Scientology: A to Xenu, book by Chris Shelton on Amazon

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    Merry Christmas 2015: Here’s your Scientology present under the tree

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 25, 2015


    Frequent Underground Bunker correspondent Chris Shelton has published his first book, which just became available at Amazon — and it carries a clever title we wish we’d thought of, Scientology: A to Xenu.

    Chris spent 27 years in Scientology, much of it as a Sea Org worker and expert in the arcane world of Hubbard “technology.” And he begins his book with a really interesting review of that history. He was brought up by parents who were Scientologists, but his own involvement didn’t begin until he was in high school. Chris skillfully recounts his journey into the church and then out again so many years later.

    But he’s interested in more than telling you his experiences in the Sea Org or its prison detail, the Rehabilitation Project Force. What Chris really wants to do is provide a guide to the ideas and policies and history of Scientology that will be useful to the outsider.

    You can see that his “Q&A” video series has really paid off. Chris knows what it is that people are most curious about and what confuses them about Scientology, and so he has learned how to address those questions in an effective way. We particularly enjoyed the chapter about KSW — Keeping Scientology Working — a key, overarching policy that Tom Cruise referred to in his infamous 2008 leaked video. Chris breaks down what Hubbard is doing in the KSW policy to show the layers of indoctrination and control.

    Chris knows that his reader is probably someone with a basic notion of Scientology who wants to get to a deeper level of understanding. And along the way, he’s going to dispel some myths.


    Chris is an explainer, and you can sense how much he enjoys making the complex, arcane, and contradictory L. Ron Hubbard understandable to his reader. His step by step explanation of the OT levels was the highlight of the book for us. What Chris has done, really, is produced a reference work, logically structured and labeled, that any journalist, for example, should study and cite in order to understand Scientology concepts.

    Chris also takes on the tax exempt status that Scientology enjoys with a lengthy chapter that recounts the history of the organization’s battles with the IRS. And later in the book, he offers a guide for Scientologists themselves to help them on their own journeys out of the Hubbard mind maze.

    We can’t help thinking this is going to be a very useful handbook for the many people who are finding their way back into the outside world, just as Chris Shelton did just a few years ago.

    The complete article is here:

    In the comments section below the article, the book's author wrote:

    Chris Shelton (Galactic Patrol2 hours ago

    Merry Christmas Bunkerites. I had a hard time sleeping last night in anticipation of this morning. I didn't know what Tony was going to say about my book (of course he liked it, LOL), plus the anticipation of just getting it released has been killing me. So I've had my own Christmas excitement today. Writing a book is way more work than I ever imagined it would be but it's a lot of fun at the same time, so it doesn't seem like work really. It's beefy and there is a lot in it, two year's worth of writing and a whole lot of new stuff no one has ever seen before. So I hope you all will check it out and like what you read. It was a total labor of love. Merry Christmas!

    The book is available as a paperback or an ebook. You can get the Kindle version and paperback both on Amazon, but I found out that if you buy the paperback version on the CreateSpace eStore, I make more per copy, LOL, so here is the link:

    Scientology: A to Xenu: An Insider's Guide to What Scientology is All About | Amazon

    By Chris Shelton

    What is Scientology really? Behind the glossy logos and sleek advertisements and South Park parodies, what do Scientologists really believe and practice? Is it really a religion? Who was L. Ron Hubbard and why did he start it in the first place? Is their "technology" for real or just so much New Age pseudoscience?

    Former insider Chris Shelton grew up in Scientology and worked for it for 25 years. This critical analysis covers the key aspects of its beliefs, practices and structure from the bottom to the top, including not just the confidential Xenu story but details all of the upper level scriptures. Chris goes into detail about what goes on inside Scientology churches, why their members get involved in the first place and what it takes to get out should someone decide to leave.

    An informative guide for anyone who has been involved with Scientology in the past as well as anyone who wants to understand what it's really all about.



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  2. RightOn Member

    Keep 'em coming!
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  3. Incredulicide Member

    Superb! Bravo! He snuck it in a week earlier than he hinted at last week. Cheeky!

