Scientolgy Gold base news

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by anonymouslemur, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    The road hasn't nearly the traffic origionally claimed by the scilons, hours and hours of vids prove this.

    On the other hand, moving a road for private reasons usually means paying for it (that is building the new road first at their cost, not tax-payer's) , after many, many impact studies, engineering studies, and jumping through many hoops.

    So the silly shits wanna do their 'we are holier than thou' and plunge ahead with their isolationist plans. If I were one of the people down the road I'd think I'd be getting pretty pissed of by nao. In particular, all aborigional land claims/access agreements, tied in with desert environmental information.

    Many different aspects on how to deal with such a thing, many quite valid ones that will not only make cult look the fools they are, but also cost them hugely.

    Be interesting if some of the locals have anything to say, ie. looking into the permits, studies, plans, of this whole endeavour. Remember, if its actions that can affect the community, usually
    there are pretty stringent laws regarding procedure.

    For example. Has anyone questioned the 'berm for flooding' , the pushed up POS pile of silt we have witnessed?
    does anyone here think this pile of dirt would stop a flood? Is there any sort of stablization built in there?

    Reality check here. That pile of shit wouldn't do fuck all except wash away into the river/creek.
    In fact, them having stripped the land of any grasses/veg etc. has created a huge problem should there be a water issue.

    I hope the locals start to ask some really hard questions here because something smells bad (well it is CoS after all, ya I no), and I'm willing to bet my 2 cents they are trying to circumnavigate governmental proceedures. Look carefully folks imho.

    Blathered enough, I go meaow.

  3. _You_ Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    The CULT bought land with a road running through it.

    Eminent Domain applies to everyone.

    The existing road is no longer adequate.

    No problem. Expand the existing road.

    Let the $cilons pay for tunnels under the expanded existing road.

    Voila! Traffic flow and safety problem solved.
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Correct, this was discused in the origional thread concerning this, but nao it seems that cult decides to take the law into its own hands and do what it wants w/o proper procedures (nothing new there), so, info fags might want to do some lookin' an' stuffs imho.

    Really, I see these flailing attempts by DM et al to be nothing but the new buds of giant footbullets, they do not run the world, are not above the laws of man or nation, and have no more rights than any other humans. This I'm sure is very hard for them to understand, shame fer them.

  5. subgenius Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    I don't believe even they think this is going to happen.
    Its a ploy of some kind.
  6. XenuPhobic Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    What ever happened to the OP of this here thread?
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    Check with the bureau of land mgt to as land has to be used for what it was bought for.

    So if any changes happen to that land they need to know too.

    This includes anything that effects that land.
  8. _You_ Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Pretty much everything the CULT has gotten has been from lying, intimidation, mind control and general mind fu**ing.

    They got the IRS to cave to them in this way.

    They are falling back on the mafia tactics that have worked for them over the years.

    The problem is, they have a real track record of their tactics working for them.

    There is always the real possibility that the public and public officials may be temporarily distracted at some point in time and the $cilons will be ready to pounce "While the cat's away...".

    Part of the $cilon tactics are:

    1.) Wear your opponent down
    2.) Continuously search for any vulnerabilities of your opponent
    3.) Exploit all vulnerabilities of your opponent.

    The $cilons act as an organizational cancer.
  9. auchraw Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    And Anon acts as a cancer-detection and eradication service.
  10. _You_ Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news


    Here is the picture of the land that the OP says the Co$ will gain if the deal goes thru.

    The stretch of road is long enough to land a plane on. The rest of the area has too many mountains (?)

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