San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. jensting Member

    Reminds me of the comments we shouted at clams going into the Paris bOrg this weekend: "Watch out Madam, there's a body thetan stuck to the back of your trousers!"

    Well, you had to be there :)

    Best Regards

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  2. adhocrat Member

    I wondered about that too. I don't think it's a manhole cover, but I've been wrong before. I'm thinking the bOrg did it on their own dime.
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  3. God, I miss you SF fags. Carry on you glorious bastards.
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  4. skeptic2girl Member

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  5. skeptic2girl Member

    ^re: underneath orange sign -- is this the manhole cover people were referring to? (and yes, I wanted an excuse to post that photo!)
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  6. skeptic2girl Member

    my lack of tech savvy rears its ugly head as I somehow can't get this video to embed... therefore, if you will kindly follow this link:

    to watch Vulpes and Moog ROCK IT!!

    (recorded on cell phone, so quality is subpar, but it's fun anyway! ;))
  7. adhocrat Member

    yes, that's the manhole cover.
  8. skeptic2girl Member

    I don't think it's actually a manhole cover, then. Just an emblem... although it would be really lulzy if it was!!
  9. enthaeon Member

    Another great raid tonight, fags! Myself, skeptic and moog held down our corner in front of the mOrg for roughly 3 hours. Dancing, chatting, and general lulz were had. Lots of communicae between us, the public, and even a few hapless Scilons! It's all on video, which moog and skeptic will be editing and posting soon :D

    Our favorite Scilons- Jerry, Jennifer 2, Bookboy- only made cameo appearances, sadly. Jerry did his usual strut outside, puffing his now baby-dick/chode cigar, made some mocking gesture/grumble and then ran away. He is looking more irate now that we all know his name and confess our love for him daily. Jennifer 2 stayed out of sight until late, appearing at the back desk, and promptly picked up the phone to call 9-11 when were merely saying our goodbyes through the glass :'( not once did any of us see her, or any other slave for that matter, attending the front door/surveilling us.

    For all that was denied, the cult blessed us with an encounter with a suspected new-comer, we'll just call him The Ukrainian for now; New-comer because he held a lengthy dialogue with us, stating many overt falsehoods, as well as listening to what we had to say and responding directly, not just robotically yelling slogans. His blatherings on the legitimacy of Hubbard's teachings and the futility of our endeavors are extensive, so I'll let the video speak for itself. I will say that he acknowldged Hubbard's racism and homophobia (kinda- he didn't argue them) but then stated the world-wide online community, The Internet, is 100% false about $cientology.

    Onto the last morsel of the night, but by far the most tasty. One of the new staff regulars, a petite, blonde, pony-tailed ISA (needs nick name/real name), whom we've seen many times run in and out of the bOrg (never acknowledging us), showed signs of unravel. Upon exiting the alter-bridge entrance, Skeptic said something which made her spin around and spit some words. Once she got to us, as I was taping, moog politely offered her a leaflet. Arms crossed, stride turned up to 11, she spat, "um, NO! I WORK here!", gesturing to her prison of a church. Once across the street, with me shouting words of love and encouragement (of freedom), she was visibly frustrated to the point where I thought she might cry. But, then her walk light enabled her to flee to the numb safety of her routine life after work/thralldom at the mOrg.

    Looking forward to the footage, guise! Well done yet again!
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    How to (Accidentally) Make a Cult Member Snap (cont'd)

    well-said, enthaeon!

    so - pretty blond pony-tailed young woman (I'm going to call her Jan Brady) was ready to leave the org after a hard day of work at the cult. I had wandered down the street to show off moog's tom cruise sign which elicited NO giggles whatsoever from ANY Scilon, thereby proving the cult has no sense of humor! Because, I mean...

    Finally, Jan Brady comes out and I offer a favorite line of moog's: "Google Scientology."
    But I feel moved to say more.
    "They [the cult] don't care about you."
    What did I mean by that?
    "Look up about what they did to Jennifer Gorman..."


    Girlfriend SNAPS around, in a "Oh-no-she-di'in't"! manner and says:

    "You know!!"
    [no, what?]

    "Why don't you find something BETTER to do!?"

    One could argue her question was a rhetorical one, but I answered that practcing my 1st Amendment rights is always time well-spent.