    EDIT: Found it listed at OpenLibrary already :)
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  4. BLiP Member

    Gerry Armstrong calls for DOX or GTFO in response to Jon Atack's out-there preface to the book . . .

  5. Incredulicide Member

    Sounds like Gerry met Chris in person at some time, I'm guessing at the Getting Clear conference? Has anyone paid the full price for all the talks there to see if anything went down that could be seen as Gerry being slighted by Chris?
  6. Sounds like Gerry is butthurt that Chris didn't pay him enough respect somehow. Does that make Chris arrogant for not respecting Gerry enough, or Jerry arrogant for expecting it? Also, Gerry expected Chris to somehow help Gerry with the pickle he is in regarding the church and its legal attacks on Gerry. Not sure what he expects Chris to do. It's a very daunting, confusing, sticky tangled web. Chris probably feels he is more capable of helping a greater number of people doing something he is good at--explaining the mind control and inner workings of the church.
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  7. BLiP Member

    Gerry says he will be addressing his concerns about Chris at a later time. In this video he is asking Jon Attak to confirm various statements made in the preface to "Scientology from A to Xenu".
  8. I have to admit to finding Gerry's video open letter confusing and a little odd.

    He is challenging assertions Jon Atack makes about recently-out scientologists, which seem to me to be accepted by most observers - that there is usually a long recovery period (with ten years being an oft-cited figure).

    During this period, it seems plausible that many would retain the cult mindset, including the phony 'homo novis' arrogance typical among true believers. Whether a figure of 99% is as plausible seems beside the point - it isn't an exact science, after all.

    So, what is Gerry's point in challenging such an assertion? (I can imagine that being embroiled in protacted litigation might, as in Gerry's personal experience, serve to disabuse an ex more quickly than the norm, but that does not apply to exes generally).

    Chris Shelton happens to be skilled in presentation, which naturally attracts an audience. On the face of it, he does come across as having emerged more quickly from the cult mindset than is usual, and is unequivocal in his rejection of Hubbard's nonsense, which is a little puzzling simply because of his long-term indoctrination. At the same time, it is always wise to remain a little skeptical, as I'm sure Chris would understand, of anyone so deeply involved for so long, as he was, in a thoroughly destructive mob.

    I hope Gerry does manage to state clearly what his specific disagreements with Jon and/or Chris are, because it remains a mystery after his open letter.
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  9. The Internet Member

    Is this OG faggotry nobody cares about?

    I figured Shelton was hoping his book would interest the skeptical community. So he wants people to know he is not annoying like a lot of ex Scientologists who are still into New Age woo and conspiracy theories.
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  10. Gerry seems to get hung up picking apart word by word things that other people say. He has 18 videos in response to Nancy Many, for instance. John Atack probably shouldn't have said "99%", but most people would understand that it's just an expression meaning "a lot"--not an exact number.
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  11. Random guy Member

    It's called OG cancer.

    Fighting the CoS before anonymous came along was hard going and left a lot of battle damage.
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  12. BLiP Member

    Gerry has released an open letter to Chris Shelton . . .

    . . . the issue with Gerry goes back to Chris Shelton joining in with the M&M Show's on-going black agenting of him and their attempts to rewrite Scientology history as detailed here:
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  13. To my knowledge, the only actual data on this is the CoS exit survey:

    Obviously it is difficult to say whether or not this is a representative sample, but it is better than any claim based on fuzzier criteria.

    If you look at this report (specifically Q17):

    it shows that 60% of respondents declared they had no involvement with Hubbard teachings after leaving, compared with 17% still using "the tech" personally and a much lower percent having some indy / freezone involvement.

    It's a slightly different question than the one Jon Atack is answering but it makes me question the basis for his claim.
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  14. anon8109 Member


    After 3 minutes of Gerry criticizing Chris' use of "insider" in the title I gave up.
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  15. I can't believe I read the whole rant that Gerry posted--but I did. He is very upset with Chris Shelton, to say the least, because he feels he was black PRed.

