Roger Tomoki Akiyama

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    Roger Tomoki Akiyama

    My first information about Roger Tomoki Akiyama is from the CST's tax filings for the year of 1986. Roger Tomoki Akiyama was working for Church of Spiritual Technology, I believe at the Triple Jay Ranch property on Mines Road in Alameda County. Whichever ranch it was, though, it should be noted that being involved in CST at this point in Scientology's history is a position of extremely high

    He filed W-2 forms in both 1986 and 1987 working for Church of Spiritual Technology. In 1987, his wages were the princely sum of $3,087, as you can see on his W-2 here

    Further, he was listed in 1990 as OSA personnel.

    No, I have no idea what "Statoski Closet" is.

    As recently as 2004, he was reputedly in the RPF, an assertion I, at the time, found questionable, and still do. However, the source may know more than I do. If he was there, he was there, but I'd want a better source for that. If so, he'd have to have been shown to be very loyal to be back out and being used as a named plaintiff in this lawsuit. While it may raise questions as to whether he was coerced or is filing this lawsuit of his own free will, I doubt such arguments would really be of any use. Even if they succeeded, Scientology would just find another cat's-paw plaintiff.

    Both Roger and his wife have showed up at lots of locations, almost always working for OSA, from Boston to New York and even New Mexico. This is basically public information you can turn up with a Google search, though, so I won't bother to include it here. The dates and locations might be useful for getting a more complete history, though, of his participation in Scientology over his at least 20 year history in the cult.

    Most important note here is that Akiyama is an important person in Scientology and in OSA, unlike many of the morons and halfwits who have been used as the named plaintiff in these injunction suits in the past, such as Richard Howd or the clown who claimed to have been threatened by Dennis Erlich for the Clearwater pickets back in, I think, 1998.

    If they're using Akiyama for this, it means that, like Paul Fetch, Scientology is TAKING YOU SERIOUS. Congratulations and watch your back.
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  3. muldrake Member

    Not sure why this thread just got necro'ed, but Roger Akiyama's official title at one point was OSA EUS, or something similar, meaning he was basically in charge of OSA for the Eastern United States.

    Just throwing that out there. He is apparently independently wealthy, although I don't know if that's still true. For some reason, Scientologists often end up in money difficulties. Can't imagine why.
  4. DeathHamster Member

    The thread turned up near the top on a search for Roger, so I thought I'd park the additional info on his wife (or similar) here.
  5. muldrake Member

    If he's suddenly important, this would be one of those questions that one of the MRs could probably answer. He has always struck me as one of the few individuals who is actually important in Scientology other than the midget. That may just be because I've never really been able to figure out exactly who he is or why he is where he is.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Just a couple of entries in completions, under Roger Akiyama, nothing with Tomoki:

    Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.56.49 PM.png

    There's an identical entry for Roger & Elizabeth Akiyama in Completions.

    Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 6.02.52 PM.png Could their whales and appear on the donor lists?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Could *be* *they're* derp...
  8. muldrake Member

    Incidentally, Elizabeth Akiyama has herself held pretty important positions in the cult hierarchy, also in OSA. I forget exactly, but I think she was the DSA for the Boston org. But did more than just local shit.
  9. Rod Keller Member

    I believe she was DSA NY, and was sent to Flag for one of the OG protests.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Good bump. Thanks.

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