Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by i'mglib, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13


    no load for me
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    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Best I can do.
  3. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: This whole thing a big win for everything but my medical privacy

    IMO, Stone is a mindf**ker.

    I liked the bit where he told an 'acceptable truth' about how the financial records are open for scrutiny.

    Sure. You can look at anything they reported or anything for which they have found a paper trail.

    Of course, financial records wouldn't show the 'backroom deals' and the suggested and/or promised support for future endeavors. '(Cause that's how things really get done. They make sure they don't have anything on paper.)

    Like, oh...I don't know...

    Maybe like $cilon Goon Stone's next rung on the political ladder.

    Mayor, maybe.

    ALL politicians do this ahead of time.

    IMO, $cilon Goon Stone is 'fellating' the $cilon 'power people' with the expectation of future benefits of support.

    $cilons are good at getting weasled into local power and I believe $cilon Goon Stone is a prime example.

    I liked the way the $cilon broad kept trying to insinuate herself and her Evil Cult into the process. "We can work that out." "We will work that out."

    I like how the Sheriff's representative and some of the council members threw some cold water on that action. After all, the whole meeting is on the net and there is media interest now.

    What's with the "We" Scilon?

    Actually, she was trying the use of hypnotic suggestions at which she and her goons FAILED.
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    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13


    Complete failure to report: Consumer Confidence Rule

    CCR Home | Safewater | Water | US EPA

    The other "major violations" appear to be shoddy or incomplete or inaccurate testing- but at least they tested something, and sent some paperwork back to the EPA.

    But- they never bothered to disclose testing results to the "consumers" who drink their water. Or to record/document any variance from standards that consumers may have found for themselves.



    9000 GET

  6. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Another high resolution RPF compound fence photo

    I haven't posted it here because it is a big file. You can see it by clicking below:

    Photo Link

    This is a picture of the very northwestern tip of the compound across the street from the castle. Here the fence surrounds a lot of shoddy nondescript housing/trailers where the RPF (slaves) are kept.

    Be sure to zoom in all the way and check out the details. Here is a low resolution version.

  7. ImageSource Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Are we still pooning the supervisors regarding this, if so where is the email list?


  8. i'mglib Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    This is a VERY INTERESTING article from last year. It explains how the COS PR machine works in Riverside. Thanks to Smurf for alerting me about this story.

    Scientologists' presence in Inland area dates back to 1960s | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

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    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    ok I looked, and this is what I found out about Stone... sorry if yah already know this stuff.
    I thought it was interesting that when he got in a motorcycle accident he refused all narcotics:

    "While there, Jeff ---- a pharmacist ---- refused all narcotics, his sister said."
    Motorcycle accident in 2006

    Supervisor recovers from motorcycle accident : North County Times - Californian

    I saw pictures of him with Jim Ayers, (there is a James Ayers on the COS data base, but I dont'think it is the same person.) I then saw a picture of Jim Ayres with a Mary Bono Mack. She used to be married to Sonny Bono and she is listed on the Scientology website as Mary Bono.She is still in polictics.

    Then I found a youtube vid of him attending what looked like a medicinal pot conferenece and he was interviewed. Click ont he title of the vid on the tube.
  11. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    AO = Boxxy's dad. Trufax.
  12. i'mglib Member

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  14. moarxenu Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    AGP: great to hear from you. I am concerned that have an accurate picture of homosexuality in in CoS. Clearly Hubbard and standard tech are homophobic to the core as is its reparative therapy to turn gays into straights

    However, there is a very vocal gay scientologist in Hollywood, Keith Relkin. They was also a gay Scientology group that now appears to be defunct. Ex-Gay Watch has a few posts including this scorcher from Armistead Maupin, author of Tales of the City:

    It’s the biggest ex-gay movement in America. They catch you when you’re young and confused, tell you they’ll look after you, even provide you with a wife and child. Then of course you have to do what they call an audit, where you confess everything you’ve ever done into a tape recorder, so they’ve got the tapes. So once you’re famous and successful you have to go along with all their nonsense about people falling into volcanoes.
    The implications of this is that the tech has been squirreled, but we really need moar research. It would be invaluable to hear from Smurf what was his actual experience of being gay (and other gays if we can find them) in Sea Org.
    (Justification here with email address to report violations of LRH policies to teh RTC. lol. Primary justification is given by two general quotes from LRH about not interfering with 2D relationships which is belied by disconnection, forcing teenagers into marriage for making out, coerced abortions and divorces in Sea Org and homophobic questions in sec check interrogations

    @I'mglib: Thanks for your superb reporting and pointing out the Lisa b-day coincidence.

