San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. Mark Cabian Member

    Thank you for the kind words, skeptic2girl. She changed my life too. I think I'm available on Saturday!
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  6. adhocrat Member

    The donation bit was a complete and utter lie on the part of the scilons. She purchased a course, which is not a donation, even by scilon policy.

    IOW, scilons lied.

    In other news, water is wet.
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  7. Mark Cabian Member

    Yes, and that was heartbreaking. No one withholds a refund for service or goods not delivered. Bastards.
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  8. Chipshotz Member

    ethicstrouble = Jeff Quiros
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  9. Smurf Member

    LOL. Very funny..
  10. Anonymous Member

    Darn, first they have ethicstrouble in the news and today a first-day client was informed at their doorstep. SF Org staff: please start sending your resumes out, or do what you need to in preparing your second job to have more hours for you. It feels like you guys are about to close at the org.
  11. adhocrat Member

    did you mean to say Jeff is in ethics trouble?
  12. Mark Cabian Member

    I think he's maybe a little grumpy.
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  13. Chipshotz Member

    It seems the SF Org is in ethics trouble.
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  14. adhocrat Member

    Yeah. Ain't it grand?
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  15. grebe Member

    Popcorn shares are trading at an all time high.
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  16. Smurf Member

    He was born grumpy..
  17. Mark Cabian Member

    Okay, you guys asked me to write something about today's raid when I got home.

    Adhoc, MOOG and I met at the the SF Org at about the same time. Many signs, an MP3 + boombox, banners, a few video cameras and tripods were brought and we set up camp. Soon other anons came.

    The whole SF raid experience is so different there than it used to be; I have never had my photo taken so many times. Twice, groups of 6 photographers would all be taking photos, and yes we posed for them. Sometimes groups in 3 different places all waving for their turn to have us group together in front of the org. It was just insane. Score: 3 photos taken of the TransAmerica Tower and over 9000 taken of us by the locals and tourists.

    Shortly after I arrived, well dressed professionals would stop, maybe shake my hand and all would thank me for what we do.

    MOOG provided MP3-J services and played great tunes for the four hours we were there, and much booty shaking was had. BTW if you see MOOG in a video and he's dancing hard, he does that for the entire time; he's not mugging for the camera.

    A sweet young woman approaches me, heading toward the front of the cult from across the street. I was holding a sign as always, as were many anons, and she says: I didn't know they are a cult! We talked for quite a while, although she was originally on time to start her first day on the comm course. She got snagged at a test table by the BART station 2 days before, bought the book, pre-paid the comm course. After we had finished talking, she went in to get her refund. They got her to take a book instead, after a long working over by several people and using different rooms at times.

    Jeff, you just bought a whole lot of free bad advertising from her - forever. This sweet woman thought she was buying a class on self-improvement, and based in science. Now, she will forever warn everyone about the cult. I think not giving her a refund for services not rendered is despicable. That $50 for the class was a serious part of her budget. You cold hearted, cheating, deceptive con artists.

    Here's what it was like outside the org: It felt good, and new girl felt it was a blessing from God that she came today, when I was there to inform her, and not yesterday when we weren't there. She said she would have walked right in, not knowing anything and would have started the course unaware and uninformed.

    Jerry the silver-haired Ronbot, happened to be returning to the cult exactly when new girl was just about to walk in the front door, and as he was just behind her I shouted: Hey Jerry, we got a refund here! I think you'll see a video soon, but he was maybe 4 feet from her and they were at the door. I was maybe 12 feet from the both of them. I'm waving my arm pointing to her, and he didn't even turn around to look.

    Also, we even had some random girl join us and mask up with one of the extras someone brought.

    Summary: great raid in SF.
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  18. Miranda Member

    NICE! Reaching one person in that way is worth any amount of effort. :)
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  19. Smurf Member

    When you say Jennifer2, are you referring to Tech CS Jennifer Latch, wife of Stephen (Sr. CS SFO)? Oh, hello...

  20. Mark Cabian Member

    That's not her Smurf. I think video will be up in a day or two though. I'm sorry, I don't have photos to post.
  21. adhocrat Member

    I was standing on Anonymous Island when a woman approached me to say "Thank you" and asked me if I knew of the Baha'i religion. She seemed impressed I'd even heard of it. So we talked about the unity of humanity and other good things.

    As Mark Cabian said, many people were walking by saying "Thank you for doing this."

    And many times while standing on the island I'd see the tourists aiming their cameras. I yelled "Photo op" a lot. We're such attention whores.

    A policeman came by when i was on the island, which makes it easy for both of us. He just rolls his window down, asked if I used a megaphone. "Nah" I said "I'm just loud." We chatted a minute then he said "I'm gonna watch you for a while" and drove to the other side of the street, where he spent a grand total of maybe 73 seconds watching us before driving off. I saw him drive by an hour later. He never even glanced our way.

