Sad story from a new Anon. Scientology breaks hearts.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by exOT8Michael, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. muldrake Member

    I didn't see this thread until four screens in, but I have to applaud a very brave story. While it is similar to so many stories of people who have had their lives wrecked and loved ones disconnected in favor of a cult, being transgender added a lot of additional needless pain to it. I hope you find your stay here pleasant and informative.
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  2. StoP Member

    That is an absolutely heart breaking story to read. Any organization that can drive a person to cast aside someone they once loved is evil.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Once again, the reason I am here: Scientology breaks up families. On Purpose...that is evil.
  4. Kolarkol Member

    Oh my god. That was the most incredible thing I've read in a long time. For a moment I didn't believe it, I'm thinking it's just like a sad film. A really sad one. Wow, I'm just shocked. It's too sick to believe. How can such a good person be manipulated like that.

    Seriosly, someone should make a movie about this exact story, it's so much feelings in this.
  5. veravendetter Member

    Really?! A movie?!
  6. Kolarkol Member

    No not really, I just said it without meaning it..?! I think such a strong and sad story about scientology should be seen be a lot of poeople.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Who would play Trapan0n?
  8. Trapan0n Member

    Thank you everyone for your kind words to me. I have been away for a while due health issues, but I am back now. I am glad that each of you are fighting this fight against the cult. It would seem that they are indeed losing. I have become aware of rather old news, but happy news that Xenophon (sp?) (Ironic name) is combating Scientology is Australia~

    Loltology: Thank you so much, it actually hurt my feelings why someone would need to type that.

    Delicious Trap: Hehe we are very similar in that I empathize with anime characters too. Jun Watarase in the OVA of happiness I nearly cried over. Sacrificing the thing he wanted most for a greater good...

    Intelligence: Is that so you are from the island? I like it here for the beauty that is for sure. It can be lonely here as this is where my love and I were supposed to live together. A meeting would be lovely! I usually only meet with councilors and nurses so a person for a reason other than my stuff would be so nice. I am glad you are fighting the fight there in Quebec. I am imaginging they would have a bit more sway considering the numbers. The Scientology group here is mostly using subtle tactics.

    Kolarkol: A movie? Oh dear *blush*
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  9. I have a acre on the moon for sale...
  10. Trapan0n Member

    Ooh, I want to go! I've always wanted to see the earth from the moon. I heard it has a pulse that some can see. I want to see that~
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Trapan0n Member

    *Hugs back* Thank you so much~
  13. Bob Newhart Member

    Please let this thread die. If you were truly against scientology you would want this distraction to die. bETWEEN SNOW, WIKILEAKS ,AND EGYPT you would want this thread to die if you were genuine and not wont to contribute to the Walmart of World Protestastions this site has become.
    If "Stay on Target" is gone then NYPA and DOX are certainly gone also
  14. Xoanon Member

    it sounds like horrendous music from a cheap RPG....i think I heard something like this on RS back in the day when I used to play it
  15. Xoanon Member

    Trapan0n, you are a brave and beautiful person and many thanks of sharing your story

    I'm also having some identity issues...but I understand what it's like to love and lose.

    ps: Ed Elric is my anime spirit animal lol

  16. xenubarb Member

    Orwell fan, eh? So was Hubbard...

  17. Absolutely. Is this a support group or anon?
    Fail troll is fail. Move on plz.
  18. Also
  19. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Another Welcome! Trapanon, thank you for telling us part of your story, that takes a special kind of guts. Though I consider myself
    unqualified to say much about your own issues regarding gendre, you seem like a kind and sensitive soul, and I'm sad that you had
    to go through what you have.
    That this falling out was in some way percipitated by the 'Cult of Greed & Grief' and it's demented
    ways comes as no shock to me and, I doubt to anyone else around this nick o'.
    Take heart, you are not alone.
    I think that you being in Victoria is a good thing, there are quite a few support groups there from what I understand, and it is
    a beautiful city~ as far a cities go. Take care and Keep on Trucking!

