Scientologist mounted ‘vicious character attack’ on ex-member

Discussion in 'Media' started by furball, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. furball Member

    Just passing this on. From an article in the Irish Times:

    story continued here:
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leading Scientology figure tells judge she 'could have been more temperate' in email complaint to school principal

    Zabina Collins, a leading member of the church of Scientology in Ireland, has told a judge she “could have been a little more temperate” about what she had to say in an e-mail to a school principal complaining about a former Church member’s talk to schoolboys on cults.

    Collins, who admitted in court to having had a teenage drugs and heavy drinking problem, is being sued for defamation by Peter Griffiths, Cual Gara, Teeling Street, Ballina, Co Mayo, for what his counsel Seamus O Tuathail SC described as “a vicious character attack.”

    “I could have dealt with it in a more temperate way,” Collins said of her complaint to the headmaster of St David’s CBS in Artane, Dublin, following a posting on the internet by Griffiths of what he had said to the school’s leaving cert boys in a talk on cults.

    She told barrister John Smith, who appeared with Mr O Tuathail and solicitor Cormac O Ceallaigh, that she had sent the headmaster a link to an on-line video showing a picture of Griffiths naked, with only a Guy Fawkes mask covering his genitals.

    Collins, a Dublin chiropractic clinic director, of The Boulevard, Mount Eustace, Tyrelstown, Dublin 15, told Judge James O’Donohue she had written to the school principal as a concerned parent and not to besmirch Mr Griffiths.

    She earlier told her barrister Frank Beatty that while she did not have a child attending St David’s she was involved in tutoring children on drugs awareness and felt she had a duty to complain.

    In her e-mail Collins alleged that Griffiths’ talk had centred on the scientology religion which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta as members and accused him of “openly and viciously” slandering the church. She accused him of being “an avid hate campaigner against scientologists” and “hate mongering” against the church and of being under garda surveillance.

    The court heard that a teacher from St David’s had asked Griffiths to address school pupils on cults and that it was Mr Griffiths who had posted on the internet an audio of his talk which warned the boys of the dangers of getting involved with the Church of Scientology which, he said, might destroy their lives.

    Mr Griffiths said he had been shocked, horrified and appaled when he had obtained sight of Ms Collins’s allegations in which there was “not a grain of truth.” He said her statements had lowered his reputation in the minds of right-thinking people while holding him up to hatred, ridicule and contempt.

    Continued here:

    Leading Scientologist sent naked picture of former church member to school principal
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former Church of Scientology member warned to stay away after text 'connected with death of Jim Carrey's girlfriend'

    A former member of the Church of Scientology was warned by a judge today that he would face serious consequences if he interfered with any member or did not stay away from the church or mission.

    Embalmer John McGhee was given the warning by Judge James O’Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court after being told by barrister Frank Beatty, counsel for two church members, that Mr McGhee had breached an existing court injunction.

    McGhee, of Armstrong Grove, Clara, Co Offaly, told Mr Beatty that he had sent leading Scientology Church member Zabrina Collins a text “connected with the death of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend” in which he had stated: ‘Now you must see why your cult must be stopped.’

    Continued here:

    Former Scientologist sent message “connected with death of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend” to Church member

    Ex-scientologist sent text to leader over woman's death

    Ex-Scientologist warned to stay away from church

    A former member of the Church of Scientology was warned by a judge yesterday that he would face serious consequences if he interfered with any member or did not stay away from the church or mission.

    Embalmer John McGhee was given the warning by Judge James O’Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court after being told by Frank Beatty, counsel for two church members, that Mr McGhee had breached an existing court injunction.

    Continued here:
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  4. anon8109 Member

    This will not end well.
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  5. pedrofcuk Member

    Scientologist must pay damages for ‘vitriolic’ personal attack

    Zabrina Collins sent ‘distasteful’ email to school principal after talk by Peter Griffiths

    A chiropractor was ordered by a judge on Monday to pay €5,000 damages for a “vitriolic and personalised” attack on the character of a Co Mayo man who opposes the beliefs and teachings of the Church of Scientology, of which she is a leading member.
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    Another example of Hubbard's Fair Game.
    "Of course, ruin them utterly if you can." - L. Ron Hubbard
    Perhaps the judge hopes the €5,000 damages would get the scienazi to come to her senses. But, that assumes she has any sense after scientology has worked on her.

