Saint Hill business rates

Discussion in 'Scientology Property Tax' started by Anonymous, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Re: Saint Hill business rates

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    Re: Saint Hill business rates

    I fed Sponge to Hodkin!!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: "Cease and desist", munch, munch, "cease and desist", munch, munch....

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. RolandRB Member

    Re: Saint Hill business rates

    Do you think either Massimo or Hodkin are going to touch or even go near this subject?
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    Re: Saint Hill business rates

    What is the betting that Hodkin's name was on the 1999 application?

    He is here:
    Peter Hodkin [East Grinstead] [London] | HODKIN | Followers of the disturbing Scientology cult

    He has the most beautiful daughter in the world as you can see here:

    Hodkin and Company was set up in 1994, according to their website, but was he involved in the 1999 application for rates relief that got refused?

    Remember, that Peter (I call him Pete) is a solicitor and solicitors never lie. They would never make a public statement that was a lie or tell a lie and therefore commit FRAUD to gain a financial advantage. So seeing as Pete is a solicitor and can sue the arse off any of you sorry bunch of losers then what is the probability that he himself put in that application for rates relief and his name is on the form?

    Who will offer odds on this? I might be tempted to have a small punt. Will anyone give me 11-10 against?
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    Re: Saint Hill business rates

    OK then, even money. It could have been done from the US after all and if their comm. lines were broken then that is why Massimo and Hodkin had never heard of it.


    Sponge, have you been munched up by Hodkin yet?
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    Re: Saint Hill business rates

    I dreamt that I was reading a detailed answer to a FOI to give all information about their application and it had a lengthy answer from the CoS going on about how they deserved charitable status. I woke up happy. And then I laughed because it was just a dream.

    But I think there is more fun to be had out of this.

    The negative thing is that the clams know they can do what they like in the UK and no government department is ever going to challenge them.
  9. RolandRB Member

    Re: Saint Hill business rates

    Interesting update at

    Scientology rates relief: Saint Hill Manor - WhatDoTheyKnow

    "email from camden - church of scientology have applied for charitable relief there - advised we haven't had an app here but they did apply6 back in 1999 but were refused as registered charity in Australia not the UK.
    User Id: amandam Date: 23.07.2008 09:13:19"

    I guess when they say "we haven't had an app here" they must mean a recent application since I am sure they would have submitted an application form in 1999.

    Shame we don't have any details. I would have thought somebody would have kept it as a souvenir.

    Also, in 2008, 68 TCR was no longer a "church" as the official London "church" of Scientology had moved to 146 QVS so why were they applying for rates relief?

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