San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Random guy Member

    Good Xenu you guys are tenacious!
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  2. adhocrat Member

    we have the strength of tenacious for our hearts are pure
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  3. Anonymous Member

    You be the awe in awesome!
  4. ethicstrouble Member

    Dear Protesters,

    I want to thank you so much for showing up and protesting on a regular basis. I am a member of SFOF and am not able to leave this house of deceit yet, but your continuing to protest, and seeing the feeble attempts by my Org to stop you only illustrates to some of us here in the Org that something is really wrong. The company line is your protesting proves that we are winning, but some of us can only hear that for so long before finally saying bull shit, if we were winning then they would not be out there protesting. If we are winning then why are our course rooms as good as empty? By the way, that graph that the ED showed you the other day was total BS, made from whole cloth. So again, thank you for what you are doing and I hope one day to join you.

    Sincerely, cult member in hiding.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    You are most welcome.
    This is a very good will get lots of good advice from former sci members.
    Your post has made my day.
    And carry on the good work sfanons.
    You are awesome.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the insight.
    Can you give some stats?
    What are recent WDAH's, Student Points, Paid Comps, Bodies in the Shop, GI?
    Are staff and public asking "What's going on?".
    Appreciate it!
  7. enthaeon Member

    We're waiting with open arms, hearts and minds. I know we can seem sarcastic and derisive at times, but I assure you, we are, each and every one of us, out there to disseminate love and compassion for all those whose lives have been affected by the Cult. Stay strong, we'll save a cupcake for you. See you out there.
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  8. skeptic2girl Member

    YES. Need to carefully wrap up cupcaek and put in freezer, tho. no stale ones for you, ethicstrouble ;)
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  9. MOOG Member

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  10. moarxenu Member

    Dude, you made my monitor go blurry.

    Sup with the young scilons? I see them when we raid and wonder what they are thinking and whether they have doubts about the party line their parents are hooked into.
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  11. Exponential Member

    Courage I admire, and it takes alot to say these things from ur position. Free your mind of affinity groups for awhile, and find out who you are and what ur life means after a cult. The world is waiting for you, embrace it. Then come dance and feast with us. We got ur back.
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  12. Exponential Member

    Great raid. So much win in public interaction, and whole batch of scilons ppl didn't recognize. I especially enjoyed hawt glowstick lady who joined us for nearly half an hour at our moonlit sequel, and asked if we'd be back soon. What do you all think?.. will we back soon?
    KCQLO.jpg 6pv5J.jpg ASm2f.jpg
    Is this the fabled 'Mr. Fong?&quot;
    MOOG wringing hands in lulzy excitement.. &quot;excellent.&quot;
    Is taht a smiling scilon from behind taht wall? Peekaboo, google Xenu.
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  13. moarxenu Member

  14. skeptic2girl Member

    btw, one of my fave parts of vid is when those people want to take a snap over on Anonymous Island and Vulpes points to the org: "Let's take it over here!" total moog tech :)
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    ^Is that a serious question? ;)

    ^I see the person crouching at the desk... to the right, tho, it's the JOIN STAFF!!! poster
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  16. Exponential Member

    omfg, they pulled me in..! cult just effectively used poster/mannequin tech, i feel dirty :(
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  17. skeptic2girl Member

    that's okay -- moog always thinks at first it's jennifer 2. ;)
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  18. skeptic2girl Member

    that's okay -- moog always thinks at first it's jennifer 2. ;)
    omg, just think if "ethicstrouble" was jennifer 2! it doesn't matter who it is, but dang that would be so wonderful
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  19. Exponential Member

    they'll do anything to make their stats appear up
    Mannequin tech from some raid, think maiden voyage I
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  20. I still <3 this thread!!!

    Bravo to ethicstrouble!!!

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  21. Exponential Member

    Srsly tho, if said cultist is contemplating leaving, we might discuss some sort of reintegration, decompression advice for ex's joining the sane(r) world.
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  22. Exponential Member

    A few moar photos for Daily Raep archives from 8 26 2011 raid
    dcd4j.jpg PDp27.jpg eApKS.jpg
    &quot; teh Daily Raep&quot; newspaper format shoop itw
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  23. skeptic2girl Member

    I know. You're right. It sounds like a &quot;it's not there yet&quot; thing, though.
    Tommy Gorman is a really good resource for that, I think - as well as Tory Christman and others...
  24. Exponential Member

    I mention it only because if said claim is true, the scilon in question is mere feet from us, locally. They see us, and what we're doing apparently influences. So having more then google scientology (which I suspect they've done) for them to ruminate on could be helpful if/when they bail and/or meet us on the streets. Many in SF are ex's, don't wear gf masks, are intellectual - and local.
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  25. skeptic2girl Member

    I think that post was mostly meant to be supportive -- the person didn't actually ask for help.
    I really want to help him or her, too -- but they are the only one who can get themselves out.
    Finding this site means the person does go on the internet and actually, probably even knows where to go - I'm sure just typing "how to leave scientology" or "how to leave a cult" comes up with stuff.