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  7. anon8109 Member

    Homo novii are taught by Hubbard that wog law, like all wog things, is primitive and unworthy of respect.

    To a scientologist a loss in court is just more proof of how degenerate the outside world is and how superior they are.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologist ordered to pay €5,000 damages for ‘vitriolic’ personal attack |

    Zabrina Collins was ordered by a judge today to pay €5,000 damages for a “vitriolic and personalised” attack on the character of a Co Mayo man who opposes the beliefs and teachings of the Church of Scientology of which she is a leading member.

    Judge James O’Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court said that allegations by her against Peter Griffiths of criminal activity, hate mongering and links to gay pornographic movies of teenage boys “were largely untrue and grossly defamatory.”

    Continued here:
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  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Nice outcome :)
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  10. To be fair and balanced, as they say, it might also be useful to note and learn from the following:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Judge O’Donohoe also gave judgment in a second case in which Collins, a chiropractor, of The Boulevard, Mount Eustace, Tyrelstown, Dublin 15, and Scientologist Michael O’Donell, a marketing consultant of Cherrywood Lawn, Clondalkin, Dublin, sued Griffiths and also embalmer John McGhee, of Armstrong Grove, Clara, Co Offaly, for assault and battery.

    The judge said Mr McGhee had followed Ms Collins and Mr O’Donnell in Dublin as they distributed leaflets against drug taking. From a video he had seen it was very clear to him that Mr McGhee had certainly been guilty of assault. His harassing of her and the grabbing by him of leaflets constituted battery.

    Judge O’Donohoe told barrister Frank Beatty, counsel for Ms Collins, that his client could be heard letting out a “shrill shriek” on the video which indicated to the court that she was apprehensive of a battering from Mr McGhee who did not turn up in court today to hear the judgment.

    The judge awarded Ms Collins and Mr O’Donnell a total of €3,500 against McGhee for assault and battery. Mr Griffiths, he said, had played a lesser role by videoing the assault but had consorted with Mr McGhee and for harassment and assault he awarded Collins and O’Donnell €2,000 damages against Griffiths.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  11. Quentinanon Member

    The "shrill shriek" indicates that Zabrina Collins has "out-TR 0 bullbait" and should promptly retread the success through communication course so she can regain her OT Powerz.
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  12. Malory Member

    Or maybe McGhee really needs to stop attacking women, Scientologist or not.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    Or she believes that McGhee has plans to embalm her. :)
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  14. I'll cross-post an observation I made on ESMB.

    It is important to note that there were two entirely separate incidents, and thus two separate claims (if not lawsuits), that each had to be judged on their own merits.

    In the first, Zabrina Collins allegedly defamed Peter Griffiths. Collins was found liable and ordered to pay Griffiths €5,000 in damages.

    In the second, separate, incident John McGhee allegedly harassed and battered Zabrina Collins and Michael O’Donell. McGhee was found liable and ordered to pay Collins and O'Donell €3,500. Griffiths filmed the incident and was found to have "consorted" with McGhee (my guess, the Irish equivalent of "conspired") and was ordered to pay Collins and O'Donell €2,000 in damages.

    While the newspaper articles are unclear and poorly written, with regard to the paragraph immediately above standard practice would indicate that:

    1. McGhee was found liable and ordered to pay Collins and O'Donell €3,500 each, for a total of €7,000; and

    2. Griffiths was found liable and ordered to pay Collins and O'Donell €2,000 each, for a total of €4,000.

    Anyway, that is my guess. I could be wrong. It would just be odd to award a single amount to two different defendants in such a situation.
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  15. jensting Member

    Well, the first case outcome is neat and tidy, the second case one is hardly a ringing endorsement of that particular style of "protest."

