Rotterdam mini raid.

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Azrael, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Azrael Member

    Rotterdam mini raid.

    The relevant page on taartenlollies:

    Some points of discussion:

    -We have not yet communicated with the city, if some1 adept at the language of
    burocratian could take that one out of my hands that would be great.
    If not and the job does fall to me and my big mouth, i will at least be needing your prayers...

    -To sign or not to sign?
    what effect does this have on our status as being a protest vs being an advertising action
    or something like that.
    any1 knowledgable about these things?

    -To rickroll or not to rickroll?
    Though the answer is undeniably to rickroll, we should still discuss to
    what extent any present ghetto blaster is to be used for reasons mentioned above.

    -Media attention?
    considering the small scale i wouldnt expect any, but even the slightest mentioning
    in the lowlyest of rags would be epic win for a mini raid like this.
    what can we do to make ourselves more interesting for local media?
  2. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Rotterdam mini raid.

    I say no Rickroll, no media attention. Doubt we'll need permission to hand out flyers either. Just remember to wear a mask.

    Protip: if a cop tells you to take off your mask, explain what you're doing and ask them to take you to a safe location where you can take off your mask without being seen. As long as you're not a total dick about it most cops will understand you're one of the good guys.
  3. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Rotterdam mini raid.

    Well? Well? Well?

    Somebody tell me how it went. Hope the weather wasn't as sucky as it was here. Soggy flyers, yuck.
  4. Mouseyhair Member

  5. Sickmonkey Member

    Re: Rotterdam mini raid.

    It was quite clear to me that they enjoyed it.
    Although we did not Rickroll, we DID Pokémon themesong (is that even right).

    So far I haven't seen any reports in the media regarding the Rotterdam Mini Raid. But hey, we handed out quite some flyers and had a good time overall.
  6. Azrael Member

    Re: Rotterdam mini raid.

    heres a video of us storming a department store to get to the roof
    for a photo:

    YouTube - Miniraid Rotterdam 04-05-2008

    aside from the flyers we didnt do much in the way of activism, but aside
    from many lulz we lerned alot of things that will save us from disaster next time
    when the scifags are actualy here.
  7. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Rotterdam mini raid.

    Must be some definition of 'storming' I haven't previously been aware of. ;) V&D was mostly uneventful.
  8. Azrael Member

    Re: Rotterdam mini raid.

    hey i wouldnt say uneventfull, there was a bunch of crasy people with masks walking around in there :p

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