  20. Trapan0n Member

    Xonoan: I wish you the best of luck in your issues. I know it can be really hard and I hope you can sort it out~ If anything talking about it helps.

    Xenubarb: Is that so? It is a pity he didn't follow any aspect of it save for the big brother aspect. I think he missed the point reading Orwell...

    Ogsonofgroo: Thank you so much for your warm welcomes and thank you. I am finding I am not alone indeed. I have found a few support groups here and various things to help me out. I am grateful for Victoria for them. I will do my best!
  21. veravendetter Member

    I'm a man with an average sized penis. This has always drove me crazy. A few years ago I decided I wanted one of those augmentations that leave the glans the same size, but make the shaft look like there's a can of coke jammed in it. After clicking on every porn site banner and ad I came across, all I got was a big soup of cookies, trojans and spam. Finally, In desperation, I turned to the Church of Scientology who said many of their courses were geared towards such an outcome. I was initially excited at the prospect, but after a few sessions, it's more of a Sunny D bottle, which is not at all what I was after. I was wondering whether anyone here can help me achieve that original 'coke can' look I was seeking. Preferably 'classic' with the little ridges round the top.
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  22. loltology Member

    Is this part of the forum not titled Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences?

    This person has given details of a personal experience in relation to scientology, people have then replied, the author has then replied to their replies. How fucking difficult is that to understand.

    Im not sure how your keyboard/mouse is set up but mine allows me the choice of what I do and do not click on. Dont worry if these skills scare you, you arent the only one that is amazed at my super human magical skills. Given enough practice you will one day master them as well.
  23. wow youre a fucking deuchebag roland no chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles for you!
  24. high fives all around for the smilers!!! and lots of luvz!
  25. COREarg Member

    This got me. I'm not crying or anything,but I feel shocked,and sad,and want to share some love...

    I know it's not Caturday, but here,have a kitty :3
    My cat loevs u. She just don't like to be taken pics.
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member


    Oh, and a C+ on your creative writing.
  28. Trapan0n Member

    Whoa, thank you for sharing that. I am always interested in hearing stories from the other perspective. I am sorry you went through all of that.

    COREarg: Oh! So cute, your cat reminds me of my cat Timmy. He lived until the age of 21. They both have similar colours too. Thank you so much for sharing <3
  29. I think it wasn't meant to be a real story. Then again I would love to see Scilon flyers about "Increase the size of your penis through Auditing!"
  30. Trapan0n Member

    The thing is after what I have seen it's hard to deny it. I mean Scilon's try anything to wrangle in members. So having better size, could easily be something they'd spout I am sure. "Since everything is psychosomatic!" Go go gadget boobs!
  31. veravendetter Member

    Wow, thanks. The kindness and innocence you display are incredible! Thanks for your story too; it's unbelievable!

    Keep well and healthy :):):):):):)
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  32. Can I keep her?
  33. exOT8Michael Member

    Kindness, innocence and cuteness have a power all their own...

  34. Anonymous Member

    I hate this thread.
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  35. then why the fuck are you reading this then? please explain to me your stupidity.
  36. annon21 Member

    This is a sad story. Its amazing how cults can get into ones head. I wish there was a way I could help you, Trapan0n..... besides protest of course.
  37. protests always help. The cult's members are dying, getting arrested, or just plain leaving. Don't let up!

    And if you want to help...
    Eat a piece of caek for TrapaNon
  38. 177d3b63-e53a-4d88-a459-ec6aefd8a964.jpg
  39. Anonymous Member

    i ..... c-c-c-can't.

    (anybody remember the youtube tranny "christianly skeptical"?)

    when you mature a little, you don't weep over puppy love and nurse that wet spot for something which was probably not to last forever and ever....
  40. Anonymous Member

    srsly, go and ask how many folks about are still with their first love.

    (without even including the aspects of ...gender issues / sucky home life / crazy culties/ etcetera.)

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