San Francisco bOrg. Event raided relentlessly. With foreign support

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by jensting, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. jensting Member


    Just to make me happy, the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of cientology had scheduled an event on a day of a SF visit where I was available to join the flash raid. I think that was nice of them!

    I must say that the building was nicer than old bOrg where I started my anti-Co$ protesting career on Sept 9 1995. I hope the clams who paid for it appreciate it.

    Photos from

    The raid took place from shortly-ish after 6pm to some time after 10pm (I wimped out with jet lag at 10pm).

    The clams had shut the main entrance and stood at the side entrance on Columbus. That was nice, since we could line up no end of posters along the sidewalk next to the bOrg. When the clams arrived, they had to file past a whole lot of posters and me, standing off to the side playing to one of my core protesting competences (standing still, holding a sign). They could look left, at the signs on the sidewalk, right, at me, or straight ahead, at the main protest right by their door.

    Most clams who arrived looked grumpy. My "Look Happy!" encouragements did not have any significant effect.

    The police arrived in two cars, talked to us, talked to the clams, asked us to "move down a few feet" and left. We moved down a few feet and carried on. That was the highlight of OSAs handling. They didnt even come out and photograph us menacingly (I believe that this is standard tech) or try to intimidate me by telling me they knew who I am. Maybe OSA in San Francisco just is that laid back - good for them!

    Lots and lots of IAS logos on shirts. I hope the clams appreciated the "$cientology only wants your money!" sign I had borrowed.

    The main raid in front of the door consisted on what appeared to me to be non-stop dancing (some four hours worth of it) with protesters off at the sides talking to the passers-by who took and interest. Now, four hours of dancing, that's relentless!

    I wore a mask, for a change, since I had acquired a non-standard, somewhat paler and more decadent pink-ish looking mask. A carefull half minute perusal of my flickr page should give a good clue as to where it came from :). Nice, but not very comfortable with the glasses on the inside (contact lenses next time, I reckon).

    This was a great raid, and I'm very happy to have raided with such a sterling bunch of activists!

    Best Regards

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  2. RightOn Member

    great signs and turn out Jens
    love the picture of Adho talking to the guy pointing his finger at the paper and holding a cupcake!
    All thos scis passing through all the signs must have planted some seeds of doubt
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  3. Rheinländer Member

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  4. adhocrat Member

    It was a fun time indeed. It was great meeting Jensting and waving signs with him.
    Video to follow
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  5. Random guy Member

    Good show!
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  6. jensting Member

    Oh Noes! Video!! My only chance is if that footage of me getting raeped did not turn out good...

    Best Regards

  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    link plz
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  9. AnonLover Member

    LOL! nice run-the-gauntlet-tech, with added bonus of lazyfag protesting flair. 3thumbs up to you Jens, well done!
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Excellent sign tech! You never know when one will suddenly change a point of view. It happens

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  11. moarxenu Member

    I am having troubles uploading pix but here is one of our number John Travolta Disco fan:


    We had nine raiders including our guest Jensting. The scilons were having some event, maybe a Failwinds thing. A lot of scilons of all sorts were going in and out - a family with two kids in a stroller, for example. When I saw them I thought - &quot;Total Spiritual Freedom for a family of four - just $2,000,000!!!&quot;

    There were also some scilon teenagers. Surprisingly, there were a few scilons that actually smiled at us. Most, of course, were grim. Especially our relief handler at the door. I thought, &quot;The scilons would be far moar effective and have moar fun if they talked to us. I guess they gonna get raeped by Ethics if they be doinitwrong.&quot;

    Two big buses were parked in front, and I thought they were doing bus tech, but they weren't. We talked to the bus driver who was very interested to learn about the cult. After talking to us he went into the org to talk to the scilons and came out shortly thereafter.

    I don't know what they said to him, but soon a mob of about 50 middle-aged Italian tourists from North Beach comes by. People stopped to take pictures with us, and were laughing a lot probably from drinking vino in some of North Beach's Italian restaurants.

    They then got onto the bus of the bus driver we had talked to. We waved and they all waved as they pulled out. We got a ton of horn love and waves from another busload of tourists going down the street.

