Scariest info I've come across so far

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by UnAnonymous1, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. UnAnonymous1 Member

    Scariest info I've come across so far

    This is the scariest stuff I've seend about the CoS since this whole thing started.

    Originally saw it linked from Penny Arcade.

    Check it out for yourselves:

    Steven Fishman Deposition - Interview, very intense and in depth (part1/5)

    General Fishman Information

    Origins of the Church, LRH's early planning of the structure, really messed up stuff
  2. This is amazing information.
  3. Fishman

    Watch the videos! There are over 3 hours of them, but you will see what happens to people and how they are manipulated.

    I cannot even tell you, I am sick to my stomach after watching this person who is clearly borderline schitzophrenic from this cult.

    He is better now, but this man was CONVINCED that he impregnated MARY... Yes, that MARY.

    These guys have to go down for their crimes against people who just want to be accepted!
  4. UnAnonymous1 Member

    Yeah, really creepy.

    He's doing the interview with his psychiatrist and lawyer, and they both sound semi-freaked out about entire thing. That's understandable because Fishman was actually at one point ordered to murder his psychiatrist.

    I can't imagine being in the room with this guy, listening to the conviction in his voice about all of this and thinking that there still may be a bounty on your head.
  5. Clearly, the guy was brilliant. I mean, the memory this guy has!
    3rd largest collection of scientology books and tapes.
    He was so devoted, and they sent him bottles of poison!
    Called him on the phone encouraging him to kill himself, and giving him a bullshit guarantee that he would come back as an infant in the sea org?
    That his coursework would be paid for in the next life, and that he would get preferential treatment in the "between lives" period.. which they think was created by Christ????????????????? They told him all this, so he would kill himself?

    I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be in this guys head, and how confused he must have been.

    On google video, it skips a number, but all the parts are there. I think it jumps from 5 to 7, but it is in order.
    This clearly is what people need to see.
    This is as ugly as scientology gets, ya know?
  6. Anon883 Member

    Not finished watching all of them yet but so far I'm saddened that some shit science fiction by a gross lunatic is taken THAT seriously by scientologists. It's proof that if an idea or group exists, no matter how good or bad or smart or idiotic it is, there will ALWAYS be people who join/agree/believe in it.

    And I agree that this is essential viewing for all anti-scientologists.
  7. That was so sickening to watch. Everyone should take the time to do so. Anyone know what has happened with Steve to this day? Sounds like after '97 he would have just offed himself(EOC or whatever it is called).
  8. WhySoSerious Member

    I was just watching the first part, as I understood it's completely bizarre. Serious serious shit
  9. you really need to watch this.

    This will clear up so many things. This guy is about as INTO scientology as you can get. He isn't telling a story, he IS the story.

    Bumped so more people watch!
  10. anonipanda Member

    This needs to posted all over the place and linked like crazy.
  11. The last link in the first post...

    The last link in the first post?

    WOW! The affidavits and stuff?

    This needs to be leaked.

    This needs to be sent to Will Smith, and Katie and Jason Lee.

    This is serious, serious stuff.

    Here is the link if you are being a lazy bones.
  12. Anon883 Member

    Jason Lee is long gone, unfortunately.
  13. ihasapancake Member

    That's some impressive but scary documentation. The guy really *is* the "religion".
  14. Toonces Member

    At first, I was mildly amused by his crazyness:
    And he talks about his past lives.
    But as the story unfolded and I found out what they've done to him, I was horrified. They basically told him he impregnated Mary, so he's the father of Jesus Christ. Basically he was standing behind a bush masturbating while she was taking a bath in a river, and his semen traveled in the water to her. Yes, a variation of the "pregnant from the swimming pool" urban legend. So by publishing this story, he was told he could eliminate all the "false data" of Christianity and thereby clearing half the planet. Of course, someone clearing half the planet single handedly should have all the data, so they make him buy all of Ron's shit and aquire the third most complete $cio library. How does he pay for it? Securities fraud, for which he later gets incarcerated.
    Scary shit.
  15. want scarier? i've been reading about this stuff for years, and this is the freakiest stuff i've found:

    why i made a big post: i read about this somewhere and couldn't find much info.

    so there's not much left of this topic i can find on the net. now there's more. hth.
  16. Anonamour Member

    jesus_loves_xenu, have you come across any information about the CoS ambition to colonize space?

