Scientology and Antipsychiatry

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by zenu, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    You were lucky, and you have a truly caring and informed! doctor there.
  2. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Only if it's not supported in the literature, like say... corporal punishment, which btw the current data indicate that IF your child grows up in an exceptionally harsh environment like an inner city neighborhood with a high crime rate or Bosnia, may help to create resiliencies in your child. This being said however, it is generally accepted that in most other circumstances non-violent discipline like time outs are at least equally as effective as corporal punishment and do not bring issues of abuse into play.

    What is clinically supported to assist in ending madness, provided it does no harm to the patient, is supported by the data to cause more good than harm, and an entire host of reasons that you as a crazy person would not understand, YOU ARE WRONG!

    When you do it, it's abuse. When I do it, it's for a reason. It might do you some good to consider the immediately previous statement for more than a moment. When you do it, it is abuse. When I do it, I do it for a reason.

    ORLY? Because we know all doctors are crazy pill pushers whose first fall back is the most toxic and addictive psychpharmaceutical they can lay their hands on, whether it's recommended FOR THE CHILDREN or not, amirite?

    Full comm cycle achieved?

    Edit: PS. Question for you "Zenu" or your new pal "XenuLovesU" ====> we are still waiting for names!!! Tell us who these people are, not just what they do! We want a list! Make us a list of who they are and known associates darn it! How do you expect us to fight Them if you won't tell us who They are?

  3. Joda Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Still. I would rather be given a prescription for Ritalin than ever join $cientology. $cientology would have ruined me completely; financially and psychologically.
  4. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    You're still falling for the whole "science" fallacy!!! You need to look at the big picture. Have you read any of the history of the Illuminatus or Freemasonry? I'm not talking about post-NWO documents. You have to DIG DEEP and go back beyond their sphere of control. Most of the real evidence pre-dates anything you'll find in a contemporary college library. They've influenced learning for decades, hell, almost a century before you were born. Have you even bothered to look that far back before defining your own arguments in THEIR terms?

  5. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Well at least your askin them ;)

    The way I try and explore this vast complex subject, is try and see what who wants what, is against what. Who can we connect this patterns to see who real enemy is. And the BIG one is prohibition against psychedelics.
    because remember, all these cults are into mindcontrol, and that very much includes NWO cult(s)
    And this goes back way into hostory with religious oppressions. Which have always been for social 'order' and to maintain an elite's power

    To dare to question the autority of the Church in medieval times was UNTHINKABLE literally. it was so all-pervasive and oppressive. Likewise now with mental illness myth. Which is why the subject causes so much fear. because this myth is major social controlling myth in these times

    Millions of people on 'anti-depressants' accepted as the reality we're all in. Oppression

    And things are So bad now for animals and nature and peoples round the world we HAVE to look outside the box. And it takes guts to do it, because it threatens your worldview. Your pill-poppin world view
  6. Joda Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Oh right. And their manipulation just flows through peer review completely unnoticed. I guess that all the logical arguments, statistics and hard work is non-existent? And that every single part of the psychiatric scientific community is completely infiltrated and under control of the Freemasons? You realize what level of infiltration they would have to accomplish to pull this in peer review? This conspiracy theory is even more stupid and unlikely than all 9/11 and JFK conspiracy theories put together.
  7. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Lulz... oh please no moar my tummy hurtz!!

    Because we all know people were so happy back before they wrote the history books which nao inhabit the shelves of our institutions, back before the dawn of Rationalism when Ra ruled with an iron first and a golden beak!


    Misery is a totally artificial construct as a result of oppression and it doesn't have to be this way because a long time ago some gai fooled you with an implant that said, "There will be poor always!" and you didn't look at the deeper meaning and the WHY of the people in power who put it there because they knew 2000 years ago it would prove useful to them today!

    ZOMG You are right! and I bet you are the first and only one to ever think of it too! I am a changed mental health professional! Sign me up for your newsletter!
  8. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I hope this doesn't sound flippant -- but how far back do you think this NWO history goes? It's pretty self-evident that it can be tracked back through our own history in the US... through Freemasonry... all the way back to orders in the Italian Catholic church and cults that were documented in the 17th century.

    The Terra Firmata in particular. I've done exhaustive research on them (online) but have found almost no references to them, and the ones I have found seem to be heavily edited/suppressed. That's where the trail has ended for me -- they've been quite good at covering their tracks. Has your research led you the same direction, or was it a false lead I've been following? Very few people seem to even know of them.
  9. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    It's PRECISELY that level of incredulity that has allowed the Illuminatus and their fractional societies to operate unopposed for so long. You've been trained, since birth, to reject any argument that might bring their activities to light.

