San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

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  1. San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    The San Jose raid, I mean actually literally, the Mountain View raid. The San Jose planning was a diversion for a raid at Mountain View org.
    Quick summary:
    At least 14 anons showed up. The scifags weren't up to much at first, then lots of them and public started arriving and leaving later. We made sure Entheta reached their unprepared pre-clear ears. Many opportunities for enturbulating were available, cake, and even one police officer too. Oh yeah, Allender joined in and we were very happy. Then some went to Castro St., where there was an event going on, to close the Stress Test booth.

    Videos and pictures to come, I'm too lazy right now to upload.
  2. fitch2000 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Nice. waiting for vid of the totally sane Allender guy lol.

    do scilons have to get some kind of "doing business in the street" permits to be able to have a table with a free"stress test" and a pile of books to sell? Or are they combining the emeter with sales to say it's religious?

    If people caused a big enough stink about the stress tests and made them stop "recruiting with Dianetics and stress tests in the streets" I wonder if they would be able to sit out there and sell Dianetics with out the stress tests?
  3. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    A much wordier and detailed report; forewarned for the tired

    Earlier this month, I posted on WWP that our global raid would commence at the same time, same place, at the San Jose Org. Our theme we chose was "bring fucktons of popcorn and eat it", and it went off as a big success.

    The catch?

    We never went to the org in San Jose.

    Through private messaging we trolled OSA by arranging our raid to meet at the org in Mountain View, on Easy St. This classic and hilarious ruse was HUGELY successful, even in unexpected ways. Raiders arrived en masse at 11am in front of the MV Org, popcorn in large quantities being carried in garbage and grocery bags. With a total count of 6 Ex-Scis and OGs and 7 Anons (amounting at 13 total, if I counted right), we rocked this bitch up right and came as a big surprise to those working inside.

    What made this raid great was the AMOUNT of Scis that would be going in and out, because the sidewalk is right next to their parking lot, and they only have one way to drive in and out. Nobody who drove there walked away without some of us trying to speak with them and shouting URL's across the way. Just having that much exposure to Scilons made our day extremely entertaining.

    Lots of dancing was had, as customary, and video recording. The popcorn was delicious and buttery. Traffic driving both directions on the road were pleasantly high, with a decent amount coming from both ways and many of them honking or throwing a thumbs-up. One man even pulled in to stop and talk to us, and he was originally from Belgium and on vacation here (I think, only a couple of us talked with him). A pickup truck pulled into the parking lot at one point, and a 9-year-old-looking kid actually hopped out of the car and walked over to talk to us, something we weren't really prepared for. The mother walked inside for stuff, the dad stayed in the truck (lol, he doesn't like the cult I guess). The mother, along with a Staff member, ushered the kid away from us just as we were having a nice casual chat. The "moralfags" in us started to show a bit then, I think.


    Meanwhile, the main downtown center of Mountain View was hosting an Art & Wine festival up and down Castro St. Upon knowing this, three Ex-Sci's (Mike, MobileAnon and a former OT5) and I drove over there to troll the Dianetics fuckheads and hand out fliers. There were some arguments between us and Festival folks about staying there or moving to the (lolwtf) "Free Speech Area", but in the end we won our right to stay where we were without causing much of a distraction to any other businesses. Well, except for the Scilons, of course. At most we stayed for an hour, and just as we were leaving, from the corner of our eyes, we saw the poor Dianetics fellows pack up their stuff from the tables and quickly and quietly closing up. Win.

    MoarXenu met up with us afterwards, and we went in the elevator of the parking garage to get to our car. The elevator gets stuck between the first and second floor, for about 25 minutes. The very nice and very helpful fellows of the Mountain View Fire Dept. helped us bring the bitch down and we took the goddamn stairs to get to our vehicle. Because elevators suck balls in Mountain View.

    We return to the Org, find out that Allender and a bunch of public Scilons taking courses are showing up, so we proceed to troll and yell and dance and eat some more until the parking lot was slowly getting empty. When only the Org directors' cars and the Yellow Fail Van were left, we cleaned up, gave each other handjobs, and called it a win day.

