Ritual Child Abuse in Satanic sects (OTO)

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by KittyKatSpanker, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Just came from Tony Ortega's blog and it reminded me of a girl I dated who was abused by a Satanic sect. She was abused even before the age of six. The point of it is to create multiple personalities in a person. preferably girls. Something to do with Hathor, mother Goddes stuff. Alsoo submissive personalities are created and those are the ones they are intressted in the most. They summon these personallities by triggers. A person is scarred for life by this.

    What they want to create the most are "demon eyes"personalities. When the girl I dated changed into a submissive personality her eyes changed from Sea green to pitchblack, no eyewhite either

    There is a girl named JessicaSideways who is on Tony Ortega's Blog being all high and mighty about being a member of OTO

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  2. The 1980s just called... they say they want their Satanic Ritual abuse hoax back.

    Also, who here do you think is going to believe that you had a date with a woman? LAWL
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    You talk about the united States not Europe, I saw the Wiki you are refering too
  4. Anonymous Member

    2013 reporting in

  5. When I see Satan's face carved into a Eurochick's vagina, maybe then I'll believe it's not hysteria.
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    No, they didn't.
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    As for Crowley being the most wicked man in the world, perhaps he was. He was a hell of a troll, he still trolls people from his grave, frankly the man missed his calling- he would have been an excellent 4 chan troll.

    Symonds, whom Atack relies on for information (and gleefully admits 'despised Crowley') has had some scholarly accusations leveled at him for taking quotes out of context and possessing a total lack of objectivity of his subject. Symonds managed a small cottage industry revolving around 'The Great Beast', essentially rehashing it every few years and retitling it.

    Here is one of the best overviews of various Crowley biographers/biographies I can find /The_Neverendingly_Told_Story_Recent_Biographies_of_Aleister_Crowley

    Most of the stories of OTO child abuse stem from an incident concerning an offshoot called The Solar Lodge, a Mansonesque group that lived in the CA desert in the 60's and 70's. As Crowley left no true 'heir' and none were able to take over effectively there are several different branches in flavors including the modern independent/open source versions, the OTO 'Caliphate' which has been the main establishment face of the OTO since the 70's, and the 'Typhonian' OTO founded by Kenneth Grant (whose books are so chock-full of lovecraftian monsters and psychotic breaks, one wonders what the allure is other than the fascination one feels at trainwrecks). In other words, the OTO is not a standardized monolithic organization and no generalizations can really be made simply by invoking those initials.

    And guess what the 'Caliphate' does if you walk away and stop paying dues (a couple hundred a year, on average)? Nothing. You just stop getting their newsletter (no shiny mags there, at least as of the mid naughts...).

    Membership in the formal groups has dropped precipitously since the internet and the leaking of all of their secret material. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    PS: Crowley receives the brunt of speculation due to his connection with Parsons, OTO, etc, but other authors contemporary with Crowley Hubbard would have had access to and shared parallel ideas with are far more obscure. Austin Osman Spare, Frater Achad (Charles Stansfield Jones) and Julius Evola among them. IMO, Hubbard has more in common with Evola than Crowley.
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  14. a1WrRY6.gif
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    This thread makes me want to play Rick Astley songs backwards.
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    That might just summon The Beast.
  17. I ussually don't post in these section and as I do I am serious, I think of some reactions in this thread are disgusting and disrespectfull in this section of the board.

    This is the attitude what most people with this disorder run in too.

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  19. Not a fantasy, she even warned me for it when we talked about a date on internet

    Woman when ovulating have physical body changes, they get more symetric. Different personalities in somebody with this disorder can have different diseases. ( see thread) In the end I could see in the girls face (that i dated) wich personality was there
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    Since the paper listing physiological changes
    (a) never even suggests the possibility of the whites of the eyes acutely turning black, which would be extremely noteworthy and worth mentioning,
    (b) that paper only detracts from reasons to suppose such a thing ever happened.
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    Contact lenses, or death, can do it.
  22. Granted, Just making the point that physilogical changes occur, Eye collor itself can change so far I came with my searches. Don't you think I didn't do research on it after my expierience ?

    OH THE REASONS !!! Child torture , rape and abuse systematicly by satanic sects to create people , preferably girls with Multiple Personality Disorder
  23. 2 years ago, I will stay on it to find a matching article from an MD

    Can multiple personality disorder change a person's appearance?
    My mother use to live in an abusive home, and she said that when her mother got mad it was like her eyes would change color. My grandma is on her death bed, and she's been kind of dormant for years, but now she's been talking to my sister about my mother, and she said that my grandma looked evil when she was doing this.

    -Someone said it could be multiple personality disorder, but could that changer her eye color, and make her look really creepy?
    -If its not multiple personality disorder what could it be?
    Additional Details

    Yes. She acts bipolar sometimes, and some people even say she acts possessed. When she was younger she would love my mother one moment, the next she would beat her for a simple mistake. My mother would know a lot more about it than I do.