    I feel sorry for you.
  10. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Don't let him be mean to you because you are a noob "Joda," you know you're right!
  11. themadhair Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Doing something that won’t be reciprocated by zenu – I’m going to analyse a provided source.

    I’ll take the Illuminati article first and maybe I can get to the other.

    For the first nine paragraphs the author talks about how the drug corporations are doing what corporations do (i.e. – they make money). We sort of already knew that and the point of talking about seems them seems to be to colour them as money making machines –which they are. Unfortunately, despite the authors sincerest attempts at innuendo, it is clear that there is no actual evidence being offered against the drugs themselves. When you forget the science you can kind of forget the argument.

    However the author then talks about the SOS program (Signs of Suicide) and mentions all the donations this program has received from big pharma. Here is where the argument falls completely on its arse – the SOS program was demonstrated to be effective in its stated goal. Don’t believe me? Check out the research for yourself but we all know you aren’t going to do that don’t we?

    Next up for the slander and innuendo treatment is TeenScreen. The bit that cracks me up in the article is the donations list of its executive director which covers the period between 1996 – 1999, which is four years before the program ever existed. Also of important note which the author again ignore – the program itself (which employed similar methods to the SOS program) was a success. But no – we don’t want programs that reduce teen suicides in our schools do we zenu?

    The author does present an accusation against TeenScreen though:
    Here is where a common trait of such CCHR-esque articles comes to the fore. The only source for the damaging quotation that can be found on the internet is…drumroll…the article itself!!! Seriously – google it yourself and see that it is either the original article or people quoting from the original article.

    Now, to be unbiased, Flynn did perjure herself and the program was not allowed in Pinellas county. I did manage to unearth this little interesting titbit about the whole affair:

    Why am I not surprised? I would like to point out that such politicking is utterly missing the central point that we should be considering – does the program work and provide tangible benefits? The answer is provided by the studies which we have already determined are of no interest zenu.

    The article moves on:
    This pisses me off. I’m an empiricist and my opinion tends to reflect the available medical and scientific evidence – industrial influence, religious opinion and politics don’t interest me and should be irrelevant to the discussion. If studies highlight the quoted risk then that settles it. The bit that annoys me is that this author will use these studies only because they reflect his pre-existing opinion. You see the irony here? He’ll gleefully continue to ignore all manner of studies and trials that demonstrate the reality of mental illness.

    To sum up – there isn’t anything the author presents that stands up to scrutiny as regards the science. Take up politics if you want to remove capitalism from the healthcare system. But don’t try and use your slander and bias to discontinue programs that have been demonstrated to be effective. That’s simply risking peoples health and their lives.

    @ Zenu – now you review something I linked. Preferably with something refuting the science.
  12. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Hey guys, here's a funny story:

    A few weeks ago i started this thread

    I wanted to collect a few names of known scientology critics to start a legal non-profit org. that would allow anon to take advantage of all the perks and goodies that normal groups get (tax-deductable donations, bulk mail rates, lots of stuff.)

    After some work I posted these by-laws on a temp. free forum and gave the link to the few "trusted" enturbulators who shows real interest.

    HHE :: Index

    As you can see the stated goal of the group is to attack the anti-psych movement. I thought this was legally safer than just saying we are out to get the CoS.

    Two days after that zenu shows up and starts this thread.

    So zenu, you have shown more stamina than most trolls and you sure do type a lot. Also, I want to thank you. You have crystalized anons opinion about the antipsychiatry movenent in general and leaked me a little important information along the way.

    BTW: it's still gonna happen.
  13. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    FWIW, the Illuminati play only a limited role in this whole drama.

    Yes, there was some concern over the research LRH engaged in just prior to the founding of Scientology- but pay close attention, kids:

    They [fnord]ed Jack Parsons, but never even cared enough to bother Hubbard.
    By himself, LRon was never a threat. Once the two were effectively separated, their interest was essentially gone.
  14. themadhair Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    zenu zenu is online now
    I need medication.

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    I demand that pm is posted here. Or in the dome. Either's good.
  15. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Your choice of an avitar says everything I need to know about you. You're either a patron of, a victim of, or a supporter of the NWO. It's disgusting that you'd take on the persona of a patriot to spread your lies.
  16. Touchstone Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I have been trained to reject arguments which lack cohesion, logic, and evidence. Clearly, this training was implanted in my by agents of the Elder Gods (in the guise of tweed-wearing libruls) so that when Cthulhu reawakens I will gladly submit to his cyclopean, eldrich blasphemies.

