Scientology and Antipsychiatry

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by zenu, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    The gentleman is arguing against pathologization of behaviour along too narrow a definition of "normality," which is at best a poor choice of words. Where he got his "test for normalcy" he did not say, and I have never heard of such a test in my professional career. "Mental status exam," yes I have heard of that. Any PhD who presents as though someone is lending credence to a "test for normalcy" who doesn't specify his source, is likely a PhD who got his diploma through a mill or one who is on the periphery of his profession's theoretical / ethical foundation.

    "Dr. Breeding obtained his doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Texas. He is the author of two books, The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses, and The Necessity of Madness and Unproductivity: Psychiatric Oppression or Human Transformation. His third, True Nature and Great Misunderstandings, will be coming out soon."

    sauce: John Breeding's Home Page

    This is indicative that the gentleman's principal training is in fact psychometrics and not clinical but school psychology. Great pick for an "expert." Let me quick go check and see what his connections to $cilontology are, shall I?


    "Radio broadcaster Alex Jones promotes Dr. John Breeding on his and websites and sells two of his books. Dr. Breeding is a Scientology-endorsed psychologist who warns about the dangers of Ritalin and other dangerous drugs that are being forced on children today, and offers alternatives. The alternatives spring forth from Scientology and are spiritually dangerous.

    Dr. Breeding is definitely affiliated with Scientology, which has enormous influence in the New World Order network. Breeding quotes Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in his book, The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses and his website links to the Scientology front group, Citizens' Commission on Human Rights. Indeed, Dr. Breeding calls this powerful force for Scientology "an awesome organization." (Quote source: Stars Shine For Human Rights Freedom Magazine) (1) They in turn sell his books and have given him at least one prestigious award. Scientology's Freedom Magazine website (2) features an article written by Dr. John Breeding."

    NOTE: The above "evidence" is from another New World Order gai, so I thought you two would find yourselves on a similar plane of existence.

    User: "Scientology Friends" -

    Comment by: User - " Ko-lourful" - - Feb 2 2005 4:33 AM

    Subject: Petition - Refusal to Comply with Mandatory Mental Health Screening

    Hello, please read below and sign if you agree.

    ATTENTION: Please sign petition to stop mandatory mental health sreening and drugging of all Americans.

    Please read this declaration of refusal and if you agree, sign it NOW, then spread the word. Just hit the link below and type in your name on the right hand side of the screen -- to sign the petition. You can also view the names of others who have signed.

    Petition Info

    The Texans for Safe Education in conjunction with Ablechild have launched a petition drive in response to the President's "New Freedom Commission" and its recommendations to screen all U.S. Citizens for mental illness.

    Recently the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFC) has initiated what we call a govt. sponsored intrusion program that would mandate all U.S. Citizens (to include every man, woman and child) to be screened for mental illness (with the obvious resulting referral for dangerous, potentially neurotoxic and often addicting synthetic chemicals called psychotropic drugs.)

    To read more on this initiative and the direct threat on our privacy and health click here:

    Petition Info

    We strongly urge you to SAY NO to mandatory mental health screenings and sign this petition!

    Thank you for taking a stand for Freedom!

    Texans for Safe Education

    AbleChild - Parents for Label & Drug Free Education"



    Big fuckin suprise, eh? I'm gonna go wash laundry. At least that I can get the dirt out of. Mods, pl0x to reban Alex.
  2. steelhand Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Oh please! Don't be so thin skinned. Look some of this is like poking each other with sharp sticks for fun. But honestly, you're still here you're still trying to slug it out with individuals by posting. That tells one something about you. Why? Are you lonely? Is your life not what you want it to be? Are you looking for friends. Are you reaching out trying to connect with others. I mean no offense. And I mean no harm to you. But you are here. Tell us what you want. We are not the bad guys. We care or we wouldn't be here fighting an organization that hurts people.
  3. Buttons Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I can't believe that I have been riveted to this thread like a deer caught in the headlights.
    I thought for sure that the OP would realize about page 3 that he was on the wrong board and take his ball and go home.

    The fact that he's still posting amazes me.
  4. mrfyde Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Hey I recognize that guy from YouTube Hes nuts

    Oh god he just growled !!!!

