San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    WIN after WIN


    after WIN:

  2. Sponge Member

    Hmmm, velly interedasting

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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    Sponge! Did you just spam us with a lousy ad? ;)
    (I noticed it said to send in your receipt by 08/01/02)
    Therefore, it's not a promo
    Clearly, my Friendly Neighborhood Drugstore reads this thread and's trying to help a sistah out...
    AND a future ex-cult member
  4. Sponge Member

    I thought you were posting the Org's expense receipts from the trash, and summized that they have an alien captured inside.
    Did you notice any strange levitating Reeses Pieces in the vicinity along with feint cries of "O.T. phone home"?
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  5. skeptic2girl Member

    Well, the only way this org could afford Reese's Pieces is if they were on sale (also, notice all the other candy! that jeff quiros sure has a sweet tooth!). From what I hear, though, they've been shredding EVERYTHING there -- possibly even receipts for snacks. I've noticed, too, that the garbage cans by the side of the building are padlocked... but that may be an San Francisco thing.

    sez the cult: FUCK YOU, homeless people! you ain't recycling any of OUR empty bottles or cans!!

    also... re: "OT Phone home" -- good trolling ammo... thanx!! :)
  6. SPRTT Member

    OMG S2G, wut are you doing with the heath bars? Life is not fair, I am not thar.
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    The Butt Church will nevar be the same. By the cancerous phallus-habit of Jerry, I swear my leal faggotry to defend Anon's right to dance and eat caek. <3 my Bayfags.
  9. skeptic2girl Member

    greedy girl that I am, now have 2 youtube channels... never meant to have first one be called "309 temporary" (don't get me STARTED on that)!

    anywho, wanted to upload a little sumpin sumpin from last Staturday's Stat Crash raid:

    completely weirdo visuals are saved by nice audio -- kept this one just so I could hear vulpes respond to the "but I need to go to work!!" as I lamented the fact I couldn't stay and wait for Refund Girl to get her money back. Good thing I left when I did -- would still be outside waiting, nursing a small box of Reese's Pieces over the course of a week:

    EDIT: if you listen closely, you'll hear in the background the arrival of hopefully-not-a-one-hit-wonder-femanon Penny Lane!! (pictured above somewhere!)
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    Pippi's Butt Hurt:

  11. skeptic2girl Member

    so guess what!? found vid by random tourist on youtube of one of our raids!! enjoy all 43 seconds :)

  12. Anonymous Member

    I just know there are 50 more somewhere. Great find! <3
  13. skeptic2girl Member

    Looks like staff member Josh from SF version of cult gets a crank call... he's so polite :)

    We *heart* you, Josh!!

    ps: are you ethicstrouble?
  14. MOOG Member

    E.T., E.T.

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  15. SPRTT Member

    Dear Sir,

    I am undertaking TRs a training regimen to qualify for competition in the Statcrasher Dance Marathon. I am struggling with balancing my caek consumption with busting moves. I find that the caek consumption comes quite easily, but the move busting is difficult because my 1980s "pantomime," "robot," and "cabbage patch" do not blend well with Teh Funk. Nonetheless, I formally request the recommended Trainee Playlist.

    Please not to include Michael McDonald.
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  16. MOOG Member

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  17. SPRTT Member


    wohhhhhhhhhh nelly.

    Caek. √
    Borrow Duds from Quiros. √

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Does this come in Wii? cause I'm just breaking furniture right now and those close to me are laughing, but not in an encouraging way.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    above^CHALK TECH, inspired by NY Anons!

    Below -- an old friend comes back, bearing a flag....

  21. skeptic2girl Member

    Just now drying off from Staturday Raid of October 6th, 2011...

    Let's pull a Memento and start with the ending...
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  22. skeptic2girl Member

    Okay, scrap the Memento idea and get Biblical...

    IN THE BEGINNING, re: 10/06/2011 Staturday Raid

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  23. MOOG Member

    this one goes out to all disconnected peoples

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  24. skeptic2girl Member

    How about one more? After we get to the raid, I greet Pippi Longstocking at the door, and Quinn Norton asks if I know her. This is my response:

    pTs: am going to upload some more vids, but need to go to bed. they will (Xenu willing) be on youtube, but no descriptions (yet)
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  25. skeptic2girl Member

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  26. Mark Cabian Member

    Discrepant! Long time no see.
  27. skeptic2girl Member

    vulpes and moog doing the lulzy kitty carmen dansen dance!!
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  28. SPRTT Member

    I lolllllllllllllllllllllld. Epic fail ☞ lulz!

    Sad could you not lolllllllllll?????

    Need caek report nao. I think I'm developing an "issue."

    I want a xanax/wellbutrin/lithium/prosac/ritalin rattle for Xmas.
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  29. SPRTT Member

    Is it wrong that I lol'd? I think it might be.

    Shit, I'm in glee. Where's Tilda when you need it?
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  30. skeptic2girl Member

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  31. skeptic2girl Member

    I noticed this staff member - the one who randomly touched me on the arm as she exited the org last week - picking through the outdoor ashtray by the door of the org. From a distance, I thought she was a desperate, nicotine-addicted homeless person who didn't have any money for cigarettes and was searching for usable stubs! This was her shit job to do -- to pick cigarette butts and other garbage out of the sandy ashtray with her bare hands. What is this, the Sea Org?

    I believe this video confirms that a member of the San Francisco cult staff is named Erin Williams.

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  32. skeptic2girl Member

    SOS Raid Soundtrack Request

    *emergency back-up choice is The Emotions' Best of My Love
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  33. slobeck Member

    Anyone out this weekend? I'm bored have nothing to do on a fucking staturday for once in my miserable life.
  34. enthaeon Member

    pajama raid this Saturday 6 pm. Bring your robe n slippies!
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. skeptic2girl Member

    Help cult members


    and Smell the Freedom!
    (meanwhile, enjoy an excuse to roll right out of bed and come raid your little heart out!)
    Saturday, October 8th, 6pm
    pTs: There will be cupcaeks...


    Location: Club Xenu SF @ 701 Montgomery St. San Francisco

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  39. slobeck Member

    gotcha... will b thr
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  40. MOOG Member

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