Sad story from a new Anon. Scientology breaks hearts.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by exOT8Michael, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Trapan0n Member

    That is so sad that they frown upon music... and LOL your avatar is hilarious! So they can only listen to the music of L Ron? I doubt he has any musical talent. I imagine the suicide is because it's horrid?

    to Anon: Truly? That is nasty, I am considered a very empathetic person by my doctors. Perhaps overly sympathetic. That sounds like a world similar to Tetragrammaton from Equilibrium.
  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Hubbard's "music" is among some of the worst stuff ever. LOL

    It is a creative crime. iTunes will not have it.
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  3. Trapan0n Member

    Itunes won't have it? That is definitely a sign of poor composition if they're willing to have Lady Gaga on there. Is the Hubbard soundtrack called "The Non-Empathetic Sounds of Xenu?"
  4. ziptang Member

    Well, actually I was just going for the joke. It's what I usually do.... What is not a joke is that Hubbards music is astoundingly bad There's a few clips on Youtube. "Windsplitter" features a dancing horse, and "Thank you for listening" is actually LRH singing. It all is absolutely horrid.
  5. ziptang Member

  6. Trapan0n Member

    Ahahaha! I am out of breath from laughing so hard... Oh my god! Please tell me that this is all just one huge joke that the Scientologist have accidently seen as real. Like all of it, the religion, the doctrine, the lore story, the... lol music. I hahaha... I have to forward this to my psychiatrist XDD This is the wave of the future? LOL

    "Come on boy~ Lets see you dance" XDD
  7. ziptang Member

    I've never been COS, so reading their stuff is mind-boggling for me most of the time. When I looked at the Tone Scale and saw things that were below 1.1, well it's all just amazing and very red flag (IMO). Things like 'regret', 'sacrifice', 'grief', 'pity', 'shame', 'accountability',...bloody hell just surgically remove your conscience. Imagine that....a 'religion' who's goal is to produce a planet of sociopaths....
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  8. Trapan0n Member

    Wouldn't be a healthy long lived planet that is for sure. What worried me when I first heard about it was the psuedo-intellectualism and promise of a harmonious and unified world. I am too much of an Orwell fan not to raise flags on various things about it. It is funny that being a trap is 1.1, but everything that is often considered our more "beautiful nature" by Greek poets and philosophers are considered in need of removal by Scientologists.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    That's a part of it, considering Scientologists consider themselves to be "Homo Novis", a race superior to us Homo Sapiens, the wogs, and NORMALS as they call us. Hubbard did not have the faintest clue of Humanity's capacity, to imagine out side the box, to question the world around us, instead of merely being seen as a number on hist "tonne Scale". Hubbard made the gravest mistake you could possibly make when dealing with Individual people's problems:

    Instead of trying to speak to someone, get to know them, and EMPATHIZE with them; Hubbard states, all problems stem from entheta, which is usually caused by a PTS, (Potential Trouble Source). Which is always someone critical, or someone who will prevent you from joining Scientology and going up their "bridge to total Freedom"

    If you would like an introduction to their beliefs 13heathens covers this very well, imho (in my humble opinion), on his "Dianetics Audio book parody"
  10. ziptang Member

  11. Come to think of it, that explains a lot about the behavior of Scientologists. I'm not a trap in real life, but you certainly have my sympathies for any suffering you may have experienced. I've met a couple of people undergoing the change. One male-to-female transsexual individual I knew was severely messed up as an individual, but considering where she was from and who her family was, I would be shocked if that had not always been the case for a number of reasons. I have a number of stories that I will refrain from sharing out of respect for that individual, as they were too fucked up to not help in the identification of this person. But I will say this: the individual was hideous and burly as a man, and hideous and burly as a woman.
  12. ziptang Member

    That is a clue to how massively fucked-up Hubbard was. Some of the better parts of Humanity, he wanted to rip out of our souls. Ask your Doc about that.....
  13. Trapan0n Member

    As a proud owner of Carl Jung's collective works after hearing your linked video I couldn't stop laughing. Hubbard has missed collective unconcious completely! It is like a bastardization of an old psychoanalysis concept. It is funny how they ruin humanities capacity to question when the true nature of science is to always doubt and question. Scientists doubt everything they've learned and constantly try to disprove their own theories.

    As for the inability to empathize. Empthy is one of humanities only save graces. Our ability and capacity to have feelings and reacting to the pains and suffering of our fellows is what makes us human in my opinion. Being called a PTS sounds really familiar almost gratingly familiar.