    In an ideal world, the clams would appeal the first outcome and Pete could counter-sue for abuse of process :)
  16. Malory Member

    Oh I think it was only him who ended up in a pickle this time.....
  17. Malory Member

  18. Yes, the injunction is still in place. The linked article states:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Justice O’Donohoe then brought up the issue of Injunctive relief which had been raised in the High Court by Michael Fitzgerald and Zabrina Collins. Counsel for both sides agreed that the temporary injunction restraining Pete Griffith and John McGhee would remain in operation. Justice O’Donohoe was very clear he was going to put very strict conditions on this injunction when he finalises it.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    This was to be expected given that McGhee was found liable for harassment and battery, and Griffith was found liable on the theory that he had "participated in what was a joint concerted action with Mr McGhee." Note the counsel for McGhee and Griffith agreed that the injunction would remain in place. It appears the injunction is going to be made permanent subject to "strict conditions."
  19. The Internet Member

    Does McGhee have a lot of experience protesting? Because grabbing stuff from Scientologists is doing it wrong. The trick is always to seem calmer and less crazy than the Scientologists. Also much better sense of humor.

    I remember seeing a video with McGhee protesting at Peter Hodkin's law office/home that was iffy. An old guy without a mask was yelling, "We are Anonymous!" Which was obviously not the case and pretty pointless. Protesters are supposed to inform the public about some concern. Saying, "Look at me!" in a loud and annoying way does not do that. Also, the protesters went onto the property of the Scientologist, which is not a good idea.

    Was Pete at that Hodkin protest? Because I would expect Pete to be critical of the way things were done.

    I am imagining that McGhee got physical with the Scientologist while Pete was filming, which put Pete in an awkward situation. Or maybe Pete is not on top of his protest skills like I thought.

    It is clear to me at this point that McGhee is not someone you want "helping" with a Scientology protest event.
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  20. Malory Member

    You don't know the half of it.
  21. The Internet Member

    I probably need to lurk moar.
  22. Malory Member

    Oh God no. It's a saga of faggotry which would probably sap your will to live.
  23. The Internet Member

    Ah. Okay then I will make my retarded comments and questions without worrying that I am imposing on those in the know.
  24. TorontosRoot Member

  25. Malory Member

    In which alternative universe is it a victory that the cult now has free run of things in Dublin and is the weather nice?
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  26. TorontosRoot Member

    It's a shame that happened :(, and the weather has been quite nice today.
  27. Malory Member

    Yeah, it's a shame more people didn't say something sooner or stick their necks out when I was getting smeared by McGhee's groupies as well but then that would have required a set of balls.
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  28. TorontosRoot Member

    Balls of titanium or non-earthly metals.
  29. This is inaccurate.

    Griffiths won his case against Collins.

    However, as noted above, Collins and Donnell won their case against McGhee and Griffiths.
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  30. TorontosRoot Member

    That really sucks. :(
  31. Pete Griffithsto SPs 'r' US

    1 April 2014 · Dublin, Ireland ·
    And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse and the fundraising was almost over I launch a new fundraising appeal, yes, unbelievable, isn't it?
    I am suing a Scientologist for defamation. I can't go into too much detail but simply, they insinuated that I am a predatory gay paedophile and a danger to children, amongst other things.
    This is just not true.
    The way to help, if you are able to, is lodge whatever you can into my PayPal account [MOD EDIT EMAIL] and thank you, in anticipation.
    If I win the case and actually collect damages, I will return every single cent donated.
    Pete Griffiths
    Pedrofcuk's Accountant
    This message by Pedrofcuk's Accountant has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    Don't think that is the real Pete ^^
    Last I heard, he didn't have an "accountant".
  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Email deleted, you never know who's it is.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member


    Scientology director opposes lifting of injunction preventing harassment from former Church member

    By Tim Healy,


    A Church of Scientology (CoS) director told the High Court she fears she will be harassed again and that it will get worse if an injunction preventing a former member from watching and besetting her is lifted.

    Zabrina Collins (39) says Peter Griffiths' behaviour towards her had got progressively worse over a number of years until she obtained the injunction in 2014.

    Ms Collins, a Dublin city centre-based chiropractor, was opposing an appeal by Mr Griffiths seeking to lift the injunction preventing him intimidating, besetting, assaulting or interfering with her access to buildings.

    Mr Griffiths, Cual Gara, Teeling Street, Ballina, Co Mayo, says the injunction is too wide because it also prevents him from engaging in peaceful protest. He has taken part in street protests with a group called "Anonymous" outside CoS offices in Dublin, Cork and Belfast and has featured on numerous internet videos campaigning against the church, the court was told.