    Photos and video to show up soon, maybe as soon as tonight (if SOME PEOPLE keep to their word >.>)

    tl;dr: Southbay Stat-Crashers Crash Stats.

    Now here are some photos:











  4. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    The difference is that they own and run a Dianetics building on that street, so all they did was use their own property to pimp their own stuff, which is a legal thing for them to do even without a festival going on. I'm sure they made a permit to be involved in the festival in that regard (at least I would assume so, but we could always find out).

    But no worries, as soon as we were getting ready to leave, they were packing all of their stuff up back inside :p
  5. fitch2000 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Do you know if they sell Dianetics at the stress test tables (if they can lol) as "religious text"? Or are they selling their tax free religious texts as something else?

    I can't really explain what I mean but I'm just wondering if it would be legal to sell a bible outside a church with a stress test without explaining it was religious?

    IDK, maybe it's just unethical but it looks like it would be illegal as well.
  6. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    [ame=""]YouTube - OTVIII is crazy![/ame]
    I love this vid, John "Loco-Tech" Allender OT8, He's at cause, grt commentary also. LOL
  7. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    I honestly don't know, since they both defenses of it being a "religious text" and "a self-help guide" or some shit. Either way, they're pimping Scientology to these people, and with the way they're running themselves as a business on that street, selling them as a "religious text" is just wrong, fucked up and stupid.

    You'd have to ask Mike about what they were calling them, I was about ten feet away with fliers while he did most of the enturbulating right in front of their tables.
  8. amaX Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    I love it! Keep those doggies trollin'.
  9. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Also, LOL!

    /inside joke
  10. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    High points:

    *Organized and highly prepared
    *Bonus side-raid project
    *Negotiating successfully with festival
    *Living through elevator tragedy
  11. fitch2000 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th


    I know no Mike. YO MIKE??? Has anyone got the sales pitch on camera I wonder? I remember AGP had some of it but I dont think he lasted til the end lol. Goina go dig around some vids I guess.
  12. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    He'll post on here at some point tonight, I'm sure, to add in his own two-cents.
  13. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    This day was:

    Today was awesome though. As my first raid (woot!) I thought it went really well and I had a blast. I am honored to have spent the day with such distinguished members as yourselves.

    I look forward to our next endeavour fellow Anons. And caek, I want more of that too. :D
  14. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Here is how NYC looks at that.

    Finding Stress, and Some Friction

    Don't always assume that Scientologists have proper permission to operate.
  15. anonseatac Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Good job guys. Can't wait to see the videos from your protest today.
  16. fitch2000 Member

  17. sock Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Bugger, decided to attend the raid at the last minute not realizing the planning thread was troll and went to the Mountain View org instead. Although in hindsight the "hey guise I'm makin every1 popcorn necklaces!" part should have been a dead give away, ah well.

    Sounds like a good raid.
  18. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Vids uploading now. This raid was alot of fun. thanks to all that brought food, popcorn and refreshments. the triple layer cake was delicious and the popcorn was epic and fresh. sorry to the anons that didnt get the PM about the move but it was worth it when you see the vids. My card ran out at the end of a good conversation on castro st but I got the best stuff.

    tl;dw - some of these guys are either starting to get it or they are getting really delusional. I refined my bullbaiting tactics to a softer, trying to get to know you, affair.

    Also - actually literally
  19. moarxenu Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    I came down from San Fagcisco aroung 1:30 to the Castro St. Festival in Mtn View. Took a couple of shots of phony and illegal stress test with scilons in yellow on red Dianetics T's.


    Booth selling tie-dye, the traditional national costume of Ecotopia:


    Scilon with blond hair and pony tail videos me, then follows me for two blocks when I leave. I duck into a Chinese grocery and hide out near the meat locker in the back until she's gone. Then I go to the Easy St. org.

    Daredevil biker anon at the Easy







    Also, slipped bike chain tech:




    I go back to Castro St. As I pull up to the parking garage I run into anons coming back from just trolling and enturbulating Dianetics scilons on Castro. We ride the elevator up with an Asian family who are cheerful when elevator gets stuck between floors. We tell them we are fighting the cult. They lull.

