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Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Jun 29, 2010.

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    I go to the conferences and suffer through lectures on acupuncture and surgery in China - proof of acupuncture because total neck dissections are done with acupuncture!!!
    (Except it is a endarterectomy and we do that in awake patients here, and they use morphine iv))
    Illnesses can be diagnosed with taking a pulse!!
    Poetry reading with each lecture!!
    That is seriously annoying but the stuff based on scientific evidence is fascinating and under-reported and used in main-stream medicine.
    There is a lecture each conference by the NIH discussing the evidence for therapies, and most of them are not evidence based. The ones I listed are supported by evidence.
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    Mimi Guaneri is a cardiologist. She changed the focus of her practice from angioplasty to diet. She was running a study of the impact of diet on cardiac disease and started the diet herself. Her symptoms from thalassemia, a genetic disease, improved immediately.
    She does a lot with spirituality, but like I said- whatever works for you.
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    Back to Scientology. It is not spiritual. It is not stress relieving. It keeps people from medical therapy. It tells people to do things that are unhealthy (purif and megadoses of vitamins).
    It is not Integrative Medicine, it is voodoo.
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    Dietary medicine, exercise, environmental medicine, and respect for the *patient's* spirituality --none of this stuff belongs to the quacks. It's all part of legit medicine. So I throw away nothing when I throw away the deception known as "integrative medicine."

    Scientologists also talk about healthy diet, exercise, and stress management. But I don't throw that stuff away when I toss Scientology. I have fine sources of advice for all that apart from Scientology.

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    Integrative Medicine also involves enlisting the patient for life style change. Integrative Medicine includes exercise, diet and lifestyle change. Thats what it does. The stuff we are talking about is an essential part of Integrative Medicine. Throw out moon bat medicine but don't call it Integrative Medicine. Essentially what we are arguing about is a definition.
    Your comments about the profit motive are true.
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    Mediterranean Diet Deconstructed - Nutrition & Health Conference Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Mediterranean Diet Deconstructed: Evidence-based Culinary Medicine and Practical Applications. Wendy Kohatsu, M.D.. Assistant Clinical Professor, Family ...

    PDF of the scientific basis on the Mediterranean Diet, a good resource in case you want to eat healthy.

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