Riverside BOS Oct 6

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by avbb, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Originally I was of that opinion until I saw the video and found out that there is no stipulation in the bail agreement about calling in weekly. So I have changed my position on the fact that he got put in jail for 9 hours as bullshit.

    He's still a douche and egofag.
  2. Smurf Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Won't matter. Fausto Bail Bonds is a very successful agency because it's trailer sits adjacent to the Criminal Courthouse in Murrieta and is easily accessible to its clients and has an excellent marketing campaign.

    AO's little adventure won't put a dent in their business.
  3. Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    I certainly don't. Mr Atilano didn't say why he was 'violating' AO's bail, and it's been said that AO is no longer subject to that bond contract (which I don't get, either). Maybe someone can re-cap on the current situation, so we have something to argue about?
  4. Smurf Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Having worked in OSA, I disagree. I think they're rolling in the aisles with laughter at how one man can so royally fuck himself over and over and over again, and all wondering what his next big epic attempt is going to be??

    Place his bail bondsman under citizen's arrest, maybe?? Wouldn't that be lulzy?? Graham Berry will be in Riverside Court this Friday to argue the motion to have the criminal charges against AO dropped, his record expunged, and bail money returned to him. I expect a less than 1% success that will occur.

    AO has certainly provided the DA and the cult alot of cursory evidence that he, himself, created and imploded in his lust for celebrity and attention. I think AO is in a huge shock when his trial starts in 3 weeks.

    OSA-Legal is more annoyed with his attorney, Graham Berry, who they have tried for over a decade to destroy morally, emotionally & financially, and he keeps jumping up & giving them a black eye.

    We uses to have large photos of the critics in the PAC War Room that we were doing ops on, and would blew spit balls through straws at them to show our individual disdain for them... and it was fun in passing the time.

    I can't imagine what games they are playing with AO's photo. Maybe hanging it outside the PAC Building & slinging dog turds at it?
  5. Dog Duke Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Woof woof. The new Anonorange/Jeff Stone trial documents are up at Angry Gay Pope Home Page . OSA has gone ballistic. All OSA libs cancelled. All this piss and vinegar because of one inconsequential Berry motion. Three woofs barks Duke!
  6. PimpXenu Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    His antics are pretty funny, i do admit. But he gets out, he does stuff, he does seem to keep the issues rolling, more than i can say for 98% of people on this site. I probably wouldnt go about things the way he does, but w/e, who's to say he's in the wrong here? He's a grown man, he knows his business more than i do.

    As for him being an egofag....i've just never seen it that way. At least, in my mind most everyone on here is an egofag (i must say especially you smurf, but thats cool man, no offense meant), he's just lucky enough to get a lot of air time on this site.

    But anyways, the board meeting was pretty entertaining. I mean come on, where else are you going to see a stuttering canadian demand that a public official be arrested?

    Much apologies though, i am VERY sorry i disagree with a lot of people here. I know...i know, it's really terrible of me, disagreement doesnt belong on this site but...hey man, sorry, imma be me.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    So, Graham is now referring to his client as "Farncois" in court documents? Guess he lacked a spell-checker.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Posted by AGP on ESMB:

    Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Single Post - AnonOrange Attempts Citizens Arrest of Stone - accomplice to kidnapping

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    The interesting thing is that Fausto was required to keep records of immediately calling the police upon capturing his bail fugitive suspect.

    He also had to have the paperwork on him at the time of apprehension (which obviously he did not and had to go back to the office to go make that up).

    Now you add on top that the same bailbondsman did not deliver AO to jail?! So who's name was on the paperwork?

    He violated at least three or more aspects of the law.

    - must have paperwork on you when apprehending bail fugitive
    - must phone police six hours ahead of time (or at the very least, immediately when apprehended)
    - must keep record of who you called at the police to notify them of above call
    - paperwork must have name of agent authorized to apprehend bail fugitive, that person who apprehends the bail fugitive must deliver them to court or jail.
  10. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6


    While I do have some issues with AGP and AO, I must say that I heartily respect their tenacity. It would be nice seeing people focus on what they are doing RIGHT rather than what they are doing wrong... you know, focus on the half-full part of the glass instead of the half-empty part...

