San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Camera Girl ID.
    My best guess is "Naomi Sanchez-Lauffer". She's doesn't seem very prominent, or active, which might be why we hadn't seen her before. Probably just came out for the raid.
    Scouring old image archives these are the only ones I could find of her.
    She is smiling in these so you might not be able to tell that it's the same witch in the pictures above.
    Same rings, hairstyle and manicure:


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  2. Anonymous Member

    Those shots were taken in 2003. Adjust for aging.
  3. Anonymous Member

    That is her.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. grebe Member

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  6. enthaeon Member

    Excellent facefaggotry. Hopefully her career as ChanologySF's chew toy is just beginning.
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  7. enthaeon Member

    The crazy eyes... they hurt to look upon.

    Also, was there a sale on PC folders? lol
  8. Anonymous Member

    The folders are old clients that they are going to try to extract more cash from.
  9. Malory Member

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  10. adhocrat Member

    Sparrow, I think DM goofed the floof and sent the videographer to the wrong coast.

    There was so much action, fun and lulz I'll break up the afternoon fun into segments. More to come...
    First, watch MOOG dance Jerry. Other segments will include Pippi, more law enforcement, our new improved chants, Quinn the Eskimo Wired Reporter, alleged OSA agent (who wan't) and chalk enough for any old skool teacher.

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  11. Axiom142 Member

    Awesome protest!

    This is how it should be done – loads of fun and loads of cameras.

    Some might say that that you can overdo the cameras, I mean it’s not like someone is going to grab the only camera that you have at a protest right out of your hand. Oh, wait –

    I just lurv how the Scilons say that they aren’t a brainwashing cult who intimidate their critics and then send out a stony-faced Scibot with vacant eyes to get in your face and (completely fail) to intimidate you.

    But then this is what being in a cult means – you can’t see the world as others do.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    "Another failure, Jerry!!!"

    Fuckin' LAWL.
  13. AnnieNonymous Member

    Saddam is inside your PC folder, doxing your crimes.
  14. AnnieNonymous Member

    Party time Thursday?
    5 days of work
    1 whole day to play
    Come'on everybody wear your rollerskates today.
    It's Stadurday.
    It's Stadurday.
    It's Stadurday.
  15. Anonymous Member

    These pictures must have been taken at the old org on McAllister St. That's the basement and that's the bookstore.
    Got any more?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Yeah a bunch. Dox yourself and I'll send you the sauce.
    Use a sock if you need to.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. adhocrat Member

    Jerry made an appearance and...

    we got our first videographer.

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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Chipshotz Member

    Quinn Norton from has her initial article on #Occupy and Anonymous.
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  21. Tangerine Member

    Love it.
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  22. magnet Member

    I'm game!
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    ^^lol sorry wrong thread
  25. skeptic2girl Member

    Is that the Quinn Norton making the oh-no-she-di'int!?! face? ;)

    ALSO, time for Fall of Scientology, no?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    It is going wonderfully over at the org. There is a big surprise for them coming up so stay tuned to the same bat-channel :)
  27. adhocrat Member

    Naomi, Quinn, Moog
  28. Mark Cabian Member

    It was - Quinn is holding her mic with her videographer behind her, and the ever-silent video lady snubbed Quinn for an interview. If video lady missed that sadface, she's heartless.
  29. skeptic2girl Member

    btw, I first heard about osa camera fail chick from anna via text message and moog filled me on the whole shebang as we waited at the airport for the plane to dc.

    I had to leave my laptop behind (don't ask) which was prob. fine since I don't think I had wireless access anyway and if you have ever taken a weeklong break from email I swear it's good for the soul...

    however, there were some promotional laptops at the airport which let us search the wwp website for this thread -- moog found that shit and so then it was happy time!

    the coolest thing was we got to talk to the guy baysitting the promotional laptops, who had heard of Anonymous; I wrote down the morgue address and the wwp one, etc. for him. he watched over my shoulder as I cruised this photo spread and when he saw pippi's pic he was like, "oh, WOW..."

    everyone gets it, except for the cult members.


    Poor Jennifer2! Jeff Quiros decided Naomi OSA was the better photographer. :(
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  30. Mark Cabian Member

    So true ... that has happened in SF a few times.
  31. skeptic2girl Member

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  32. AnnieNonymous Member

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  33. MOOG Member

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  34. barbiluv Member

  35. Smurf Member

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  36. Slight thread derail.

    From the better late than never department:
    August 26 night raid with a special guest.

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Great news guys

    I swung by the morgue around 7pm and it was shut down. All the lights were off on the ground floor except for the inside the side door. Even the propaganda displays were off! The lights were on on the second floor, but there seemed to be only one person in there.
    The war is over, we win, scientology is no more.
  38. Mark Cabian Member

    Oh, you.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Requesting list of sexy high-points of the Daily Raep series.
  40. jensting Member

    Better too many cameras than not enough ... see the east grinstead post game thread for how embarrassing it is to have been through a really newsworthy story and only have one camera rolling :-(.

    Best regards

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