San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Exponential Member

    Music is the language of movement and a key to nostalgia. Infants learn and enhance thier memories through rhythm. No matter how down I get, music always takes me to a better place. That's awesome, glad you had a good time dancing. I know it sounds like a broken record, but come to SC one weekend and chill w/ us.
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  2. skeptic2girl Member

    I have it on my calendar for the weekend before Halloween!! :)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    SF Org address should be a dance floor. Eventual barely used premises and furniture for bar and lounge inside. One unused desk for DJ equipment.
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  4. skeptic2girl Member

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  5. skeptic2girl Member

    from Sept. 10th San Jose "Bring Back Jon Allender!" Raid --

    The Los Gatos Org is actually located in San Jose! But don't worry, kids -- it's the 'church' of Scientology... it doesn't have to make sense


    If you've ever wondered what moog looks like without his suit jacket, protest with him in the San Jose heat! It was so hot (though maybe not so hot just sitting there -- but waving, dancing, and overall raiding = YES) that at some point moog threatened to take off his pants... we headed back to the lulzy fogland of SF instead of calling his bluff. Although, as moog himself would say, "it would make a great video!!"

    moar later... and tons of stuff from fellow attendees!!
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  6. adhocrat Member

    I was surprised when Moog said ya'll were heading back. It was early. Then I started the video making and saw Moog expending prodigious amounts of energy, dancing up a storm. He was dancing on the walk over. He danced waiting for the light. He danced as he went across the street. He danced as he came down the street.

    Then he really got down...

    But he was shy for Tunak, he went to the back of the bus chorus line to dance Tunak. I was glad for the company.

    Thanks Pac, sure glad you put this together.

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  7. skeptic2girl Member

    can't wait to see the video, ad! I know it's a lot of work to put together, too.
    hope moarxenu posts some of those picasa web album pix -- they turned out great!
    Meanwhile --

    bringing the love to the San Jose org -- we await the reluctant appearance of the Little White Man in the little black box in order to cross the street to the org. it took about 20 minutes!


    however, the super-long crosswalk waits worked in our favor in terms of protesting! Plenty of captive audiences to read all the signs and gawk and laugh. TONS of horn love! And *someone* in our cell made max use of Sponge's incredible LM poster by turning into info cards to pass out. We were even able to pass out some of those cards to the stopped cars. I chatted with two ladies (how long was the stop light that you could have an actual conversation with people waiting for it to change!) who said that the cult had been bothering them. The lady on the passenger size of the car handed the card back to me -- she already knew about Scientology abuses. But the driver, bless her heart, was like, "Let me SEE that!" Thus, the phrase of the day became, "Google Lisa McPherson"!


    We weren't blessed with a whole lot of foot traffic, but when we were, fellow protestors where more than happy to educate!

    l-r: two passersby, Adhcrat, Exponential, and Pacman
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  8. adhocrat Member

    vids are up, S2G. Even had BFG stop by to say 'nice'
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  9. skeptic2girl Member

    who's BFG? (I only know from Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant, lol!)
  10. adhocrat Member

    Blown For Good = BFG
  11. Exponential Member

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  12. skeptic2girl Member

    ^smells like a possible theme raid to me... FREEDOM DAY



    those spots in the back were much-sought after! ;)
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    How wonderful it was to meet the lovely Croix de Lorraine! And if you like the hat, you should have tasted the caek...


