Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by J. Swift, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. J. Swift Member

    Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Oprah Winfrey has achieved that rarest of all power states where she can actively create Culture by saying what it is and is not. As one of the most powerful and influential people in American Culture, Oprah is friend of Scientology who is completely unwilling to address its human rights abuses or Master Race doctrine. Scientology critics have contacted Oprah's producer and staff over the years with documented evidence of Scientology's harm and Oprah has never addressed it on her show. Indeed, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and other Scientology celebrities are given extraordinary access to Oprah's show.

    Oprah has ignored Scientology's critics.

    This is all about to change, and, it requires your help.


    It is important -- particularly for American critics of Scientology -- to understand how we can use the Democratic process and the power of our votes to force Oprah, and perhaps even Senator Barak Obama, to address Scientology in the public arena. We will no longer be protesters ringed by police and hired Scientology thugs, for we will be voters with a loud voice.

    Oprah has just risked a great deal by sponsoring the Presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

    Oprah clearly wants to achieve an even greater position of power: Confidante and Counselor to the President of the United States of America. Yet, I believe there is more to Oprah's ambitious risk in supporting Senator Obama's candidacy. I believe that Oprah is maneuvering for Senator Obama's US Senate seat in Illinois should he win, or, possibly even the higher position as "President Obama's" Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. This US Presidential Cabinet seat would give Oprah the power and hundreds of billions of dollars she needs to realize her vision of a better America. An appointment of Oprah as Secretary of HEW would also, chillingly, give Scientology direct access to the White House, to education dollars, and to ask for special protections against its critics.

    We cannot allow a repeat of the Clinton years in terms of Scientology. This is why we must inject the Power of Anonymous into the US election process to force Oprah Winfrey and Senator Obama to address Scientology and its documented human rights abuses. Oprah can evade the issue on her TV show, but she cannot run away on the campaign trail where voters get to ask both her and Senator Obama about Scientology.

    We can also go onto Senator Obama's websites and Oprah's websites with our comments. And we can certainly visit Christian Evangelical websites to ask why Oprah Winfrey remains silent about the human rights abuses of the Satanic Cult of Scientology.

    If we get enough Anons and others talking this up on the internet, Oprah will not be able to ignore it.

    Oprah has achieved the pinnacle in television. This is in and of itself a plateau and a dead end for Oprah -- unless of course she is happy with being a TV Star for the rest of her life. I do not see Oprah as settling for this destiny. The next logical move for Oprah is to become a Cabinet Officer or to run for Senator Obama's Senate Seat in Illinois. I say this because Oprah needs true political power to realize her dreams. She has vast influence and power, but it is not even close to the power of a White House Cabinet Secretary or a high profile US Senator such as Barack Obama. I take the point of view that Senator Obama promised Oprah a gigantic prize for her endorsement, and it is his Senate seat or a Cabinet seat. In my mind, there is no other way to explain Oprah having alienated part of her core audience by endorsing any political candidate.

    The stars of film and television witnessed the transformation of their fellow actor Ronald Reagan into the legendary US President who ended the Cold War. Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected the Governor of California, a US state that is the world's seventh largest economy with an incredibly diverse population in excess of 30,000,000 people. Arnold has tremendous national and international power as Governor of the most powerful and populous US state. As Henry Kissinger said, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I see Oprah reaching for her penultimate place of power in life -- and Senator Obama is her Mentor and her Ally. Furthermore, Scientology has a place at Oprah's table.

    Oprah's endorsement of Senator Obama explains why Tom Cruise has suddenly spoken on behalf of Scientology and said that Scientologists will be active in the US Presidential election. Scientology is a group that feels inherently entitled, and I see that Tom Cruise has apparently called in favors that Scientology believes that it is owed by Oprah Winfrey. How much money have Scientologists donated to Oprah's causes?