    There was a lot of interest from the people who stopped by to talk. I found myself recommending Inside Scientology to all of them. Must bring my copy to every raid. btw one anon donated a copy of Janet's book, and it is being passed around so now about seven anons in our cell have read it.

    Relentless raidfags were relentless as evar. I have no idea what time they got fagged out and stopped raiding.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for on the scene report. Most likely there was a Maiden Voyage II or III event and possibly made into a recruitment event, which would explain the kids being dragged in (oh god no).

    I can't believe that bus driver walked in to the org What did he say when he came out?! Italian tourists in San Fran. Sounds like a fun day. Very impressed you had so many there!

    Sci's these days are all grim, and for good reason. They are pounded 24/7 for moar money, more time, more raw meat, more books, more recruits, moar crimes (they must have crimes because they haven't forked over enough money and raw meat). Every single day, every week, over and over, while their boss, their families, their bank, their business vendors, their credit car companies, all trying to reach them every single day, every week, over and over. And still no toilet paper in the lobby or course rooms.

    Grim and verrrry grating.
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  13. adhocrat Member

    Don't worry, I'll be kind.

    In addition to Inside Scientology we are passing around Amy Scobee's book as well as Nancy Many's book.I've asked all the anons to add their protest name to the back of the book as we pass it around. Maybe they will become good auction material in the future,

    And as for the bus drivers they are pretty cool. I always chat them up. Last night one of them was wearing a San Diego ball cap so I was ribbing him a bit. But he was ribbing me right back.

    The other driver was wearing this big brimmed black hat. he wandered off and soon a whole bunch of tourists showed up. When Black Hat came back I told we'd found his errant passengers. He laughed and gave us a good honking sendoff.

    As for going inside, i'm pretty sure COS lets them use the bathroom.

    I tried giving away cupcakes to the door handlers but for some reason they wouldn't talk to me.
    I got to talk to several newish members on Saturday. After one of them talked to me he was immediately rounded up by a handler and taken inside.
    Since it was so much fun, we went back today and raided. Tommy and Jennifer Gorman, several new people, Vulpus (sp?) and someone whose nick I didn't get. Jensting stopped by to say hi, Moog, Tulu, Luna and me. More fun.
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  14. Mark Cabian Member

  15. Exponential Member

    a real pleasure meeting and raiding with Jensting, newfag that i am, and with our beloved SFfags new and old. Huge Success. Jenstings' foreboding mask and stance was uber effective. our handlers, Goatse and crypt keeper, stood stuanchly as the queen's guard, enduring over an hour of trolling raep as oodles of scilons shambled into the mOrg sat night; the fuck- thought I was watching 'they Live'.

    one of the SFPD ots asked how one joins anonymous, adding that he thought it an 'elite group' of internet fags.

    we partied and danced till after 10pm, by then most of the scis had left their event at the LRH bookstore, aka Club Xenu, then we went for obligitory P-i-zz-a. both days public support was overwhelmingly in our favor, horn love was had, moar wisdom was gained. awesome street crowd was awesome. Janet Reitman book is a treat.
    ty raidfags, each one of you

    -day 2, quote of the day: bike cop riding by laughing "anyone seen L Ron Hubbard lately?"
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar on publicly announced raids. If you want in on sekrit raid plans pm moog at SF Chanology.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Although I don't have any video footage to prove it (the word on the street, though is that others got footage), I am going to take the liberty of declaring NO HOMO (novis) a fagalicious success! I do have some highlights to relate...

    Maybe the best surprise was that the Scilons were having some sort of event that night so it was cult members GALORE!

    Little sad barbecue-FAIL man was guarding the side door. He heroically clasped a pile of anti-Anonymous black pr (assumption is it was the same lit describing supposed anon's spray-painting of Florida org) to his person. None were distributed.

    Would you be surprised if I told you he wouldn't take me up on my offer of a cupcaek?