    *cutest critic couple!*


    Sailor Venus rawking some tunes while doing a lulzy jig (see adhocrat's video!)
    background bonus... vulpes and pacman

    ALSO, every Anon everywhere enjoys tootfuls of horn love, but the "Honk If Tom Cruise Blows" sign makes the noise deafening


    lovely luna, pacman, and moog - co-femanon Luna C always not only wears the most fabulous shoes but DANCES in them like crazy! if she hadn't done the tunak before, she fooled me
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  14. Exponential Member

    December 22nd is Freedom Day- first aired December 22, 2002 on Futurama ' A taste of freedom'. So yes, lets make an event, shall we?
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

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  16. skeptic2girl Member

    funny things happen when you keep wearing a mask, and for some reason, moog, enthaeon, and I kept them on all the way back to the car after the San Jose raid, after we were well out of the eyes (one would hope) of curious cult members. [on the way there, as we were deciding where to park, we passed Sailor Venus walking to the org, who gave us a big wave! it freaked me out because we weren't wearing masks, until I realized that he was probably just waving at *whoever* because it was funny! :)]

    Three memorable incidents:

    1) after crossing the street, ran into a cool guy on a skateboard who was a fan of the movement. or the look. not sure. hopefully enthaeon or moog can pipe in on this, because i knew the guy was pro-our cause but I didn't know wtf he was talking about...

    2) speaking of not knowing wtf they were talking about, we nearly bumped into a kind of odd duck on a bike as we waited the half hour or so for the crosswalk to turn to PEDESTRIAN: YES.

    I forget what he first asked us, but immediately we knew it was one of those situations where, unfortunately, no matter what we said, he would ask, "WHY?" in an offended way, without really caring about the answer, much like a toddler.


    They (the Scientologists) seem really nice, he told us -- he'd been in there(the org) several times.

    Interesting! It's the rare person who is on the fence about the cult.

    Finally, enthaeon gave what I think is the ultimate answer which is, "Don't take our word for it... find out for yourself."


    3) and this is when I have no idea why we still had our masks on, hot as it was. But we were in the midst of banal San Jose suburbia when we encountered a mom and a dad and a grandma boozing it up out on the grass with a passel of little kids. It was difficult to know what the kids thought of us -- admittedly, one ran into the house screaming* -- though it was no mystery what the adults thought.

    (honestly, it wasn't, "Help! I'm being kidnapped!" screaming but, "I'm outside playing and finally I can scream without being scolded... hurrah!" screaming)

    I swear, the grandma was a Scilon (why not? except that statistically speaking, it's unlikely) -- she used hands-on-her-hips-tech (yay, Jerry!) and exclaimed, "YOU'RE SCARING THE CHILDREN!!"

    Maybe I shouldn't have yelled out, "Anonymous loves you!" I guess we did look strange -- three grown adults strolling through the neighborhood on a sunny Saturday afternoon in eccentric outfits and Guy Fawkes masks.

    Apparently, we weren't in San Francisco anymore.
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  17. enthaeon Member

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  18. skeptic2girl Member

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  19. Exponential Member

    With all teh manliness outside teh org dancing, J2 will soon have to accept one of our sexxxy offers to party. HArd baby, taht's how we roll here.
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh no he di'int!! Goatse BILL talked to us at the Janet Reitman event!


    Okay, so it's way past our bed times here on the west coast of the U.S.A. but I've gotta type out some stuff because by tomorrow morning I'll have forgotten some of it.
    Remember Goatse* (above, right -- with Tommy Gorman on the left)? A handful of SF Anons attended the Janet Reitman reading at the SF Jewish Community Center tonight (I posted my thoughts about that in a thread on OCMB here:

    [so-named because he tried to bait a group of SF Anons a while back -- asking them to define 'goatse' apparently not out of lack of knowledge, but to perhaps record us saying yuck things:

    This is long, but worth it ;)

    Earlier tonight at Janet Reitman's book reading, I about wet myself when I saw goatse bill standing in line to take the mike for the "questions" portion of the reading. It was all wink-wink, nudge-nudge, whisper-whisper amongst our little group: CELEBRITY SIGHTING ALERT! We're like his SP homies, so I gave a little "whassup" nod in his direction -- and he nodded back politely.

    He asked Janet Reitman about the credibility and reliability of her sources -- and something about how he knew she had talked to members of Anonymous and (he gestured in our direction) we were the ones who disrupted Muni (I think he meant to say BART) and basically how could we believed?