    During all of this there is a cop standing across the street, directing traffic during construction. he watches us off and on. Jerry went to talk to him, with Moog trolling him hard.

    And the bomb squad truck rolled by at one point. Not for us, fortunately.

    Another great protest, vid to follow.
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  22. skeptic2girl Member

    It's a reference to Jennifer Gorman. Moog once pointed out that the girl with long dark hair who is in the cult sort of resembles Jennifer Gorman. And so we call her Jennifer2 because of that, but also because we hope that just like Jennifer Gorman, she will one day leave staff and come protest with us.
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  23. skeptic2girl Member

    *bear with me, because some of this recaps what enthaeon and Mark said -- but this was just so incredible, that I'm going to restate the story as I saw it,

    First, Mark, you were INCREDIBLE. In all of our days of raep, this was truly the most amazing thing that has happened. And it happened because YOU were there and LEFT the cult and speak out about it. You're informed and you spread the truth.

    And the cult watched as we talked to her. They watched how at some point Mark gave her a hug and she hugged me as well. More on that later.

    This episode with Refund Girl will haunt the cult as long as they are here --- they will hear about it as long as we are here, and then if the SF Org still endures when we're not around, I urge the next protestors to talk about it. Because it was shameless.

    The girl was fretting. She was already doubting, because she had a friend who warned her about Scientology -- he had been dating a girl for five years (this isn't Refund Girl -- it's a different couple) and they walked in the org. One of the staff made some sort of reference to their relationship and apparently implied that they should rethink it.

    She broke up with him, because of what the Scientologist said. The really strange thing is that Refund Girl received a call from that guy while she was talking to the Scientologists, buying the course (I assume at the BART station) and she didn't take the call. The same friend was incredulous when he realized that if she had only answered the phone, he might have been able to give her some information to counter the hard sell of the Scilons.

    Anyway, while she was talking to Mark, she looked so worried and concerned that I became curious about what they could be talking about. When I heard her say the words, "And I really can't afford it," my ears perked up. I walked over to hear what she had to say -- because I wanted to listen but I didn't want to eavesdrop.

    I want to emphasize -- and I even told the Scilons this -- that we weren't the ones to make her doubt. She was already doubting. What Mark said only confirmed what she was feeling. We told her to follow her instincts. And we also told her that really important thing -- don't even believe what we're saying. Just do a little more research.

    It was difficult, because I felt strongly that she should cancel the appt. over the phone and do more research and then decide. I didn't want her to have to go in there. It was pretty clear by now, after all, that she didn't want to take the course. And she even said that she *might* be okay with taking the course, except she was worried that once she took it, she would... how did she put it? She would be caught up in things and be pressured to take more courses and feel like she had to. And she was absolutely right.

    She knew everything to do. She knew what was right. The problem was, she couldn't walk away. She needed that fifty dollars. She didn't want to go into the org: she felt like the Scilons were creepy and she was worried.

    And she did suggest to Mark that maybe he could go in with her! But she did it in a I'm-joking-in-case-you-say-no-type way because she knew he really couldn't. But he encouraged her. "You're STRONG!" he said. He was amazing.

    And so she went in, and I wasn't taking my eye off of her. I wanted the Scilons to know that WE knew what was going on -- that even if SHE didn't know it, we knew they would try everything they could to not return her money.

    And I wanted to let her know we were on her side -- that we were there to support her.

    She was greeted by the lady sitting at the desk as she came in. "Good luck!" one of us yelled as she went in. She sat down across from one of the younger staff members (not Pippi or Jennifer2 -- I don't think that this woman has a nickname yet) who leaned forward, looking *very* concerned.

    Refund Girl was/is/will continue to be SO NICE and accomodating! And the Scilons were going to take advantage of that.

    I watched, holding up the "ANONYMOUS LOVES YOU!" sign to remind her that we were still here. Lady at Desk nods her head, even laughs a little ("Hey: I'm just like you!"), nodding. "Yes, yes... ha ha ha!"

    Refund Girl gestures our way a few times, and the staff girl variously nods and shakes her head and seems to laugh nervously.

    Refund Girl was very animated. I fear she felt like she needed to be apologetic or explain herself. And they let her.

    Meanwhile, Desk Lady began to show her various glossy brochures and some sort of newsletter. Um, refund much?

    After five minutes passed, I couldn't help it. I started to troll my heart out, saying things like, "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE HER HER MONEY BACK?" and "I'VE GONE TO TARGET WITHOUT MY I.D. OR RECEIPT AND GOTTEN MY MONEY BACK FASTER THAN THIS!"