    Steve Hassan's "Freedom of Mind" site is also a great resource:

    lots more, including the B.I.T.E model:

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  26. Anonymous Member

    If that's real, SF Org just went up to Defcon1

    Be CAREFUL out there SF Anons and don't change a thing.. because if it's real, it means YOUR tech works.
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  27. MOOG Member

    Sept 4 2011
    4:45 PM
    Joe spots us:
    we take his place.

    break for delicious dinner, then:
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  28. Exponential Member

    excellent post is excellent
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  29. skeptic2girl Member

    [I edited this from the original - realized that lulz at Scilons expense weren't lulzy :( I guess I assume they would never read this or if they do they already decided we're evil so it doesn't matter and making fun is a way of defending one's self. But knowing that Scientology isn't really a religion, I realize that the truly *religious* thing to do, if you will, is to treat them with kindness even when they're actually mean to us. It's more difficult than making fun of them, but at least I'd never regret it. I think it was one of my first raids when I was yelling stuff at them? But I realize it doesn't help the cause. Still they're all different ways to protest. I just don't want to have to regret anything about my approach.]

    luv luv luv, moog! - color is good enough to eat!

    I think we scared Josh, unfortunately. It maks me sad (and confused) when adhocrat points out that they are convinced we're evil. That honestly must be the reason they lock the front door. Understandable in a way... that is, if they think we're dangerous: self-preservation.

    I wonder if they sometimes go out the back to avoid us - (where they keep the garbage in LOCKED BINS - could be an SF thang, or could be a &quot;Shawn-Lonsdale-found-incriminating-stuff-in-our-trash-that-people-can-legally-take-whoops!-maybe-we're-actually-learning-from-our-mistakes?! thing) where they had the sad bbq --

    also, that dancing girl (third photo from bottom, in striped dress) WAS really cool!

    I got to talk to her friend, who was genuinely interested... we stood in front of the BEST PROP EVER and chatted -- the &quot;for when Ron returns&quot; office window -- she was the best kind of person to talk to -- she had heard some stuff about the cult and paid attention and was fascinated and was curious to learn more.

    I mentioned to her about disconnection and the freeloaders debt and how if you really, really want to, you could come back after leaving but there are certain conditions and she asked, &quot;but no blood atonement?&quot;

    It was a serious question, but as I type it I smile wryly, because I swear they ask for all BUT that and who the heck knows -- L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons? There's probably some blood atonement in there somehow. Nothing about this cult surprises me anymore.

    ps: twas the perfect time for sidewalk sign -- to replace theirs that ran away!! one of my favorite moments from raids was when Jennifer 2 and Snippy Longstocking (?) brought their sidewalk, Hey Everyone It's a Free Dianetics Movie, what? no takers? sign in... ours was on the opposite side of the building and almost as soon as theirs was gone, Vulpes lifts OURS over to take the Place of Honor, thus showing-not-telling:

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  30. Chipshotz Member

    Can't get enough of the SFAnons. Always entertaining.
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  31. Tangerine Member

    Nice photos! <3!
  32. Exponential Member

    To quote one SF anonymous, "pork chop has some gristle"
    He's usually slow to shut the clam shell, and I suspect he is at least a vertebrate. Joe however is looking glum these days; should get some tips from the doormen down the street on Broadway on proper hucksterism. And a tan.
  33. skeptic2girl Member

    ^I really need to say, because I'm beginning to feel foolish, that it's becoming clear to me that this can't be a real letter.
    Someone pointed out to me that someone *in* most likely wouldn't use the word "cult." (I think that's a revelation a former member would have later, and painfully.)
    I also think that they wouldn't create a screen name like "ethics trouble." They just wouldn't. (quite the strong argument, lol :))

    I don't think this is anyone trying to trick us, either. But instead someone with a really weird sense of humor or who was trying to be... I don't know... whimsical or something like that.

    As soon as I stood back from my happiness that someone might actually be saying this, it really seems like the terminology of someone who is a critic. It sounds like the way we, who are mostly removed from the situation, would talk: not the words of someone who would be having mixed feelings or even feel trapped like the entry attests the person to be. It's too logical and detached.
    I'm not even going to worry about hurting the would-be poster's feelings. If it is a genuine entry, I'm sure the person will understand why it's really hard to fathom that it came from someone *inside.*

    So let's say I'm right about this - and I hope I'm not - then there will have been a benefit in that we realized and acknowledged how we would treat someone who left the cult: that it wouldn't be, "How could you be so stupid?" but that, well, thousands of Anons around the world would rejoice.

