San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. MOOG Member

    Anonymous made mad passionate love to the Org all week long, with GOOGLE SCIENTOLOGY cards, Disco Dance Tech, and sexy new Tom Cruise Blow-Up Poster. Scilons are definitely stuck in Confusion. Only Jerry-OT8 will talk to us anymore, tho he seems confused too. On Tuesday he made a point of telling me how much he enjoys our music, and that our thing is actually increasing their business! (I say "Oh, so Scientology is a business?" and Jerry runs away) Then on Wednesday he says, "Do you guys realize how stupid you look?", and I say "yesterday you said it was great, today it's stupid, what's changed?" and Jerry runs away. Today he was strutting around smoking a gigantic penis-cigar, and I called him over, "Jerry Jerry Jerry! Come over here!" and I offered him my card, which he declined again. I say "Oh well, I LOVE YOU, Google Scientology Jerry!" and Jerry runs away. (lather, rinse, repeat) Posed for 1000 of pictures, here's one of them from today, thanks to our new Australian friends <3

    On Saturday Night some new Black PR was passed out by Mr. Goatse:
    Later on in the evening the cops showed up, went onto the Org, came out and told us that the Scilons told them that we, the fruitcakes dancing in the street, were the actual 14 Anons that were arrested for hacking. We all had a good laugh on that one, while Goatse tried to film us "with the cops" - I just held up the WE RUN THIS sign, making any Scilon photography impossible. We chatted with the cops for a bit, then they said CARRY ON and took off. Then the Scilons closed the front gates, weeeeee!
    This is an ongoing Operation See you all at CLUB XENU <3
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  2. adhocrat Member

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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    the cult knows it wants it.
  4. skeptic2girl Member

    ALSO kudos to moog for climbing into david miscavige's bedroom, taking a stealthy snap of tommy c's o-face and blowing it up for our lulzing pleasure!

    these raids are the best raids. I vomited after one and it was still my most favorite raid.
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  5. MOOG Member

    Tulu & Goatse at the Saturday Night Sauna raid
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  6. enthaeon Member

    It's been a blur, fags! And I was only there for half of it! August is turning out to be the month of passionate, ever-loving raep. Well done, guise! From dealing with Goatse's sinister side, to spreading good vibes with the neighborhood; practically everyone who sees us daily has given the go-ahead thumbs up or invited us to drink in their bar :D

    As expected, the Scilons began to display the wear and tear on their psyche (sanity?) from such unprecedented infinite-dance tech. An unfortunate-looking woman with a disgusting maw [ D:] marched out the front door (with her male confidante) while I was busy with tape tech. Once she had both of her dainty hooves on the poster I was securing to the sidewalk, she laboredly inquired, "what is this bullshit?" After informing her of our intent and reasons (enforced by TRUTH) she replied, "I don't need to know anything but THAT," [or something] pointing to the cult. As she walked away with a smug look, moog and I politely noted that critical thinking is perhaps a virtue. And probably keeps you sane.

    Most important event of the night is without a doubt the suspected OSA member checking out office space for lease across Montgomery from the mOrg! Keep an eye on this, my dear faggots.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Awesome report and photos, Moog, and enthaeon!!!

    Bravo!!! <3 <3 <3 !!!

    I think it would be lulzy to see skeptic2girl vomit on a $cilon!

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  8. skeptic2girl Member

    Is this past or future tense? Are we talking of the trying-to-lease-space-eventually-leased-to-cool-gallery-owner fiasco and the mayor saying Not Bloody Likely OR is this something they are trying to do now?
  9. enthaeon Member

    This is a new deal. The space in question is two doors down from the tapas restaurant everyone likes to watch us raep from.
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    that's INCREDIBLE! with the cave of the transamerica building so sparsely populated?

    the neighborhood would be VERY interested that the cult is trying to take on another of their buildings... I smell a new theme raid coming on...
  11. moarxenu Member

    Well done, my beloved faggots!!!
  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    ^LOVE the way that Tulu's sp sign points directly to goatse's enormous gut...
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  14. skeptic2girl Member

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  15. Smurf Member

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  16. skeptic2girl Member

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  17. skeptic2girl Member

    Does he REALLY want to know what we think? Clicked on youtube link, where the song is called, "Little Boy Dreams." I can think of a number of ways THAT title could be interpreted...
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Smurf Member

    A butthurt Jan Silber provided an affidavit in support of the cult when it was defending itself in the Lisa McPherson case.