    Oooh! Also, when enthaeon or moog tried to hand Jan Brady a card and she spat out, "I work here!" as her *obvious* reason for us to know in advance that NO, we should NOT have offereed offered her the card, enthaeon quickly responded: "all the more resason [for you to take the card]."

    It's the younger ones -- the cult members between 18 years old, say, and 25, who seem to be snapping under the pressure of sensing others aren't coo' with all the antics of the "church."

    Here's a question: what exactly did the San Francisco "Church" of $cientology tell cult members happened to Jennifer Gorman?

    I expressed the same sentiment (re: 1st amendment rights) to the Ukrainian (we think) guy; will post vid as soon as possible. It's from my cell phone so - sigh! - but thank goodness we recorded the convo! A real-life Scilon talk to us? It's like gold...

    btw, as we dig around for lulzy-but-not-mean nicknames for scilons ("goatse" isn't, believe it or not -- a mean nickname. that guy gave himself his own name!) I'm going to resurrect one for the Ukrainian whom enthaeon mentioned: a name that was discarded for a certain Scilon staff member in favor of "Porkchop."

    Therefore. Ukrainian guy? I hereby christen you "Disco Stu."


    Because you seem like you're actually cool... and no one's cooler than Disco Stu...


    More later.

    Okay. Now it's later. One thing we want to investigate (and will report back on) is something that's going on with Joe (the tall staff member whom moog has pointed out more than once looks like Lurch from the Addams Family) is, we've had, what? 5? More than 5 women who pass us by in front of the cult say something along the lines of, "I hate this place! This one guy stands outside the door every morning and tries to touch me!" You mean that guy who looks like Lurch? Sometimes they laugh but always nod their head YES vigorously. Last night a young lady related that anecdote to me and I said, "That guy's name is Joe. Next time he does that, tell him: 'Joe! Fuck off!' and she said, 'I DO tell him that!" But he still does his touch-tech every day to young women who pass by, saying to them, "Hey, little lady..." That 'little lady' thing is extra creepy when you consider the fact that most of these women are petite and he tops 6'3" at least...
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  11. skeptic2girl Member


    by the way, one lady was trying to make a joke about the "Scientology Kills!" RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAARRR! says kitty poster - TOTALY moog humor and it really does crack people up --and asked us in a facetitious, lulzy tone: "So, Scientology kills cats?" Head scratch. I can see where she got that, actually (!) ANYWAY, vulpes tried to explain about how no, no, Scientology doesn't care about cats... OR dogs for that matter (except for Leona Helmsley's dog) because they don't have any money! And I said, well, if the cat criticized the cult, then yes, the cat would be in danger... it got really complicated!!
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  12. skeptic2girl Member

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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    *One phrase we keep hearing consistently from the Scilons (the rare ones who talk/yell at us) is, "Don't you have anything better to do with your time!?" or "You're wasting your time!" or "Nobody cares!"

    Clearly, based on horn love and the passionate agreement and support we get from passersby, people DO care.

    And I never, ever feel like I'm wasting my time. Not one second.

    Which is Why I Protest.
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  14. i'mglib Member

    Great job, guys. Did you say something about video?

    Also, "Don't you have anything better to do?" "Get a life." etc are their favorite replies.

    RIF and I always say, "Get a life? HAHAHAhahahahaha. Oh, man. Never heard that one before, lol."
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    YES. Stupid response in any arena but as always, cult members fail to see any irony in things...

    It's hard for me to imagine them watching one of Hubbard's lectures wherein Papa Cult recommends, "Tell SPs to 'Get a life!' and remind them that there are better ways to spend their time..."

    Who exactly is recommending those witty gems?!
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  16. Sonichu Moderator

    I usually say, "I do have a life. My thetan exteriorized and is visiting the Satelite Yavin IV while my meat body brings down Scientology!"
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  17. skeptic2girl Member

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  18. enthaeon Member

    A wild flash raid report appears! Thursday morning (aka Staturday), moog and I popped by the mOrg to say our good mornings to the townsfolk and cultists. The mOrg has fallen out of "whiteglove," the weekly cleaning ritual the staff endures to hide the filth it leaves in its wake. Cigarette butts encircled the structure, the complimentary trashcan by the alter-bridge entrance overflowing with refuse, and not a single fuck was given.

