San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by xenubarb, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. xenubarb Member

    San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    They did not expect us. The shields were down. We even gave 'em a clue, in the form of me, parking the Enturbulocycle across the street from the org before the main body of anons showed.
    We had Extra Sauce in the form of a gang of new, yet enthusiastic anonymous, and it was so cash. Must've had 30 people thar outside the org, which was great, cuz our numbers have been down and the bigger the party, the harder we party.

    So, not a lot of action from the Sci. Ben Ghioria, OT, was using his powerzz as a parking attendant, shuffling vehicles and setting off car alarms with his mighty Oatee Powahzz. (did not see anyone tip him, either)

    Pudgy bass player/OSA fudd Harley Orion finally succumbed to our blandishments and quit hiding behind the barricades to come out and videotape us. He's fun to bait, because he plays in a band, Stripes and Lines, and we have seen him not hiding behind barriers. The band, she sounds like kind of crappy 80s rock, and we have seen him and he has not seen us because, without our masks, we are <snicker> ANONYMOUS!

    He came out in the open to videotape us videotaping him.

    Ben Ghioria also came out between directing parking lot traffic to give us that old "fry you with a thought" OT glare. Kinda hard to play TR0 with someone in a mask, eh, Ben? Ben's OTVIII wife Wendy was not to be seen.

    Org Prez David Meyer was spotted in a cab passing by and flipping us off. Real mature, there, David!

    A gaggle of newbs went into the org. When they came out, they were willing to talk, but wouldn't take cards. It is hoped they will Google Scientology before they get in too deep.

    We went down to Broadway to film "Where the Hell is Anonymous," handed out almost all our remaining YFTC, and marched around the Gaslamp Quarter a bit. Returned to the org, enturbulated, and had not one, but TWO cop cars pull up. It was funny cuz one of the officers is this sergeant we know, the other car had a pair of rookies who were asking about Anonymous and its organization. Sergeant says, "How long have you been out here?" meaning the rookies who didn't know about us. Lulz was had! We got the "be good, don't block stuff, don't throw stuff at the scilons (!) etc. I asked, and for once, the cult did NOT misuse the 911 system. They did, however, call 1/2 hour before we packed it in. We'd been out there all fucking day!

    So, the noobs got the whole San Diego Anonymous experience, from the downtown march to the visit from SDPD. Thank you all for showing up and turning out; and thanks for making this a great San Diego annoniversary! (weather, sunny, warm, 80 degrees) That didn't hurt either.

    Video will be up some time next week, I promise.
  2. Consensus Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    Well done! sounds like fun...

    Strangely, I haven't enjoyed reading post-game reports this much since august. Levity is on the rise, and that spells bad things for the cult.
  3. moarxenu Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    Homeslice, you make me proud.
  4. tofuman Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    It was a great day. Got to mess with Bean, Harly, and we had a bunch of newfags show up. And no protest would be complete without a talking too from the Cops.
  5. Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    San Diego: still winning the game

    (I lied, you just lost)
  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    Video is live!
  7. anonprkour Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    its got to be frustrating when the police tell you whats the right way to protest. its like dude weve been protesting for a year, we know the rules

    good job guys
  8. Achiever Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    Is the San Diego Org full of slowpokes? We've been telling them to expect us for a full year now. You'd think with those super OT powers they'd be able to grasp such a simple concept as expect us. Oh wait..

    [ame=]YouTube - Scientology Fraud There Are NO OTs (Not One)[/ame]
  9. scarletbanner Member

    Re: San Diego Rolls Out, Jan 17

    It was great to have their banners down again, really. Plus a newfag army joining us, considering December was around 12 people at most.

    Too bad I was told I should leave my Alcohol-Glycol Phaser at home (it's a really crappy $2 "laser blaster" [that lights up and makes 8 EXCITING SOUNDS]).
    I am attempting to find a Star Trek TNG toy phaser mk.2 to use instead.

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