    Mr Griffiths, and another former CoS member, John McGhee, of Armstrong Grove, Clara, Co Offaly, were last year ordered by the Circuit Court to pay €2,000 and €3,500, respectively, for assault and battery, to Ms Collins and to another current CoS member, Michael O’Donnell, of Cherrywood Lawn, Clondalkin, Dublin.

    That case arose out of 27-minute video filmed by Mr Giffiths where he and Mr McGhee followed Ms Collins and Ms O'Donnell as they distributed a CoS-funded booklet called "The Truth about Drugs" to homes and business in north city Dublin on December 20, 2014.

    The Circuit Court judge who made the awards to Ms Collins and Mr O'Donnell said the video showed that although Mr Griffiths played a lesser role, as he videoed the incidents, he had consorted with Mr McGhee in harassment and assault.

    The video was replayed in the High Court on Thursday for Mr Justice Seamus Noonan when Ms Collins gave evidence opposing the appeal.

    Ms Collins said she was involved in the Truth about Drugs campaign because she had a drug problem as a teenager which arose out of her father, Frank Shortt's wrongful conviction for allowing allowing the sale of drugs at his nightclub in Inishowen, Co Donegal. Mr Shortt, who spent three years in prison, was later awarded €4.6m as a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

    Ms Collins said due to the turmoil and stress created by her father's case, she began taking ecstasy, LSD and speed. However, when he went into prison she decided to stop and went "cold turkey" because she believed "if it wasn't for the drugs industry, he would not be in prison".

    She later went on to study at Queens in Belfast before going to Australia where she joined the CoS

    She said as the years progressed, incidents involving Mr Griffiths became "more and more volatile" including one where she and her husband were dining in the Epicurian Food Hall in Abbey Street. Mr Griffiths was shouting at them and Mr McGhee was filming the incident which, like many other videos they took, ended up on YouTube.

    In another incident, she was with her 11-year-old daughter when Griffiths obstructed their way into the Abbey Street CoS office shouting at them and making remarks which scared her daughter.

    Her daughter had as recently as last week asked if she could sleep in her bed with her one night because she (daughter) just had a dream that Mr McGhee was chasing her down a street with a gun, she said.

    Mr Griffiths was also involved in protests when she was on promotions of her chiropractor business in shopping centres, she said.

    On the day the 27-minute video was shot, she was co-ordinating booklet distribution by 18 CoS volunteers from her chiropractic business in Parnell Street where Mr Griffith was part of a protest.

    When one of the volunteers rang her from Capel Street to say he was being followed around by Mr Griffiths and Mr McGhee, she and Mr O'Donnell went to the volunteer where they took some of his booklets and started distributing them themselves.

    The video of Ms Collins and Mr O'Donnell being followed was played to the court.

    Asked by her counsel Frank Beatty about how she felt about what happened that day, she said she was frightened particularly as Mr McGhee had put his arm around her to try to grab her booklets and hit her in the face in doing so.

    "I did not know how far they would go with the pushing and molesting", she said.

    The hearing continues.

  35. TorontosRoot Member

    Load of lies. She made up most of that, and why would Pete or John prevent her from leaving her home, or harass her at a diner or anywhere else when and if (supposedly) she wasn't distributing deceptive materials by scientology? This all reeks of fair game.
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  36. zabrinbas iz a schmuck ,drek , schnorr ,ezelkopf; meshigener , chlokh, pisher, schmendrik ,shleper , ganef , plotz , shvitzer , nar !
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    How Pete Griffiths sued a Scientologist and ended up being vilified by former friends

    By Tony Ortega, November 16, 2017


    On Wednesday, the Scientologists had one last opportunity to raise an objection, but the court dismissed it.

    Finally, Griffiths was free to speak about the case, and he sent us a statement that we wanted you to see.
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  38. zabrina collins such a moron
    a scilon zombie
  39. Yes, Zabrina is a cult zombie, and I think it's also reasonable to say that McGhee was unwise, even stupid, when he snatched the flyers away from her and members of the public.
  40. TorontosRoot Member

    Stupid, daring, pushy, stubborn and persistent. While I admire the way he does things, I don't when he pushes boundries.
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