    @mods: We really need a Gold Base situation room with subforums for specific issues for the following reasons:

    1. Gold is the focal point for legal cases that will drag on for months. It is likely
    2. Gold base will produce moar incidents and issues that will be of on-going concern.
    3. The constitutional issues in Headley vs CSI and the protesting ordinance are important constitutional free speech and church-state relations issues which have drawn the attention of the respected UCLA constitutional scholar who blogs at the group law blog, The Volokh Conspiracy and The Huffington Post. His interest will stir interest within the legal community.

    Furthermore Gold is:

    1. The international HQ of CSI and all the front groups
    2. The site of the violations addressed in Headley vs CSI
    3. The site of all the major human rights violations.
    4. A place that caters to Hollywood celebrities particularly for purif rundowns
    5. A major means of bringing Scientology-critical issues to the old mainstream media and the new blogosphere media.
    6. is located in California which often is the leader in social transformation and human rights issues.
  15. Cudgel Member

    Re: This whole thing a big win for everything but my medical privacy

    My wife and I contribute to AHF regularly in memory of friends we have lost.

    Does that make me HIV positive?

    Just wondering out loud.
  16. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Keith Relkin - ex gay sci

    He was forced out and left for his pro gay views I believe.

    All I know about Sci's I see with my eyes. And there are so many of them that are androgenous sheep types being exploited for a "cure." I haven't seen so many asexual types in one place since I was raised by nuns!
  17. francie Member

    Re: Keith Relkin - ex gay sci

    He was off the Bridge and getting sec checks directly from OSA Int -- which is unusual because OSA Int is not a "service org" and I could imagine they wouldn't sec check anyone unless they were staff... which would mean Sea Org.

    Though Keith Relkin hadn't been in session in a long time, he was still pretending that somehow his "program" would get completed and Scientology would allow him back on the Bridge. He's an oldtimer and has "survived the David Mayo years" so he thinks he can "stick it out" until the church gets fixed... if necessary.

    How's that for insider information for ya?

    A fair amount of time has passed since that information was leaked; it's possible one could approach Keith these days and he might realize that Scientology is just a con. Anyone game on contacting him? I have some old contact info if anyone wants to PM me for it.
  18. moarxenu Member

    Re: Keith Relkin - ex gay sci

  19. muldrake Member

    Re: Keith Relkin - ex gay sci

    This is relevant to my interests. It would be very nice. They've trotted out Keith Relkin for letters to the editor and other crap whenever Blubbo's homophobia becomes controversial. Would be nice if he could be quoted as having retracted shit like this:

  20. mnql1 Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Here is a link to a YouTube playlist of videos relevant to Ordinance 884, arranged in chronological order.

    YouTube Playlist - Riverside County: Ordinance 884 and protests at Gold Base

    At present, the playlist covers:
    • Oct. 26, 2008 Gold Base security guards attack AnonOrange
    • Nov. 25, 2008 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting
    • Dec. 09, 2008 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting
    • Jan. 06, 2009 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting
    • Jan. 06, 2009 Protest at Gold Base
    • Jan. 08, 2009 Comment posted by CrazyDelaney
    • Jan. 08, 2009 Protest at Gold Base
    • Jan. 13, 2008 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting
    • Jan. 13, 2009 Protest at Gold Base
    • Jan. 14, 2009 Comment posted by ToryMagoo44 (Tory Christman)
    • Jan. 16, 2009 Comment posted by XENUTV (Mark Bunker)
  21. pardmepard Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    unfucking believable

    A Pharmacist, a fucking Pharmacist.

    He should have his license revoked for this.

    What the hell do they got on this guy other then him wanting to rule Riverside ?

    I thought faith could move mountains :D
  22. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Keith Relkin - ex gay sci




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    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Jeff Stone flipped some properties for a healthy profit. In 2007.

    Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone and his wife, Regina Stone, made a fast profit this year by buying and selling several industrial properties in a new complex in Murrieta.

    County property records show Stone, a former Temecula councilman, bought and sold 11 of the 64 industrial units in Elm Street Park II between late December 2006 and May of this year for a $375,000 profit, less commissions and real estate fees. Stone still owns four 2,000-square- foot units in the south Murrieta industrial park

    County Supervisor's Super Deals | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

    Jeff Stone also flipped his bike for a healthy rash. In 2006.

    Remarkably, two months after the county supervisor from the 3rd District and his wife, Regina, fell off their Harley Davidson on westbound Highway 91 in an effort to avoid striking the car in front of them, there are few signs that Stone was severely injured in the crash. But he was.

    Stone, 50, sustained three broken ribs, a broken left clavicle and a broken bone in his left foot in the May 13 accident. The injuries forced Stone, a former Temecula city councilman who now lives in Murrieta, to temporarily reduce his work schedule as he recovered from an accident he says could have killed him and his wife had they not worn helmets. Thankfully, they had them on, he added.

    Supervisor recovers from motorcycle accident : North County Times - Californian 07-16-2006

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