Sad story from a new Anon. Scientology breaks hearts.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by exOT8Michael, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Trapan0n Member

    Shaydhein, you hit the nail right on the head. I am often too hard on myself because I often feel like something I could do would change things. In reality I hadn't any hope to do anything. Very intelligent and good people have been tricked over to Scientology so it could really happen to anyone. I have had a lot of problems moving on. A lot of "what ifs" but those aren't really healthy. I'm doing my best to move on, I think the isolation I am in here is not helping either. It is too easy to feel isolated and worthless in this town (I just realized how dangerous Scientology could be in my town...) it is mostly a tourist and university town so people come and go. I have been attending group things, like writing groups, reading groups, and things like that however, relationships and friendships are already established and I have trouble squeezing in. I have a few other ideas to help me move on. I'm just so clumsy, but you are right and I need to follow your advice. I need to do things for myself and I need to be true to myself. I'll just keep plugging away until I start making friends, and improving my life~
  2. pedrofcuk Member

    Hey Trap, fuck Virginia, come to Ireland! Oh wait, no, don't. Oh yea, do.
  3. Na, come to London instead. I've always wanted a baby sister.
  4. Trapan0n Member

    Haha, I would love to come to London or Ireland~ It would be nice to meet and talk with both of you.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Maybe this trapan0n just isn't a very likable person.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Maybe Herro invented a persona to.. oh wait, he's posting everywhere else as himself and probably decided the above post should be done anonymously
  7. Anonymous Member

    Very touching !!! Myself I believe that when we all realize that we are all human. We are not a group apart segregated by color ,gender or who we love, then and only then will we have the true spiritual freedom !
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  8. Trapan0n Member

    I agree with you very much. I strongly believe in not discriminating against people. I believe everyone here in this world have struggled, suffered, and endured enough to have someone come along and treat them poorly.

    I would like to think that I am a likable person, but maybe you are right. It is always possible. As I said I feel a lot of it has to do with my own fault. I am quite shy and admittedly boring in real life. I play MMOs, read books, and am a documentary junkie. I being on disability also do not have much to offer the general public. Speaking with my caretaker today he said this is one of the harder towns to meet people because people exist in their "huddles" and don't like to stray from them. So it's not all my fault :p
  9. Anonymous Member

    Move to Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal.
  10. RolandRB Member

  11. Herro Member

    Oh you're good.
  12. Anonymous Member

    trap, I can think of nobody more worthy than yourself for an awesome responsibility.

    Would you, an adorable disabled transgender messageboard sock, consider becoming the face of Anonymous?

    With your consent I am fully authorized to grant you full authority. Just say the word and I'll get started on the posters right away.
  13. Trapan0n Member

    Anon: Moving to Vancouver did cross my mind. I may just do that if things continue. I got my assessment in, and I am waiting on a letter from MSP~ Once I get a message from them I can start doing psych testing for my SRS :3 Once that is done I think Vancouver might be an option~

    Roland: Haha, his medicine made him gay!? He does need hugs indeed, I believe he might be in denial of his sexual urges. *hugs poor man* Thank you for believing in me.

    Anon with proposal: I would be so shy to be a poster trap~ Though that would really annoy Scientology, since they are very intolerant. That is hard to pass up, I can imagine their wal-mart haircut selves turning red faced and angry... I would be honored to become the face of Anonymous haha~
  14. exOT8Michael Member

    Isn't there already a face of Anonymous?
    Here is a pic of it for you Trapanon.


    Uploaded with
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  15. Anonymous Member

    "not man apart" (Robinson Jeffers) either.
  16. Trapan0n Member

    Guy Fawkes, I like the choice considering his history. I have seen it about in avatars, raid videos, and people asking to find/buy their Guy Fawkes masks. I also so some for sale at a store in my local mall. Not many have bought them~
  17. exOT8Michael Member

    Victoria is kind of off the beaten track. Have you seen the movie "V for Vendetta"? Great movie for Anons.
  18. Hey Trapanon. Just thought I would post in the trap thread and say that you are not alone. I've been on 'mones for a few months now.
    It sounds a bit like your love is still in your mind and heart. You have to get over him. Anyone who did what he did doesn't deserve you. Period.
    I would urge you to build up your self-worth and work on your social awkwardness, but this is advice I also need.
    I'm also a 4chan lurker. You should check out: And/or: They are both TG specific forums. If you decide to post, "Can I pass?" pictures, PM me first. ;)
  19. pedrofcuk Member

    "After Hubbard's death in 1986, a Scientology publication described him as "the original musician," who 3 million years ago invented music while going by the name "Arpen Polo." The publication noted that "he wrote his first song a bit after the first tick of time."

    this^ should explain everything, it's taken from here...
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  20. loltology Member

    I cant be bothered to fanny around and makes this sound all cuddly, but I think you need to stop using the term 'my love'.

    As by definition love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. And although there is no denying these feelings existed I don’t think its worth your time, effort or energy continuing to use this term. Granted it sounds like you do have these feelings but referring to someone who has since done a runner and joined some super cool religion (citation : really isn’t worth those emotions and continuing to use that term and think in the manner will not help you.