    There are an entire group of these people they all have video in front of green screen and put different images in the background.
  5. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    OP = ALEX

    Jesus Christ, mods.
  6. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    OK. Well then,
    what do you need?

    The real and endemic problems, arising from broken power structures and historic injustices are, and have long been evident to persons working in this field, and persons outside it. They are not specific to Psych- but deeply ingrained every profession where class and power come into conflict.

    If you only sought to "make us aware" of it, congratulations.
    We already know. kthx bai.

    However, Anonymous is not your private army.
    Those of us who seek to attend such problems are busy attending.
    We are not going to halp you out of your own existential crisis, or slay your dragons.
    We've heard and understood about as much of your "truth" as we're going to get.

    You seem to have a (few) m/u about "Myth"-
    while we can't help you, a few good hours with a few good books may.

    Northern Hemisphere winter nights are a good time to lrn2myth.

    Is there anything else you want?
    Besides us realizing that you're right and we're wrong?
  7. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Well see this guy's video's . He HAS had so-called 'Bi Polar . I dont agree with his 'levels' ideas, as I think it too hierarchical, but his story is very interesting

    [B ]Is Bipolar Mania Spiritual Enlightenment? #1 [/B]

  8. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  9. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    OMG you sound like a tacky yank prozac ad dude uuuughhhh. wheres the sennimenal muzak soundtrack
  10. xenuwasframed Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Ohhh zenu. Shine on you crazy diamond.
  11. Lednir Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Spirits do not exist. There is no proof, nothing even approaching evidence of their existence. It's fine to believe in them if you keep it to yourself, but do not try to suggest that medical evidence should be rejected in favour of supernatural hypotheses which have been rejected by everyone with a reasonable level of education.
  12. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I remember reading about a time when spiritual evidence was favored over other kinds.

    It started the Salem With Trials, and several people were killed because of it.
  13. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    No shit Sherlock. UUUUU what detective skills. lol, i already told ya right up there first post? that he was involved with Scientology!! I could have saved you the trouble.
    But as usual, your focus on the DEVIL HIMSELF (que scary music) Scientology, who you feel the nned to head with a dollar sign just in case we dont know they are a money racket-------------That you do not see, hear, feel DESPITE his affiliation with that group, what he is SAYIN!!! do you?

    You dont have to answer because you have already totally exposed yourself. You think I am 'mentally ill' and would want me commited given half the chance. You are AS dangerous as the group you vent your venom at. FAR more dangerous!
  14. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Actually, I've got more than "reasonable" in the diploma mill front, and I don't completely discount the supernatural. That being said, unless this gai is a lifelong Santeria believer, a direct descendant of indigenous people who still keep "the old ways," or something else BESIDES a victim of $cilontology who is trapped in the cold war fear of a madman trying to avoid a lobotomy, then there's zero justification culturally for what he seems to believe besides madness.

    You see "zenu," the problem is that we don't have a complete understanding of your background. You say you're from California? That could partly explain it. Born into $cilontology or some commune somewhere? Illegit child of Squeaky Frome and Charlie Manson, that'd explain it.

    So do tell us moar about yourself and what led to these factual conclusions of which you speak. How about a telephone number? Would just LOVE to talk this over on the phone with you!

    Edit: Hmm so you quote a $cilontology gai who obviously is anti-psych as proof that the psychs are conspiring, while at the same time discrediting the $cilontology gai because he is discrediting psychs?

    Your quoting a $cilontologist as a form of proving your point about $cilontologists infiltrating, in the same breath as you quote a $cilontologist to support your konspiracy argument, is an indicator of a very disturbed mind / magical way of thinking.

    Here is a dime and some Haldol. Go and call your mother and tell her you really need to see a psychiatrist.
  15. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  16. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    LOL WUT?
  17. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    why do you think you intimidate me or something. I am revealing some here what they are like. They do it themselves. I dont need to do the work,
    And as you say, you ARE riveted :)
  18. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    No. I dont need anything from you. At all thanks :)

    Just to mention, your avatar is horrendous!
  19. Lednir Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Sorry, was just trying to get the point across that things for which there is no evidence should not be taken over solid scientific proof, I've nothing against those who believe in this stuff, just I find it a little unreasonable myself.

