San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    ^I've not read over that post yet -- but skimming it does add credibility to the original post.
    At the risk of sounding defensive, it wasn't posted yet when I added my entry last night.

    I do agree about treating the post as credible is the good thing to do -- but I was feeling... I don't know... protective of us (and the SF cell, particularly) that someone could be playing a kind of sick joke and we were all happy and feeling an almost spiritual goodwill about the whole thing began to feel too cruel to me if it wasn't a hoax. I felt like I wanted to mention that I smelled a potential fire instead of letting my friends get burned down in the building for fear of looking like a jerk, because in reality it was just someone cool burning incense.

    I didn't need dox to prove anything, but when I thought about all the stuff that gets posted on the internet... all the lies and scams and people saying they're single and looking for love when they're married with ten kids or sending emails to you from Nigeria about needing help transferring money... a post thanking protestors that didn't sound quite right to me told me that based on internet experiences, it might not be true!

    ftr, as far as I know, I've not accidentally dated a guy with 10 kids! ;)
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  2. adhocrat Member

    SFOF is San Francisco Org Foundation
    SFOD would be San Francisco Day

    Day means staff works M-F 9a-6p
    Foundation is nights and weekends.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    You're such a MomFag!!!!!

    I <3 you more nao. )
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  4. moarxenu Member

    i no speak scilon 2 gud. wut iz

    WDAH 50 to 150 100 average
    GI 2k to 40k 15k average
    GBS 1k to 2.5k 1.5k average
    QSH -30 to 19 3 average
    BIS 91 to 129 100 average
    6B BIS 30 to 55 45 average

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  5. Anonymous Member

    WDAH = Well Done Auditing Hours
    GI = Gross Income
    BIS = Bodies in Shop (number of people doing services that week though by some reports you get counted for each service you do)

    No idea about the others.
  6. RolandRB Member

    WDAH = Well done auditing hours
    GI = Gross Income
    GBS = Gross Book Sales
    QSH = Qualified staff hired
    BIS = Bodies in shop
    6B BIS = Division 6B (minor services) bodies in shop
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The conditions, in order from highest to lowest are:

    Power Change
    Normal Operation


    At this stage, things are going down mildly. Immediate action must be taken.

    1 Promote. This applies to a group or activity. For an individual, it is produce.
    2. Change your operating basis. if you went into a condition of emergency, and then promoted or produced, it doesn't alter the fact that some old operating basis put you into Emergeny.
    3. Economize. Cut all wastefulness of resources. Anything that doesn't result in a promotion or production of your product must be cut out.
    4. Prepare to Deliver. Do whatever is needed to increase your ability to produce.
    5. Stiffen Discipline. Tighten up on things. When actions are ordered ensure compliance takes place. Cut out mistakes and things that are distracting.

    If someone reached a state of emergency, only swift action will produce an increase. If Emergency lasts too long, then one is in Danger.


    IMHO I think they're in confusion
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  8. CarterUSP Member

    I salute you ethicstrouble!
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  9. Quality Staff Hired -30 to 19 3 average
  10. xenubarb Member

    Weird...There are only 4 positive conditions and 8 negative ones. Says a lot about...something, I guess.
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  11. adhocrat Member

    But Barbz, man is basically good, Hubbard hisself said so. You're just confused.

    Oh wait, that's the lowest condition there is.
  12. Anonymous Member

    ethicstrouble - your bravery is inspiring, thank-you.

    One day you will look back & laugh at all this.

    And there will of course be cupcakes.
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  13. I particularly like how when you start a new post you start in Non-Existence and have to work your way up to Danger.
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  14. Anna_Asks Member

    For ethicstrouble or anyone else who is concerned about getting "caught" with negative thoughts - this is a paragraph where a former member described how to "float the needle":

    "[...] I had somehow learned to manipulate the E-meter. Initially my blase attitude had caused the needle to stop moving at all but soon I'd discovered that if I thought about a particular object, as innocuous as a lampshade, while answering a question, I was able to cause the needle to float quite easily. As I was doing this on a regular basis, my auditors reckoned I was on the verge of reaching Clear."

