Same old hand century OSA..

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. formerlyIN Member

    Same old hand century OSA..

    I held off on posting anything about this stuff to give my phone company long enough to get a tracer on my phone and get several calls logged. I've been a complete b!tch lately, some would say more than usual, because I have gotten NO sleep for many days now. I get calls at all hours of the night and they hang up or ramble some of hubbards BS tech.

    Before you all start telling me to get call block, I have it, but there is a glitch in that and I'm not gonna post it so this keeps up, but those who have it know what it is....

    The tracer has been on the phone long enough for me to post it now.

    Today, still cranky, and can't take the phone off the hook so the phone company can trace the calls, I go out this AM to take kiddies to school and all 4 tires were flat. I was in a panic mode thinking all four were slashed! That was not the case....They took out the thing called the valve stems, letting all the air out. OK it was a pain in the ass, taking one tire at a time to the tire shop but atleast it was only 8 bucks a tire to fix.

    OSA is very predictable, but a royal pain in the ass.
  2. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    do you not have a garage?
  3. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    Nope apt complex....
  4. tazor Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    She lives in an apartment building.

    FIN, when you can afford to you might look into getting a car alarm installed. You might be able to get a good deal on one on ebay. If they keep screwing with your tires it would be worth it in the long run. Sorry they are still trying to make your life miserable.
  5. RHill Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Unplugging the cord from the wall is a cheap and efficient way to block calls.

    Has a police report been made regarding the tires?
  6. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Can't unplug so can be traced.
    Of course a police report has been made.

    Honestly, I'm more pissed about the calls....
  7. nightfire Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Fin They know that your trial dates are coming up... they know you leaked delicious dox and they are scared.

    If you decide that you need to srsly hide... Like fall off the face of the earth, and have them not be able to find you...Let me know... I can give you instructions, and a safe haven contact (Once had to do the same for a battered wife of a cop)

    Stay safe so you can nail the bastards to the wall!
  8. skoek Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    FIN, I'm so sorry about all the bullshit these twats are doing to you, but kudos to you for not backing down and continuing to do what you know is right. My offer still stands if you need help. If you would like info on how to get some of your medications for you or your daughter at low/no cost, need financial help, need the press to wake up - just say the word. I'm here for ya, and I know I'm just one of many people in these forums whom are happy to help. Take care of yourself, you are in my thoughts.
  9. TsuDhoNimh Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    FIN -
    At least get a phone where you can turn the ringer off so the incoming calls don't wake you up.
  10. kitfisto Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    How about a discreetly hidden cam ? costs a few bucks but would greatly improve your chance of prooving continued harassment , also lawsuits abound . Could be a good investment for financial gain in the future .
  11. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    >< I hope you catch them soon. I can't even imagine what you're going through.

    Stay strong for your kids. We're all behind you.
  12. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    The catch22 on getting the caller's is that I must have the exact time and I MUST answer the phone to make sure it is a harrassing call. Little less sleep for a while, one more scio in trouble.
  13. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    do you believe you have been successful yet?
  14. jar57 Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    will continue to Pray others are Praying also.
  15. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    Successful in what way? Getting the calls logged? The police work with the phone company here, that's how it works. They will tell me when I can stop answering then I will take the phone off the hook during sleeping hours.
  16. lothar Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    fIN, I don't understand half of this.

    You can just get an answering machine. Then you will have a recording, and it will serve the same function for the phone company regarding time and date of harassment. Plus you can turn ofr the ringer. Maybe get a strobe light like deaf people have so you know when the phone is ringing.

    The better question is why would you even have a landline? It has to be more expensive then a cell phone especially how often you move. Do you talk on the phone that much that a cell phone is too expensive? Why not get a pre-paid cell phone and forget about your other phone. If they get that number, get a new cell phone number.

    Also, forget about a car alarm as pulling the valve stem will NOT set off a car alarm.
    It is very very quiet and quick to take a pair of needlenose pliers and almost silently pull those out. You don't have a window facing the parking lot??

    One thing that is cheap would be to get a voice activated recorded and hide it on the car so you might pick up the voices of anyone messing with the car, but again, I doubt they are that stupid, but who knows. And it is only like $15.

    Why not park your car randomly like 5 min walk from the house. It will make them think you are not home and it will probably very hard for them to find your car by driving around for blocks all the time. Of course since I wrote this, it is probably less effective. The only risk involved is longer walking in the cold and street thugs.

    Aren't there any drug dealers around? Your best bet is to make friends with them and they will take care of any weird white dudes that come by. From what I understand in your part of town and maybe even in your apt complex there should be some dealers around. Don't you see kids on bikes hanging around? Talk up about these rich guys with a nice car that keep fucking with you cause you escaped their cult.
  17. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Hmmm...working with cops and associating with drug dealers.

    Yeah, I'm sure that makes sense to some idiot.
  18. mrfyde Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I doubt they would leave a message on a machine when they know it is being recorded.

    She does not live alone and there are good reasons to not use a Cell phone.

    Maybe her window faces the lot maybe it doesn't It does not mean that she can watch it 24/7

    Parking 5 min away is not a good idea for someone who may or may not be walking with a cane.

    Not a good idea to assoc. w/ drug dealers when you are in a fed. investigation.
  19. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    I don't know why I'm going to take the time to explain this but I will....