    Expect the Scientologists -- per Tom Cruise's statement on the elections -- to amp up to full power in supporting the candidacy of Barak Obama for President. Bill Clinton was good to the Satanic Cult of L. Ron Hubbard, partly because of the inexcusable bullying of Scientology and John Travolta when Travolta played Bill Clinton's character in the movie Primary Colors. Clinton was mired in MonicaGate and Travolta played the role down in exchange for Presidential favors to Scientology from Bill Clinton. With an Obama-Oprah Axis in the White House, Scientology will gain preferential treatment once again.

    We cannot allow this to happen.


    Here is my prediction and my speaking to Culture and Anonymous: We have the power as internet critics to inject Scientology into the US Presidential election as a highly polarizing and effective wedge issue. The election is where we can compel Oprah Winfrey to openly address human rights abuses of Scientology. This is where people can knock Oprah off her throne at campaign rallies. What I am saying is that the Old Guard and Anonymous should plan on attending Obama rallies in every city with their signs and inject our cause into an arena where we are treated as voters and not as protesters. OSA cannot touch us at Presidential election rallies, for it is illegal to do so. We can use the Democratic Process itself
    against Scientology!

    True to his distorted sense of reality, Tom Cruise no doubt sees his redemption in Senator Obama becoming President because he is friends with Oprah. Tom Cruise can perhaps bring in $50+ million into Barack's campaign from wealthy Scientologists. More critically, Tom can move those hardcore 25,000 US Scientology votes over to Senator Obama and sway the vote by .0001%.

    Seriously, will Obama take money from Scientologists? This could be the first election where Scientology is a wedge issue used by Republicans. Imagine the headlines on Drudge Report: Obama Accepts Million$ from the Master Race Group Scientology!

    Scientology is so ugly that the media and the voters can force both Oprah and Obama to publicly repudiate the Cult of Scientology and dash the avaricious hopes of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige.

    We may be in for the Ultimate Clambake!

  2. Anonabliss Member

    Oh Gawd, Im running out of tinfoil.
  3. J. Swift Member

    Anonabliss, why are you so unwilling to think in big and daring terms? Why would you invalidate or dismiss an idea on its face? Are you afraid to be powerful? Are you afraid of ideas? Do you refuse to believe that Anonymous can inject Scientology into the US Presidential debate? And do you keep your hair braided around your eyes so that you do not have to look at radical and powerful ideas?

    I know that Anonymous can get even bigger and bolder and I am suggesting a very big game here.

    The premise of Anonymous is to defeat Scientology by addressing this issue at a global level. Anonymous has already made a significant impression in Culture. This week's edition of Radar Magazine features Anonymous and its actions against Scientology. Anonymous has gotten press all over. It would be an easy move for Anons to put some attention on Oprah for her hypocrisy regarding Scientology. What I described did happen in the Clinton era. That is why we need action now to prevent a repeat.

    If we look at the maximum opportunities now, one of them is to look at getting PR at Barack Obama rallies by handing out fliers asking why Oprah, one of Obama's key supporters, has supported Scientology. This issue will resonate because Anonymous has gotten serious traction in Culture. People are paying attention to what Anonymous is saying.

    Anonymous acting as peaceful political activists within the Democratic Process forces the police and OSA to disengage. The strategy is strong and clear.

    Think big.

  4. Anon "Leader" Member

    Why? Because it's low on LULZ, J. Swift.

    I don't understand why there's a huge push to push on Oprah when right now we haven't even confirmed a consistently positive reaction from mainstream media. Bloggers and internet sites are great, there's a buzz about this movement, but until we're actually taken seriously, I don't think we should start acting as if this is all serious business.
  5. Anonabliss Member

    Seriously? I thought a lot of this way before you came along. Oprah is vey influentual and powerful, much more than she deserves to be because in my mind, all she is is a celebrity butt kisser and makeover queen. However, she is much more in the public's eyes, so that makes her what she is.