    I do not know exactly how you'd try this, but I've read similar reports elsewhere as well. Best to you!
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  15. moarxenu Member

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  16. moarxenu Member

    Hey thx fags for the explanations of conditions n' all dat shit.
  17. Tangerine Member

    Thank you for the post, ethicstrouble. It is a long, hard road to being a free you again, but you are well on your way. I look forward to your updates! Stay safe, of course, and please don't be a stranger!
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  18. More meter advice from Bent Coryden:

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  19. Anonymous Member

    It's a device that measures skin resistivity, nothing more nothing less. It's a lie detector of sorts. Cheating it is simple.

    It does not measure "thetan" activity because no such thing exists.

    There are no clears, and no OTs. Not one.
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  20. RolandRB Member

    Rex Fowler OT VII made an SP's head explode. Does that count for anything?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    20 years to life, last I heard.

    OTVIII's - the most ethical people on Teegeack.
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  22. Welcome to the real world my darling.
    Don't ever forget it is ok to doubt!
    And that we love you!
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  23. Django Member

    They're going to find out. It's inevitable. You're on to the con, and that's going to be harder & harder to hide as you keep reading and discovering just how monstrous this cult is.

    If you have any possessions you care about, family heirlooms or whatever, try to get them to a friend on the outside, given any. One option: Give them to an Anon. You're far more likely to get them back from an Anon than if you leave them in the Org. Abandon the rest. It's just stuff. There's always more stuff.

    And then...just walk. Don't believe any BS about Freeloader Debt or whatever. Your "Eternity" is not in jeopardy. You will lose a couple of friends, but you'll find dozens of new ones. Walk, and don't look back. They'll put withering, soul-crushing pressure on you to return. Stay strong. Being declared will be the best, most liberating thing that's ever happened to you. Thousands of Ex-Scientologists are on record confirming this (google "Scientology Through The Door" for some stories).

    "Leap and the net will appear". That's a cliche around here, sometimes ridiculed by the more lulz-driven Anons. And yeah, it's got a certain rainbows-and-unicorns naivete about it. Still, there's far more happy ex-Scientologists that there are Scientologists. Now there's a stat you can turn in on Thursday afternoon...
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  24. Anonymous Member

    You can also cheat by lightly squeezing the cans. ;)
  25. Exponential Member

    Well done ET, hope to see you outside the SF Org someday soon. You have our support and gratitude.
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  26. RolandRB Member

    You can get an F/N by thinking of Hubbard nude.
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  27. vaLLarrr Member

    A floating needle, or fucking nausea?
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  28. over9000OT Member

    I barfed.
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  29. Kilia Member

    Many thanks, ethicstrouble!
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  30. I was always curious:

    What have you and the others thought about the story of Lisa McPherson? Did some of you not even know who she was?
    Did some of you find the Scientology version of the case somewhat weird? Did any doubts set in?

    I don't know. I have always wondered how the C of S version washed with you and exactly what your thoughts were and if they changed over time.
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  31. enthaeon Member


    Moog lets Tom fly


    Vitamin Derp




    Free Hypnosis!
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  32. skeptic2girl Member

    ethics trouble! first of all, phug the cupcaeks -- I'll happily bake you a whole caek -- a congratulations celebration caek, decked out and all that for when you leave (I'd bake one now but there'd be no way to get it to you) --

    I was telling one of our fellow cell members that the main reason I couldn't believe your post was that reading it was like winning the lottery! I was in shock. It was too good to be true. I mean, our best hope come true? We feel pretty sure that we're able to educate the public somewhat by protesting but the fact that we would be affecting people inside the org? And that you would post about it? It's magical. I'm just so happy! Blissful.

    Do you remember that old commercial, "I don't know you but I love you"! I feel that way.

    Because we really do care about the people inside. Once at a raid I had the welcome honor to defend you guys -- some drunk ass-wipe was passing us by on a Saturday night and greeted us and said Fuck Scientology or something like that and then he yelled out, in the direction of the of the org (with the intention of people inside hearing him) -- "Those people are stupid!!"

