San Francisco "Educational Reform" event 10/13 - Raid?

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Dear All:

    On Oct. 13th, many people in San Francisco will be protesting against Jeb Bush's and Robert Murdoch's "Educational Reform" event at the Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery St., from 4:00-5:00 pm. Why is this of interest to Anonymous?

    Because George W. Bush appointed Scientologist John Danielson as Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education Rod Paige, 2001-2005. This brought us:

    1. Increased involvement of Narconon Drug Education in public education throughout California and other states (please see the SF Chronicle, June 9, 2004 to March 2005, archives section, punch in "Narconon") until the California Department of Education refused to recommend Narconon Drug Education for California public and charter schools in Feb. 2005, Other states followed. (BTW, George Bush, Sr., appointed Danielson to some undefined department of education role in his administration, 1991, until removed by Clinton and Sec'y of Education Richard Riley in Jan. 1993. Jeb Bush would probably follow suit in including Danielson as part of his administration if he is ever elected to anything national.

    2. Applied Scholastics as part the federally-funded tax-payer paid Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Program, from 2001 to the present day (although the SES program is finally being phased out), see above.

    3. A lack of support for mental health services. Please see the "Tom Cruise" viral videos, each of which contain a snippet about John Danielson and the federal department of education.... thank you very much Anonymous.... including one where he states that he wants to incorporate aspects of CCHR in public education.

    4. NCLB ... no need to say more

    5. And John Danielson and (former superintendent to SFUSD and Philadelphia School District) Arlene Ackerman teaming up to write the curriculum for Eli Broad's corporate Educational Foundation Administrators training program: someone please locate this manual and disseminate it, while honoring all pertinent copyright laws, so we can analyze it for connection to the WISE training manual. These corporate administrator training programs are not supportive of teachers, students or public education. Their goal is privatization of public education.

    The anti-public education guys are trying to regroup. Murdoch is trying to become part of this mess. Maybe some of the London and English anonymous can elaborate on Murdoch's role in regards to SCN, if there is anything to talk about.
  2. skeptic2girl Member

    sounds like it definitely has raiding possiblities --

    poster, plx direct us to an event posting, if possible -- who is organizing this?
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  3. enthaeon Member

    This is relevant to my interests.
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    I disagree that this is not a Chanology matter, even though I am not a Chanologist.

    Please hear me out......

    First Amendment rights for teachers and students were trampled under NCLB and are just now being re-established; the public education sector is still digging out from the financial scandals associated with the After-School Programs mandated under SES; services, including computer science (CS) access, were limited or denied by repeated funding cuts; many students were run out of education before graduating because they "flunked" the mandated tests and caused their districts to "fail"..... any of this language sound familiar?

    The California Department of Education spent time and money dealing with the Narconon Drug Education matter, reviewing it and finally deciding to not recommend it. And SCN wanted to keep Narconon Drug Education in the public education sector.... and Chanology surely knows what SCN does when it wants something. People in public education learned fast what they they were dealing with and took all appropriate measures from 2002 on. The first documented threat was issued in SF in 2002 and followed by many other threats and actions till March 2005 on the Narconon Drug Education matter. And yes, almost every threat and action was turned over to the appropriate law enforcement entities. And everything was handled quietly.... (this is the professional more-sedate-than-chanology public education way) to the present day.

    Please come, mask or not.

    And please help to post the full flyer. This United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) flyer says it all:

    And as the previous posting stated:

    Please, O! CS skillful anons, post the flyer in its entirely. This poor anon lacks the skills.
  8. Tangerine Member

    I gave this post/OP a new home. It didn't seem like it belonged where it was.
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  9. adhocrat Member

    I guess I don't understand why we would protest people putting their ideas out there. You may not agree with the ideas being offered, but it's also obvious that public education is a disaster, so why not listen to alternative view points?
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  11. xenu2012 Member

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  12. skeptic2girl Member

    you read my mind, kid
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    adhocrat, didn't you know if something involves rupert murdoch, it has to be bad? ;)
    exception: The Simpsons
  14. enthaeon Member

    I've been subjected to Jeb's "alternative view points" of public education. Do not want. Rupert Murdoch? Made of AIDS. Scilon influence in tax payers' domain? Unacceptable.
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  15. adhocrat Member

    I've heard the liberal and conservative agendas.

    I say a pox on both their houses.

    Politicians should not have a say in the education of my child. The parent and child should have a say, and yet those are the two people, the actual consumers, who are locked out of the process.

    Both the liberals and the conservatives want power and control, which they get from controlling education.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Aye, albeit Conservative control and power is moar financially and socially ruthless, imo. Profit over people, blah blah blah.