    Best AnswerVoter's Choice

    Yes, DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) can cause a change in eye color and other aspects of a person's appearance, but so can other things. The fact that her eye color changed and she looked "really creepy" at the same time that she had a change in emotion and demeanor is consistent with DID, but it's far from enough for a diagnosis. Do you have any other reason to suspect that she had DID?
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    I have heard see this sketchy reference that people with Multiple Personality Disorder, or other mental disorders, have different physical features when having different personalities. For example, their eye color will change.
    Is it true that people's eye colour can change this way? What is the source for this belief?
    medical-science psychiatry
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    This may be a stretch but perhaps it's some sort of epigenetic effect driven by the multiple personalities? – mellamokb Oct 28 '11 at 22:09
    Yes it can. See for example Oct 29 '11 at 3:05

    @mellamokb: that sounds highly unlikely but, alas, I do not have any proof for it. :)nico Oct 29 '11 at 9:29

    Note: The original question was split into three. I've cleaned up no-longer-relevant comments. – Oddthinking♦ Oct 31 '11 at 3:27
    Well according to this forum you can do it with hypnosis tapes too Oct 31 '11 at 4:17
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    Several sources claim that a person's apparent eye color can change (primarily and perhaps only in lightness or darkness) as the result of mood changes, illness, or stress level. Your quoted article doesn't give any details about the reported eye color changes in patients diagnosed with MPD, so it's hard to know if they may be referring only to such a phenomenon, or making some loftier claim.
    Some people have noted that when they are ill or under stress that their eye color becomes darker or lighter. (source)
    Eye color does not actually change with mood. What does change is the way light reflects off the iris, creating the impression that the color of the eye has changed. . . . While light affects the retina, mood also affects retinal contraction. Under stress, the retina contracts, making the pupil smaller and revealing more of the iris to light. In lighter eyes, or eyes that reflect more light, this can cause the eyes to appear to change color. (source)
    It is easy to find anecdotal evidence of people who's eye colors seem to change, allegedly according to their mood. Typically in those with hazel eyes, their eyes may appear blue (particularly when happy) or brown (particularly when upset or sad). Although it's unclear to me how much of this is truly related to mood, and how much may be environmental factors that affect the light reflecting off of the eyes. I can say that as a person with hazel eyes myself, I frequently have friends comment on my changed eye color. But I've never paid close enough attention to notice if my mood, the environment, or perhaps the sunglasses my friends were wearing were a common theme. :)
    From The Merck Manual, Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder) is "attributed to the interaction of ... overwhelming stress," and "patients often have a remarkable array of symptoms that can resemble those of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder."
    So it seems plausible that eye color can change, at least in terms of shade, by mood and stress changes brought on by DID/MPD. However, the closest I have found to a credible source directly linking eye color change to DID/MPD is in this review of this book on the topic of DID/MPD. The book itself appears to be well-received, based on the reviews on Amazon, including at least one by the spouse of a diagnosed "multiple" (DID patient). I'm not sure how much this all says about the credibility of the book, but at least it's not obvious poppy-cock, eh?
    So it seems the answer is Yes, DID/MPD can cause temporary changes in eye color, at least if you accept that a change in the eye's shade counts as a change in color.
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    With a change of personalities in multiples, scars appear and disappear, burn marks do the same, as well as cysts! The multiple can change from being right-handed to being left-handed with ease and agility. Visual accuity can differ, so that some multiples have to carry two or three different pairs of glasses. One personality can be color blind and the other not. Even EYE COLOR can change! Speech pathologist, "Christy Ludlow has found that the voice pattern for each of a multiple's personalities is different, a feat that required such a deep physiological change that even the most accomplished actor can not alter his voice enough to disguise his voice pattern."
  26. Anonymous Member

    These types of incredible events are usually not interesting enough to film, even by scientists studying such things.

    Like pixies.
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  27. Well let it by my personal expierience than. I will stand by it untill I die. I understand everybodies skepticism. Back on Target. Satanic sects abusing children to purposely create multiple personalities
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  29. /r/ mods: TT > Dome or Garbage Pile, as it's full of unsubstantiated BS.
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    I'm not arguing the main point of your OP is wrong KKS (I too believe people stupid enough to believe in the OTO shit are also stupid enough to do terrible things to kids), but that the white of the eye turns black must be a bit of artistic license or colourful memory. There are no chromatophores in the sclera, there is simply no physical way it can change colour, except by massive bleeding, in which case it would turn red rather than black, and would remain so for a week or more. If a person squint the eyes, the sclera may be more or less covered by the eyelid, perhaps giving the appearance of "no eyewhite". Combined with a very open or very constricted pupil, squinting the eyes may shade the irsi and give the appearance of a different colour. But outright colour change? No, we're not chamaeleons or squids.