    I've been dumping alot of information that seems to tie CoS to shaping public opinion around the biodiversity crisis via a Sciento lifer who was also involved in the biosphere project. I'm thinking that the CoS want us to think that we need to colonize space because Earth will not be livable or some crap, but I haven't found any direct CoS statements to back that up.

    Take a look at my data dump:
  17. great stuff. is it possible to make some kind of thing like, but maybe with a little less plastic-xp whitespace garbage in it?

    (it just seems triplespaced anywhere it could be double is all.) i mean they have a great idea, a great site, they just aren't going to cover anything as serious as scientology. but a database of everything scientology could be awesome.
  18. Anonamour Member

    Yeah and I have more but a website with this kind of info is going to be a major target, don't you think? I am dumping it in multiple locations to avoid that for now.

    Eventually a site like They Rule would be ideal. Check the link in my sig.

    Oh and you didn't answer my Q?
  19. UnAnonymous1 Member

    Yes, yes you're right. This is MUCH scarier and makes me very happy that the events of the last month have happened.

    Jeez that's some scary shit
  20. r00tdenied Member

    I'm watching this first one. Although it is disturbing, he is getting to the part where thetans created the physical MEST universe from randomness and for being a game. Its very bizarre reasoning but then it made me think about the game and I just lost it.
  21. r00tdenied Member

    Guys, I feel this is URGENT.

    Watch the fifth video from that disposition. It talks about EOC and body dropping AKA the church telling the guy to off himself with with cyanide or lethal injection. He is also talking about having reveries where the church hypnotised him to kill himself. ... 1238427975
  22. a-non-lawyer Member

    I've seen this before. Totally insane. And really creepy.

    Here is his (supposedly real) homepage[/url:2phz85jk]. He has a page explaining how Scientology works[/url:2phz85jk]. He calls this a "fable," so I'm not sure what to make of that.

    Excerpts (not sure when this was written -- 1996?):

    There are some weird incongruities in that second link, so it's hard to know how much is accurate. Anyway, much of it is corroborated by material documented elsewhere, other pieces less so.
  23. AnonKiwi Member

    OMG, you all have to go read his book. It's there on the site. It's awesome until the teens chapters where he is just constantly yo-yoing madly back and forth between his disintigrating COS office and his normal life of fucking underage prostitutes... the last couple of chapters and the afterward are good tho.

    And get this for a jesus christ scary mofo quote.

    He's a freakishly scary and funny writer, all at the same time.

    But do you know what's really awesome? Read his book and you get the very real sense that he just about half-destroyed his local chapter ON HIS OWN without even meaning too. It's bloody awesome!

    "I'm a Kha-Khan! You have to forgive me ten times over!" bahaha!
  24. Anyone (not) get the reference to being forgiven ten times over? I forget where I read about that.
  25. AnonKiwi Member

    Steve Fishman, for his efforts in... either screwing over a critic (seducing her) very badly, or .... I forget, was awarded a "Kha-Khan" medal, which in Sciobot land means you can be forgiven up to 10 times for any crime.

    By the end of his time in Scioland it was the only thing keeping him in (he was falling apart). Which is damn funny because he was taking half of his base with him hehehe.
  26. I did a quick google seach on "Steve Fishman" because I was curious what happened to him, and look what comes up as the second link:
    Claiming that he is just some felon making up shit as he goes.

    and is?
    "Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International"
  27. AnonKiwi Member

    He's a fellon because Scibots said "you're poor? No problem, here's how you can defraud the govt. and thus pay your way up the bridge!".

