Savage beating of young man in tehran by masked police 6/15/2009

Discussion in 'Videos' started by DanX, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. DanX Member


  2. i dont belive it.

    Dear people of Iran, from every class and religion. I have 4 words to say to you... WE ARE WITH YOU!

    When i see this videos, i almost cry... i feel sick, how can this hapen?
    for the people in Europe, this is impossible. We cannot even imagine something like this.

    Iam a Christian immigrant from Turkey now living in Sweden, so i can imagine the vilonce. even if i cant feel the pain you feel, or the horror... i get afraid...

    I admire you brevery to stand up to a mad man! a mad regim...

    i wish you all of luck, and i pray for you all....

    //Tomas, The supporter of "the new Iran"
  3. e-k-freedom Member

    The new gestapo!!!
  4. skollie-IRAN Member

    I've seen this video numerous times (it's been posted a lot), yet it still makes me sick and outraged every time I view it!

    Bless all of you brave protesters.
  5. I don't think this video is from the recent protests, the police are just targeting/arresting one guy and ignoring the crowd gathering around, people are watching and recording the beating and don't appear scared at all. Plus there is no sound, making it hard to verify the context of this clip.
  6. Wow

    omfg ,, thats sick...
  7. I have seen this video before the elections even started. Though it may be very brutal but it is nothing that has not happened in so called western countries. USA, for example, how many black people has been beaten by the police for no reason? In the UK too, there has been incidents whereby the police pushed a individual so hard that he flew into the wall and broke his neck. How about during the recent protest whereby the UK police hit out on a individual who was not even involved in the protest but died because of it? Another more recent example is in Australia whereby the police tassered a suspect more then 28 times!

    I say look at your very own government before criticising others. No government is perfect but it is clear that the media is flexing its muscles again. Is the US using its divide and conquer tactics again? Or is it fuelling a civil war so that it does not need to invade? Guys open your eyes.
  8. King-IRAN Member

    I am the Anonymous above and would like to share a few videos and articles. I would also like to raise the issue of how UK police handled G20 protesters, arguably in a very similar manner that Iranian police are doing?

    [ame=]YouTube - Raw Video: Police Slam Wrong Man Into a Wall[/ame]

    Police brutality is international.

    Stay Strong Iran!
  9. disgusting

    Fight on Fellow Persians...
  10. Runa Member

    Yes, I know: Police brutality is international but the Iranian police gave an Iranian youth a terrible beating.

    See how easy I can twist the argument?
  11. No they only meant to zap him 3 times but they are still learning how to use the Taser it is new machine for them.
  12. LastManStand Member

  13. The best and brightest do not gravitate toward the police profession. A cop only needs one reason to use his taser, and if you give it to him he will be more than happy to use it on you. If you resist arrest you are just begging them.
  14. Luckily most people in Iran arent alcoholics, nor are they protesting while being completely blind drunk while supposedly coming home from work.

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