    I have a feeling that things are going to get very interesting soon, and at the very least will provide a whole bucket load of enturbulating entertainment.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    LOLOLOLOL.. I missed this from AGP post on ESMB.. When he was trying to convince the cop to arrest Stone..

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

  13. determu Member

  14. amaX Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    you here for the kudos? good luck with that.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    I thought you did a good job and there were a number of other favorable comments.

    You'll know you really kicked ass when you start getting prank phone calls.
  16. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    I listened to Mabee's speech. I <3 him...

    It sounds like he promised ? when running for office he would get that checked and audited but didn't once he was elected..

    I also remember hearing that he went to an event for medical marijuana and led people to believe he was pro-med marijuana then after he was elected, guess what?....

    He is truly a shitty politician imo.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. determu Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    nope but it's nice, you clean the floor, do the dishes, make sure everything is in it's place

    something you get a "hey everything looks great" sometimes you get a blank stare.

    In the environment i grew up in, thanks and please and your welcome are still shocks to me at my age.
  19. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    That's what I would have thought, but do you recall the police officer who arrested Mark Lowell and Mark Bunker said that he had to implement the civilian arrest at the direction of Cathy Whatsername?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    That is a sticking point for this Anon. I hate this whole situation but, EQUAL application of the law please!
  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Yep, AO and AGP are sticky boogers. They stick to the cult, and they stick to the stone. Ha, ha.

    Enjoy your boogers, assholes.

    And you haven't stopped beating her yet, either, I'll bet.

    Right. An ego-failfag is like nuclear waste: if you can manage to dump it into your opponent's jockeys without actually touching it, a winrar is you. Such operations are not without risk, and rarely go as planned. I could give a somewhat applicable example from late in the most recent primary election cycle in my state; in that case, it apparently backfired and the smearer ended up probably taking more of a hit than he dished out. Whatever the exact outcome of that maneuver, he ended up losing the election.

    You... were talking about the candy bar, here, right?

    Perhaps, but distracting them with a lulzy shiny is still win for us, isn't it?

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    This is such fail logic - AO did not make a citizen's arrest - he did not detain stone. If he had detained Stone, then AO would have made an arrest, and the cops would have needed to take over the arrest of Stone.

    The whole concept of 'REQUEST a citizens arrest' is the biggest pile of lulzy nonsence - and yet everyone's missing it!

    A citzen arrest, is where a citizen makes an arrest, rather than a peace/police officer.

    If a citizen alleges a crime, and asks cops to do something - that's not a citizens arrest - at all - in any way.

    There is no comparison to when AO was arrested - AO was 'under arrest' when the cops turned up, and they had no option under the law but to take over. Of course, it would have been lulzy if AO had tried to arrest Stone - BUT HE DIDN'T - he just talked rambling nonsense. No change there then.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Right, apologies for repeating myself - but this is so obvious, and so misconcieved, it's beyond my compresension

    Nope - AO was detained under arrest when the cops got there, Stone wasn't.

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    I wonder what the purposes of dragging out the litigation is? hmmmmm...
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6


    waiting patiently for Stone-Gate
  26. Vir Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    I believe the similarity claimed is to the arrests of the two Marks, not the arrest of AO.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    So ya - my fail for misreading SOME of teh posts in my haste

    But I don't think the situation with the Marks is directly comparible.

    The Marks' cop is trying to deflect blame from the police later on. He says "as soon as someone makes a citizens arrest we have to take them" - which I suspect is true.

    (around 6:10 here YouTube - Mark Lowell and Mark Bunker Arrested at Scientology Gold Base by corrupt policeman- part 2 of 2)

    But no-one made a citizens arrest - EITHER with the Marks, OR with Stone. The cops made a bad arrest with the Marks, and later punted it off as having been a 'citizens arrest', after realising they couldn't legally make the 'obstruction' charges stick.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    It seems the official record disagrees with your tale, does it not? As far as I remember, the Marks' arrests were indeed logged as citizens' arrests made by a Scientology official.

