San Francisco Post-Raid - March 12 *AND* 13

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by LetThereBeLove, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. I'm sort of surprised that no one has beat me to it.

    So over in SF we decided to make a SOOPER SEKRIT SURPRISE BUTTSECHS BIRTHDAY PARTY RAID for the big SP himself, L. Ron Hubtard. We managed to pull it off both days without the Scilons knowing that we were coming.

    I arrived late (11:30 am) and found myself to be the only one there. No prob, I put up the flag and trolled any scilon who happened to within earshot. Soon more anonymous arrived and we partied hard. TommyGormanTommyGorman was there with Jennifer and the two kids (one of which is the reincarnation of old L.Ron himself). We trolled, we partied, we danced, we made fools out of ourselves.

    I didn't take as many pictures as I could have, but here are some and a video as well.




    While we were there, a passerby stopped and told us about his visit down south where he saw the Freewinds.

    We had a fun day, and it was judged a success by all.
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  2. Mark Cabian Member

  3. And so we went back the next day to do it again.






    How was your weekend?
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  4. Mark Cabian Member

    I was looking forward to joining you. Damn sexy. Did I see Ginger in that one photo??
  5. (*pssssst* anyone know of a good HD video editor? my new camera makes .mov files and Avidemux makes the videos stutter, any suggestions?)
  6. Anonymous Member

    Maybe. Do you know of someone who would be willing to leak video?
  7. TheViruS Member

    Nice RAID ! Thank you for pictures & videos !!
  8. BLiP Member

    Excellent. Thanks SF
  9. subgenius Member

    you glorious bastards
  10. amaX Member

    Our weekend was fabulous in Clearwater: 5 raids in four days and 2 cities, BUT we LOVE you all so much for two days of SOOPER SEKRIT SURPRISE B-DAY BUTTSECHS=the bestest kind! Y'all are AWESOME! And I am very jealous of any city who gets to do chalk tech on the sidewalks!

    SanFranAnons doinitrite! <3
  11. xenubarb Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    The old sea arrgh flag is sweet.
  13. Ann O'Nymous Member

  14. i'mglib Member

    Lurve you guys. Great job.
  15. Anonymous Member

    fap fap fap

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