    She shook her head that NO, none of her sources were from Anonymous. Then the audience enjoyed a round of Schoolyard Tech as JR and b played Yes-you-are, no-I'm-not. e.g. (bill) I know who your sources are; (jr) No you don't (bill) Yes I do (jr) etc. etc. thes I do!"

    Seriously. Jeff Quiros must have put him up to that. I figured, Mission: Accomplished. no more entheta/enthaeon (!) for Bill. see you at the next cult raep... ;)

    Much to my surprise, he was still around after the talk! He probably waited outside in the lobby. Because indeed, enthaeon was inside.

    But I didn't spot him until after I was done standing in line for Janet Reitman to sign my copy of her book. (One really cool couple who stood in front of me in the sort of short line to Reitman said that they had seen us dancing in front of the SF morgue. Was that us? YES! They were super-informed about the cult. The lady wanted to know if Reitman had interviewed Marc Headley and she thought Blown for Good was an incredible book. Random-lady-standing-in-front-of-me ftw!!)

    Fellow Anons were busy answering questions from interested fellow attendees who were alternately fascinated and scared by us. (Indeed, there was a surreal moment during the Q&A when a lady asked Reitman why we were wearing our masks. And most of the crowd echoed, Grand Canyon-style, why why why.

    Meanwhile, Bill had made such a memorable spectacle of himself that he was holding his own little Q&A. Fellow SF Anons were attracting as much attention as Reitman and it was going to be awhile. So I took a seat next to Xena, my princess friend from the Wide World of Wogs. She gestured to Bill and said, "I wonder if he's read [Inside Scientology]!" I responded, lulzily, "Yeah, I should give him my copy!" "Yes, you should?" "Really?" "Go for it!"


    Bill noticed me strolling over, holding the book. Two different people from the ones before were talking with him and seemed interested if he and I we were going to Montague and Capulet in front of everyone. It was kind of suspenseful. Even I was waiting to see what would happened.

    I asked Bill if he had read the book. No, he hadn't. But he'd read a review, he said, and it was full of generalities. (Oh my goodness! I thought. I can't believe he's making eye contact! I can't believe he's talking to me!) My legs began to shake. I'm sure my hands shaked. I know my voice shook as he gestured to me and said something to the people about how we protested in front of the cult, disrupting things.

    And he had another butt hurt" Reitman, he pointed out correctly, had gotten the DOB of L. Ron Hubbard wrong. (I had read at least one review which pointed this out, causing me to realize that this was also how Bill had learned of it.)

    "How hard is it to get L. Ron Hubbard's date of birth right?" he asked. And he was absolutely right. It was an embarrassing eff-up, apparently right at the beginning of the book, for any half-assed reader to skim.

    I had become fully disenchanted with Reitman so I began to hope he would take it because I didn't want to read this book by this lady who had snidely implied, nodding in the direction of the Anons at the reading, Why are you cowards wearing masks?! (um... where have I heard THAT before?)

    Bill went on to say that he had heard (omg! he was listening while pretending not to?!) what we protestors had been saying during the raids and that we mostly talked in generalities. (Cult word of the day: "generalities," in case you missed it.

    Whatever. I had a burning question for Bill -- one that had been haunting me for weeks... nay! Months.

    "Why don't you take one of my cupcakes?" I asked.

    "Well," he said, as he alternately balanced on his heels then his toes, kind of rocking back and forth, "we're kind of on different sides."

    I grasped quickly for an answer as my mind simply answered Buffering... Buffering...

    And then, I swear I heard epic hero music in the background as GoofyAnon stepped in - for which I was extremely grateful - and began giving a very intelligent answer I can't recall! Meanwhile, Bill pulls a Janet Reitman and asks us derisively: "Why don't you take off your mask?"

    Which is when Goofy, for the when, answered chivalrously... "I'll take off my mask!" as he pulled it up to reveal his face.

    He very eloquently counter Bill's arguments, even citing an instance during a protest when a car did a u-turn on Montgomery St. and a couple got out of the car to talk to him about how their daughter joined Sea Org and life took a dramatic turn for the worse after the initial pre-Sea Org love-bombing.