    Ten minutes were long gone, going on fifteen. Meanwhile, the lady at the desk watches attentively and two staff members begin to hover.

    And here's where the Cult Members Watched What We Did part comes in. The cult staff decides to bring in *relief* and the lady leaves, but not before giving the girl a hug (!) That phugging hug cost that girl fifty bucks!

    So other young man comes in, a guy that one of the Anons in our cell referred to as *Douche bag boyfriend,* I believe. So now this guy's at the desk. What's taking so long, guys?

    Twenty minutes go by. We start to chant, "REFUND, REFUND, REFUND, OI!"

    I sit down by the door. I was determined to wait until she left. She had been in there almost a half hour and they were LEADING HER IN THE BACK!

    The girl had told us that she only had 45 minutes free and they had already eaten up most of that, and now she wasn't going to get out any time soon. She had to BE some place at 4:00pm, and had gone in there at about 3:15. It was about 3:45.

    Unfortunately, I had to go -- but luckily, the other tireless Anons could stay.

    I got a text around 4 that she had finally made it out, but without her money. Just some book that sure as heck was NOT worth $50.00.

    Prove me wrong, Jeff Quiros. Was that a $50.00 book you guys gave her?

    You stole that money, and she needed it. Shame on you.


    on the other hand, thanks for the trolling ammo!! ;)
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  24. skeptic2girl Member

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  25. MOOG Member

    great video skeptic2girl. Jennifer2 looks tired and over it. and doesn't Jerry have that freshly-screamed-at demeanor
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  26. enthaeon Member

    "You guys need moar people!"

    Challenge accepted, Jerry.
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  27. adhocrat Member

    I just remembered an incident from yesterday. I was on the Island, leaning nonchalantly against a tree when two young woman arrived with cameras. They took a picture or two then told me the following story.

    They had gone into the org a few days ago to look around. They were looking at the exhibits and just checking things out when one of the staff comes to tell them if they aren't serious they should leave.

    Love a place that needs people so badly yet they can't even play nice with curiosity.

    Them footbullets keep hitting in new places. Who knew there was so much foot to shoot?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    "if you aren't going to buy a book, it's time to go"
  29. skeptic2girl Member

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  30. moarxenu Member

    ^^^Oh look ...

    James R.Lewis:

    You’re right the harshest critics don’t see Scientology as a religion, but I’m one of the exceptions, I consider it a religion based on LRH ED 339R Int, The Factors, The Time Track Bulletins (I and II), the body thetan removal (spiritual exorcism practice, which is SO underexplained and ill explained rationally, but if the body thetan removal OT levels 3-7 were moderately explained, the high volume spiritual exorcism of the upper levels 3-7 ARE a religious practice in world history).

    Demonic Possession in Scientology: Dennis Erlich

    In March 1996, Erlich engaged in a lengthy discussion on ARS (alt.religion.scientology) of the roles of demonic possession and exorcism in the Scientology belief system. Those messages are reproduced below. Note: Erlich uses "Oat Tee" as a pun on OT (Operating Thetan). Hubbard is often referred to as Tubby, The Phatard, or The Phatman. He plays a number of other linguistic jokes throughout, e.g., "toadly" is a corruption of "totally". Demonic Possession in Scientology

    Lulzy discussion at Absolute Write - Exorcism in Scientology?

    Here is a scilon comment:

    I'm a Scientologist... and there are no such things as 'body thetans'. In Scientology the word 'thetan' is just another word for the soul or spirit... in other words, its the person themselves, you. We don't do exorcisms, and even if we did saying that you're going to 'exorcise' a thetan is basically saying you're going to kill somebody... because the thetan is just the person inside the body.
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  31. skeptic2girl Member


    the next significant raid of our generation*!






    If you derp out of bed Saturdays at 4:30pm in the afternoon, you won't even have to change your clothes!!

    We helped wake up ethics trouble: who else can we rouse?

    October 8th.
    Club Xenu SF
    @ 701 Montgomery St. San Francisco.

    *Chanology SF does not guarantee that this will be either the next raid nor a "significant" one.
    **Chanology SF does not necessarily agree with the content of this message
    ***This message not endorsed by Chanology SF

    Patent Pending
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  32. Anonymous Member

    So can I still derp out of bed at 4:30 or what?
  33. AnnieNonymous Member

    I sleep in a golden thong. Is that a suitable pajama?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Now what do you think?
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anontacular Member

    Salute to MOOG for holding down the fort.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    We know. We saw you wearing it the other night at the bar.

  38. skeptic2girl Member

  39. skeptic2girl Member

  40. Chipshotz Member

    Maybe it was ethicstrouble and was scooting them away.
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