    Is it me or is Zenu getting more and more angry, and soon he's going to go for the "You're all paid by big pharma to promote the drugging of babies!" tact?
  20. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    haha, hold it there, i sense in you some kind of non conformity in this masked circus of absurdity
    let us caress quickly in the chaos...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  21. Lednir Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Hold it together man! You've almost won!
  22. steelhand Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Did you not read my last post? I don,t take meds. Even the mental health facility doesn't know what to do with me so they let me help out with their clients. Why? Because I use my brain to control my conditions. I'm your anomaly. I've found the way to control my conditions. Nah? I don't think you're mentally ill. But there is something driving you to do this. Isn't there?
  23. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    This is the part where he tries to play all chummy, one of the gang, $cilon united / aligned with one of us (in his mind), and tries to show how others think he's really right but are just afraid to say so.

    Not yet, but very, very soon.


    Edit: This really is textbook $cilon thinking process / OSA type of bullshit wandering through circumlocutious meanderings of someone who has no evidence and cannot make an argument in the face of people who won't accept what he's offering up as evidence, given that the "evidence" doesn't demonstrate what he says it does.

    My guess for what it's worth... somebody at the "org" is desperately trying to get permission to go home and see their family for the holidays and thinks this will get them upstat enough to make a difference. Sad part is that they don't realize under present circumstances "NOBODY'S GOING ANYWHERE" is the new all-staff policy, amirite?
  24. xenuwasframed Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    That's sexual harassment, and I'm not going to take it. :mad:
  25. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    IF you came near me with them, I would give you a good slap.
    I can just see you in a white coat laying into some poor sod who refuses your 'help'!
  26. steelhand Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Now see. Try to be nice and civil to you and you call me a posterperson for prozac. I'm American Indian so spirtual and bipolarism go together? I'm sorry Zenu but thats a bit of a stretch. You like to argue don't you? But you post as a hardliner never giving anything up. Never even considering that some of your stances may not be as true as you think. And you don't seem able to accept something that goes against what you believe even if there's a chance that what is said to you is valid.
  27. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    If this doesn't prove he's a troll, nothing does.
    He went from at least trying to be civil to internet tough guy syndrome and half-assed insults.
  28. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  29. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    You really need to lrn2multiquote - actually the last bit is all that it quoted, but that's enough. As I said before, I wouldn't "come near you."

    As to the rest of your garbage about "awareness of what my profession has done to indigenous people... blah blah blah..," actually as someone else said.. MANY of us are aware of it and taking care of business on that end, don't worry your little head. You are in fact lucky enough to be discussing the very thing with experts in that particular part of the field, but you'd never know or think it... that much is painfully "clear," amirite?

    Enough you silly fucktard. You've had infinite patience and the attention of far too many people who have waited for you to actually support your faulty reasoning beyond, "I say it so it must be true."

    See you in the funny papers or on the court appearances section of a newspaper near you. I'm done. Anyone else want to play spot the $cifag?

    Edit: If you gave me a slap, you'd go to jail.

    P.S. I don't have skype, sorry. But I'll be glad to call you on the TELEPHONE if you'd like! Just leave the number here, no problem.
  30. Lednir Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    When a troll runs out of intelligent ideas and goes back to petty insults, tinfoilery and the excessive use of unjustified demonising opinions, you know you've won. Perhaps it's time to dump some acid or fire on the body and let it lie?
  31. PenneNoodles Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I love this thread SO MUCH.

    Mmmmm. Keep talkin' like that, baby. Some of us like it rough like that.
  32. themadhair Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    When you make a claim like this and there exists clinical double blind trials demonstrating otherwise you looks very ignorant. When you continue posting after having ignored the linked study it makes you look like a moronic irrational conspiracy nut. So far the only thing you have presented to back up your opinion is....well nothing quite frankly.

    Thankfully, and certainly no help to you and your ilk, good research is still being done in order to increase understanding of mental illness and improve patient care (for example - But hey - it's not as if empirical studies like this, and the evidence they uncover, has ever factored into that warped unreality-based reality of your says.