    Ex-scilon Mike: Shall I press the button for halp?


    Mike talks to the dispatcher. They send fire truck.

    Just as firetruck show up, elevator starts to descend. Anon says, "I was hoping I would get carried out in a fireman's arms."

    Back at Easy Street after pwning Dianetics scilons at Castro St. and stuck elevator faggotry.


    Then TWO rounds of Tunak Tunak Tun. First round - vidfag has cam on Still. Second round - he puts on Record.

    Round One:




    Suddenly, Pacman has three arms:






    Awesome new robe:


    Teh new Pacman:


    Tunak Round Two (vid cam on Record nao)


  20. Zulas Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Actually literally Win
  21. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Really great work.
  22. i'mglib Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Qwertyuiop, Loved your stress test table raid. Superb job.
  23. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    ran out of room so I smashed them together.
  24. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Added photos to my first post, sorry that they're huge
  25. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    I was looking forward to saying hello. bummer.
  26. sock Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    yeah, I should have paid closer attention to the planning thread. But it looks like it was definitely well worth it. Entertaining raid and good job trolling the stress test tables.
  27. RightOn Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    you forgot buttery popcorn was deliscious
  28. xenubarb Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Here is what I focus on when our fail stress tables are out, which is hardly ever these days.

    1. The sticker on the e-meter. Says for "pastoral counselling" within Scientology. It also says the device is not to be used to "diagnose or treat" mental or physical illness.

    So what are they doing with it? Diagnosing stress in a secular environment.

    2. Book sales. The last time they were in the park here, they called the rangers and a cop. The park ranger offered them a couple bucks for the book. His offer was refused. So he offered them three bucks, and they totally ignored him.

    Conclusion? They are not accepting "donations" for their books. The books have a price. That is a sale. That was the last time we saw them in the park.

    When they try to be secular, they probably shouldn't be dragging out their "religious pastoral counselling" device. They've cooked up this stress test scheme in such a way that it will fail if authorities actually take the time to listen to us.
  29. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Well I finally got a video together. It only looks like I hurried through it, but it took hours. Try and enjoy what I got and I am working on more.
  30. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Wow... just, wow.

    I love what these protests and masks have done to lower the inhibitions of men. It's kinda like the new ecstasy.
  31. Daisy Member

  32. birdlegs53 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    You guys rock! :cool:

    Great pix, excellent signage. Lots of goodies.
  33. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    The festival is also open today (Sunday). I checked if the Scis were out; lo and behold they had the stress test table open again. I thought to post this in case someone notices soon enough to go there and do some trolling.
    Festival ends at 6pm, tho I'd expect the stress testers would stay to catch all the people leaving or hanging around.

    booth02.jpg booth01.jpg

    Also, near Castro & El Camino, there was a CCHR table handing out DVDs. They were between to Amnesty International and the Jehovah's Witnesses. At least they can talk to JW for company. Sorry for bad image, CCHR is the blue and green booth.
    boothcchr.jpg boothjw.jpg
  34. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Okay here's what I've got on the saturaday raid on castro street. I haven't seen the final yet but I wanted to get it postecd, so i hope you all enjoy
  35. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    makes my head hurt.
  36. moarxenu Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    This is excellent. I hadn't understood that the street fair had a "free speech zone". So much for the Constitution and the First Amendment.
  37. Daisy Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    Hey qwertyuiop1 on your vid at :09 and at :55 it is Ellie Feeney, OT VIII making an appearance. Well, she must have took off after you showed up because she showed up at the Org on Easy while you guys were still at Castro. I noticed she look pissed getting out of car when she arrived at the org. OT VIII deserts her fellow scilons because she can't face one anon showing up! How is that for OT powers.
  38. sock Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    The look on woman's face at 2:42 as she's being led away after hearing about disconnection is priceless.
  39. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    I remember that!!! this clip might be useful. Really wierd.
  40. Re: San Jose / Mountain View Sept 12th

    That was a moment I will NEVER forget.

    You could see the troubling look in her face as she's being fed all of this info at once, and then he gets roped into taking a tour without even a word.

    One thing's for sure, I know she won't EVER look at Scientology without thinking of what happened that day.

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