    As we cross the bridge to total enturbulation, let's pause to throw a few crumbs to the troll. We're on-target enough that we can afford it.
  17. crockhat Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Zenu trolls muchly.

    However.... (Although I know you're a troll, Zenu, I still think idiocy should be counteracted with facts.)

    Feel free to do original research and produce evidential, peer-reviewed evidence rebutting the huge body of research that shows mental illness is real etc., then come back and show us. Or STFU troll.

    The levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin are implicated in mental illness/wellbeing. And yes, you can test for serotonin levels, for example, lumbar spinal taps for checking metabolic byproducts of serotonin. Or even post-mortem checks (they found decreased serotinin byproducts in the spines of suicides).
    Spinal taps are not done to diagnose mental illness because (a) they are invasive/dangerous, (b) the result highly correlates with certain other evidence the doctor can gather non-invasively (i.e. by just interviewing patient).

    See, for example, this page:
    HFG || Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
  18. themadhair Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Do you know what pisses me off about you? You clearly have a massive grasp of the internets and you have demonstrated your research skills time and time again on these forums. So why the fuck, with all you fancy searching technology, have you not managed to track the illuminati down??

    I'll tell you why - you're fucking covering for them.
  19. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    /b/ro! we both have latin sigs!

    Also, my post did not contain any conclusions, I just related a series of events.
  20. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  21. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Oh, for the love of Christ!

    ITT: Tinfroil hattery.
  22. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Zenu isn't trolling. Zenu is doing an *excellent* job of releasing information that you are IN NO WAY prepared to absorb, given your level of indoctrination.

    To borrow a line from a movie, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!"

    All I see in this thread is failure after failure. That's what happens when rational beings are confronted with truth that is so contrary to their training that they can't absorb it. You'll all line up like little robots and fight it tooth-and-nail. Because the TRUTH HURTS. You don't want... CAN'T... face the truth. To do so would shatter your entire reality.
  23. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry


    I still don't hear anybody naming names, or is it because neither of you actually know?
  24. King Nerd Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    24 fucking pages???
  25. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    People gotta remember; anything more than 3 layers of heavy-duty Reynolds Wrap(TM) and you start getting feedback.
  26. Locnar Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    ITT: XenuLovesYou trolls the troll
  27. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Spoken like a true Illuminati. Reynolds Wrap (aka the Reynolds company) started in 1821... and their history traces straight back to Marcus J. Reynold, who was a 33rd degree mason, and close friends with Robert Mills -- the architect of the Washington Monument.
  28. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  29. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    S/he is doing a good job. Deserves much more than $50 a week.

    Still kinda totally "at effect" anyway.
  30. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    How. Dare. You.
  31. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Perhaps the most epic pile of bullshit this forum has yet created.
  32. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Well, I haz nao earned my cheezeburger... it's just getting done on the stove. A pleasant way to break up the monotony of 7 loads of clothes to launder, dry, then iron! Heh, good job all! We are, as usual, "At Cause."
  33. xenuwasframed Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    What I want to know is, where do the Annunaki fit into all this?
  34. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    High five to the co-conspirators!
  35. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Game Notes:

    First time I ever saw a $cilon trying to weasel it's way into an "oppression" based argument that way, which I find interesting since I got into arguments long ago with the early trolls about oppression and used to bother with shite like citing Paulo Freire ("Pedagogy of the Oppressed"). This gai's argument seems to have been that oppression isn't "necessary" (not sure what word I would put here), and all we have to do in order to stop it is stop taking medicine and "think right."

    That would be AN argument for $cilontololligists but for the fact that dear old Paulo went on and on and on about the difference between "Banking Education" (Co$) and "Liberative Pedagogies" (Anonymous). He, "zenu," tried desperately to preach the idea that his gut was telling him there was something "deeper and hidden" that needed attending to.

    What he didn't get is the reality that sometimes the little voices you hear inside your head really are just little voices and you shouldn't listen to them.


    tl;dr - interesting "take" brought to us by our good friends at $cilontololligy :)

    The Game, they lost.... again.
  36. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Jeez, OSA just reached a whole new level of fail...
  37. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I certainly hope you're not accusing ME (ME!) of being OSA. Clearly, I've never taken their side in any argument. All I'm trying to do here is differentiate Zenu's arguments from the noisy background of semi-valid arguments put out there to camouflage the real truth.

    18 pages... 20 pages... 1000 pages... it doesn't matter. The truth is out there. You're just too stupid to see it!!!!!eleven!
  38. none given Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry


    "Method" actors!

    Take five dude.
  39. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  40. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    ^--- that's what OSA would say about OSA

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