    Unfortunately, Gerry doesn't say what it is that Chris dismissed as ridiculous (which is odd, because it's a very lengthy post), so I had to go hunt for it.

    I am pretty sure it's this:

    And you know what? I gotta go with Chris on this. To say that the US is cooperating with Scientology in order to get its hands on embarrassing secrets revealed by Scientologists during auditing is far fetched.
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  16. The Internet Member

    I think it is possible that Scientology offered to serve as an intelligence asset for the US. I keep bumping into people with connections to US Intelligence who promote New Age quackery. There is some kind of overlap --e.g., the remote viewing project.

    If Scientologists weaselled into US Intel, I hope people are figuring out how to boot them.
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  17. anon8109 Member

    This is unlikely. The scientology corporation and David Miscavige, as decreed by Hubbard, are paranoid about anyone with any ties to law enforcement. They would not accept any admitted government agent into the cult. If a homo novis did manage to sneak into LE after proving their loyalty to Miscavige, their loyalty would always be in doubt. Miscavige doesn't even trust OSA or his own top executives, so how could he trust a free agent?

    Conversely, any agency should know that a homo novis will always be a security risk, and wouldn't hire one. Not only because their loyalty would always be in question, but also because a homo novis poses a security risk given that they divulge all their secrets to the cult.

    Boris did say though that he once worked with a homo novis.
  18. BLiP Member

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  19. Gerry frustratingly includes his full messages in that post but doesn't include any actual replies from Chris so it is hard to tell what Chris actually said.

    However, if he is reporting Chris's statements accurately, it appears that Chris was giving credence to Marty's reports about how / why the IRS agreement came about.

    While I don't buy Gerry's claim about intelligence collusion, Marty's claims that the IRS agreement was won on the merits of their argument is equally implausible.

    Admittedly, this post that Gerry was talking about was over a year ago so Chris may have revised his view since then.
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  20. As I said, I read the whole rant, and nowhere does he provide the full quote that Chris criticizes, which is odd. You'd think Gerry would spend at least a couple sentences defending what he said, and showing what it was, if he's so upset about it being criticized.

    We only have one little clue, which is a piece of Chris's reply.

    So I googled that piece and found the full quote I mention above, on Gerry's website.
  21. konrad2 Member

    This whole thing is sad and pointless. I think Gerry should leave all that and go for a walk in the woods. He has all my respect as a pioneer whistle blower who took all the brunt of the Cult of Greed at a time when it was much harder to fight against it. He was the man who published the affirmations and who had access to a lot of documents concerning the personal life of his friend and mentor L. Ron Hubbard. He married one of the Gilham sisters on the Apollo, he knew all the messengers and was a true believer until he found those dusty boxes in an attic. Then life became very uncomfortable because he chose to tell the truth. Since the moment he fled around 1981, he was subjected of course to the charming effects of the fair game "ecclesiastical" policy for over 30 years. The thing that bothers me is that I think Gerry should have other fish to fry than skirmishing on the net with other critics. He came into Scientology almost 50 years ago. He should let go, watch the sunset over the hills in his lovely Canada with his wife and forget about L. Ron and his rondroids in the land of Bulgravia where the shadows lay.
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  22. I hope I can clarify.

    The SPs 'r' Us FB thread in which Chris Shelton gave his opinions about Gerry Armstrong and Mark Rathbun started with a discussion based on Gerry's 18 May 2011 talk at St. Tikhon's University in Moscow, Russia.

    The key matter in which Mr. Shelton attacked Gerry's credibility was the IRS's grant of undeserved tax exemption and the US's provision of undeserved support to the Scientologists.

    Obviously this is a public interest matter, and the material I'm posting is likewise in the public interest. Mr. Shelton desires his book be a &quot;desk reference&quot; for all aspects of Scientology, and specifically and importantly, the IRS matter. (Ref. at ~5:00.)

    Here is a clip of the SPs 'r' Us thread that includes the relevant comments by Mr. Shelton.


    In Jane White's OP, she apparently took her quote from Note that the text on this page is an unofficial English translation of a Russian language article based on an unofficial Russian translation of Gerry's original talk given in English.