    Thank you for sharing the link, I love how he changed the voice.

    Ziptang: I laughed so hard at the shop. Hubbard looks like a space cadet in that photo. I will definitely ask my doctor about that, that is vile that he is doing that. The human spirit is not something that should be squelched...

    There are some cases about that here. I am one of the lucky ones and my heart always goes out to those who have a change that others do not accept. I am lucky, but I don't let that make me arrogant. Since I wish everyone could be in the body, form, and way that they want to be. To me everyone is beautiful even if they didn't turn out how they wished.
  14. ziptang Member

    I think I saw your friend just last summer at the county fair. I am not joking. I'm an old man and I'd never seen anything like it in my life...
  15. Anonymous Member

    I'd like to think it's empathy and flatulence that are our saving graces. Let's cut one for the team!
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  16. Trapan0n Member

    Haha! we are in agreement I think. Since both of those are something that shouldn't be avoided for risk of disastrous results.
  17. Anonymous Member

    That's what I was looking for.... Laughter. One of the most beautiful sounds in all Existence. My part is done for now. Welcome to WhyWeProtest. I think you're gonna like it here.
  18. Trapan0n Member

    ^-^ Thank you, I believe I shall like it here as well~ I haven't laughed so hard at anything in so long, but Windsplitter nearly made me fall out of my seat.
  19. ziptang Member

    Don't forget to add it to your favorites...
  20. Trapan0n Member

    I don't have a youtube account. My last one was spammed with insults. However, I do have a youtube folder section in my bookmarks, it has definitely earned it's place there XD. The hooves clopping as a percussion causes me to die with laughter.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Trapan0n Member

    I like how the emphasis on "TRAP" in the first song. These lyrics are so trite! It doesn't sound like any of these people had vocal training at all. My ears >.<

    I now picture OSA listening to this music as they go into missions and or attack people online.

  23. If you look closely you can see Hubbard drooling:

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  24. Trapan0n Member

    Haha, that is just too perfect >.<!
  25. RolandRB Member

    Maybe it was to Trap Anons? It worked! Not for me though. I saw through that story right away but it was well written though poorly developed. Too vague. Not enough detail. Not solid enough to latch onto well.
  26. exOT8Michael Member

    This thread is not a writing competition, Roland.
    It is a personal story, quite well told, I think.
    I have no reason to doubt its authenticity.
  27. RolandRB Member

    I say it is a made-up story and bullshit.
  28. May I repost your story on The Ex-Scientologist Messageboard ? (ESMB)

    I think he calls it "the Bank"but in of course it's all bad in Scientology

  29. Anonymous Member

    LRH's music should be give them RJ45 treatment! Every recording of it should be given that treatment.
  30. If the &quot;for Dummies&quot; media craze was around back then:

  31. Your poor thing. *hugs*
    I don't know if to cry or rage.

    I've had a pretty tough time myself, though none of it was the fault of scilons.
    Though I have suffered a great deal at the general closed minded biogotry of the locals. From school age till now having just reached 30. The worst in my case were the christians. condemning my very existence as an evil they must stamp out.
    I became a pretty hardcore shutin for nearly 10 years. Its only when Anon happened that I regained any interest in other people at all. And then only once Chanology had come into existence and I'd had a year to gather up the courage did I finally make an appearance here and attend a raid. That I spent the whole raid huddled to the side alone, too scared to speak to anybody. Only garlic made an attempt at communicating and gave up after I proved incapable of an intelligible response and Jedi who kept checking that I was actually ok.
    Things have gotten a lot better since then. And while anon is not a trans support group. Its trans friendly enough to feel a totally safe environment to be in. Which is I'm sure you'll understand is a very important thing to have, to make any sort of recovery possible. The guys here have never let me down. More so, regardless of the situation or state I've gotten myself into. My local anons have always taken care of me when I've needed it. Hell, the Hamburger's even paid for me to have a holiday last year. <3
    Mind, being anywhere near a decent Trap makes you kinda an instant celeb anywhere anon has presence. :3
    To the anon who postulated that the scilons have never accused us of being homophobic before. There was an RFW thread where they were doing just that. There was an substance less rag article that was accusing anon of persecuting traps en mass in britain last year that they were using as 'evidence' of the fact. It was this that prompted me to write up my own story in the "Dear RFW" thread. To particularly dispute they wild baseless claim.