    "Be specific! You're talking in generalities!" Bill said to Goofy.

    I was careful to stfu and let Goofy talk -- he was being brilliant, but I had to step in at that point.

    "Here's a specific: Jennifer Gorman. She was on staff at the Mountain View Org and Gabe Williams raped her."

    "I only heard about it after the fact," responded Bill quickly . "But if he did, they should've hanged his ass!" he said, with some passion.

    "They should've hanged his ass!" he repeated, bouncing on his heels again. I was shocked. It seems like Scientologists try really hard to suppress emotions and I really do think he was angry at the thought of an underaged girl getting raped.

    It wasn't what I expected him to say. He had been mostly predictable. And a predictable answer would have been to simply deny it had happened. But he didn't. Goofy pointed out that Gabe Williams did go to jail - that there as no "if" about it -- the guy had been found guilty.

    "Then they should've hanged his ass!" repeated Bill once again.

    I don't know what I actually said. I planned to nod my head and said, "GOOD!" approvingly. But at this point some other Anons had begun to gather around, as had security.

    I realized that we had become a real-life pts for security, which was already butt-hurt by our wearing of the masks and an implication from an audience member that everyone might be unsafe by virtue of our presence.

    I wanted to talk with Bill more -- I knew he probably wouldn't talk to us once we were all back at the org. But it was time to go.

    It suddenly dawned on me that he was human. I had always known he was flesh-and-blood human. But he had always acted so apparently heartless, emotionless.

    I know Exponential was also touched. And after we all left he made an excellent suggestion: that Goatse should now be called Bill.

    Bill, I hope someday you will finally eat one of my cupcakes.
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  22. moarxenu Member

    Anons is front of Jewish religious goods store before the reading. Yes, those are shofars in the window.


    Waiting for the anons to show up:



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  23. Anonymous Member

    ET - bring DOX
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  24. grebe Member

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  25. MOOG Member

    me too.

    "TAKE OFF THE MASKS" -Janet Reitman
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  26. MOOG Member

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  27. greebly Member

    lol speechless next radio show I think I might phone up with a nice list of questions.

    Perhaps all the exes/indies/Freezoners/critics should do the same.

    Oh wait there is more:

    Protests over almost 4 years in 20 countries with more than 5 million protests hours generate heightened global media interest in the Co$. It then generates stacks of further interest on information which has been on the web for 10years, to be noticed for once by govts., local govts, law enforcement. The law enforcement even praise those protesters at how they protest and act.

    Hey let's publish a book because of all that and then poo poo them afterwards once the amazon stats are high enough.

    Oh wait hold on the guy who suffered at Narconon came up said "thankyou" over 2 years ago he was sooo fearful yes? Or the chap at another protest whose father disconnected from him then broke down in tears in the street at another protest.

    Perhaps she should talk to Tony in Manchester or when Tory and Mark came over in 2008 and Tory then broke down in tears outside Saint Hill.

    So much fear there for all to see.

    Cheers, but hey it's just another book no biggy.

    inb4passiveagressivemodehasbeenturnedon as I turned it off just now:)
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  28. skeptic2girl Member

    so glad you guys are thinking about and responding to this. I was up til four last night writing the thing and then spent about an hour this morning editing it. it felt important to write
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  29. greebly Member

    Don't loose any sleep over it though, alot more to be getting on with.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    If Bill is actually listening during the protests, you may want to read some stuff from Inside Scientology (or any of the other books) so he learns first hand what he is not being told.
    Good job skeptic2girl!
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  31. Anna_Asks Member

    I also was there, but with non-anon friends. I used some of the time to blend in and observe. I had a few conversations near enough to Bill that I heard him talking to some folks, explaining how he got into Scientology when he was 17 and why. I'm not sure I heard his question right, because I admit I was also star-struck when I first observed him (OMG I HAVE SEEN YOU ON THE INTERNETS!), but my memory of his question was something along the lines of that Janet had ONLY spoken to Anons for her book or something.