    Here's what black sclera looks like:

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    Well, I try not to give away personal information like that.
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    So far, this discussion has been decent and not devolved into an e-peen wiggling contest. So far, KKS has brought up some interesting information along with dox to support their claim. People may not agree with it, but KKS is providing dox and providing an interesting topic of discussion.

    If anything, and so far there hasn't been a need yet, it could (emphasis on could) end up in the General Discussion of the No Rape Section. However, until the need arises, it will stay put.

    - A Mod
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    Not sure if this thread leaves me interested or confused.
    Possibly both.
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    Not this shit again.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Google this u will find rabid options on both sides. The accusers- 2 girls who were most likely abused.were discredited when they admitted writing anonymous letters to the court with further claims adding to their original claims?
    RSA= psycho butt fuckery
  36. Anonymous Member

    Back to the point of this thread, an interesting discussion over at TonyO's on Saturday. I actually enjoyed reading it as the Bunkerites sparred with the trolls. They did well.
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  37. Sorry buddy, I can not lie about something like this, but stay on target, There is a Church of Satan in Amsterdam and it's members are not friendly or looney like your American counterparts

    edit: Sorry my bad: I forgot you were Brittish
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  38. Childabuse not aimed at anything, Just that

  39. Mark Kononov Member

    Changing eyes? Sounds like some kind of magic trick or whatever.I honestly have no idea how the girl changed her eyes.
    But I guess that's not the point of this thread.
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  41. Anonymous Member

    There was a bit in 'The Master' when his wife changes her eye color, do you mean that?
  42. Anonymous Member

    The Amsterdam Whore House

  43. I know I am being a necromancer in doing this, but I HAD to point out that not all Satanists are crazy, abusive cultists. Some of them are just looking for a religion that fits them and found it is Satanism.
  44. Anonymous Member

    They worship the Angel that was pushed out of heaven by god, satan lost. Anyone who worships that has a self actualization problem.
  45. Anonymous Member

    Can you tell us which satanists aren't crazy?
  46. Anonymous Member

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  47. The same questions go toward all religions, its a matter of personal choice, and if they are getting a sense of fulfilment then that is a good thing, so the ones that are not crazy are the ones who follow Satanism as a belief that they will be rewarded in some way. the ones who ARE crazy are the ones who engage in rituals that injure people or harm them in some way, they're crazy.
  48. I'm willing to say something about child abuse but I would like to add here.

    Basically, it does not matter what flag the people attach to the collar. Be it an inverted cross , a skull or the all-seeing eye.

    It 's always about power and control. These are not Pedos the purposes of medical facts. These are people who simply do what they want with people around them and construct a stigma with the find members or supporters .

    So here to help if Anonymous can do something, then this is the group took the opportunity to disguise Lies, and information to prevent and destroy.

    Everything else is up to each of ourselves we will take the responsibility to talk about it , to talk freely , to tell the truth and not to look away .

    We have a broken system of laws, but we have a system that can not look away from the truth Ofenlegung . Therefore, the task of locking up these people remain in our executive but that's only if the suppression of information to an end. The fight against censorship is thus a struggle against all consider it their advantage .

    I want to say as a writer to this whole organization to a .

    Believe in what every person who wants to be set free . This is in my opinion an inalienable right . Just as freedom of speech.

    But as for these organizations makes better or dangerous is brainwashing. Organized and directed quite specifically and fully to exercise power .

    Add to this the these organizations operate , run, and support child abuse , human trafficking and drug trafficking .

    I am here since long after the abuser . I have seen many terrible and frightening things. I've seen sick people , but which are actually from their deep inside to be able to see the wrong in their actions.

    Above all, I 've seen the 98 % what happens only on his lust for power , control and violence based its . This is driven , supported and promoted by organizations such as Scientology.

    You would not believe how many of the so-called " celebrities " in LA abusers are and how many of the prominent men and women are victims of this as a toy , to be in any way used .

    Should be clear that there is only one way to stop these people . " Truth"
    The truth about what these people do .

    A fight against these organizations, such as Scientology , so is a fight for the truth.