    After documenting aforementioned squalor, we taped up our signs and set about passing around our NEW cards! Moog had them printed out, with before/after images of Lisa and "Google Scientology" on the back with web addresses. Instead of the business card format, these are more of the bookmark variety, with rainbow colors and even little Davey's mug in front of Hubbard's John Wayne Gacy-like trollface behind him in the corner. Uber creepy! Great job, moog!

    In general, the public was sullen and crabby, shambling to work. But as the morning warmed up, so did everyone's attitudes. Everyone's, except the Scilons', that is. Besides Disco Stu/Ukrainian immigrant man and the pissy blonde receptionist, no one stepped outside the cult. I will say that the aforementioned lady scowled and spat some unintelligible words as she entered. Probably pissed since the ruined morning rests on her shoulders. Such a nice cult, shaming their members for not utterly controlling the actions of others >:3

    Jerry OTVIII and Jennifer2 peeked through the glass once, but I guess our tactics caught them generally unawares and therefor neutered. It was a short raid, but a thoroughly enjoyed morning quickie. Thanks cult! T'was a pleasure to raep you again! Pics and vidz as soon as moog wakes from the eternal slumber he's been suffering of late.
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  19. skeptic2girl Member

  20. enthaeon Member

    I might also add, that while we were packing up, a Scilon staffer lady was busy snapping pics of the graffiti/trash/random luggage by the side entrance. Looked kinda fishy, so I pointed it out to moog. He said the luggage was left by a wild bum earlier. Could it be the cult is attempting to frame us via a complaint, or worse? They are known to cry bomb threat...

  21. Tangerine Member

    I don't think the bum's trash is too big of a deal. They'd need to prove you left it with their video cameras which did get whomever left it. It was probably to document the chalking. OSA collects all that crap.
  22. skeptic2girl Member

    cult raep still going this Sunday, even as they continue to try and rape the public. but hey, that's why anons show up, right? sf cult scrimped and saved for a brand-spanking (when it comes the david miscavige, the spankings are literal) new JOIN STAFF sign ---


    Oh, foolish cult. Did you think that just because sidewalk sign has been taking a much-needed vacation, your phugged-up FREE DIANETICS MOVIE orange pos sign needed a friendly friend? We'll never let your signs be lonely! JUST ASK!

    Truth be told, that cult chutzpah got me down. Credit the cult for lighting up the org somehow and making it look pretty good in this photo -- as if were part of the ruins of ancient Rome. They're even pretty good at shooping, apparently - they managed to paste in cult members roaming the outsides of the building, Clearwater-style.

    Whom who has seen any staff march out of the cult angrily would feel tempted to join their ranks?

    Confession: I'm not as good as noticing the lulzy aspects of the cult as others. True, goatse is pathetic, but I still find him scary. Similarly, I was unnerved by several eerie interactions with Scientologists as they left the cult *kitchen* side door. (note to self - they talk to you when you are alone -- ALWAYS HAVE CAMERA RUNNING!!)

    One of them gestured to my mask and said, "Learn to communicate!" Um, fair game. No dice, I said. "Take off your mask!" she urged. Again, not bloody likely. I reminded her that we know what the cult does to critics. Besides, adhocrat never wears a mask and is MORE than willing to engage in dialouge. Can they accuse him of not communicating? But do they converse with him? Apparently, the Scientology smirk can be initiated by considering how lulzy it is that anons are just soooo bad a communicating, they have to wear masks. What was that about Jabba the Hub wandering around... New York City, was it? in a disguise? A cheesy wig? It was in Bare-Faced Messiah.

    More disturbing by far was an evil cult lady hag's reaction to moog's excellent Scientology: Before and After sign of Lisa McPherson -- you know the one -- pretty lady on top, autopsy photo on bottom.

    So gray-haired scilon glances at the sign I'm holding and starts to LAUGH. Not joyous laughter. Not nervous, uncomfortable laughter. Not even villainous, egomaniacal self-satisfied laughter. But a mirthless, chilling cackle. Ha ha ha ha! I answered. Death IS funny. Dang! I felt like crying. Are they so heartless? I'm keeping my mask on, thank you very much. Besides, check out how good vulpes makes them look!

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  23. enthaeon Member

    Indeed, the cultists were eerily quiet today (besides the witch and her cackling-- srsly, lady, come back to reality; sweet, compassionate reality-- where you can live, learn and love freely!)