    Gerry's correspondence with and about this matter with Mr. Shelton:
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  23. I'm not sure that I would call this "attacking Gerry's credibility" so much as attacking his actual claims -- if Jane White's comments are an accurate representation of said claims.

    And frankly, if that is an accurate representation of Gerry's claims relating to the IRS agreement they are not credible. It has nothing to do with Gerry's personal credibility it has to do with the lack of evidence supporting the hypothesis.

    As with most claims of government conspiracies, there are more probable hypotheses that also fit the evidence and without prima facie evidence of the conspiracy itself we should prefer the more probable ones.
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  24. The Internet Member

    But Operation Snow White, remember? Some of those 4,000-5,000 Scientology operatives were working within the Justice Dept, Coast Guard, IRS, etc., etc. If any of them could get postings allowing access to sensitive info, you know that is where they would want to be.

    And then there is Columbia. We see military officers there schmoozing on the Freewinds. Columbia and the US CIA have been partners going way back.

    Just two of many examples of overlap between Scientology and intelligence.
  25. Thanks for your post, TheHumansAreDead. I used the term "attacking credibility" in a more or less legal sense; I'm not a lawyer.

    TheHumansAreDead, the point is that Shelton did not attack Gerry's actual claims. He didn't deal with Gerry's actual claims (even if these were perhaps not his claims). Mr. Shelton has consistently avoided dealing with the content. For example, see Mr. Shelton's "apology" announcement and Gerry's responses.

    The re-re-translation of Gerry's statements is a sort of conclusion in a "Chinese Whispers" game. ( Gerry remarked on the translation issue in his correspondence with Mr. Shelton.He also pointed out that it was not clear from Mr. Shelton's comments on FB what claims Mr. Shelton was actually attacking, as he didn't identify them.

    In that SPs 'r' Us thread I posted above, Mr. Shelton provided his logic on whom he granted credence in a key legal matter involving the IRS deal. Mr. Shelton's attack involved Gerry's social, legal, US governmental and international credibility. Gerry addressed Mr. Shelton's logic or illogic in his correspondence with Mr. Shelton.

    In the matter of the IRS deal and Scientology's tax exemption, Mr. Shelton considered and contrasted the "reliable source" status" of Mark Rathbun versus Gerry Armstrong. From the SPs 'r' Us thread:

    Scientology: A to Xenu makes obvious of course that Mr. Shelton was not himself an insider regarding the IRS deal. Gerry pointed that out in his open letter to Mr. Shelton on January 3, 2016.

    In his book, Mr. Shelton relies on Mr. Rathbun's Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior. Rathbun was a real insider, a key Scientologist co-conspirator. Mr. Rathbun remains unrepentant specifically about the fairgaming he and his co-conspirator insiders committed against key litigants, including Gerry Armstrong. Mr. Rathbun continued to black PR Gerry and other Scientology victims/targets in Memoirs.

    Gerry and I have assembled some material that shows how the Armstrong case and situation relate to Scientology's tax exemption. A few relevant documents:

    More here:

    I hope this is helping to clear things up.
  26. "...that the US government is zealously trying to aid the spread of Scientology..." (paraphrased)

    Chris Shelton called this a ridiculous claim. Idk whether that specific claim was made by Gerry or that the phrasing is a result of poor re-re-translation.

    Whether or not Chris Shelton was attacking Gerry seems to be a subject of much butthurt from the Armstrong camp. Armstrong seems to have perceived an insult/smear/attack, in part because neither can identify the original contention.

    There is only the re-re-translation of that contention, and its designation as ridiculous

    I am certain that Gerry has experienced more than a lifetime's worth of unjust treatment. For him to respond in this way to a perceived insult that was leveled at a re-re-translation of words that the 2 principals cannot even reproduce or recall would seem to many reasonable people to be an overreaction, in light of other, more serious injustices he has endured.
  27. Caroline,

    I'm not sure I'm following entirely but it appears you are saying that Gerry had knowledge relating to the IRS agreement because the legal cases involving him were discussed during the CoS / IRS negotiation. Is that correct?