    Trapan0n, you seem like one of the strong ones. I know this might now sound like the case. But many given your situation and life events do not survive. The nature of 'not surviving' is an article for the imagination.

    As it sounds like you have a good interest in psychology. I'd recommend you do some research on a piece of experimental WW2 PTSD treatment known as Abnormal/Aberrant Reaction Therapy. The person who discovered and did the research involving this 'therapy' wrote a book on the subject. I've forgotten both the author and the books name atm. But I do know its available on Amazon. It is basically the text book manual that Hubbard bastardised in creating the brain washing element of Dianetics.

    As good as Anon has been to me, I do kinda feel it my duty to extend that awesomeness to any others who may come along here in a similar situation to myself.
    I warn you I am totally socially retarded and never know the right thing to say. Even if printed on a high visibility flash card and inserted anally.
    But if you ever want advice or need help with anything. Or even just a friend. Then please get in touch. <3
    IRC is the best way. I perma-idle, and am responsive most hours I'm not either sleeping or travelling.
  32. Also, I like walls of text. It makes the trolls attention span hurt
  33. Perikles Member

    Err...that might be why...*I* couldn't read a hi-vis flash card if someone had inserted it anally. ;)
  34. Shut up. Its because of your suppressive ass resisting my glorious spanking regime that Galanon now has a broken broom handle.
  35. Perikles Member

    rofl. All *my* fault is it??? I blame your SUPAH POWERZ.
  36. dvybeyond Member

    many many blessings! stay strong!!
  37. Anonymous Member

    So glad you found this thread DeliciousTrap.

    Didn't know about the help you received from other anons, but it is the very reason I came here - that this movement is at the forefront in welcoming anyone sharing the ideals of freedom of expression, and in its opposition to tyranny wherever it surfaces.

    We have some way to go, but this forum gives me great hope that this will be the generation that accomplishes most in eradicating the mindless prejudices that separate us and hold back human progress.
  38. Trapan0n Member

    Thank you DeliciousTrap for your writings~

    Where I stand now I am in the shut in phase, despite the fact that I pass quite easily. I have a really good doctor that makes sure all things are going stable. I shut in because I often find people too complicated. I also do not relate very well (and super shy) with people in my area. I find Victoria a strange place because anywhere else I would at least have one friend by now. I am going on several years living here now and I haven't made a single friend. I tried meeting with local trans people here, but they tended to be upset with me or upset in general. I feel sad because it puts me at an arms distance from them. Most of the fault is probably mine for not being overly open, but lately I have been attending group gatherings and events, but like you said I find myself away. I did speak up (huge triumph), but no one heard me -.-

    I do have daily talks with my grocer though and my client service worker I meet once a week. So I am not completely insane. It is good that you have local anon to befriend and interact with. My reasons for joining were all the same reasons you joined. I felt more accepted and once I posted in 4chan a little about me I had a guy begging for my e-mail (wonder what happened to him lol). So I can totally understand the celeb status which is both strange and heart warming at the same time.

    Thank you for saying I am strong, often I don't feel I am~ And I do have a huge interest in Psychology. It is why I could never buy into C.of.S I feel Psychology is an important tool in helping people. It has helped me greatly. I knew I recognized some concepts in dianetics to other psychological studies. They just warp it and change it. I write Scifi as an amateur writer do you think people will start worshipping me?

    KittyKatSpanker: You may post it where you wish I do not mind~ I just hope that it helps people realize that the quiet subversive church in their town is a danger to them and their families.

    RealityWillTell: I love your shops, they make me laugh so much. I see so many good sign opprotunites with your talent~

    Thanks again to everyone for your blessings, I am really doing my best and I am happy to be apart of the community here~ Now if only people in my area would emerge >.<
  39. They said that or something similar in the 1920s and 1960s. At least those who failed in the 1920s had the good decency to stay drunk when they were confronted with their hubris and the emptiness of their shallow existence. The hippies lacked that amount of wit or integrity.
  40. shaydhein Member

    Gosh... shit happens and you are putting way to much blame on yourself.let's say you were poor or a whore or part of anonymous (my favorate) he would have done the same damn thing. These people are getting brainwashed and minipulated. They have very ill beliefs and at first are nieve. I don't in anyway think that anything that would say that love in anyform between two adults is wrong. Best thing is to move on because it sounds like you haven't been able to yet at this point. Take care and love yourself like you used to him. Do the things yourself that you used to wish for him. Take care and be true to yourself!

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