    I do think we need to publicly get a statement out forcing her to get off the fence and declare her stance. I just don't know how to reach her. The you tube video was one way and I would like to ask for help with that from fellow anon's. Also, Harpo can be picketed. Anyone who wants to work with me on this please let me know.

    I do think, however, she will continue to ignore us as she has in the past, but it is worth a try, anyway.
  6. Daywatch Member

    the Co$ having influence on ANY politico is bad news and should be made public
    if we have any solid evidence we need to GOGOGOGOGOGO
    other than that getting celebutards and politicos to treat the Co$ like it was the KKK or radioactive is just as good!
  7. twelve Member

    I would personally have to go with this. Quite apart from some of the tinfoil in the OP's blurb (Oprah's goal is to become a minister? Wha-?) which could (I shall concede) be hypothetically possible, it strikes me as unlikely that we are going to get a positive reaction from an allegedly pro-Scientology media demi-god by spamming her webs. My 0.02.
  8. iaxiloll Member

    Indeed , the more exposure they get , the less risks of more exposure they will take, and people with a hidden agenda hate exposure. Oprah is one of Co$ entries into the Political field. We should not underestimate the power of a Celebrity , take the Terminator for instance , look where it got him. So I agree to do all we can to expose them. DIGG this
  9. J. Swift Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    I think Anon is tactically brilliant and strategically lacking. OSA thinks strategically and Anonymous thinks tactically. This is why OSA gets the police on its side and Anonymous gets told to stay on the sidewalk.

    If Anonymous wants to continue to be seen as marginalized protesters surrounded by police and not a politically active voting bloc on an par with Civil Libertarians, then keep doing the demonstrations. Personally, I think Anonymous should hitch its wagon to some powerful and compatible political groups out there to raise its profile as a Human Rights group.

  10. AnonyMILF Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Hi Swift,

    I think your ideas are all good (indeed, on OCMB I enjoy reading your posts the most), but I think a more likely explanation for Oprah wanting to endorse Obama, for obvious reasons, she wants a black president. :)

    I do believe that we should try to force her to talk about the Scientology issue, it has been discussed here before, however it is very unlikely given her friendship with the various celebretologists. I don't think mass emailing her or posting on her website will help, but their's no reason not to.

    Someone wanna make an 'official' operation in the right thread? I generally just lurk "breaking news" instead of going anywhere else so not sure where to post it....

  11. rasputin Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    thereby risking alienating those who do not agree with those powerful and compatible political groups, no?

    also, I'm curious as to what benefits you see from Anonymous as a politically active voting bloc. I see its strength being in precisely the fact that it isn't a unified bloc, but a loose collection of people based around an idea.

    as far as Oprah goes, anti-cult campaigner Rick Ross has been a guest on there several times, tho apparently he's less favourable to her now, if this post from his Cult News (not the same one as in my .sig) site is anything to go by.
  12. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    J.Swift, my 2 cents,

    Great overall points. A good soldier does not shy from theatres of war, neither should Anonymous. Hit them (Scilion supporters witting/unwitting) where it hurts.
    Their votes and/or their wallets.

    That is all.
  13. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    You are ALL forgetting something.

    Scientology has celebrities. That is why the focus of news is on THEM.

    They HATE this, because their "strategy" is ALWAYS move the focus to the critic, like they tried to do with the DVD. But the news isn't covering it. WHY?

    Because ANONYMOUS doesn't have anyone famous in it. We are unimportant, and it should STAY that way. "Stay on Target" means not making ourselves the focus of attention, but our TARGET remains the focus.

    Sounds like a win to have big guns, but it means big footbullets. GET IT?

    If it weren't for Tom Cruise, most news sources wouldn't even bother reporting ANYHTING about Scientology. So before we recruit Oprah, or Obama, or Stephen Hawking, or whoever, be aware of the consequences. And know that THEIR celebrity clout will work AGAINST them down to the last famous deserter.