    First, I have a landline because 1) I have kids who use a phone. 2) it is connected to a lifeline in case I fall 3) it's not just a recording it's tracing for the cops.

    I have a prepaid cell and I carry it on me.

    I cannot park my car 5 mins away for several reasons. I do not live in an area that would be sensible , the car would be found in a New York minute and I am freaking disabled and can't walk 5 mins away all the time. It's bad enough that my kids have to be driven everywhere, and not take the school bus like normal kids, but that is physically hard enough on me.


    Drug dealers are you kidding me??!! I have enough issues.
  20. jar57 Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    i think FI is too wise to associate with drug dealers and i agree with Mrfyde no one is going to leave a mesaage when their object is to harrass and have their voices recorded.
  21. RHill Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Sorry, I'm confused. If the police is still trying to track calls to your phone, I don't understand why you would disclose this publicly here.
  22. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    They've had days and many many calls. I hope they will stop quite frankly. We all know OSA reads this posts.
  23. lothar Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    I'm not saying associate with drug dealers... I am saying that I have lived in similar neighborhoods and they probably have what you can consider and advanced neighborhood watch. They know who you are and that you live in the complex, so having a 2 min chat with your neighboors (who happen to probably be drug dealers) will go a long way if you tell them these rich cult crazies come in and mess with your car.

    Are you telling me you don't see the high school age dudes hanging out on the corner with the bike? Anyways it's a point of pride about crap going down in their turf. Of course if you aren't cool it is like trying to solicit a personal army for your benefit and can backfire especially if cops start coming around and they want to blame you for it.

    Sure it is a fail idea, but it is the best thing you can do to get stalkers from coming around your car.
  24. Stutroup Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    FIn, I'm too far to help. But my thoughts remain with you and yours.
  25. RHill Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Ok. My confusion is because of this statement above, which seems to sort of contradict an earlier statement you made:

  26. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Yes, I'm telling you that there are not drug dealers here. Mostly old people. Let's see, I live across the street from a cemetary, yeppers that's a hot bed of drug activity....
  27. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    No it doesn't contradict...I waited for days and many many calls before I posted. Last time this went on, months back, the cops had me go through this for nearly 2 weeks. They have atleast 20+ calls. They have what they need, and I want sleep. Yes, I'm bitchy today, you would be too. The cops sometimes drop the ball, no matter how many call you make to them. They will say one more day, one more week, well, I have kids that go to school, I'm tired, and they have enough IMO

    As said earlier, if I don't answer then how do I know call at X:XX isn't just a wrong number. They have enough and I'm tired.
  28. ravenanon Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    fIN my thoughts and prayers with you. Stay strong. If ever I can help from the east coast let me know.
  29. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Fin: You're doing everything right. Keep working closely with the cops on whatever happens, and don't let them get to you.

    You'll be fine. :D
  30. Daywatch Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

  31. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    You got a way to make calls tell honey
  32. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    fIN, i'd seriously consider sitting down with a reporter right now and giving them the full story on the basis that they promise not to publish it until after your court appearance. the escalating nature of these threats worries me. you should at least be able to strike back from the grave should anything terrible happen.
  33. Daywatch Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    of course I do!
  34. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..


    I wish reporters here would cover it, they just won't. Local anons will confirm this as well. They are too scared to go up against the CoS.

    I have a plan after the trial is over, and people much smarter than me think it's the correct way to go. Until then, I just deal.

    I gave the cops their time to get the numbers that the calls are coming from and now it's time to get some sleep.

    We live very carefully, I couldn't have done anything different to ensure our safety, even though many think I should do this and that...not knowing everything we have done.

    What is a shame is it takes months for the cops to take it seriously, then when they do, you must deal with this BS to help them. I understand their position but enough is enough.

    Also well planed out for when the trial happens and what will happen at my apt and there as well.

    It really sucks having to plan everything in your life down to every little detail....

    I used to be a spur-of-the-moment type of girl and now, everything is planned....
  35. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Get a camera. Or better yet, a gun.

    Oh, look, I suggested self-defense. It's less than you Scilon fuckers deserve.
  36. mrfyde Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

  37. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Have a both :) Lil slow on the move...and limited on the quickness with one working hand...but damn if anyone enters my apt at night, they will not exit.
  38. anongurl7 Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    2 routes:

    1) record conversations, post on youtube or vimeo.

    2) go to your local gun store, purchase a handgun and file for a concealed weapons permit.

    You are being harassed and have suspicion of criminal activity, if they are truly serious they will try breaking into your home. You have kids, buy a gun:

    Heckler and Koch HK P2000 Pistol

    Make sure to tell the dealer you want a .40 DA/SA w/ decocker.

    Read gun safety here:

    NRA Gun Safety Rules

    Some good reading about concealed weapons permit from a female perspective:

    Women's Voice: Refuse to Be A Victim Again

    Best of luck.
  39. Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    FIn - about the calls in... if the police haven't placed a HDR (Hekemian Dial Recorder) on your line by now, they're goddamned incompetent. Long story short, a HDR records every call going in or out, and by the ANI, which is at a level higher than caller ID (and cannot be blocked or spoofed). It's nice.
  40. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Same old hand century OSA..

    Whatever they did is through the phone company. They have enough calls by now, so it's time to let OSA they are being traced and time to stop now, but has more tonight, as you can see I'm still up :-(

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