San Diego, September 2010

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by xenubarb, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. xenubarb Member

    San Diego, September 2010

    If 911 was bad, 918 wasn't much better. Four of us showed up; Obamanon, a mad Scotsman, Anothersandiegan, and me.

    I arrived a little after 11:00 to find three cop cars out front of the org. Seems the Scientologists were bawwing about our people "blocking customers." The SDPD was just leaving as I arrived, but the story is, there was a new patrol officer on board, accompanied by a sergeant who has encountered us before. Noob charges in, demanding ID and mask removal. Sergeant gently steps in and introduces anonymous to the new guy. All's well. They did not return.

    Edward and the Asian guy who fancies flat caps brought in some bright yellow tubes from a car in the parking lot. These tubes store the VM banners that go with the tent. They had to assemble the banners and drag them out to hide the front door, the very same door they accused us of blocking! We suspect the VMs have been setting up somewhere. There's new body damage to their nice yellow VM van that wasn't there before. Tch.

    And, out came the tape deck, again with the 'Theta theta see you later' shit. We were kind of up the street with our music, so couldn't really hear theirs. Then they turned it off. This usually occurs just before the police arrive, but this time...they didn't. I guess their first useless encounter with the damn bawwing about shit that isn't happening was enough. Or, maybe they had actual Srs Bsns to tend to.

    So, they set up their shields and turtled up, boring the hell out of us. A few people stopped to talk and receive fliers and cards. Some horn love was had, and many silent thumbs up. We have music. We have cards. We have magnets. The weather was sunny and warm, the cult parking lot was empty enough to be enjoyable, and all was well.



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    Well done. It's good that the sergeant helped take the tension out of the original police encounter - you have clearly worked well to establish a good relationship with the law enforcement.

    The silver lining to each new police complaint is that it gives you a chance to (re-)show law enforcement that you're not the monsters that they're claiming you are, which can only help going forward. For example, after yesterday, now there's one more cop on that beat who's aware of how Scientology makes police complaints which are much ado about nothing.
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    Re: San Diego, September 2010

    Yes, every raid, cops have told me, the cult is ringing the PD off the hook with complaints.
    We used to get a visit from the PD every raid. That tapered off after we had enough examples of false complaints wasting their time, until respondents were those city employees who will call the cops if they deem it necessary.

    I think the three cars showed up because of the new guy, showing him the ropes. After they left, the Scilons put out their boom box and turned it up. Usually when they turn it down, it's because they've called in a noise complaint on us. Yesterday when they turned it down, nobody came.

    In a way, that's too bad, because their first complaint was us blocking the entrance, before they put up the panels that...uhh...BLOCK THE ENTRANCE!

  4. FluidFlow Member

    Re: San Diego, September 2010

    Sounds not too bad, bro! Not too bad! Berlin collected some thumbs for you, guise.

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    Re: San Diego, September 2010

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    Re: San Diego, September 2010

    Nice one.

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