    "The church in San Jose, California has been located in the same building for 20 years, and has established very good relations with its neighbors over that period. However, after the publication of scurrilous allegations regarding this prosecution in 1997, haters sought to damage this relationship with the persistent display of "Scientology Kills" picket signs, and repeated harassment of church staff and the neighbors of the local church.

    Immediately following one of the demonstrations, a church staff member ate at the restaurant next door to the church and received in his change, a dollar bill with the phrase, "Scientology Kills" stamped on it." (Ex. K, Affidavit of Janice Silber.)
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  20. pewpew Member

    Good jorb guies. :3
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  21. skeptic2girl Member

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  22. skeptic2girl Member

    Here's Jennifer 2, snapping us a matter of minutes before the police come in response to her complaint we were snapping HER...

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  23. MOOG Member

    I <3 JENNIFER 2
  24. skeptic2girl Member

    the daily raep continues... think the cult is sick of us yet? adhocrat enturbulates and educates:
    Interesting: on the weekdays, the cult takes down those &quot;truth about drugs,&quot; et al. banners. anyone else get the feeling they don't want cult members to see what's going on outside? that would be very consistent, anyway, with cult theory... keep members ignorant. never thought it would be so literal.

    for anyone who is on the fence about dancing at Club Xenu, did I mention there's always caek?
    Another huge plus of being right beside the Transamerica building is it's Tourist Central. Out-of-town visitors always have their cameras out and love to take snaps. (Locals fish them out of their pockets, sometimes even while driving!) These tour buses are always a kick, as at some point we get a huge crowd of people wandering back to the bus, (&quot;We'll meet back at the Transamerica building at 9!&quot;) and some always stop and talk. Usually to adhocrat, who has befriended all of the bus drivers. :)

    Here's Tulu:

    The police showed not once but twice. It seemed at first it would be a cop-free raid, as we were really doing nothing that could be remotely related to anything almost objectionable.

    The cult had to really scrape and ended up telling the cops that they were worried because there were kids leaving the cult and they were concerned... for some reason about that. I think I counted about 4 kids in all.

    Cops in SF are way cool -- esp. compared with some of them in SoCal who seem to sympathize with the cult --;t=36798&amp;sid=43d3085ff60cb51d49f7f8f88c60bf0d
    as a protester was arrested there during a raid.

    But the cops here seem to dread entering the cult and are somewhat apologetic when they report to us what the cult has called about. This time, one of the cops even said, &quot;You know, they're just going to say whatever...&quot;

    It gets a bit maddening after a while, that they call the cops whenever they get their panties in a bunch about us. Honestly? If goatse or crypt keeper or Joe (aka Lurch) or Jennifer2 or Josh (maybe) came out and politely asked us to move down a few feet from the door we'd be apt to do it. Why do they need to squander police time and resources?

    So we moved down a few feet. Oooh! WIN for cult! Unfortunately, we crept back up by the door again, so the cops were called again. At that point it was 10 o'clock and it was time to leave anyway. The cops stuck around until we had packed up.

    Overall, it was a GREAT RAID. Well done, fags!!!

    PtS: here's a snap from a few days before, of a Scilon leaving the cult... you can't see her face, but she has the posture and attitude of any of the cult members leaving...

    btw, although it may appear she is hunching over protectively, she's simply texting on her smart phone. scilons are always on the phone as they walk by. who the phug are they calling all the time?
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  25. skeptic2girl Member

    Here's a new favorite sign, that gets an incredible amount of honks and laughter, from drivers and pedestrians alike -- (in fact, I was carrying it yesterday across the street to check out what sort of free samples a guy at a restaurant was giving out, and this car was HONKING at me like crazy -- and I was using the crosswalk, and the little white guy who lives in the crosswalk box was flashing telling me it was okay for me to cross so I'm thinking, &quot;WHAT?!&quot; and then I saw her smiling and waving and I remembered the sign...)


    Gave some lulz to Tommy Gorman when I took this picture of Moog and me to show him what was happening at the cult that very moment, on a random Tuesday night...


    We were adjusting the locations of the signs and other stuff when the tray of cupcaeks and cookies ended up resting on Kirstie Alley's face. Moog realized capturing the moment made for a good joke, what with her Organic Weight Watchers program and all:


    Lastly, here's the femanon who has unfortunately ended up being Jennifer 2's arch-enemy. I think it happened sometime in between filming her phug around with a cold barbecue, strutting past the cult, and holding up a sign that said, &quot;Grab Your Wins and Run&quot; as she (wo)manned reception at the cult and called the police (maybe THAT'S who the Scilons are on the phone with all the time! ever called 911 and found it busy? it's probably because the cult is - as Tulu put it - using the police as their personal body guards)

    So if anyone convinces Jennifer 2 to leave the cult, it's going to have to be one of the cutey male anons who remind her that they love her and mean it -- though they don't mention that they aren't necessarily single! poor Jennifer 2!