    If so, I'm not quite sure that grants Gerry particular insight on why the IRS chose to settle.

    Moreover, it is possible to believe the following things about Marty Rathbun simultaneously:
    - Marty has considerable knowledge about the details on the CoS / IRS negotiation
    - Marty has said things about this negotiation (and other topics) that are probably true
    - Marty has said things about this negotiation (and other topics) that are probably not true
    - Marty has been silent on many topics (including aspects of this negotiation) while most likely having knowledge that is of interest to a number of parties

    I agree that Rathbun has had a tendency to see Hubbard's enemies (Gerry, David Mayo, etc.) as deserving of their treatment and people who were solely Miscavige's enemies as genuine victims.

    But it is still reasonable to use Marty as a source provided what he says is corroborated or at least probable based on background information. This doesn't require taking Marty's "side" or imply that anyone citing Marty is doing so.
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  28. I don't know what exact claim Mr. Shelton was calling ridiculous, or what he meant by "original claim." Mr. Shelton directed his initial post to Jane White saying:

    Mr. Shelton didn't identify the "interesting theory" that was undeserving of Jane White's support, and he attacked Gerry Armstrong's credibility without identifying what claims (plural) of Gerry's were not based on actual facts.

    I think we have identified the murky issues in that SPs 'r' Us thread. Thankfully, they are not on topic here in this thread, as Mr. Shelton did not address what he thought were Gerry's claims, theories, criticisms, etc. in Scientology: A to Xenu.

    Relevant here now: Mr. Shelton did clearly articulate his main point in that SPs 'r' Us thread, which was to whom he gave "reliability status" when it came to the IRS deal, Mr. Rathbun or Mr. Armstrong.

    Mr. Shelton's book demonstrates that he continues to support Mr. Rathbun, who, as Gerry points out, was a key Scientology insider on the IRS deal, committed crimes for Hubbard, Miscavige and Scientology, and claims to be the source of the submissions to the IRS, which contain manifold lies. Mr. Shelton does acknowledge some of the uncrucial lies in the Scientologists' IRS submissions, but does not acknowledge that Mr. Rathbun prepared the submissions and the lies, and does not acknowledge the crucial issue and area of submitted lies, which Gerry has shown to Mr. Shelton and everyone else: public policy violations.

    In Scientology: A to Xenu, Mr. Shelton also does not acknowledge the damage that Mr. Rathbun and other Scientology insiders/co-conspirators caused to their fair game targets that enabled them to make the deal with the IRS. Mr. Rathbun likewise did not acknowledge or correct his bad actions against Gerry and others in Memoirs, but rather continued to black PR them.
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  29. The Internet Member

    I thought Shelton was referring to this bit:
    Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.39.06 PM.png

    Under that bit I see "Gerry Armstrong 2011-05-18." So I guess it is Gerry's feeling that the US has been using Scientology as a source of intelligence, and has even encouraged Scientology's infiltration into certain areas for intelligence purposes.

    I take that as a guess rather than a fact. It doesn't seem completely crazy to me, as a guess. But a lot of my guesses turn out to be wrong so I don't take them too seriously.
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  30. TorontosRoot Member

    Wonder if chris, john and garry would already be talking this over the phone, or more or less, just ignore it at best. Certain figures might take it too seriously (ie. those against jon for no reason at all, attacking him like the cult is).
  31. No, Gerry was not an insider as Rathbun, Miscavige, etc. were insiders. He was and is the insiders' fair game target. However, Gerry and the Armstrong cases constituted a significant issue in the IRS's "war" with the Scientologists and in the "negotiations," specifically in relation to public policy. Gerry was a named fair game target in the Scientologists' key submission on the public policy issue , so he has a particular standing in the whole war, which is not over. It is understandable and reasonable that the Scientology insiders and their governmental allies recognize all this.