    I wholeheartedly disagreed and do disagree. And so I yelled out -- also hoping people inside could hear me -- "They're not stupid, they've just been lied to!"

    We're on your side. Completely. And I really like what Enthaeon said in the other thread about how please forgive us if we end up saying some derisive things now and again -- I know I've said stuff here and there that upon reflection I realize wasn't helpful. It just gets tempting to say "whatever" because you assume that members are completely hating you and aren't listening anyway. It's a bad trap to fall into, though: forgetting that people probably DO hear you, and even if someone feels rage against you, you still have the power to hurt them with your words.

    Anyway, I thank you so much for posting. Raiding is mostly a blast, but sometimes it gets me down -- because as much fun as we have dancing around and eating caek, if we did it JUST for fun, there wouldn't really be a point to it.

    I remember there was this one Sunday where there was a barbecue and Tommy Gorman was there and this girl we now call Jennifer 2 (because she sort of resembles Jennifer Gorman and we hope hope hope that she'll get to leave, just as Jennifer G. did) looked like she was going to cry. I had mixed feelings about that: the fact that she seemed to hear us was a positive thing, but certainly the goal isn't to make people feel bad.

    I don't know what your situation is, but I instinctively understand why it might not be possible for you to leave right now. We're all familiar with the accounts of people who have left the cult and have had to leave behind spouses, daughters, sons, mothers and fathers. And honestly? If I were in, I might not leave at all if I thought I would lose all that.

    I think the only thing worse than losing a loved one is losing your soul. And that's why I resent L. Ron Hubbard so much. I feel like he steals people from paths that might actually help them and make them happy (for free!) and may even help others at the same time as a fringe benefit. He was a deceiver and is in the unique and evil position of still having the power of deceiving people even after his death.

    I'm also grateful you referred to disconnection. I think Tommy Davis once said in a CNN interview that it didn't exist. Kudos to you for not believing his lies, straight from the COB.

    You've proven that people inside are able to educate themselves. And yes, access the internet. Because we've also heard about the "net nannies."

    I know I pointed out in the other thread that you didn't ask for advice (!) but I mention this knowing you can just ignore it if you want -- I'll mention it all the same.

    Tory Christman might be a good person to contact -- she's on OCMB ( and she posts her phone number as part of her signature in every post she makes and she's helped a lot of people leave:

    Here's another page from OCMB (Operation Clambake Message Board: again,

    I've read a lot of stuff on that page, and a really interesting thing that an ex-Scientologist advises for people who want to leave and not suffer disconnection or an SP declare is to just gradually drop out -- attend the org less and less, sort of phase out. I don't know if that's possible for you, but it was the first time I'd heard someone point out that you don't have to be all, "Take this cult and shove it!" which seems scary to me (thought a lot of exes say that it's liberating).

    Much love to you!!

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  33. skeptic2girl Member

    Love the coloring on those! Cool-looking. :)

    Where'd the French hand-out come from?
  34. Stories like yours and seing the seeds of doubt grow in all the people we reach that are stuck is why!
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  35. anonanchovie Member

    From one that has travelled that same road, I wish you all the best. You display a tough, no compromise spirit and you can be sure, you will be vindicated.
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  36. RolandRB Member

    15K GI (Gross Income) a week in dollars of whatever type or pounds still sounds better than I would have hoped for.
  37. HOC Member

    I merged the two threads together for you. :)
    Is everything working ok now?
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  38. skeptic2girl Member

    There has to be a catch, though. I don't know if it was Arnie Lerma or someone else talking about how some cult members (the reference was about Sea Org in Clearwater, I believe) get paid mint, according to what the paperwork says, but the money ends up going back to the cult and doesn't necessarily make it into their pocket anyway. It's just for show. Isn't one of the primary reasons people don't leave the cult because they can't get enough money together to start a new life somewhere?

    Plus, ethicstrouble said those numbers are inflated.
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  39. RolandRB Member

    The gross income would not have been inflated. $15K per week is good money considering the crap they are peddling.

    Subtract the 1.5K per week for book sales and that is 13.5K a week mostly from the 100 auditing hours.
  40. Anonymous Member

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