Same old hand century OSA..

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    Also, GB- who is supposed to be her point-person.

    I don't know that GB can confirm or deny anything, but were he skeptical or otherwise had reason to doubt FIN's story/dox - I suspect these concerns would find their way out, eventually.

    There are good reasons for the dox to remain under covers for nao.
    If "bullshit" were among those reasons, I think it would be fair to expect
    one of her contacts to suss that out, and report.

    Lack of dox detracting from her story - doesn't prove that this is for reals, but it does lend at least a little credibility.

    We are waiting!
    As I'm sure you are, too!
    Anonymouses have shrt attention spans, and no patience.

    Please don't be discouraged: Anons will grouse over the interminable painful waiting. And the grapes we can't reach will turn sour.

    (though even sour grapes can be tasty, when they are finally caught)[/STRIKE]

    will wait forever iff need be.
    While waiting, will still continue to fight against evil cults.
  2. pooks Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Exactly, if it's public record then OSA already has it and per FIN's reports they obviously know who she is and where she lives.

    Let's see some dox. There's absolutely no reason why public records can not be posted.
  3. AusAnon2501 Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Because the Co$' lawyers will argue that this release of information predjudices the Jury pool and stops the attacker from getting a fair trial, getting the course thrown out of case.

    If Fin's story is good enough for GB it's good enough for me. You want dox? Too bad, it's not worth screwing over the entire case just because you don't know how the court process works. So just sit down, shut up and pick up a law book.
  4. Bluebell Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

  5. Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Didn't someone say that if you just wanted verification, call GB?
  6. Sci No Moar Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    KNOPPIX is good too.
  7. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Pooks, I do not believe for a second you are the sweet ex-scilon I've met and who used to post on You seem very much like a troll and I can't even begin to imagine that the real pooks would make the type of posts you are making.

    If you are not pooks, stop impersonating her.
    If you actually are pooks, you should feel asahamed of yourself. You are being terribly vicious.
  8. pooks Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    If you think asking for dox is mean, evil or vicious then you are the one that should be ashamed of yourself.

    DOX = Good

    Scn is a NO Dox kind of cult. They don't like dox, because dox exposes them for the frauds they are. When they are asked for dox they freak out and accuse people of being mean, evil, haters and bigots. Don't fall into the same trap.

    If FIN has NO dox, she should just STFU until she does. Sorry if that seems mean to you but we are trying to take down a vicious cult, dox are needed for that, not just a bunch of unsubstantiated words.

    DOX or STFU is what separates anonymous from the cult.
  9. EastAnon Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    DOX is not the holy handgrenade of Enturb.

    If you don't trust FiN, good. If you want to express your fear of her being OSA or what ever, say so. If you want to warn others, do so.

    But keep in mind she could be real. A real person, with real handicaps, real kids and a real life.

    Humanity is also what separates us from the cult.

    Become human.
  10. The Shadow Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    The Shadow is absolutely disgusted at what is being done to this poor woman.

    fIN, you should SERIOUSLY purchase a gun and get the proper permits. Don't go getting a cap gun either, I know weight may be a problem for you, get the best gun with the best stopping power that you can comfortably manage. Personally IRL I favour (and not as The Shadow, then it's .45s all the way ;) ) an old classic, the Beretta M93R. It can be converted to full auto BUT as standard it fires either single shot or three-shot Burst. Let me tell you, assholes will take notice of a handgun that fires more than one bullet at a time. But really, you want something with decent stopping power, and preferrably something that will tear out some nice big chunks of flesh.

    To quote Commander Adama from New Battlestar Galactica:

    "If you keep running from the schoolyard bully, he'll keep chasing you...but the minute you turn around and punch him in a sensitive spot, he'll think twice before coming after you again."
  11. Buttons Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    The Shadow-
    She has a gun and has had lessons on how to use it.
    Military Girl (her daughter) got it for her.
  12. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    If you think the only thing that separates Anonymous from Scientology is "dox or stfu", then you're missing many, many more important factors that separate us, the first of which being humanity.
    Simply requesting dox kindly and telling somebody that if they cannot present dox that they need to STFU are not the same thing. If you are trying to say that presenting ultimatums in an unkind way is what separates us from Scientology, I have to disagree, because viciously is not the only way to request dox.

    Not only that, but you completely ignore what has been made clear to you several times: 1) she cannot post the large majority of her dox because of her legal situation, 2) many local anons in her area have seen and can attest to the existance of said dox, and most importantly 3) she obviously has a LOT on her hands right now and much more important things to worry about than satisfying you or anybody else, the least of which being that she doesn't even have her own working computer at the moment.

    If you really want to see police reports or the such, then bug the local anons in her area who actually might have the ability to do you such favors. But stop doing it in these threads. If you think that she is a troll, that's fine, but you're not doing anybody a favor by starting unnecessary debates on the topic in these threads (which are meant to be for updates on her situation) which has already resulted in one thread being domed. Even if she is a troll, she's not hurting anybody by sharing her experiences. So by your own logic, unless you have proof that she IS a troll, then maybe YOU should be the one to STFU.

