Scientologist & BNP candidate Colin Poulter - What's he up to?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Scientologist Colin (aka Charles or Charlie) Poulter was the extreme right British National Party candidate for Eastbourne in last year's UK general election. He was also the organiser of Eastbourne BNP.

    Where is he now?

    Is he involved in campaigning or standing in any of the UK local elections or by elections in May?

    Any one finds any information on what he's up to please post it here.

    Previous thread on this subject:
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  3. Anonymous Member

    That old thread is filled with hilarity.

    The senile old cunt looks like he's ready to die of old age.

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  4. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if he would like to be introduced to the Nation of Islam cult?!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    He previously stood for the party as the Horsham candidate in East Sussex County Council elections.
    He may be standing again somewhere please check your local candidates.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I'm glad you fags are on top of this shit. Voting for culties is like slitting your own throat. No matter if they say they're progressive, conservative, green, etc., in their heart of hearts they're all guru-loving fascists who know what's best for the rest of us.

    Look, Ron Salevo is a Monarchist, lol.
  8. Anonymous Member

    No sign of Poulter standing that I can see (unless he's changed his name again). Any Eastbourne / sussex anons out there see if he turns up anywhere canvassing.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Savelo I mean.

    What's a non-hereditary monarchy I wonder? How is the line of succession determined? Perhaps he means a corpocracy, where the government is controlled by a board of directors who elect a COB to hold supreme executive power.
  10. firebug Member

    He was expelled from the BNP last June
  11. Anonymous Member

    Missed that - thanks very much for the up date.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the update.
    Let's hope the bnp are fucked in the elections.
  13. Anonymous Member

    It is worth realizing that as well as his BNP activities, he was more or less a full time go getter for OSA UK. A former RUC 'Rat Catcher' that is IRA hunter, going incognito and rooting out Republicans for King and Country.He had a pension from them so did not really have to get a real job.

    He once again choose the wrong side. One of his many skulking in the shadows for OSA jobs was to terrorize by stalking, a wonderfully articulate and courageous young lady as she was bringing the nasty culties and their underhand activities to court. This man weaseled his way into her life and made life very difficult indeed. Fortunately she won out eventually.

    So his CV ain't that good: RUC, OSA, BNP. A thoroughly repellant working life imo.

    Now tell me what you think of the following:

    16th March 2012

    Doubt Formula
    C Poulter

    Please note that my 'doubt' is concerned with whether all is well with the official Church of Scientology at the topmost management level. Paragraph 6, below, shows my conclusion.

    Here I differentiate between the management thousands of miles away in America and the dedicated staff members, at St Hill and throughout the UK, and no doubt the rest of the world, who are literally slaving away to fulfil the aims and intentions of LRH.

    It pains me to think that some will consider me some sort of traitor, the only reply is that should they look at the reports and claims that I have seen, and should they apply the LRH principle of LOOK (at the facts and results) and DONT LISTEN (to the bull and PR) then they may also come to the same conclusion.

    In any event there is just one fact that I know well, and have known since the day that LRH stood before me and bid me remember just one word “Scientology”. That fact is that when standard tech Scientology is offered to the public, even if done in a slightly bumbling but good hearted manner, the public flock to learn more and the activity expands.

    Conversely, when it does not expand it is because someone/s (not a something) is working to inhibit it. No other reason.

    Just who is preventing Scientology from producing the miracles that it can, and has, and therefore expanding in the manner that it should is not a secret but it does require that one should LOOK, NOT LISTEN

    AOSHUK has been my only ‘family’ for the past twenty-one years (Scientology my faith for 39 years). To put myself in a position where some staff at St Hill will declare me persona non grata has not been, and is not, easy.

    However it has finally sunk into my thick skull that trying to handle the situation by remaining ‘inside’ is not going to work, there are some dedicated Scientologists at St Hill UK but they are restrained/constrained and/or down right suppressed by those higher up, therefore I will follow the written advice of LRH (this is a paraphrase) when he said that if no one in an org was listening then go outside to a phone box and call an higher org.

