: F*ck Scientology and their anti-psychiatric ways!!! :mad: Hey, are there any anons who want an auditing? ;) Thought not! I won't record the information. (If you think about it, it's kind-of like counseling!) Free unrecorded auditings!!! ;)

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