    Not a peep, or even a glance, from any other members, although moog and I think we saw Quiros through the looking glass. A lot of dressed down Scilons, some with family, were trundling into the org's side entrance today. What's goin' on? Probably a shake down of sorts.

    Moog brought a NEW sign! It's the blown up Lisa image from the new card. We taped it to a light pole from maximum visibility. Win! Throughout the relatively quiet raid, moog and I reflected on just how much our efforts go unchecked by the SF staff. Everywhere else seems to have hostile Scilons, cops in their pockets, or worse! Lucky us!

    We had a special visit from a femanon returned, as well! Welcome back, Keishu! Looking forward to raiding with you!
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Love the sign. I'd also get a sign saying " perpetrual downstat"
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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    fret not, little santa rosa org... we've not forgotten about you...
  27. skeptic2girl Member

    any shoopers up for pasting DM's head onto Cool Hand Luke's archnemesis?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Please give these guys a big slice of caek. They're doing it right:

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  29. MOOG Member


    Anonymous had sex with the Org again this morning, and it was hot. Started out like your standard raid, then we noticed the Flag World Tour truck parked at the side door, with one Eastern European Sea Orger and silent skinny asian male SF staff member unloading gear. I went over to say hi and the Sea Orger walked right up to me with his grabby hand out. I said, "Don't touch my camera, how about a card instead?" and held out a GOOGLE SCIENTOLOGY card. He looked sort of disappointed.

    Snippy Longstockings, the angry red haired staff girl avoided us by not entering at the front gate, instead walking all the way down the street (on the opposite side) and across to slip in the side door. I think she's sick of us. Counted about 15 Sea Orgers running around dressed in all black (on a warm summer morning).Then "We Stand Tall" came on the boombox, so I turned it around so it was pointing right into the Org. I spotted Jerry thru the front door, and he came out shoulders square and all puffy chested, and I threw up my arms and cheered "Jerry's here!" and he just stood there in the entryway. Again I offered him a card, and he declined with a slight smile. I said, "Jerry just give me a hug then, would you?" my arms spread wide, again he shook his head with that little smile. I lost my patience and yanked the cord out of the radio. "Jerry I am not going to play this song for you anymore, not until you come out of there and take my card." That's when Jerry said, "what are you guys gonna do when They stop paying you?" The rest is in this here video:

    Then this smoking lady tried to handle us, until her friend Stompy came out and led her away. FYI: Stompy likes to stomp on signs!

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  30. Nice Videos, Moog. Caught 'em on the tube.

    <3 <3 <3 !!!
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  31. jensting Member

    Freaking awesome :)

    He should just have walked away instead of opening his mouth. At least he went in the right direction.

    "Tried to" being the operative word here. "So many people are saying things! Don't believe it!!" Ahh, if only that skepticism could be turned to all aspects of her life, but it can't - of course - because she's a clam.

    One day the cognitive dissonance is going to stop working the way the Co$ depends on it working.

    I love it! It's been years since we've had clams this snappy in England.

    Damn, she yanked smoking lady away! If that had been Mike Rinder, critics everywhere would have been up in arms speculating about criminal assault charges ;) ;) ;)

    I miss San Fran already :(

    Best Regards

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  32. adhocrat Member

    and we miss you, jen

    Love the 8C Stompy applied to Smoke Lady, a perfect scientology moment
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  33. skeptic2girl Member

    I'm ON it!! See y'all Saturday!

    Congrats, guys! WIN WIN WIN !!!!
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  34. MOOG Member

    The best part was when Jerry said that they have meetings with the FBI every 2 weeks, just to talk about Anonymous. It's in the video, tho it's hard to hear, he says it right before I say "Oh Jerry, you're telling some good ones today"
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    we need subtitles!!
  36. thewayup Member

    Great vids. Eastern Europeans. Amazing writing; with paragraphs!
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  37. moarxenu Member

    This thread needs moar Kieshu!!!
  38. Anonymous Member

    I think this woman is Iranian from her accent and that fact she says she is a Muslim. Next time try telling her "Pedar sag." (Your father is a dog.)
  39. Anonymous Member

    We're trying to help these people, not insult them.
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  40. AIN Member

    You sirs, are doing it right, carry on.
    Next, When will the scilons learn you can't simply try to handle the pure chaos that is Anonymous?
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