    Mercifully, he was soon replaced by unwise-beard-man who studiously read the black pr as he took over guard duty. He also could resist the power of the cupcaek. When the cops inevitably came, little beard dude (I eavesdropped) was forced to admit to cop that we were not doing anything outside of practicing our 1st Amendment rights.

    Apparently, given that the music was playing at a decent volume, there was no chalk art, and we were all standing carefully on the sidewalk which we were similarly careful not to block, they had to come up with a downright lie. According to the cop we had been making sexually harassing comments to parishioners! The only thing we could come up with as how they would come up with that was that there had been some mention of Jan Eastgate and references to the cult protecting child molestors. It was really something.

    More later...
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  18. Smurf Member

    No. You're the enemy. You probably poisoned the cupcake (in their small, deluded minds).
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  19. skeptic2girl Member

    I fear you're right about the cupcakes, Smurf.

    Small, unwise-beard-man later declared sweet revenge on us for trying to poison him by tiptoeing out to get a snap of Tulu -- only to have Moog put an Anonymous "business card" in front of the camera. Nice! Moog also offered the little cards to other cult members leaving the org. I thought that was a good idea. Maybe some of them do get curious after a while about why we are always there. Even if they aren't curious, it's always good to try.

    Anyway, we aren't actual bullies, so ubm eventually got his pic -- it was comical, actually. He hurried out, took a quick snap, and hurried back in. Like, "Aha! GOTCHA!!" As someone pointed out, what do they do with all those pictures of masks? Adhocrat had a theory, but it's not G-rated.
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  20. jensting Member

    Hmm, where have I heard that before?!?

    Best Regards

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  21. BigBeard Member

    Did anyone invite the $cilons to dance?? Maybe they were grumpy because they felt left out. Nahhhh...

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  22. i'mglib Member

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  23. skeptic2girl Member

  24. adhocrat Member

    I reported the double thread last night. Mods are asleep. ;)

    Videos of both days are on the way. I have about 15 hours of video to sort through. 16 July is about half baked done. Lots of good shots, lots of dancing, lots of me explaining reality to the scilons, a very target rich environment on Saturday. Sunday not so much but I noticed a new trend. I was insulted numerous times. Called names, insults about my mother, didn't understand Dianetics and more. It was great interacting with so many scilons. That's why I love protesting in San Francisco.
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  25. skeptic2girl Member

    fotos are the sh**, Jens! Excellent close-ups of Scilons -- capture the mood. Hmmm... who's happier? Those inside or outside the cult? It was wonderful to meet you!
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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    re: org toilet paper -- one of my fantasies is to wander into the org, pretending to be a hapless passerby, feigning interest in L. Ron books. What? A copy of Dianetics? I've got my own, thank you! But where's the bathroom? I come in, come out -- &quot;you're out of toilet paper, you know. Oh, never mind... I'll just use this&quot; (as I tear out a few pages of Dianetics...)

    Correction: the prank is OFF. Those pages are NOT good enough for my butt!

    Also: Awesome Italian tourists are AWESOME!

    If I remember right, they came around not-long after the police arrived (first round of police -- two lady cops 2nd time -- adhocrat was so smooth with them they simply pulled away after they talked to him. I don't think they even killed the engine... the REAL question is: was adhocrat smooth enough to get their number? they were lovely!)

    Anyway, I'm always a bit spooked whenever the cops come around, no matter how nice they are. Thus, I took a break from dancing and decided to march around with my, &quot;Scientology: Helping Rapists Enjoy Jail-Free Lifestyles&quot; sign. I wandered to the corner of Montgomery and what's-it's-street, the better for people stopped at the red light to see me with. And also, as luck would have it, for the small mob of Italian tourists to read as they crossed the street!

    Do you know? They read it and CHEERED! (yes, maybe they were drunk, but whatevs)

    It's so fun with the tourists! There was this couple who passed by the cult. The flap of the lady's purse was hanging open, leaving her vulnerable to even the most inept pick-pocketer. And of course, having just passed by the cult with her open purse, it was like living in a comic strip!

    So I hurried over to her, because honestly - it ain't good to not have your purse shut up. But I also pointed out it was esp. dangerous to have it as such when passing by Scientology...