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  26. enthaeon Member

    RE: office space- it seems the "for lease" sign with contact info has been taken down, leading me to believe an infernal deal has been struck.
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  27. skeptic2girl Member

    could you look into that, enthaeon? I wouldn't have the first idea where to start... but if we can find out if the cult is going to lease that space, I can step in and do my part, as it were -- we could dedicate a whole night to it -- or more than one night --

    *e.g. anyone ever wonder why that cute little restaurant space on the corner of Montgomery and Jackson remains empty, despite all the foot traffic? Rent is high, no doubt, but given all the empty storefronts to choose from, who would want to neighbor a cult?

    pts: maybe just for the helluva it, for one night only, we can camp ourselves by the above-mentioned restaurant space and see if the cult comes up with any reason to call the police
  28. jensting Member

    They love you! As well they might. Excellent work!

    Oh Yes. They'll erect little walls of books at the front of the bOrg in Tottenham Court Rd in London and after the demo they little walls are gone. In San Diego they have a wall of banners which they erect in front of their entry door and windows.

    Quite sad to see, in that it's just massively and pathetically ineffective.

    Best Regards

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Moar Awesome report and photos. Thank you, skeptic2girl!!!

    <3 the shot of Adhocrat, educating and explaining (???) to a tourist?

    Bravo!!! <3 <3 <3 !!!

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  30. wolfyrik Member

    Could be a new tactic. Theoretically, if they rent the building then try to pass it off as part of their "church" they could potentially cause a lot of trouble and prevent protest on both sides of the street.
  31. skeptic2girl Member

    The good news is that we are not limited (fingers crossed) to raiding across the street -- we can actually dance on the cult's grave, as it were (aka their gated front door - lobby dark as pitch on a rockin' Saturday night)! And we do! :)

    btw, this week...

    the gnag bnag continues
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  32. jensting Member

    No, don't think that would work in SF, the police can cope with protests on the same side as the bOrg. A complete waste of time and money. Really, it is. (Waiting with bated breath ;-))

    Best regards
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  33. wolfyrik Member

    Well I'm always up for them wasting their time and money hehehe
  34. pewpew Member

    Jensting get back to your side of the internet pond silly!
  35. skeptic2girl Member

    btw, from the Files of WTF, on Saturday 08/06/2011:

    Maybe we should always be suspicious of people who will give us free fish sandwiches. (yes, yuck)

    In what I can only assume was a coincidence, but a strange one at that I just remembered I had a weird conversation with this guy across the street from the cult who had a platter of free food. From a distance, it looked like maybe it was some sort of Italian pastries -- when it wasn't, it was still FREE, so, I mean, hey...

    Guy asked me what we were doing, why, etc. same old stuff, as he watched moog, exponential/tulu and adhocrat from across the street and going crazy in a good way.

    Why, protesting the cult, of course.

    Okay, he said. Just don't, you know, hurt the children.



    I can't even remember what he said after that or exactly how he worded his sentiments. But he really did say that. He wasn't accusing us of harming children; what he said didn't really make any sense and as I've been trying unsuccessfully to write an interpretation I realize you can't make sense of nonsense.

    The only reason this random comment came to mind today was that the cult's specious reason for calling the police was that the cult was concerned because kids were going through the door where we were... whatevering.

    I don't think there's a solid connection between fish guy and the cult -- but it was still weird.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    - William S. Burroughs ;)
  37. Tangerine Member

    <3! <3! <3!
  38. adhocrat Member

    The question is: Do body thetans fart?
    Stay tuned...
    In other news, we had lots of great interactions with locals and tourists, and there weren't very many culties at all. And I didn't yell once. After talking to the policeman last time I realized "Hey, I don't need to yell. They can hear me." So I'll save that voice for Los Gatos and other appropriate places. Well, mostly.

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  39. skeptic2girl Member

    had FAIL commenting on youtube site -- here's what I tried to say:
    If it looks like fun, it was!
    LOVE the "cult cam"! also, to moog and adhocrat -- thank you for being the premier protester duo and therefore making it safe for the rest of us to raid...
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  40. Anonymous Member

    At 1:56 in the video, there is a brief glimpse of the sidewalk, and what appears to be the Co$ emblem, invested right into the concrete.

    Is it just an emblem or is it also a City "manhole cover"? (I only know the old-school term for it) :(

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