    By the way, I fail to see where fIn has accused you of being mean, evil, a hater, or a bigot.
  13. blank Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    What do you need DOX for in this case? The only reason you ask for dox is that you want to satisfy your own curiousity, because you want to know if FIN talks the truth or is just a troll. But it is irrelevant, whether she's as troll or not.
    FIN has already given the DOX to the authorities, she has taken things into her own hand and does not need you or Anonymous to see the DOX.
    FIN's safety is more important than your curiousity. If you think she's a troll then ignore her.
  14. pooks Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I've followed/taken part in the anti Scn movement for over 9 years. I've seen "critics" and ex's come and go.

    I'm not saying FIN is making everything up. I'm saying I want to see some of the public dox that would back up her story. The longer she goes without posting the public dox and the more she whines to anonymous that I am a meanie, the more I think she's full of shit.

    I know that's hard, and unsympathetic but you guys are supposed to be critics using critical thinking skills, not a bunch of potential dupes.

    I would not have asked for dox if she just posted a "my story", but her story
    includes repeated mentions of how broke she is, with certain anons gathering support and money for her.

    Many ex's have left Scn in the past year, and some of them were very high up in the organization with incredible amounts of information and many have gone to the FBI and reported this info and NONE of them have rec'd the alleged fair gaming that FIN has rec'd. How come? Why her and not some of the other ex's that have exposed far, far more.

    Those of you trying to make this thread about me being a meanie for asking for dox should apply for membership to OCMB. That's the kind of thinking that been going on over there for years and why the OG failed so much.

    Dox or STFU still stands, for those that think it's unkind, I have a bridge to sell you.
  15. auchraw Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Go with this. If you want to forget about viruses go for Kubuntu, regular updates available for nothing. WIndows is an open invitation.
  16. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Once again, where the hell did she ever call you a meanie. Or even respond to you negatively. Please point this out.

    And also, we don't need you to protect us from being "potential dupes". Like I said, she's not harming anybody, even if she is making this up. If anything, she's inspired many of us to want to become more involved in protesting the cult!
    And as far as I can tell, the only people helping her out with money are the ones who know her.

    We understand that you think it's bullshit, but like I said, you're only hurting the threads by being so vocal about it. Say it once and be quiet. PM people if you need to. You're not doing anything useful.
  17. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    First, I'd like to say, thanks to a very kind person and someone else going to pick it up, I have a used computer that works wonderfully for it's intended purpose. If that person want to let you know who they are, that's up to them. I don't name people, but to them a huge thank you! Bear with the typo's that will be more than usual and my slowness, as it's a desktop and the mouse is proving a tad challenging...

    Listen, I get the docs or GTFO and I did bring what I thought wouldn't comprimise the PI case or put my family ( not just me and the kids but my extended family disconnected or not!) in the spotlight more than we are, and I redacted the names, dates, and address' and one of the people who refused to scan such things said "they will say without case #'s dates and names it's made up" ( I might be a few words off, not a direct quote), and I think this person was right. They would say it was photoshoped (although anyone who knows me or even had a computer conversation with me knows this is impossible) I have less than a month until the part 2 of the PI case is over and then Some things I will be more than willing to docs. Mostly in RE Pl case. Yes, the "sunshine law" makes most info public, and I bet my good arm that people locally are monitoring the case.

    Yes, there is disconnection with my extended family, but progress is being made on that front and I don't want to screw it up at this point to pasify a few nah sayers. Again, the locals who docs'd me early on know who my family is and that it wouldn't be the best thing at this moment. One part of my family has been though literal hell this year (nothing to do with me or scn) and I WILL NOT add to that pain!

    With me, what you see is what you get. I tell the truth and omit what I have either been told to, or think I must to protect the VERY end of a long PI case or a very sticky investigation. I know most of you will never meet me in person and have every right in the world to be sceptical and that's a good position in life in general. It took me months to trust my local anons, but they have proven to be wonderful people I can trust and confide in. When I was docs'd early on, and the person told me , man it scared the living hell out of me. I really was wondering if I should really go to the next protest. I did on the fact that they promised what they knew was between us, and if I decided to share the info it was up to me. That promise was kept, and my info was shared with a few, in my own time.

    I keep updating as I was asked to. Read don't read, I ask nothing of anyone. Well, I have asked for computer advise from a few of you but...who hasn't.

    I hope you all have a happy holiday.
  18. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Updates are always good, and anons (most) are learning patience. If anons won't dox and you're standing there with valid, it says quite a bit about integrity of the anons around you. Just keep doing what you should be doing!

    And Merry Christmas!
  19. NotBobMinton Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    @pooks - While not all components of her story are verifiable, at least the portion of working with the FBI should be since she is working with Grahm Berry. Is checking with him not at least something partially verifiable on your part?

