Scientologist converses with non-Scns. And Method R2-45.

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by tigger, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. tigger Member

    Scientologist converses with non-Scns. And Method R2-45. ... -video/360

    Above is a great, rational, thoughtful and good-spirited exchange of views and info. Lots of great links in there.

    Be kind to the Scns during 2.10.08 protests. Seriously, these are well-intentioned but clueless victims, for the most part, no matter what they've been coached to do to scare you by the OSA.

    We've got them so upset I'm worried Miscavige will issue an order for exteriorization method R2-45. So scary. Link below. Read it.
  2. anonawog Member

  3. Very interesting. Sounds like something to take to the protest.
  4. anonawog Member

  5. Anon883 Member

    If they ever managed to take over the world, this R2-45 method would be an excuse to round up SPs into concentration camps and shoot them in the head. :shock:

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