Scientologist Laura Prepon Shilling Her New Diet Plan, Admits to Injecting Hormones

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    You would think Laura Prepon would have learned from Kirstie Alley's failed diet business. She has a co-author Elizabeth Troy - don't know if she is a Scientologist or not. Oh well, a check is a check I guess.
    Sounds like Scientology was not helping Laura too much if she felt so bad about herself that she injected herself with hormones. She must be stuck on her bridge to total freedom.


    Laura Prepon is a picture of health: She exercises, she eats well, and she's evenwritten a book (The Stash Plan) on nutrition and weight management.
    But the 35-year-old Orange Is the New Black actress didn't always do what was best for her body. Actually, Prepon told E! News she once "injected herself with hormones" because she "was so desperate to look a certain way."
    This ill-advised technique "ultimately just ended up backfiring," Prepon recalled with a laugh. She's since learned much healthier and less extreme methods of getting in shape, but she can vividly recall the body image pressures she experienced earlier in her career.
    PHOTOS: Orange Is the New Black Cast In and Out of Costume
    As Prepon told E! News, she understands what it feels like to be one of those young actresses "torturing themselves with crash diets." That said, she has some wise words for any girl currently in that situation. "Not to sound cliche," she began, "[but] truly embrace who you are. Embrace every curve, and embrace everything about yourself."
    She pointed out that more and more shows, particularly OITNB, are finally embracing and celebrating diversity. "When you look at a show like Orange, all these women are so gorgeous, and we all look so vastly different," she said.
    Very good point. To hear more from Prepon on this—plus the best and worst dieting advice she ever received—watch the video above. Prepon's book, The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health, is available now.
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    Thank God for Laura Prepon. Because the world needs more books full of dietary advices from people of questionable competence.
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