  17. adhocrat Member

    Well, I do disagree. I just think that a viewpoint that Democrats are better than Republicans ignores the fact that both ideologies are based on the use force.
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  18. enthaeon Member

    Agreed. Without derailing moar, I'd rather not let the educational system fall further into the claws of an initiative that is willing attempting to let a Scilon (with clout) administer Hubbard's failtech to the young and impressionable masses.

    Also, I liek your posts. And bouncing idea(l)s back and forth with you.

    Also, your charisma.

    Also, I'm gay.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Remember, the Oct. 13th protest is going forward on Thursday, between 4 and 5.

    Please be there.
  20. Anonymous Member

    wasn't it Rod Paige who met with Cruise in DC for a luncheon years ago with Cruise showing up with a stack of Applied Scholastic books?
  21. skeptic2girl Member

    I can't go that day - working - but I think one problem I had with this posting of the event was that it was posted anonymously.

    We can't pm the poster for more details, for instance.
  22. xenubarb Member

    No good will come of this. Fucking Murdoch and Bush? You think those two ass-nuts have kids' best interests in mind? It looks more like a course on "how to loot public funding for public schools" to me.
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  23. xenubarb Member

    Yes, it was. Paige is a tool for AS, or was a few years ago when he drifted across ARSwdne's bow.
  24. adhocrat Member

    Actually I don't like either of them particularly but I find that the ones on the other side of the table are just as bad. I don't want politicians in education for any reason at any time. See the quote at the end for further details.
    I do know for a fact that the current system is a disaster. We graduate functionally illiterate students. That should tell you something.

    I asked a sergeant in the Army to read something a year or so ago. He could not read at a fourth grade level. This was a sergeant in the US Army, who could not read at a fourth grade level. That is a truly scary notion, that the man with all that destructive high tech gear to operate cannot read the fucking manuals.

    So it's pretty obvious to me that the current system is a bust. A private company providing such a horrid service would soon be out of business. But a government that fails simply gets more money to do it again. That isn't a good use of money, and since the money was extracted by force from unwilling participants, it makes it a moral disaster as well as an educational disaster.
    Don't recognize that name?
    The world knows him as Joseph Stalin
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  25. SPRTT Member

    Consider yourself solicited for internet baby gamete donation.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Dear All:

    1. Yes, Secretary of Education Rod Paige (a Texan appointed by G. W. Bush who had Scientologist John Danielson as his Chief of Staff) was supportive of SCN in public education. Rod Paige was not an academic although he had a Ph.D., in physical education, I think. He was a Bush appointee, plain and simple.

    2. Under the Bush years, and with NCLB, it was evident quite early on that the Bush agenda was NOT to provide excellent quality public education but rather to denigrate public education, withdraw funding, and try to privatize (or get money from) every aspect of public education. However, public educators are a hardy professional lot and done excellent work with the limited resources...

    3. The sergeant that adhocrat mentioned might very well have reading disabilities (especially reading out-loud where the stress can be immense for someone struggling with visual processing issues) but still can and could use other means to acquire and communicate information (auditory processing using recorded information, memory tools, etc.). The Army has gotten up to speed on many special education techniques which they learned from the special educators in public education and they use these techniques in teaching their technical courses. I would have to talk with you more, adhocrat, to get a fuller picture of what transpired. And we do not know, of course, where the sergeant was stationed and what his duties are. The military has very frequently learned how to teach and re-teach the recruits who have difficulty learning... what was it that was said about the Navy? Something like "A system created by geniuses so it can be implemented well even by idiots." If someone has the correct quote, please fify.

    4. And I cannot agree that the current system is a bust. It has been working much better since Obama/Duncan came in and many states are now waivering out of the onerous SES system, thus freeing up monies now going to private enterprise to the tune of $800 MILLION per year.

    This may shed some light on the issue:

    Published Online: October 10, 2011
    Published in Print: October 12, 2011, as Flexibility on SES Pleases Districts, Worries Industry
    Flexibility on Tutoring Pleases Districts, Worries Industry
    $800 million in set-asides may be freed by waivers
    By Michele McNeil
    The U.S. Department of Education’s plan to grant states broad flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act will free up as much as $800 million in money school districts now must set aside for tutoring students, but may mark a significant financial blow to an education industry that has grown up around serving low-performing schools.

    Somewhere in the middle of this policy debate, an estimated 600,000 students nationwide, at least this school year, are taking advantage of free tutoring from providers of their choice because they go to schools that have failed to hit their academic goals under the law for at least two years in a row.

    As states seeking waivers from provisions of the NCLB law work to design their own accountability systems, they will be free to craft interventions for 15 percent of their lowest-performing schools—leaving the role of tutoring as a big question mark.