    They also complained when he didn't defraud enough, and coached him on how to defraud more.

    So now he's a fellon! Although he served his time in a mental institution I believe.
  28. Amy Noonsun Member

    The Fishman stuff is just fascinating. Here is the most astonishingly OCD guy who is obviously a genius, who went through the most amazing mental contortions to mold himself to the twisted world of upper-level Scientology. He just went hook-line-sinker for the whole damn shebang; EVERY critic should hear this man's narrative.

    When I read his Lonesome Squirrel book, I found myself oscillating between pure contempt for him, to disbelief, horror and to pity. When I watched the deposition, I was just so struck by his truly encyclopedic knowledge of Scientology and the truly insane (and often illegal) lengths he would go to for the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics".

    It actually broke my heart to see how earnest and hopeful he was when he would tell about how his book ("The Holy Book of Life") would save half the planet...that even though he was no longer part of the Church of Scientology, he was "...still wearing his hat!" and how Ron would be so proud of him! Under all that shit he had done under the orders and influence of the CoS, we see the real him, that part of him who really and truly wanted to help people.

    And then they want him to write a suicide letter full of lies and fucking kill himself. Man, fuck the CoS. :evil:
  29. Amy Noonsun Member

    Yep; that there is what's called "Dead Agenting." The CoS so loves their smear campaigns.
  30. CandyWaffles Member

    While the stuff they say other do would be disturbing if true, the fact CoS a Church that is supposed to be about enlightenment and understanding can so callously slander another human being for talking out against them is proof enough to me that they are false. They could at least take the normal religious route and say "We are praying for this misinformed person" rather than "ZOMG THEY SET US UP THE BOMB"
  31. ANd.ONe.mouse Member

    Dang when I have some time I need to watch this.
    He really sounds like Jon Lovitz though, and looks like him.
  32. fluffbomb Member

    I'm only on part two and I'm now, yet again, asking myself how the hell the authorities have allowed all of this to carry on.

    What makes me sad is that his concepts of time and space are really incredibly deep. You can tell he's tried to make sense of everything from an analytical mind.

    In part one, the basic principles and theory of time and space are there, the kind of things you'd debate in the pub, knowing that you'd never be able to fully understand, but it's still fun to debate. It's how he's connected all of this to what he sees as proven fact that is disturbing.
    The distortion of what Stephen Hawkin would theorize with the insanity of the cult is what I found absolutely immense.

    I don't know how a person could come back from that.
  33. Re:

    There are cult deprogrammers, but it's not a popular idea, and at least shouldn't be taken lightly, because you have the same ethical questions you do with any other kind of brainwashing. Deprogramming AFAIK is brainwashing in reverse, which is to say, brainwashing. Although the intentions behind it are certainly better. If i did that sort of thing, I'd try to be a lot more gradual than the cult was. But then the cult can take years, decades to do their work.
  34. seebs Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    One key point:

    Several other ex-OT8s have denied parts of what Fishman claimed, and many of the ex-scientologists are pretty convinced that he was a liar who would make stuff up to make the church look bad. So. DO NOT RELY ON HIS CLAIMS WITHOUT CORROBORATION.
  35. Amy Noonsun Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    I didn't know there were many ex-OT8s out there; any chance you can point me to a link of ex-Scieno critics of the Fishman stuff?
  36. Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    Uh. name 2.
    Source or it's BS.

    Many scientologist's think Fishman is a liar, not EX scientologists.
    Which are you?
  37. anonGF Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    The part where he talks about meeting his own murderess is damn creepy. Then from there on it gets bat-shit crazy...
  38. Amy Noonsun Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    I'm calling BS on that, myself.

    Fishman comes across as the real deal to me.
  39. xyzzy65535 Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    I think Fishman is a pretty cool guy. eh begets Jesus and doesn't afraid of scientology.
  40. badwolf Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    After this dude, the xenu story seems tame.

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