    It turns out, the folks were German! I said something (in German) about Germany realizing how evil the cult really is, and they give me this look... which I interpreted, of course, to be, &quot;I can't believe how amazing your German is!&quot; But the man looked kind of embarrassed and said, &quot;Uh, could you say that in English?&quot; ;)

    They didn't even know that they had passed by the cult... and I told them how glad I am that Germany cracks down on Scientology and they agreed that in Germany, people are pretty well-educated when it comes to knowing the evils of the cult...

    Also, I finally realized that all of these tourist buses are NOT meeting at the Scientology cult org, but at the TRANSAMERICA BUILDING. Brilliant plan, actually. Too bad the cult can't benefit properly... the least they could do is throw together some multi-lingual signs pimping their super-spiffy Dianetics flick. What, no money?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I must have missed that...
  28. Anonymous Member

    Awesome Thread of Awesome SF Chanology Reports!!!

    Bravo one and all!!!

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  29. MaidOfWin Member

    ILU SFanons - did stuff happen today too? Someone I know tangentially on the internets is all "lol I saw anons in SF today" and I'm wondering if the wonderful rumors are true (though possibly he means yesterday? idk)
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  30. Anonymous Member

    there was "rumor" of a raid today... need confirmation, tho
  31. Mark Cabian Member

    I enjoy a call or a handwritten sentiment. You needn't lurk far to know that much.
  32. Exponential Member

    Backdoor ninja scifag got his snap to fap to, good tiptoetech for him
    our discotech was better
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  33. skeptic2girl Member

    DAMN RIGHT!! btw, I heard the Scilons were trolling big-time on Sunday. In that case, maybe I'm okay with not being there! The only way I can dance in public is 1) wearing a mask 2) pretending no one can see me!
    No matter what the cult might do, or wish, or say, it will ALWAYS be true that has-been Kirstie Alley went on Dancing with the Stars and broke her shoe!! (And that John Travolta made a guest appearance as the 'dance doctor' = LAME)

    PS: love the new avatar, Exponential! :)
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  34. Anonymous Member

    confirmed: several fags raided Monday day at SF morg
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    Raiding 3 days in a row? Ci\/il has inspired us all, clearly!!
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  36. skeptic2girl Member

    moar lulz:

    as if determined to prove that no, auditing does NOT increase one's IQ, a Scilon dealt an epic zinger adhocrat's way, calling him &quot;fat.&quot; Then, as if unwilling to spend all his cleverness in one place, the same cult member blurted the insult on his way out as well. Of course, this was all pretty rich considering cultman was hardly a Richard Simmons protege. (Doesn't he know that until Anonymous is populated primarily by insecure adolescent girls and fledgling supermodels, calling them &quot;fat&quot; just ain't gonna sting much?)

    re: new Scilon playground tech:
    Being that on Sunday it was all about petty insults to the Anons, I can't help but think that the SF cult staff had a boardroom-type brainstorming session to prep.

    The following is an actual transcript from that meeting...

    Head of SF cult Jeff Quiros: Okay. Here's my whiteboard. Here's my dry erase marker. Now think, cult, THINK! We need to create a grab bag of mean things to say to the masked terrorists that will make them cry!

    Cult member: We could call them &quot;fat&quot;!

    Squeak of pen as Jeff Quiros scribbles down FAT in messy letters.

    JQ: Brilliant. Keep going.

    Cult member 2: A couple of them are short!

    Cult member 3: Yeah! Short and fat!

    JQ: Excellent!

    Cult member 4: What about, &quot;Hey, that's not an Armani suit you're wearing!&quot;

    JQ: Don't be stupid. We're not supposed to know from Armani. We're missionaries. Remember that.

    Cult member 4: But Tom Cruise wears...

    JQ: Cult member 4! Enjoy your sec check! We only refer to him as &quot;His Holiness...&quot;

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  37. moarxenu Member


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  38. Bonebreaker Member

  39. adhocrat Member

    Saturday video is a bit long, but it has lots of raeping and pillaging, plus dancing and cupcaeks
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  40. Anonymous Member

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