Ron Savelo DMCA

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by A.Non Hubbard, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. 0815 Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    Do you think I care about if you like me or not? I DON'T SO FUCK OFF. When will you get the fact that anonymous is not a beauty or popularity contest?

    The EFF looked at Ollie and nothing happened because all the evidence was gone like fucking magic and they have enough against Ron, a habitual offender. Ppeople like him should be priority for the EFF but again, they do not care.

    Proof me wrong or GTFO.

    All anons have done is to baaaaw the EFF with no result. The cult is still doing business as usual on jewtube, removing videos.

    P.S. next time you like to suck my cock, send me a PM!
  2. whosit Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA


    Go fucking look up what the EFF has done and then go kiss their ass.
  3. 0815 Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    So what has the EFF done to stop the removal of videos on JewTube?


    Videos still being removed and the EFF has done shit. Sorry but unless you can show me were the EFF has taken on JewTube and won the case and Jewtube restored all video GTFO.

    Btw. Love the violent niggerfag!
  4. Silent Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    It's WAY past your bedtime, 0815, now sodd off!

    EFF has done more than any of you will ever dream of in therms of protecting our internets, and they ofc realize that a true warrior picks his battles, instead of letting the battles pick him.
  5. muldrake Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    They went after Diebold for fraudulent DMCA claims, too, and Diebold is not only wealthy but as nasty as Scientology in many ways.

    This is not a great test case for many reasons. Many of the people involved have failed to counter notify, and while many anons have a good reason for doing so, it doesn't make the case easy to litigate. The evidence is probably also a mess. There's also another issue. When the DMCA notifications fail, they switch to other methods like "TOS violations." If YouTube wants to cancel people's accounts and/or remove their videos for "TOS" instead of DMCA, there's little a court can do about it.

    In both the Diebold case and the Michael Crook case, the perp was interfering with services the victims had a right to receive and were paying for, the case was fairly small (limited to one basic set of data like the Diebold memos or some pictures Crook clearly did not own), and the point would be clear.

    Here, the potential case is a mess without a dream plaintiff, preferably a paying customer or someone who earns money through YouTube, and the downside is high, if you somehow drag Scientology into the case and have to blow millions or beat a strategic retreat. The chance of the latter is pretty low, but is part of why it is tough to get legal counsel in cases involving Scientology. The bean-counters at any firm take a look at the risk, the potential profit, and decide not to bother. EFF, just like a for-profit company, only has limited resources. In this massive recession, I bet donations are down, too.
  6. 0815 Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    I don't care what they have done for the interwebs, I care about their actions against scilons. I picked my battle.
  7. whosit Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA


    Here's a question. Have you actually even contacted them? If I remember correctly it was HouseSpiderV2 that was in contact them.

    The EFF has been fighting the DMCA since before it was a law and they have been fighting for everyone's freedom of speech since before there was a World Wide Web.

    P.S. Your personal vendettas mean squat to them.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    I have to agree, EFF is NYPA. Just put up some Ron Savelo videos, and when he DMCA's them, get a namefag to counter-claim. Keep the dox, let it accumulate, and THEN go to the EFF.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    Brave, brave, brave Sir Robin has picked his battle.
  10. 0815 Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    I know the EFF is not NMPA but this has been going on for over a year and it would be nice to see finally results.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ron Savelo DMCA

    bump for lulz

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