    EDIT: Mods please can I like my own posts like on facebook. I want to be cool.
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  21. Trapan0n Member

    Michael: It is indeed, I have been browsing all the activity threads and things like that. When I go everyone is in these social huddles with their backs to you. Such a strange environment. I'm downloading the movie as we speak haha~

    Recovering: I don't post my pictures online ever. Normally if someone wants to see me they add me on msn then I web cam them. I am much to paranoid to put my picture online Lol. However, thank you so much for the suggestions. I lurk on 4chan sometimes and I have seen those other sites~ I may give them a look today, nothing really happening today.

    Pedro: Oh god, Arpen Polo? Could he not use names invented much earliar than 3 Million years? Arpen = a Gallic word 4th century BC. Polo in the 8th century BC. I can see what you mean haha, thank you for the link. I have since tormented all of my doctors and one psychiatrist with the "Horse Dance" song. I can't help but picture OSA gearing up to spy or fair game some people getting confidence from that music >.>

    Loltology: You are right, I should start using my ex-fiance and things like that. It is a nasty habit. I have been calling him that for a long time and through most of my key development years. So it is somewhat stuck. I will pay attention to my typing and switch "my love" with ex-fiance if it pops up. Thank you for saying that I often feel the one not worthy, I have not looked at it from that perspective.
  22. I've never cam-whored either, but browsing some of these boards helps to see there are other people that think like me. I go on 420chan/cd more. I just wanted to give you some forums where other trans people congregate. You have to build up the confidence to get out in the world. The best thing about life is experiencing it in all it's painful glory.
    Forget "my love/ex-fiance/ex-bf/whatever". There are people out there that will appreciate you for who you are and not leave you for a self-help pseudo-religion.
  23. Herro Member

    So then you're an advocate of expanding the political power of the Catholic Church?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Cant relate to your story at all but Im sorry you were hurt. Could have been worse. Could have been bible belt and they took "drastic" action to "remedy" you. Be thankful you found out early enough to get out safely.

    Take care.
  25. ZeroC Member

    What year did your friend start going to these courses and not coming home?
  26. Trapan0n Member

    Recovering: Lol, what in the world do I call him when refering to him? Thank you for the links, I did peek a little today but I am often more of a lurker than poster. Especially in imageboards.

    Herro: It's ironic, because Catholics in history is quite oppressive in nature. Yet Anon wears Guy Fawkes masks to go up against a very oppressive cult. Though I think it has more to do with Guy Fawkes being history's epic fail, which spawned the "Epic Fail Guy"

    Thank you, and you are quite right I could have been in a much worse situation. I was only hit and pushed around, but it could be much worse.

    ZeroC: Lets see it occured in the summer of August 2000. That would be when he first actually went into the church. He would stop coming home in and around Late September ~ Early October. He would later cut ties with me in late November on the 25th.
  27. loltology Member

    Fuck Face?
    Puss Licker?
    Backwards Arse Country Fuck?
    Stupid Fucking Cunt
    Meat Headed Shit Sack
    Gutless Turd
    Fuck Arse

    This will give you some ideas..
  28. Human RAGE Member

  29. Trapan0n,
    I like your AV... Where's it from?
  30. Trapan0n Member

    It's from Moyashimon~ It is Kei Yuuki.

    Loltology: Hmm, I am bound to find something in there that is suitable~ Thanks
  31. whohellami? Member

    trapan0n works well 8 yrs is way to long to wait for a person when we change ourselves within a week.
  32. whohellami? Member

    dangit im off topic the story was so long lol.
  33. Trapan0n Member

    I don't really trust online dating sites. I'd rather meet someone as I am living my life. A week for me is too short, I deeply value the people I am with so it takes me a long time to get over them. For me a week is something you do when your tea pot has stopped working.

    I'm sorry about the length, I tried to make it as short as possible while still hiding personal facts.
  34. whohellami? Member

    no im srri i ment people can change themslves so dramtically like witin a week their whole world is upside down or their doing something theyd never think they would do trapan0n he proably has changed compltly ive lost so much love cause i compeltly changed my life lost friends,family i even moved on the whole other side of the dam country to start over becouse of somthing i did.......... lifes to dam short to wait on anyone trapan0 .
    ps dont come to America
  35. loltology Member

    Great thanks for that. I feel a lot better knowing you didnt read it. Thanks for letting us know.
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  36. Interesting. A choice of avatar that does lend credence to being as empathetic as you claim :)
    Myself, I am really bad for overly empathising with anime characters that I can identify with with in some way. When ever I finish an Anime with a character in which I find myself relating too, I always fall into a depression for a number of days. Like I've just lost a close friend. It really is quite pathetic.
  37. Intelligence Member

    So sad. I'm on a bus right now with tears. My empathy to you. Very moving story, of which I've read so many lately. A big hug.
  38. :'( awww, so sweet, and yet sad. You have anon's love!!!
  39. Intelligence Member

    You have arrived at the right Forum. I'm very glad you are here. I am from Vancouver Island; Victoria and the Comox Valley.
    You are in a beautiful place. I should have been back home there about two years ago, but I chose to stay here in Quebec to
    fight this Evil, destructive cults discrimination and harassment. I may be here fighting them for quite a while yet, but when I do
    come back to the Island, perhaps we will meet.

    I know well, many of your feelings; at least some, and I know the hurt to you.

    Bravo to you for allowing your story to be printed. You have touched many and you will touch many more indeed.

    Thank you for sharing it. It motivates me all the more :)
  40. veravendetter Member

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