    ANY celebrity association will allow them to manipulate the media into spending more time on THAT person rather than the issues themselves. They win. Don't do it.

    (How's THAT for strategy versus tactics?)
  14. ThatNateGuy Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Samuel Hughes++;

    I have to say, however, that getting Oprah involved does not necessarily denote that she is a part of Anonymous.

    Think about the Old Guard, they're something of celebrities because of their criticism and while the CoS does attack them, we have still managed to stay on target.

    Wise Beard Man, for example, may support our actions but he has explicitly said in one of his videos that he is not not Anonymous, although our own personal definition of what Anonymous is (an idea, not a group) may give him that label.
  15. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Sorry, but they are not celebrities (and it isn't even about who is card-carrying and who is not). I never heard of Mark Bunker (no offense) until I started researching Scientology again recently.

    When we are talking about celebrities, I am talking about household names that would justify a newspaper, TV station or radio station to make mention of something because of their involvement if nothing else.

    Tom Cruise and Oprah are American royalty so to speak. They are on the cover of tabloids at the checkout counter.

    Mark Bunker making a documentary exposing bull-baiting and fair game is awesome to us, but is not news. Tom Cruise jumping on a couch? /huge sigh/

    Not that I'm recommending it necessarily, but if EVERY protest had signs that said "Free Katie Holmes" it would probably give us twice the press than rattling on about tax exemption or human rights.

    Yes, what sad times we live in ...
  16. SanFranAnon Member

  17. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

  18. Raspute Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Barack? He's an elitist with the rest of 'em. How dare he discredit Reverend Wright. The only candidates who are actually self-motivated to speak the truth are Ron Paul and Mike Gravel. Don't waste your ink on Obama-his reliance on his supporters' longing for change is itself a testament to his contempt for them.

    And he was at CFR. If you don't know the significance of that yet, youtube the North American Union.

    Edit: Whoa, there's someone with the username Rasputin? Fun.
  19. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

  20. Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Here is a good article by Dr. Stephen Kent, U of Alberta about scientology and a previous President, amongst other notables.

    "Hollywood's Celebrity-Lobbyists and the Clinton Administration's American Foreign Policy Toward German Scientology." The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture Vol.1 Spring 2002.

    located here:
    Stephen Kent, Ph.D. - Scientology

    I agree that the scientology story and ultimately the ANTI-scientology strategy is incomplete without exploring politics, both American politics generally and with respect to the issue of celebrity involvement. The former I leave with amer-anons (not my biz); regarding the latter...I'm workin' the program.
  21. Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    I don't see any reason to over complicate things. If we can get Oprah, Obama or the pope to even think about scientology in a critical way and maybe voice that opinion it would be HUGE. This isn't a battle it is about informing people of the truth of scientology.

    I seriously doubt Oprah will ever say anything negetive about the cult but if enough people around her say "Look girl it's a cult, you need to help Tom" She would talk to Tom as a friend. That's a WIN
  22. Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    The Great Em/b/assy Security Leak of 2007 - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    You stand corrected.

    EDIT: Am I still the only one who thinks McCain would be more likely to listen to use and use Oprah's Co$/Obama ties against him?
  23. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    "Satanic Cult of Scientology" Please save that rhetoric for writing right wing fundamentalists of the Abrahamic triad. You know, the ones who think anyone who doesnt think like they do is a tool of Beezelbub. Sheesh. You can think Sci is Satanic or not, the Satanists want nada to do with them.
  24. Bakebehe Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    Partisan faggotry, GTFO.
  25. Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    "Even Satanists think Scientology is wrong." How's THAT for a protest sign?
  26. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Scientiology and US Presidential Politics

    It's lulzly for people who THINK, but there are those poor unfortunates who might think, "well if the horned one hates 'em, then they must be okay!"

    IMO, leaving cross-religious rhetoric out of the debate keeps the tin foil at bay.

    But do what thou wilt!

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