    Gerry was to some extent an "insider" on the other side of the war in which Rathbun was a Scientology side insider. Gerry was a witness in many cases prior to the December 1986 "settlement," and has testified in more since. He also worked for Michael Flynn, who was the lead attorney prior to the "global settlement." Post-settlement, he worked some years for Ford Greene, who was also a lead attorney in Scientology litigation during relevant years. Gerry has spoken publicly and published his experiences and knowledge freely on comparatively extraordinary web sites. Gerry's talks and writings are here: Gerry Talks: In the capacity of interested researcher, Gerry amassed a mountain of material about the IRS case, much of it relating to him personally. Necessary documentation is available on The Armstrong Op:

    [Emphasis mine.] More IRS-related documents:

    Of course he should be used as a source. In fact, Gerry has been trying to use him as a source for the truth about the IRS, fair game, crimes and all sorts of things. Mr. Rathbun has so far refused to be a source for the truth about even those straightforward things.
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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    Gerry should really be making the open message to Mr. Rathburn, not Atack or Shelton.
  33. I'm pretty sure he's getting everyone's messages. :)
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  34. The Internet Member

    But we just need one document, the one that shows us that the US government is using Scientology as an intelligence asset. Then we can tell Chris Shelton he is wrong for dismissing this claim as unfounded.

    If that document does not exist, then Gerry is overstating the evidence. For that, he should apologize.

    Overstating the evidence happens to me sometimes when I am arguing and I get tired that someone is not listening. So it is not a big offense. The only reason to apologize is to make it clear we are all on the same page with respect to the available evidence.

    I hope there is a documented connection of significance between US intelligence and Scientology. Because I have seen some circumstantial connections. And moonbats in the CIA etc would explain a few things.
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  35. First, let's see the exact and total language of the claim you're talking about. And exactly what evidence Gerry says he has or exists for that exact claim.

    Also, is it your position that everyone who overstates evidence should apologize? Should Mr. Shelton apologize for overstating anything in his book?
  36. The Internet Member

    You posted that Facebook thread beginning with a post from Jane White who is apparently quoting Gerry Armstrong. He says that the US government has zealously been trying to aid the spread of Scientology because it is an intelligence asset. I guess that is really two claims:

    1. Scientology is a US intelligence asset.
    2. The US has been intentionally aiding the spread of Scientology.

    I think #1 is likely true, similar to how Whitey Bulger was a source of info for the FBI. Investigators rely on unsavory characters as sources so I'm okay with that generally. What I do not want is the tech or any admiration for the tech within US intelligence. But everything I just said is my opinion, not dox.

    I hope #2 is not true. I hope the benefits Scientology has enjoyed from the US government come from officials boxed into a corner who have no real choice.
    If two people are having a conversation and one violates a basic rule of evidence, then yes I think it is very important for that guy who did that to say, "oops my bad" in one form or another. That way both parties can be reassured that they are looking at the same facts.

    So yes, if a person finds an error in Mr. Shelton's book, that person should point it out. If it is a mistake, like an overstatement of the evidence, Mr. Shelton should say, "Oops I goofed. I will fix it in a later edition."

    To err is human. To admit the error and then try to correct it is being a human with some class.
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  37. Whitey Bulger had information about organized crime. What does Scientology have information about? The sex lives of Travolta and Cruise?

    If Scientology were successful at recruiting influential people it might be a different story.

    Even when they had their intelligence apparatus, it was mostly focussed on getting dirt about US agencies. Do they really need the CoS to get information about themselves?
  38. The Internet Member

  39. We shouldn't be guessing about what claim(s) Mr. Shelton was responding to. He wasn't clear, and he did not identify or address any content related to what he asserted were Gerry's claims in that thread, in his book, or elsewhere, as far as I can tell. Btw, Gerry attempted to get Mr. Shelton to clarify this exact matter:

    Mr. Shelton did not respond. Gerry would be quite happy to discuss it publicly with him, as well as other topics of public interest.

    Btw, I think the issues that you identify, i.e., a. how the US intelligence community uses Scientology, and b. all the ways in which the US aids the spread of Scientology, are excellent topics for analysis and discussion.
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