    In this instance the ‘higher org’, and incidentally the ultimate authority of Scientology, are the true members in the outer world.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    It appears Colin (aka Charles or Charlie) Poulter has spent his whole life being a complete cunt.

    Which is why he fitted into both scientology and the BNP so wonderfully. Where next for Mr Poulter?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Lol they never stand a chance. BNP and Scientology go hand in hand only the morally twisted or damaged join, while everyone else laughs at the stupidity of it/them.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous should not have anything to do with getting people bumped off, even nasty, poisoned people of his ilk. Maybe lets not go there.

    I am sure that he lives a tortured life. What is important is that he has been face fagged, name fagged and place fagged.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Unlikely. he's a cunt.
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  19. afternon Member

    I'm all for passing his details and rascism to the Nation of Islam, though- that would be lulzy!
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  20. Malory Member

    Firstly, go and fuck yourself. Secondly, he'd have no pension unless he'd been a proper police officer.
  21. Malory Member

    Not to mention that that the post you quoted is illegal under the POTA. Fuck that shit - some of us raid in Belfast and I'd rather not be pulled in by the cops, or anyone else, over the head of shit like that.
  22. Quentinanon Member

    Savelo is parroting L. Ron. Remember that Hubbard despised democracies because he thought they were based on the R6 bank. (the reactive mind) One way to talk back to Savelo would be to ask him how could he guarantee that a Monarch is benevolent? Then watch him go blank.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Nice work Annon123!

    apologists for racists


    The conviction, in 2012, of Messrs Dobson and Norris of the murder of Stephen Lawrence has highlighted a number of very serious issues. It is evident that the Establishment was determined to stitch up these men. Read more...

    Colin Poulter, Deputy Chairman and Press Officer.

    Colin Poulter began his nationalist career at the age of seventeen, when he volunteered for military service in order the better to serve his country. After becoming a qualified topographical surveyor he then volunteered for specialist front line regiments where he spent twelve years of active service.
    Leaving the military he then spent five happy years in the Royal Ulster Constabulary before moving to England to study philosophy.
    Although the corruption and deceit by which this country is governed was becoming more apparent politics did not interest him much until about 2007 when, with the aid of the internet, the truth was all too obvious. And so in 2008 he joined the BNP in order once again to fight for this country.
    Within his first year of membership he stood in the local elections at Horsham and, after delivering thousands of leaflets alone, had the pleasure of gaining more votes than the local Labour candidate.
    For the 2010 general election he was asked to move house in order to rejuvenate the Eastbourne branch of the BNP, which he did with great success. From a standing start, and in a staunchly Conservative and Liberal Democrat constituency, he gained 1.8% of the vote! A feat which was recognised as very well done.
    The plan now is to bring British Nationalists together to reclaim and rebuild this great country.
  24. Anonymous Member



    1. Immigration and Nationality

    On current demographic trends we, the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom, will be an ethnic minority in our own country within the lifetime of most adults now living. In order to prevent this we propose firstly, an immediate end to all further immigration by ethnic aliens, secondly, the immediate deportation of foreign criminals and illegal immigrants and thirdly, the development and promotion of a financially assisted scheme of voluntary repatriation.
    We shall repeal the Human Rights Act, 1998 and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. We shall deport all failed and fraudulent asylum seekers, either to their country of ethnic origin or to their point of last departure.
    We shall abolish the institutional discrimination practised by many public sector employers, most notably the police, against our people and in favour of ethnic aliens. All appointments and promotions shall be on merit only.
    We shall repeal the anti-free speech laws on race and religion, beginning with the Race Relations Act, 1965 and including the Equality Act, 2010.
    We shall establish a dedicated Border Protection Force with full police powers to arrest detain and charge immigrants who enter our country illegally, or attempt to do so, or who illegally overstay.
    We shall abolish the costly anti-English quango known as the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

    more here:
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