    “As these struggling schools undergo systemic reform and turn around, that’s a long-term, multiyear purpose,” said Steven Pines, the executive director of the Education Industry Association in Vienna, Va., which represents 350 organizations, including charter school management companies and tutoring providers. “Tutoring represents one of the only student-centric interventions that can impact a child’s performance tomorrow.” (Please use the above url for the rest of the article.)

    As we know, AS is one of the tutoring programs that have tried to access some of the $800 million in set-asides. This SES program was created, in part, and supported by Scientologist John Danielson in his role as Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education Rod Paige, 2001-2005. The "tutoring industry" is scrambling, and so is, apparently, AS to get these monies.
    5. I'll be there on Thursday.....
  27. adhocrat Member

    Public education is simply throwing good money after bad. Public employees have different incentives than private sector employees, ones counter to the needs of the consumers.

    Protesting the conference is all well and good, and I wish you well, but it pretty much ignores the root causes of the disaster of education, which is that the State ignores the actual consumers of the service, the parents and children. Until that incentive is straightened out, schools will continue to fail to provide their most basic functions.

    Without formal education children at the Sudbury School ( typically learn to read by the age of 6. This is with no formal pedagogy at all, with simply mimicking their peers who can read, they learn on their own.

    The anarchy of the Sudbury school results in children who have not only learned to read, write and do math, they have learned how to work together, to negotiate, to imagine the result and work towards it, something a structured environment fails at big time. With a top down approach, the children are passive, with the anarchic Sudbury approach, the children are actively engaged in building community.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Dear Adhocrat:

    I could cheerfully discuss the optimal private educational venues for hours..... I have helped create three, taught in three and have had family members in six, over the years. But the vast majority of students right now, especially in this economy, do not have funds for private education nor access to the endowed private schools ..... many private schools have gone under in this economy. And many parents are working two and three jobs and do not have the time to volunteer and/or participate in a large manner at the private schools and the high parent participation (funds and time) is one of the reasons some of them have been successful.

    My focus is on PUBLIC EDUCATION because that is the educational venue that affects most of the students in America, especially the non-priviledged students. Plus, it is the segment that has driven the wide-scale improvement of curriculum and pedagogy over the last 15 years.

    And it is the public venue that the far right-wing has targeted, as they want access to the public tax-payer paid monies. Under Bush/Rod Paige/ Scientologist John Danielson, they had such access to the tune of $800 million tax-payer monies per year in just one program: the Supplemental Educational Services segment of Title 1, which included Applied Scholastics in several states. States are now signing waivers opting out of this mandated NCLB program that was created by Bush/Rod Paige/Scientologist John Danielson and others.

    At the conference it was same-o/same-o in terms of what the far right wing at this event wants.... school vouchers, etc., the same demands from a decade ago. But America in general is much better educated about what those demands really entail and there is little support from the moderate, central and left-wing to allow such access to the private sector. The students lose when non-educators take over finances in the public education system.

    The protest march went very well and was covered by almost all of the local media. Occupy SF was there and at least 2 Anons. Several state department of education personnel talked with the protestors and some were already knowledgable about Scientology's access under Bush and did not like it. One state department of education person stated that he was not there because he or his department approved of what this conference wanted: they had learned their lesson from the Bush years, he said, and he was sent to find out what else was going on!

    BTW, public employees, IMHO, do not have "different incentives than private sector employees, ones counter to the needs of the consumers." A global statement like that makes no sense when put under scrutiny. I do not even know what that means or what it refers to.

    I will post pix later.
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member


    Goal is 5000 by 2:00 pm (PT) Statsturday
  31. adhocrat Member

    The different incentives are plain to see. In the private sector, if I don't do a good job, I get fired. In the public sector, if I do a bad job after getting tenure, then I get the rubber room.
    So, private sector employees can be fired, public sector employees cannot.
    Private sector answers directly to the parents and students, public sector teachers answer to their union.
    IE, different incentives.

    And if the money followed the student then I would count that as an improvement over what we have now.
  32. Anonymous Member

    RE: White House petition

    Less than 900 sigs needed now to have the 5000 by 2:00 pm (PT) Statursday

    RE: Adhocrat

    I have worked (taught) in both the private and public sectors...... there are good professionals in both and occasionally not so professional people in both sectors. I have found that the public sector (in general) keeps their eye on what is best for the most difficult students while in the private sector those students are removed and sent back to the public sector. The professional and dedicated public educators are highly respected from both sectors.... I have heard many private school educators and administrators say that no way could they handle the challenge and pressures of dealing with high-risk students in challenging schools. And you what? They cannot, they are correct.

    The professional educators' focus in on providing the best possible education for all the students, especially the most challenging. And, in many cases, they do so.

    Again, your global statements re "private" vs "public" sector employees does not resonate as accurate with this teacher who has taught in the very best schools in both sectors and the worst, in both sectors. Perhaps you were referring to ALL public sector vs private sector employees and not just educators?

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