    At that moment he got on my personal list of people who are crippling Scientology because I thought - not sure if I'm right - that it was a huge PR thing where people in the room would realize that no Scientologist could actually have a real-world, reality-based opinion of anything having to do with their own religion. Then I was disappointed because it became clear from all the questions that very few people there, if any, had read the book and could tell he was 100% dead wrong. She used absolutely no anonymous sources - big A or small a - for those who have not read it.

    Also, I have info I'd rather not put in public but there was at least one additional undercover SCN/OSA there - can someone in the SF cell PM me or let me know where I could talk to a few people and pass on some info?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Do you have a photo or description? (There are some photos in this thread). Someone may be able to identify him/her.
  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. skeptic2girl Member

    *one thing I forgot to mention -- and I wish GoofyAnon was on wwp to help verify this: I don't think he is here :( -- that Bill smooshed a little Black PR in the convo...

    mentioning that *we* (not nec. meaning Chanology SF, but Anonymous, I believe) had sent them (I assumed the SF "Church" of $cientology but who knows) a... (wait for it)...


    And I told him the honest-to-goodness truth was that I had no idea what he was talking about.

    Then he was a little more specific and made a kind of flipping-through-the-pages gesture with his fingers saying it was 4 pages long.

    Does anyone know what he could be talking about?

    If he really thought it was somehow damning, I wonder why on earth they wouldn't just black pr us with it -- but then maybe they didn't want us to see it! but wait, we already saw it, because we wrote it...

    ps: Anna_Asks, I pm'ed you
  35. grebe Member

    Wow, I'm disappointed in Reitman.

    The masks give anons in SF a chance to say something about their experiences protesting without revealing their identity. Of course if anons didn't think they'd want to do that, no masks would be needed.

    But "no one will arrest you!" is weird. Anons don't wear masks to evade arrest.

    And "makes people feel afraid" is weird. Anons are not the threat. It's the private investigators hired by the church to dig dirt and cause trouble for critics that are the threat.

    Dr. Lily Von Marcab. NEVAR FORGET!
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  36. enthaeon Member

    Janet, I am disappoint. We lulzy faggots showed up in force(d LOVE) to support your efforts. Quietly sitting in the second row, we showed we had a vested interest, yet not trying to make the event about us. Attendees, staff and security alike going apeshit in their panties, while we respectfully listened attentively. One of us even asked a to-the-point ON-TOPIC question, while quickly and courteously answering YOUR attempted (and unnecessary) facefagging.

    Throughout your rather amateur (albeit admittedly) lecture/Q&A, we remained among the most composed and polite of the attendees-- NEVAR drawing attention from actions/speech, only from fearfags worried about terrorists (WTF America). Even after Bill(y Goatse) dramatically shot Scientology in the foot (when will it evar end?!) with his playground "NO U!" argument, which didn't even spiral out from a QUESTION during the Q&A, you decided to cast moar (opinionated) negative light on a peaceful protest group. Your call-outs for self-imposed facefaggotry will go down in the history books as a FAILED attempt to seem unbiased and neutral, while protecting your magazine and publisher from, at best, quizzical reviews and, at worst, black PR from $cientology (Oops!). You already ____ the whole thing- is that bad?

    Oh, and your efforts to decline from calling The Cult a Cult? Might've worked if actual history and dox didn't prove it was so. Way to throw all your research and factoids into the well. And be an hero. Like Angry Critic Guy said after your talk, "You're late to the party." After a night to sleep and consider that statement, I cannot help but agree. Everything in your book is common knowledge on the intarwebz already. For years nao.

    TL;DR, Janet's coattail-riding gives her a false-sense of importance in the critic movement.
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  37. enthaeon Member

    /a bit butthurt
  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member


    I hereby award you the TL;DR Award on this discussion.
  40. Anonymous Member

    anonymous ftw
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