    Call me quiet a dreamy idealist writer but who sees his environment recognizes what happens.
  49. Anonymous Member

    There is no actual proof that satanic abuse cults exist. The FBI did a survey in 1996 of over 12000 reports of satanic ritual abuse and found that not a single one is substantiated. It was only a media ploy that was continued by psychologists "regressing" their patients and implanting (on purpose or otherwise) false memories into their patients.
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  50. Anonymous Member
    Your statements- FBI did a study -true
    not a single one substantiated - he doesn't say this. He talks about the difficult in working these cases and the difficulty determining what is true.
    Media ploy- illuminati much?
  51. Anonymous Member

    do you know what substantiated means? If there is no evidence that is able to verify the truth, than it is unsubstantiated. In fact, the report says that exactly "These cases involved and continue to involve unsubstantiated allegations of bizarre activity that are difficult either to prove or disprove. Many of the unsubstantiated allegations, however, do not seem to have occurred or even seem to be possible"
  52. PresidentShaw Member

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  53. I am an Atheist
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  54. PresidentShaw Member
  55. Anonymous Member

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  56. Anonymous Member

    Like this doozy WIKI:

    Study Technology, or Study Tech, is a teaching method developed by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.[1

    THE TRUTH !!!!!!

    "Post #11 20070108-0054 Chuck and Ava Berner created Study Tech
    One of the most difficult things to do is report accurately.
    For example: I and several other Scio's had dinner with Chuck and Ava Berner at the Forrest Row
    Hotel, it was June 1964, the night before Chuck and Ava were to meet with LRH to go over this
    new discovery they made to do with study.
    We were all enthralled with what they had discovered.
    Imagine the shock we had when LRH told us in a the lecture that night that he had made a
    momentous discovery in the field of study.
    The data he gave was almost word for word with what the Berners had discussed with us the
    previous night.
    There was no mention of the Berners who were in the audience.
    They were devastated.
    What made me sick was I made LRH right to do this......I did not support the Berners.....I simply
    went elsewhere.
    I put my own survival above my honor......what a price I was to pay for that.
    Not only me but all of us.......for I believe that is the moment that LRH went to the dark-side.
    That was also the last real lecture on GPM's. It ended mid lecture - abruptly - then he flipped and
    began to talk about the study tech.
    I realize LRH was dichotomous, but so are we all....that is what the GPM Tech was supposed to
  57. PresidentShaw Member

    There is a thing called verifying sources, which are always provided with wikipedia article. Not my problem if you are too intellectually lazy to do research. I was just giving a lead. Carry on.
  58. Anonymous Member

    You are the lazy one just parroting the "nothing to see here, carry on"l ine ignoring abuse going on. Just like the CO$, It is always worse than you think
  59. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Right. So his charlatan act wasn't on the dark side all along, only starting in 1964. Got it!

    In the olden days, someone would just slap this person in the face, shake them by both shoulders, and yell "WAKE UP, YOU DAMNED FOOL!" but we're too civilized for that now.
  60. PresidentShaw Member

    Burden of proof is on the one making the claim. You people had over 20 years to come up with evidence. I still see none
  61. Anonymous Member

    How many years was there no abuse in the chatolic church I dare you to answer
  62. PresidentShaw Member

    Wait, I thought we were talking about organized satanic ritual abuse that leads to supposed multiple personality disorders and so called mandchurian candidates.

    Please try to stay focused.
  63. Enturbulette Member

    You've seriously never seen that?
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  64. Enturbulette Member

    You are acting like a know it all. You do not personally have a verified download of every physiological response possible in the cosmos. Skepticism sure, but smugness is a trap - leave room for a smidgen of doubt in your personal Redoubt of Absolute Certainty.

    I would propose that perhaps when the personality switched, the pupils enlarged to a great degree, making most of the eye appear black.
  65. [IMG]
  66. I want to like this, but cannot like : (
  67. anon-ophq Member

    Did not read the thread. Just wanted to sign off with a healthy "Hail Satan!"
  68. Okay this is even too rich for me:

  69. DeathHamster Member


    In June 2008, after Epstein pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution from girls as young as 14,[25] he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He served 13 months before being released. At release, he was registered in New York State as a level three (high risk of re-offense) sex offender, a lifelong designation.[26][27]
  71. whats popin my man
  72. lets do it
  73. I will have people hack you
  74. i will to buddy
  75. male online Member

  76. Many cults members that are involved in Satanic cults around World . Women are used as sec Slaves and children abuse or worst some cases murder or Animals this not did out open be Halls the have getting information is hardest part . Some people just into music people can get mixed up . There is good group on Facebook Anonymous against cults, sects I think it called . There many Blogd give information on Santic cults .
  77. There so many involved in Epstein Underage girls where used sex toys some say many Banking , Shareholders and Italy . Some say Jeffrey Epstein knew Roman Abrahamish many people at lower levels are dead or look like they commit suicide in Different countries in case they blew whistle on big Bosses involved . Nobody knows how big this was more than one Jeffrey Epstein involved young girls Where smuggled Germany , Italy , France UK, Australia Canada, Silivo Belscone was involved and P2 Freemasonry some young woman where never recovered . Girls smuggled from Ukraine,Albania , Romania ,Bulgaria Moldova, Mexico South America , Nigeria . We never know real truth unless everyone get real information.

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