School shooting in CT

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paroxetine Samurai, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    No those 20 kids were worth $10-15 thousand on the open market at birth so that was a waste
  2. Anonymous Member

    You believe we should ignore the 20 killed because there is tragedy and death everywhere? Give up much?
  3. Anonymous Member

    a piece
  4. MrSmiles Member

    Thanks, that's all I'm really askin for, please carry on gentlemen
  5. Anonymous Member

    Oh lord you are funny, fix the facts! ORLY? Yeah, I really twisted things didn't I.

    Ok you want to discuss measures to reduce violence and can have an obsession with an object of violence, what's the point, your mindset is wrong right from the get go.
  6. Anonymous Member

    And you failed to notice on the china page about school incidents that the numbers of deaths were pretty low, high numbers wounded, but low fatalities. Now compare that with US incidents and then tell me what the main difference is between the two? It's not hard. Honest.
  7. Anonymous Member

    So kids are dying in US schools, the answer to the problem is a simple one, but hey! Kids die everywhere, let them die.

    Like your attitude fella.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Actually, we are doing a lot about that already. There are a number of UN and NGO groups dedicated to fight child mortality in 2nd and 3rd world countries. We actually know what it takes to stop people from dying from hunger and deceases. The question is what do we do to stop children being murdered by madmen in parts of the world where we otherwise are pretty much on top of the hunger/decease thing.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Fact: With a large enough population sample, you will always have someone going gaga and start killing (even in China)
    Fact: It's fairly easy to kill with a big caliber (9 mm and up) gun.
    Fact: Rapid fire guns (semi-autos and autos) makes killing more people easier.
    Fact: High capacity guns makes killing more people easier.

    It is really only a question of seeing what level of mass shooting one is willing to accept versus what level of what restriction to gun ownership one is is willing to accept. We are never going to get rid of mass killings (the guy in China proved as much), but the frequency and number of fatalities can be kept down.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    ^ agree except the china thing wasn't a mass killing but a mass wounding.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I'm just wondering about how far gun development will go before the gun lobby find something that is unacceptable for public ownership, the founding fathers could never in their wildest dreams ever thought that guns would become what they are today. They would have probably written slightly different laws and rights if they had.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I believe auto canons and grenade launcher aren't legal for civilians anywhere, so i believe military hardware is well past the point you mention.

    It's kind of difficult to go on a rampage with a musket. I own one I use for re-enactment, don't even need a permit.
  14. anonymous612 Member

    Really? All sarcasm aside, that's actually rather interesting.
  15. Anonymous Member

    How many non-US kids died on the same day due to the American military using its perfectly legal weapons overseas? Anybody care?

    Fucking hypocrites.
  16. Anonymous Member

    If you would like to consider yourself some form of a human being, or dare I say, Humanitarian, why then you are also a hypocrite. apples and oranges. tiresome.
  17. Anonymous Member

    20 less American soldiers killing innocents overseas 20 years from now.
    Like that better?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Samefag: Better yet, I live in gun-hostile Europe.
  19. Anonymous Member

    How many kids DID die that day due to American Military? I doubt 20, and you will notice that when 20 children die ANYWERE in one place it is noticed and deplored.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Are you reenacting the US Civil War or the Indians? srs question.
  21. anonymous612 Member

    sweetheart, muskets existed in the Revolutionary War era.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Well, the way some Americunts see it, you Europeans should have all been done away with by your governments by now, as you have no way to defend against them (i.e., no guns @home, excepting the Swiss, as I seem to recall).

    Of course, the Yanks being so fucking stupid, don't realise that their government needs them for labour. Time to thin that herd anyway.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar.
    Also: The US governmetn fights and kills to obtain peace.
  24. Anonymous Member

    The "Indians"? Are you from the 20th century?
  25. Anonymous Member

    And the musket owner is European so.....
  26. Anonymous Member

    Deplored LOL as if that accomplishes anything, to utter some fucking worthless words.

    How about you get your trigger-happy murdering Myrmidons to stop shooting altogether?
  27. anonymous612 Member

    I like how nobody can discuss civilian gun control without blaming everything on the US military. Stay classy.
  28. Anonymous Member

    How about you leave your usual anti American killing the world rants at home and discuss the shooting in Connecticut and the implications or reasons for it.
  29. Anonymous Member

    6 I posted the information is the Guns thread. It's interesting and says something about the idea of guns in world wide culture.
  30. Anonymous Member

    True but unrelated. You said the US didn't notice when 20 kids were killed. We are taking about a mass killing of children in a single incident. Anywhere in the wordl when a group of 20 + children is killed at once there is outrage.
    You are talking about war. It's killing but not a school shooting or the deaths of large number of children at once. War kills, but this is not that thread.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Thats what they call themselves, with pride.
    Welcome to our web site, dedicated to all First People of the America's, and Canada, better known as Turtle Island. This is a child friendly, educational site about Native Americans (American Indians) and members of the First Nations.

    The term First Nations is from Canada, still not universally used here, or not at all. "Tribe" and "Indian Nation" are used.
  32. Anonymous Member

    There is a "Americans suck" option in the Guns thread survey. How about you check that? It will cut down the number of shit posts in this thread.
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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Ah yes, a little comic relief. Just what the parents of the 20 dead children could use to help take their minds off their losses. You remember those 20 dead children right? The ones this thread was originally about before the fucktarded yes/no gun conversation took over and people could not be dissuaded from having?

    I went back and looked. It took less than half a page for the derail to start. And tt is now at page 25.

  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member
    Handguns. 16 children killed.
  38. Anonymous Member

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