    In terms of her getting the brunt of abuse, it may have to do with the aspect that she has been vocal about her actions. Also, word to the wise for other Ex-Scis, if you drop dox to the FBI or other agencies, don't say you have on a web forum. The scientologists will never know about it until the/a case hits them.

    Everyone here would love to have all the details too. But I'd rather the 3 letter agencies & local coppers win their case.
  20. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I guess Patty Pooks does not trust Graham Berry enough to pick up the phone and ask him about his client FormerlyIn and why there are no dox being posted. For me, that speaks volumes.

    I trust Graham. Knowing how busy he is, I checked with him and asked him to get back to me if he was not FormerlyIn's attorney in the matter and I have not heard back since. She is a client following the advise & directions of her counsel. FormerlyIn does not have to prove a thing or defend herself any further. Neither do her supporters on this forum.

    At minimum, the insistence that post dox is a distraction and a waste of bandwidth. I suggest we all ignore these kinds of posts on this issue.
  21. pooks Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    As always, you would guess wrong.
  22. mrfyde Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Okay this has gone on for what ??? two weeks ?

    Pooks you don't trust her. Fine let that be. Thanks for looking out for everyone.
    But you are hurting yourself getting people not trusting you. And you maybe hurting someone else that has a full plate right now.

    Just start gathering info for an EPIC "I TOLD YOU SO" if want, but you aren't gona win this one.

    Fin is not a drain on everyones resources, if you have evidence otherwise say it. If anything she is keeping people involved.

    GB more than likely can't say one thing or another about the case.
  23. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    woops, sorry!
  24. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I completely agree with pooks. And you're a retard if you have to say "YOU BETTER STFU IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH MY OPINION".
    Kind of a "make me" situation.
  25. SRQanon Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    you probably are a fucking sockpuppet failfag that belongs back in the dome.
  26. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Probably. Nigger.
  27. SRQanon Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    at least i'm not a double nigger failtroll.

  28. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I don't think you've read my signature. Obviously you don't agree with my opinion, and from what i've seen the appropriate response to this is to harass you until you do.
    Maybe you should read it until you understand it.
  29. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    In all fairness/transparency, you've asked for more - at least in the past. For example, Anons paid the way for you and your family's trip to Florida, if I'm not mistaken. I know it was for a court date - but...
  30. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

  31. Buttons Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Willing to listen.

    Please link to the post where she has asked for money.

    I know the board is slow due to the holidays, but if you need to troll, please find a more deserving victim/thread.
  32. SRQanon Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

  33. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    The only trolling I did was saying EYT is Pooks. She's not. I didn't mean to start anything. I'll just get my coat...
  34. mrfyde Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Okay you agree with pooks. Fine. I didn't say STFU I don't know what FIn is myself. But it seems you are saying "STFU if I don't agree with you.

    FIn seems to be getting along with Ohio Anons and showing up at protests. Maybe she IS a nutjob like 99% of everyone that comes out of a cult (for at least the first few months because cults control people with fear and paranoia)

    Of course Pooks would be an exception because she just faided away from a cult before she was declared and kept her life and family intact.

    If she is here to scam us she worked the last 4 months for a used computer. If she is OSA she is doing a shitty job. If she is an ex-cult moonbat it MIGHT be a good sign she is here instead of other places that would cheer her every thought and counter to what you might believe that is not what I am doing.

    Please explain why you care.
  35. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I'll tell you one thing; In a worst case scenario in which this is a scientology ploy, the smartest thing she could do would be to get involved with anon. The press the situation'd get if it turned out she was some loony retard would really damage the halfish respect we've been getting up until now. ie "moonbat protester fakes assault by the church of scientology"

    it's not something that can just be taken back like WOOPS I DID IT AGAIN. She's taking this to actual legal authorities.

    If scientologists will willingly "end cycle" when given the command, what makes you think they aren't willing to play a role, or humiliate themselves for their own "greater good"?

    I'm really sort of, detached, from this situation; but i think it's going to end badly for anon.

    At any rate, i trust the mods. FIN's afraid to damage her case by releasing information, i think that by proving herself to a mod, privately, she'd prove herself to me. Of course that's not going to happen because she's going to cook up some half baked reason (I'M NO GOOD WITH COMPUTER) as to why she shouldn't.

    There's lots of reasons why she'd do this, all of them sort of valid, but at the end of the day she was still more than willing to take anon money without considering other plausible options.
  36. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    One more thing,
    Fucking THINK about it. Why the hell would some random retard scientologist just go punch her in the face? This is EXACTLY the type of thing that scientology avoids. In case you haven't noticed, they didn't get this far up the food chain by being retards.
  37. Buttons Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    Prove you're not just trolling by providing links to her asking for money.
  38. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    That's RE's forte, i have no information on it.
  39. King Nerd Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Well, this thread seems entertaining.
    I think I'll stop by for a beer.
  40. EpicYeastTrap Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    better yet, lets just ask her.
    I'm sure if she lies an anon will step forward and mention it.
    So, fIN??

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