Scientologists Plan To Bring Tom Cruise Back From The Dead!

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    Scientologists Plan To Bring Tom Cruise Back From The Dead!

    Cult's healing gurus follow the actor 'wherever he goes.'

    by Radar Staff: June 18th 2018

    Aging action hero Tom Cruise now travels with enough medical personnel to staff a hospital ward — including a Scientology shaman who can zap him back to life with the touch of a finger in case he dies.

    “A senior Scientologist trained in the ‘assist healing method’ accompanies the traditional doctors who will follow Tom wherever he goes,” according to the insider.
    As has reported, Cruise has reached the level of “Operating Thetan VI” in the religion — allowing him to heal the sick by a laying-on-of-hands method called “Touch Assist.”
    Scientologists believe the technique can cure ailments like sprains, colds and sore throats. But they can’t practice it on themselves, requiring Cruise to travel with his own touch assist-qualified wizard.

    “The Scientologist performing the touch assist will touch the injured person and instruct them to ‘feel my finger,’ ” explained a church source. “Only one finger must be used — not two. After the healer has finished, they must say, ‘End of assist.’ Scientologists believe it’s a powerful procedure.”
    Amazingly, cult followers are convinced even higher powers exist!
    Radar has learned the group’s zany founder, L. Ron Hubbard, preached a Lazarus-like variation of the method, called the “Bring Back to Life” assist, in a lecture recorded on April 7, 1972, aboard his yacht Apollo.
    That power “consists of speaking to a corpse and either commanding it or possibly pleading with it to come back to life” in “Tone 40” — which in Scientology means a forceful, “full-throated” way of speaking.
    “We’ve actually brought little kids back to life and that sort of thing — just tell them, ‘Pick up the body,’ ” Hubbard said in the recording, a partial transcript of which has been obtained by Radar. “Now, you just tell them with Tone 40, just say it around the vicinity, they’re still around. And back they come again.”
    Added an insider: “It’s not surprising that Tom would travel with someone who can resurrect the dead. That has to be a comfort after his close call last year!”

  2. Sooo they are essentially flogging a dead horse then.
  3. only Sea Org trolls and Indies flog dead horses,

    inoculating the general public from Scientology's stupidity.

    tabloids work and they help people.

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