San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by xenubarb, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. xenubarb Member

    San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and great raiding weather. Kombat and Narcoleptic arrived soon after I did, and the cult raised the shields. Shortly after that, two patrol cars arrived as well, just to inform us that
    1. We have the right to speak out,
    2. Don't block stuff.

    From what the patrol officers said, on raid days the cult is constantly BAWWWing on the phone to the cop shop. I was asked if I was the organizer. I explained that we haz no organizer, that it's all done online and whoever shows up, shows up. Evil genius mode; I offered the cops our card with the YFTC URL on it and suggested they might find our plans there. They both took cards. Muahahaha!!! (usually they won't)

    Eventually, we had 12 people rabbling outside the org. Both roflcptr and kombat had music devices, so there was dancing, worming on the sidewalk, macarena, caramelldansen (in English!) and other group tomfoolery.

    Three newfags showed up in classic Anon gear; one was dressed in V for Vendetta garb, the other guy in the suit/red tie/mask. Very stylin'! Xenu made an appearance, then morphed into a tinfoil wearing crazy guy with a lapel propeller.

    T Shirt Guy, young Scilon, came out. He's the guy who invited Kombat into the org during our last flashraid. As usual, he drifted around the parking lot, sitting on the wall next to the sidewalk, hovering around our group. He asked me why I took his picture. I said, "Because you're just so cute!"

    George of Jungle arrived bearing double cheezburgers and delicious German choklit caek. The burgers were well received, as many of us were starving by the time he showed up!

    I guess the org's cassette tape player must be broken, or their one tape of theta music has been destroyed by someone in a fit of rage. If that's the case, I don't blame whoever did it. That music is just stone awful. Even Scilons must have some degree of musical taste! Whatever the reason, our raids have been blissfully free of that gawdawful dreck lately.

    It's interesting to read the other raid reports in which a "journalist" showed up, because we had one too. He said he had been covering some event involving the Governator, spotted our raid and came back down to get some footage. He interviewed me. I think I was able to present our case in a concise manner without saying 'uhhhh...' too many times. At least I hope so. In one interview I sounded like Beavis and Butthead, so I try to think out what I'm gonna say before saying it.

    Around 1:45, more cops arrived. This time, three patrol cars showed up. The cops LINED UP AND STOOD outside the org entrance. We were going to leave around 2:00 anyway, but jeez. Overkill.

    When I mentioned our liaison, one of the officers took me aside for a chat. Right in the breezeway on org property! He said the cult had been calling and bawwing nonstop all day. We were interrupting their "business." Now, I didn't want to get into pointing out that their business consists of defrauding people, but I thought it was interesting that he said 'business' and not 'worship.' He asked me, "Why do you think they keep calling so much?"

    I said, "Because they are hoping that they can get you to make us go away."

    He said, "You have the right to protest, but you can't block..." Yeah, yeah. Sidewalk, entrance, driveway, we know. The cops stayed there, lined up, until we left.

    We went downtown for some tasty snacks. Afterward, the newfags and I took off. The rest of the group went back for the swing shift. I haven't heard how that turned out, but as I was leaving, I saw a cop car with its emergency lights flashing up 3rd Ave. which was the direction the rest of the cell took to return to the org. Hopefully someone will fill in details of the second shift.

    This word is banned!

    Stylin' newfags

    Raiders of the lost ARC

    Delicious caek was moist and delicious
  2. i'mglib Member

    Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    Wow, SD Anons have stepped up their game a notch. Awesome caek. Loved the guy in the cape and gloves, impressive. The cape looks cool blowing in the wind in that second photo.

    Barbz, what media outet did the interview with you?
  3. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    To add even more flavor to the report (if that's possible)

  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    Freelance. We let on as if the guy was from Channel 10, because T Shirt Guy was lurking nearby and we thought that might cause enturbulation behind the shields.
  5. xenubarb Member

    Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    Video's up:

  6. Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    In Soviet Russia the pooch salutes you!
  7. Tofuman666 Member

    Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    The raid was great. Best one we've had in a while.
  8. Mutante Member

    Re: San Diego Nov. Global 2009 POSTGAME

    Cool as fuck.

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