    If the cops lied about that, they wouldn't just be making a false arrest an lying about it, but they would be libeling that Scientology official and exposing her to liability. I don't think they'd do that.
  29. Sponge Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    IMO, not that any of this would have made a blind bit of diffference to the outcome, but it would make a more valid complaint for not being given equal treatment if he had called on the cops for specific asistance, explaining everything directly to them rather than reading out to the world it at a public meeting. The cops aren't really there to pay attention to the details of people's public speeches (other than watching for a possible violent situation developing and requiring fast intervention).
    So, you have to ask, did AO seriously ask a police officer before/after that public meeting to make a citizens arrest on Jeff Stone? If he did and they failed to act then you might be able to say it is unfair but, if the only thing AO did was what we saw at that meeting on the video, then it was obviously only ever going to be for effect.

    You can understand a cop there at the meeting, hearing "mumble mumble rant rant... zooomg arrest this man!", and in response being like "wtf? <shrug>".
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    No, AGP actually was speaking to a guard, you can see it on the one YT video from the audience filming the facial reactions.

    In fact, AGP has accounts on ESMB where the guard actually asked AGP if he was on meth because of how he was acting.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    To be fair, AGP does tend to act like he's tweaking most of the time.

    Also, this is in Riverside County: meth is like candy there. Let's not forget the lovely stereotypes of both Meth Country and meth-addled homos.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    1. AO is excessively narcissistic. Everything that is wrong in his life, including his two failed marriages, a foreclosure in Florida, and his all legal problems are always someone else's fault.

    2. AO, who concluded last year, that he would help close down Scientology by Halloween 2008, is expecting to win his criminal case which will boost his efforts to sue Scientology in civil court. In doing so, he expects to bring him great riches and make him a big celebrity (he has actually said this many times).
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    There is no evidence of that. Don't confuse drug addiction with being mentally crazy.
  34. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    Yes, he acts crazy, but when I said that he acts like a tweaker, I simply meant that he's constantly hyperactive and jumpy. The evidence is in every video he's ever appeared in.
  36. Smurf Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    In my numerous conversations with sheriffs deputies & their commanders in Hemet & San Jacinto, one thing stands out very clearly. They do not like protesters raising hell at Gold Base, because they do not like dealing with Scientologists who act like immature, whining children & harass the hell out of them if they don't get their way.

    The Riverside Sheriffs Department and the San Jacinto Police Department (whose operations were assumed by the RCSD following a corruption scandal in 2005) have been around as long as Gold Base and their officers have had their fill of the controversies surrounding Gold Base.

    When I was threatened with arrest in Sept. 2008 by a Riverside Deputy if I protested at Gold (based on a misinterpretation - fed to the Sheriff by OSA - of another critic's permanent injunction to stay away from Gold), I had several conversations with then-San Jacinto Police Chief Kevin Vest who admitted that the police & sheriff departments have an uneasy relationship with the Scilons and frankly, have grown tired of all the incessant whining and telephone calls coming from Gold Base, and clogging up their dispatch lines, whenever a protester showed up at Gold.

    But because their mission was to be objective, instill public trust & provide police services to all their residents, their hands were tied when dealing with the Scilons. I'm sure Fat Sergeant did not want to arrest Mark Bunker or Mark Lowell at Gold Base, but did so, knowing the fall-out that would occur, including his being disciplined by the department, if he did not comply with Cathy Fraser's directives.

    The Police & Sheriffs Dept are well aware, from prior incidences, of what happens when you piss off the Scilons, and as a result have become weary & cynical towards anyone wanting to "rock the boat" even if those doing the rocking are within their constitutional rights to do so.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    From past experience I'd say he look like he has PTSD, probably domestic.
    This amateur diagnosis brought to you by Reynolds wrap.
  38. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    so basically the cops are scared of the scilons aye?

    I can't remember but it seemed like a lot of the cops at first were Highway Patrol...then who? Riverside County cops?

    So, they all treat protesters like crap so as not to disturb the cult? Is that what you are saying?
  39. 4Dlulz Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    hmmm, who else thinks an FOIA request into the various donations to Stone's campaign funds? because if we can trace it back to Scientology, we can have win. Little known IRS loophole, if a religious group involves itself in politics, it is then consider a political action group and therefore, a taxable organization.
  40. ARC Member

    Re: Riverside BOS Oct 6

    The involvement has to be substantial. A little bit of involvement is not enough.

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