    I do hope I'm wrong.
  34. ethicstrouble Member

    I am trying to respond to my eirlier, first post and I can access every other page I go for except that one, when I go to the thread that I posted on yesterday, I am loggged out and not able to post, so I am posting it here and I am sure some one will correct the problem. Thanks. Here is what I wanted to post under this thread

    I will answer some questions yet try not to give away my identity. “what they are thinking” It’s really a mixed bag, seems like most of the kids born in are total believers, it’s the only thing they know. Looks like some on tech lines are a little shaky; some auditors have left or are leaving. Most will not look at the internet, have to deal with ethics if you do and who wants that. I get the feeling there are people that are learning to beat the meter while others “know” the meter will catch them.

    To give you an idea of staff pay, a staff member still training may be getting 15 to 30 a week, a trained exec maybe 175 to 225 depending. But I am not worried, the next release will boom my org and I will not have to work a wog job anymore. Oh, wait, I think they said that about the last 5 releases, hmmm, why did I forget that? I am making it sound like I am staff; I AM NOT, to throw them off the trail.

    BIS averages around a hundred, but is totally inflated because they do the “please help; just come in for an hour” BS to get their stats up.

    WDAH 50 to 150 100 average
    GI 2k to 40k 15k average
    GBS 1k to 2.5k 1.5k average
    QSH -30 to 19 3 average
    BIS 91 to 129 100 average
    6B BIS 30 to 55 45 average


    Being in this cult and having believed for so long, it is a long hard road out in and of itself. Add to that the sec checks, disconnection, loss of friends and possibly family, having to write KR’s on everyone or else you are also “guilty of the crime” and all the rest of it, makes it one hard place to get out of. Your help in the form of protesting is, like another said, the awe in awesome. I could go on for pages but am not ready to be busted.

    The reason I am posting is to let you know some of us are noticing and that your efforts are having an effect. The reason I posted the stats is because it was asked for and as a little proof I am real. I wish I knew how to get the hard copy to someone. I will not be able to post again for a while, but I will be checking out this site when I can.

    Lastly an idea that may not align with what you are doing, but signage geared toward staff may be a good idea. For example: The public can look on the internet, why cant you? COB 2007 straight up and vertical, you see it yet? Love those IAS event stat graphs, don’t you? Afraid to ask questions, now that sounds suppressive! Don’t worry, the next release will boom the Org! If the staffs leave, no more cult, and I promise you many have in their minds the questions mentioned here.
    Again, thanks.
    And yes I like cupcake.

    Addition: I woke up this morning to read skeptic2girl’s post. I did not edit what I wrote before, I am just adding this. I totally understand your skepticism, thankfully it is easily answered, at least for me, I hope you also. It took me months and months to get to this point. There is no way I could have written this letter when I first started realizing. You are right; I would have never used the word cult even a month or two ago. I wish I could give you more detail, but that would make it easier to figure out who I am and I can not let that happen. Suffice it to say that it has been a long hard road to get to this point, that still being in while knowing what I know is hard, but I have no other choice at this time. I am able to handle it though, I have been doing it for so long, and I have learned the tricks to the trade a little.

    Do be happy, the turmoil in the orgs is a lot, getting resigns for staff is tough, getting new staff is hell of tough, some important staff have left, getting people qualled to got to flag is almost impossible, the staff that have failed at flag, the promise that staff pay will go up, I could go on but you get the picture. You guys are winning, the only reason this is holding together is because of the few really dedicated staff and the few deep pockets that keep it financed. Now I wish those guys would wake up, but of course with the KR system and the sec checks, people are muzzled even if they have doubts.

    Oh yea, and the name, what do you think would happen to me if I am found out, it probably should have been declared with prejudice. I am not hurt by your post at all. After living this crazy for so many years with all the sec checking and ethics handlings and training of myself and others I have learned to adapt. Maybe one day I will be able to cry about this situation, but now I can not, it is not the right time. People are leaving if not publicly, at least by not coming to events or course. Have you noticed events are held at the org now, not at a hotel? Not enough people coming. What you are doing is having an impact, and after reading this wonderful thread I had to come out of hiding a little and let you know that.

    Another add, Holly ^%$#, thanks for the likes, what a welcome.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    What a great post! A treasure trove of information!
    The stat ranges are exactly the same as they were in the 70's, in the 80's and in the 90's.
    Who are the old timers that are left?
    Who are the HGC auditors and C/S'es? Academy Supe? ED? Flag Rep? EO? Body Reg?
    What's Jeff Quiros up to? What does he say about the protests?
    I haven't seen a Gateway magazine in years.
    Lots of questions, but you seem to have some good info. Very appreciated.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    FINALLY someone with the balls to post mORGue stats. I salute you!!

    I am planning on making a new batch of signs and appreciate the great suggestions.

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, thank you! Hard copy would be great, but it is more important that you do not risk yourself. We will do the dance of joy when this is all through and have the most excellent cupcake for you!
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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Chipshotz Member

    Thanks so much ethicstrouble.
    Pls be safe.
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  40. Chipshotz Member


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