San Antonio, effective planning.

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AnonymousDelivers, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. San Antonio, effective planning.

    It should be known by San Antonio anons that the last demonstration went horribly. Only two or three anons appeared, and due to the fact that Anonymous is legion, this is a major disappointment.

    The weather is improving, we're getting some rain, it's cooling down. It's time to effectively plan a demonstration. All anons who planned the last protest and scouted out locations must be given due credit for the work they did, so good job, but Anonymous has learned two valuable lessons.

    1. Olmos is a bust. The location is pointless to demonstrate against, because the brainwashing must be very minimal over there. It's not like Guadalupe St. in Austin. The location is tiny and mostly ignored. Anonymous should spread to areas where people actually are. I suggest somewhere downtown.

    2. Anons shouldn't let each other down. Spread the word, recruit. Bring some friends, but conceal your dox. Refer your friends to the WWP forums. It's as simple as that. Two anons on the street and one recording is not enough.

    Print flyers:

    AnonLover's Anon Flyers Folder | Scribd

    Guy Fawkes masks were at Starline costumes, last time I checked, but seasonal costume shops are opening.

    So let's recruit. Now, before we switch from one extreme temperature to another, let's plan a demonstration.
  2. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I live in SA and would LURVE to go to any protest...what day?
  3. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I think recruiting is more of a priority at the moment. We should work on dropping "you found the card" cards around the city.
  4. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    ....I'm sorta you mind explaing what those are, so I can make some?
  5. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Like, just take index cards and write "you found the card" on them or "" on them, so they can look it up and find out MOAR about $cientology?
  6. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    That works, if it's convenient for you. There are some templates on the website.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I'm realizing that a good number of anons need to learn to say when to certain activities. For example, there is a time to where a Guy Fawkes mask, and there is a time when you shouldn't. There are times when you should hold up signs, and there are times when you shouldn't.

    Basically, I'm viewing conduct from an outsider's perspective. Anonymous operates fairly smoothly in internetland, but it seems like when only a few anonymous members get together in public, they occasionally act like basement dwelling sign-wavers.

    The point is that nobody will take the cause seriously if anons are unapproachable.

    Think of it this way. If any of you are aware of the "Chris-Chan" saga, then you would probably understand that he could possibly be left alone if he didn't act so fucking ridiculously.

    I'm not saying that all of a sudden, all anons should turn into a bunch of Marcabian, elitist nigras bent on ROW ROW fighting the powah, because it's important to maintain a sense of humor. Have fun, but be sly for the cause.

  8. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

  9. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I'm curious as the legality of an idea I've had. As most SA anons known, the city is flooded with beggars by intersections. What if some clever anons decided to give these folks a few dollars or some food in exchange for them holding up typical chanology type signs.

  10. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Err...that just seems...wrong. There are many reasons why that's wrong, one of which is they need the money, and it just really seems like...I don't know, morally wrong. Sorry...
  11. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I don't see a moral dilemma. You say they need money, so why not have them actually do something useful? They aren't sannyasins or bhikkus. So rather than just giving them money for doing absolutely nothing, which is usually a more socially acceptable donation than when people complain about welfare, I would like to have them do something useful.

    Since I posted my idea, I've noticed others doing similar things. Someone had the idea of "you saw the shirt", which would be their attempt to tie in clothing the homeless with "you found the card".

    I feel like my idea is a bit more practical. After all, if you can't hold up a sign and multitask for a couple dollars, how useless are you? On the other hand, I work and study quite a bit. I know work ethics, and I believe that a lot of people put themselves into a position that they choose not to get out of, just so life can be easy. Life will never be easy, and nothing should ever come for free.

  12. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    What about extra masks and do we have to inform them or tell them what they are doing? :(
  13. Belladonna Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I'd like to add 2 cents, some food for thought, if I may. Considering that a large percentage of the homeless population suffer from mental illness, is it fair to potentially make them a target of Scilons? Seems like an accident waiting to happen...
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I agree. It might be unfair to send people who perhaps have marginal coping skills to face a potentially stressful or tense situation where they might wind up in legal trouble without the financial resources to deal with it. And if you pay them, you are the employer and they are your agents and you can be potentially exposed legally by their acts. So if you are going to do that , buy liability insurance first.

  15. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I suppose I'm not having quite the same dilemma as you guys are. For one thing, anonymous is well... anonymous. As for being an employer, no. There is no written contract, there are no contacts necessary.

    If that was the case, anyone who supplied a homeless person with money would technically be employing them specifically to do whatever they chose to do with their money. Let's assume the worst, and that homeless person spends that money on booze (god forbid that ever happened), and they were charged with public intoxication.

    Given the circumstance, should you have purchased liability insurance before giving that person the money?

    It's simple. Give the most basic explanation of what the anti-scientology movement is about, if they agree, so be it. Why should you tell them your name? They don't care enough to clean up and even do day labor, they don't care who's giving them money, they don't care what your name is, they will most likely not care about scientology, or protests, etc. Most of them simply care that you give to them without them having to do anything in exchange.

    And honestly, how many scilons are there in San Antonio? This is NOT Austin.

    The point is to root out the problem before it has an opportunity to grow.
  16. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Well what day then?
  17. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    IDEAH! What if we just give them food so there is nearly no chance of them spending the PROFIT on boose? (god forbid)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    San Antonio
    Church of Scientology Mission of San Antonio
    244 W. Olmos Drive
    San Antonio, TX 78212
    United States
    ill put this right here
  19. histohoney Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Just me, but I like the t-shrit idea for the homeless.
    They need the clothing and maybe it would be fun to have say

    :Look what Scientology did to me

    I went to Scientology and all I have left is this lousy t-shirt
  20. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Who is the mission license holder, and does the mission have a fax line?
  21. Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Honestly, are you guys still considering picketing the Olmos mission? It's bound for failure anyways. History will repeat itself and I HARDLY see anyone actually interested in getting people involved. Oh well.
  22. TexasAnon Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    I agree recruiting in the East/South-East area of Texas would help us ALOT seeing as how there are hardly any Texas anons (except for in austin) we just need to focus on recruiting i have been putting up fliers around my school and town alot of my friends are also getting interested in fighting against scientology so lets keep recruiting and maybe we can actually make a change in San Antonio this year around January? I hear a global is going on in Jan, but idk.

    Knowledge is free.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.

    Expect us.
  23. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Can someone repeat when the demo is? My internets was down and my lazers are in my phone charger.
  24. Scientolofail Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    when is the date of the demo then? is there even going to be one?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    When do you want to do one? Maybe you can convince some of the rest of us to show up.
  26. _You_ Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Well kind of ... we do....but willing to listen to any suggestions.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Was looking at Google and noticed a new church in San Antonio. The one on West Olmos used to be only one I knew about.

    This one has the address 3518 Broadway...a much higher traffic location. I drove by that address and it is an incredibly ugly decrepit two story beige woodframe apartment building all boarded up with fences and no trespassing signs (directly across the street from Sonic drive-in).

    I looked it up on the appraisal district site and it has an out of town owner.

    The funny thing is the land is valued at $97,990.

    The building is valued at NINETY-EIGHT dollars. There was a red vehicle out back...maybe someone was inside trying to remodel it and make a church out of it.
  28. Whorr Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    If nothing is planned in S.A., you can come up here to Austin! xD The more the merrier.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    Maybe I will
  30. Whorr Member

    Re: San Antonio, effective planning.

    That be 4 or 5 total now. Think I'll head out there this coming Sunday to see how many people show up for the 10:45AM $cilon $ervices.

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