    Inb4 you quote this entire post and add your two lines of claim reiteration without managing provide dox/evidence.
  33. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    This is very very complex and goes to the heart of things, and in a deep way reflects on conflicts here, the fear masquerading as bravado etc.

    Science need not be contradicted by anamolies such as spiritual experiences, as long as science knows its place.
    In order to understand things it helps to know the roots of them. If something is rotten, do you not look to the ROOT? And if the root is rotten you have to pull it out?

    Well with science also you need to look at the roots of it and how it originated into its modern form. And it really starts when the main movers of science agree with the church that the church will take care of 'spiritual' matters, and science with material forces, and what can be measured. OK?
    because they couldn't measure 'subjective' sensual experience all that was left out, and then to cut along story short, when they do away with 'God' they go right into a mechanistic-materialistic mode of understanding reality

    Now, it is VITAl to dig that, for the Church who were supposed to be in charge of the spiritual needs of 'man', that they believed nature to be 'fallen', and that the 'Devil' was mainly in charge of the earth, and human nature, UNLESS one clung and abided to the AUTHORITY of the church---are you getting me?

    IF say you told a priest of the Church that you saw nature spirits, for example, you would be told you were posessed by demons. And this is what happened in their sadistic Inquisitions. Claiming --mostly women--had dealing with nature spirits? In other words, the Church's notion of 'spiritual' was from above, 'pure' from 'heaven'. Anything not approved by the Church was from 'hell' and demonic

    Now from that abusurdity science comes to be, and makes that deal. And that is how they veiw material reality, as separate from spirit. And as science evolves via the history of ideas, we get 'matter' becoming more and more seen to be a machine. And anything that cannot be measured by science is considered non-existent. Dismissed. not talked about. And dangerous. because anything threatening the--now--scientific worldview threatens it, right?

    So that is where we are now. And via this mechanisitc worldview animals and now people are seen as nothing but glorified machines whcih can go 'defective' and need fixing. And any talk of spirits get responses like yours, backed up by the offical scientific community
  34. steelhand Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Whoa! Just Whoa! Now you're telling me that THEBITCH and her experience in her field are directly using their knowledge against Indians. How further away from the truth can you get? Forgive Me but I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you. I have nothing but respect for THEBITCH and what she does. It is you who don't understand. Doctors save lives by cutting into people or medication. Mental health professionals can save lives by words alone through counciling. So Respect THEBITCH please. Tell me, who's life have you saved lately?
  35. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

  36. Lednir Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Yours was too long. Basically what you are saying is "I don't like the idea that people are only physical entities, so it's not true."

    Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't true. People fear what they do not understand, and clearly you do not understand science.
  37. zenu Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    I showed you a video where someone who HAS had 'bi polar' experience explains in detail through a while series of videos. Go watch and stop yourself getting sucked into this cult dude!
    And remember, I cannot demand you dont take your 'meds', that is your choice. I am for liberating understanding and choice
  38. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Damn it, Zenu, when are you going to quit arguing about psychiatry and get to the real issue and tell us how the NWO works?

    Everything else is just a clever smokescreen -- symptomatic, but without revealing the truth about the players behind the scenes.

    Don't let people here distract you into arguing about psychiatry and pharma. You and I both know those are just the tools wielded by the NWO. Don't hold back -- reveal the whole story!!!

    I'm guessing it's the Jews, but I've been fooled before. Mostly by other Jews.

    [23 skiddoo and Hail Eris]
  39. Lednir Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Then try to understand from both sides, not just taking the views of people who hate psychiatry for your own. You ignore evidence, because it acts against your own viewpoint. Thus you are either a liar or a hypocrite.

    You are, in essence, a pillock.
  40. themadhair Member

    Re: Scientology and Antipsychiatry

    Simple response to this. Next time you get sick/injured/damaged you go for the spirit treatment and see how well it works out. Understand that?These spirit explanations aren't rejected for any reason other than THEY HAVE NO DEMONSTRATED BENEFIT for patients.

    Total faggotry argument is is total faggotry.

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